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So, Kanon 2002 is not that bad

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I've been curious about the original adaptation of Kanon, since it is known to be worst than the much appraised Kanon 2006 by KyoAni. However, I decided to give it a shot now, years after playing the VN and having forgotten most of the plot and the twists.

I have to say that, although it is not flawless, it is worth watching and it presents a good narrative with a well developed cast. The art style, although not aged well, is pretty similar to the VN's, and the chins are not that long...

I liked how they handled the drama between Nayuki and the protagonist, as it is very touching how she is put aside when Yuuichi chooses Ayu [sorry for 18-year-old spoiiler]. It reminds me that not every love story has a happy ending, and it was a nice way to tackle the multiple routes aspect of Kanon.

For a 13-episodes-long series, it did what it proposed itself to do - to retell Kanon's stories with a lot of drama and magic. Although I would change how they handled the passing from one route to another, being one in each episode, it was good to see all routes being adapted on TV.

All said, I still have to watch Kanon 2006, so I don't know what to expect from that yet. I hope that, being the third time I go through the story, I can still enjoy it for what it is.

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2 hours ago, Mr Poltroon said:

I don't think anybody thinks Kanon 2002 is particularly bad, outside of some character designs. It's just that, by comparison, it probably doesn't offer much of anything.
But since you'll be watching both, you can tell us what we're missing!

Pretty much every review I read says that 2006 is better and/or 2002 is bad in comparison

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