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Hi everyone

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I'm Renka, a rather lonely vagrant between dreams and reality. I'm a Spanish native speaker, currently studying Japanese, English and C programming. I have been into VN since 2015, starting with Katawa Shoujo and Tsukihime (this being probably the best thing I have read so far). Since then, I have made several little projects related with translation or hacking, always trying to get a bit of experience from each one of them. I entered this forum to try to get a little of the nice community it seems to be, thus I'm pretty sure we'll get along well. I'm currently in a project regarding the visual novel "To Heart", from which I hope we'll get (finally!) the translation it deserves.
Please bear with my clumsy efforts. Nice to meet you.

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Welcome to Fuwanovel, and if you feel the need to post about your project here then feel free to do so. As for ToHeart, while I could say that it's redundant one because we have the improved version with form of ToHeart 2, it would be nice if we could see the translation project for that so good luck on the project. For the last word here, I'll hope that you'll have fun at Fuwanovel.

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