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  1. It's not the best way but if you are really determined try using an HEX editor and shift bits so maybe text will finally appear.
  2. Oh my god honestly I only watched the anime but I'm so happy that someone want to translate it! It's my favorite eroge!!
  3. @MDruidd If you are interested : [Original post] Will extract .cps files. You can turn them into png or bmp thanks to AnimED's Image tool bgm.dat : background music Will extract .waf files. You can turn them into .wav thanks to AnimED's Audio tool Use batch conversion and chose the file in which the .waf files are. chara.dat : sprites resume.dat : ??? saver.dat : screen savers (.scr files) script.dat : .scr script files. NOT SCREEN SAVERS Use the E17 SCR Tool if you want to mess with it. It's
  4. Yeah HEX is not usable for the majority of title because they are encrypted :/
  5. @uyjulian [Screenshot] I managed to compile an modified scr file by inserting modified chunks of the original file but I see there is an "export as txt" option.. Do you know how to import txt after the txt transltation is done? It's way simplier than recompiling modified chunks..
  6. I found it but how do I compile the program / run it? (If someone know how to compile a tool with his source code I'm still interested) Found it (the .exe) thank you so much!
  7. If you want to do like me download a HEX editor (I used HxD) open the file ("script.dat" for example or "script.arc" or unpack them with a tool / extract the dialog files with garbro if the main script file is encrypted) with the HEX editor and scroll until you find the dialogs and then you can edit them! Example : [Screenshot]
  8. I must thank you, I did enormous progress with your help, to be honest at the moment I'm writing this I did not read the whole fuwa post you send me but I remembered some ppl do hex editing so I donwloaded one, made a backup of the script file and edited it and voila! I did changed a dialog! I have a screenshot for you with an edited text (In this screenshot I just edited a menu text by editing the .exe of the game, my in-game screenshot is lost idk why..) [Screenshot] But I still have problems : If I have only the HEX solution : -Editing text using hex editor is har
  9. Thanks, I did research before to see if public programs did exist that could do it for me but I foudn nothing. About hacking the engine I don't know how to do it so is there a place where I can learn how to do it?
  10. Hi, I need a software that could help me unpack and then repack EVER17 scripts files ("script.dat") so I can translate the game in my mother tongue. The script files extension is ".scr".
  11. EDIT 4 : I contacted the ES translator for School days!
  12. Hi, (REMEMBER TO READ THE EDITS AT THE END THANKS) I want to translate VNs in my language since quite a while now but everytime I want to I fail, I'll be detailing my process to search tools and then the VNs I want to TL so you can help me find where I am wrong. I proceed like this : I do researches, download programs on github, unpack the script file(s) and then the files I extracted / unpack are also encrypted. OR even sometimes there is a fan-translation that was made but no public program to unpack to translate in another language. The translators of the fan-transl
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