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Can someone help me in hacking the scripts for this visual novel?

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So I was trying to extract the files from the game directory for this game - https://vndb.org/v19083

But when I extract the files from the circled ones, the texts that come up are garbled nonsense. I tried to switch to different encoding but the results remained the same.

First of all I went into the game directory and extracted the contents of this file -  Baf1v0u.png

Then I selected the CODE file to open thinking it will have the coding part - 8kLltS7.png

But all it showed was this blasphemy - cD6iQES.png

Then I changed the encoding several times but the results were more or less the same - 2NF0xis.pngrjn88Y7.pngPaA2CDU.png

Does anyone have any idea, how can I hack the script for this game? 

Thanks for taking time to read this post. 

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I faced a similar problem. As far as I understood the specialist's words, the installed program did not read this type of code. So it was necessary to crack the coding or buy another program. I am not very good at programming. Whenever I have problems or questions related to the computer, I ask for help from a specialist. I am willing to pay money for quality services. For example, I recently lost my bitcoins which I accumulated for half a year. I needed the help of professional hackers to restore them. Without their help, I would not have been able to cope with this problem.

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