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Visual Novel Monthly Recap - August 2021 News (ft. Muramasa, Majikoi A-4, Parquet)


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The Visual Novel Monthly Recap for August 2021 is out! Naturally, Muramasa is the absolute biggest announcement, it caused a temp JAST server overload. There were quite a handful of notable releases of a fantranslation and a notable remake of a classic.


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hey Ange, fantastic coverage of August, as always.


Ai Yori Aoshi is one of my favorite Anime (from back in the late 2000's)- I remember playing the game too a long time ago but don't remember if it was on PC or DVD release- are you aware? It may help save some of the other DVD titles or Hirameki or Nitroplus (Phantom of Inferno is on DVD as far as I know)- would love to play some of these games on PC sometime :)

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As for August, yeah it's quite busy indeed. Let's see what I can comment when it come to the VN news at August 2021.

  • Well Ai Yori Aoshi itself is not quite a big VN even before JAST sell it at their website, although I wonder if it mean that JAST will sell the rest of Hirameki licenses with some of their better licenses are Ever17 and Phantom of Inferno (In the case of the latter I really hope that JAST did convert it to more practical format (Outside DVD Player) and possibly re-translate it because some of the lines are mistranslated).
  • Speaking of retranslation since we already have Kakugo Translation did work hard in Knot Fiction and the official version has some mistranslation, let's just said that the official version of it is a redundant release and you better read Kakugo Translation version (You can get their translation patch if you know how).
  • Well good luck to Sekai in regard of Rewrite+ release at year's end later I suppose, and if anything else at least they already make the Steam store page of it unlike Frontwing in which they can only keep asking apology from us along with updating the backer with debugging difficulties.
  • No much word to say in regard of Aksys announcements other than they should really expand their VNs to Windows so that otome fans that only has PC can also play Aksys's otome VN as well.
  • I know that some of Novectale VNs are free, but it's still awkward to see Fata Morgana characters in the VN that basically has different story and it's exactly my reaction when I did some search on Seventh Lair only to see Michel of Fata Morgana as one of the character. For the rest of Mangagamer's Otakon announcements, let's just say that it's quite underwhelming with the only slightly interesting one is Love Sweets in which finally Moonstone ask Mangagamer to localized another of their VN after they failed to localize it by themselves. Oh yes Erovoice here did remind me of Sore ga Seiyuu anime, except with eroge VA instead of anime VA (Duh).
  • Speaking of Mangagamer, their August release is Uchikano which to say would nice to play in case you want to see some story between an office worker and his childhood friend who about to enter university. No much to say in regard of that.
  • As for Senmomo, unfortunately it's quite suspicious to some people so much that it labelled as MTL in VNDB. That said though I'll still keep an eye on it. Speaking of suspicious, we also have Sayooshi translation released although it's suspected that the translator did use MTL and thus the translator decided to pull back the patch which to say is already too late because the patch was already spreaded out. I also want to address one of the complain, in which it claim that the translator just put the spoiler since the beginning, and what I can say is that it won't be a spoiler for new player because they might be just dismiss it as nonsense in the first playthrough (Or rather that kind of complain is more likely spoil the new people who read Sayooshi). In the end, well just try the patch if you curious about Sayooshi I suppose.
  • Good that Majikoi fans got A-4 was translated I suppose, and congratulation that JAST finally released their biggest title yet in which it's obviously Muramasa. As for Muramasa, obviously you should expect some fighting along with some dark story with a lot of characters were killed (The author here did write Hanachirassu, in that the VN itself also has a lot of death). Lastly Muramasa here has an arc word 'This is not the story of a hero', so expect some characters will do some heinous things in order to get what they think it's right, including the main characters.
  • Shiravune took a breather in August by releasing Honey*Honey*Honey in which it's a nice short VN with Noraneko artist (The sex scenes is intact for the info). Speaking of short VN, turned out that Parquet is this as well and it's the first Yuzusoft all age VN which in turn it make the sixth translated Yuzusoft VNs or fifth if you still waiting for Dracu Riot Nekonyan version (I know Parquet was produced by Yuzusoft Sour, but may as well keep this as Yuzusoft VN seeing that the former is just the child company of Yuzusoft). At first Parquet here was review bombed by some people who didn't like on how Yuzusoft going all age (Personally I didn't mind much as long as they allow the sex scenes to be localized unlike Laplacian in which they decided to remove the sex scenes for the overseas release of Aojashin), but at least things seems subsides enough in regard of scores.

That's all for what I can comment in regard of August 2021 news here.

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