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Agent of Love Ayumu Main Out Now! [GxB] IOS/Android/Steam PC/Mac Josei, Romance, Mystery, Drama, Commercial


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Agent of Love
Agent of Love VNDB Link

Play as a detective. Live life as a woman.
Use your choices wisely to uncover hidden mysteries and solve intriguing cases.
Experience Asian family drama and let love find you in this Agent of Love Otome Visual Novel.

Takasuke now available on AppStore, PlayStore and Steam!!!

Download and play the Prologue and Chapter 1 of each character FREE
Payment for the full story required in the Character Menu page

Agent Of Love Game Trailer



Agent Of Love Theme Song - Hitorikiri no Michi (The path of loneliness)



As the adopted daughter of the Police Chief Commissioner of Japan, you have learnt to navigate the glittering world of celebrities and politicians that come with your father's position.

But as a detective in the force, your occupation exposes you to an underground society, full of crime and intrigue.
Your eventful, action-packed lifestyle, leaves you susceptible to danger, putting you at risk with no time for romance.
So when you receive a call from your father, asking you to meet him in his office...
...you never expected love to come your way.

But things are not always what they seem, especially when it comes to matters of the heart.

What mysteries surround the men that come into your life?
Can you wade through all the lies and deceit to find the truth?
Will your love lead you on a destructive path of heartbreak, misery...and death?


Each main story features:
*20+ chapters for each main story (Currently 4 to choose from)
*45k+ words
*Happy, Normal and Bad Endings
*5CGs each character
*His POV is relevant and gives more insight to his backstory

💚 Ryosei Asakawa 💚
Your flirtatious childhood friend is heir to a powerful political family.
But what is the cost of this privilege, and to what extent would you go to save him?

💜 Dr Hajime Fukuyama 💜
You've always known him as a person who dedicates his life to the wellbeing of others.
But how well do you really know the man behind those glasses?

💙 Shiro 💙
Your lives intersect as you cross each other's paths...
...but will this red string of fate lead you to your chosen destiny?
Or tangle you further in its intricate web?

💛Takasuke Hiraishi💛
Specialising in IT, your grumpy, sharp-tongued tsundere colleague is regularly exposed to an enormous amount of information.
What troublesome intel did he find to cause such a conflicted gaze in his eyes?

❤️Ayumu Kitagawa❤️
A national idol with a multitude of passionate fans.
But at what point does adoration evolve into something more dangerous?

🖤Kouhei Takeuchi🖤
Your stern adoptive older brother with the fierce and piercing glare.
But why do you sometimes catch him gazing at you with such a painful expression?



Agent of Love is a dark* romantic drama about a woman and the struggles she will face as she treads through various personal and social expectations. She will also come across cases so disturbing, that you may hesitate on the choices she has to make as the stories reach their respective endings.

Agent of Love is written from a first person perspective to encourage user immersion allowing the player to engage and empathise with the protagonist.
To see through her eyes, feel her emotions and choose the path that best suits her situation or be ready to face the consequences.

You can find more information on our website www.delusionalinc.com

The game can be downloaded using the below links
Agent of Love IOS Apple AppStore link
Agent of Love Android GooglePlay Link
Agent of Love Steam Store Link



About Delusional

Delusional is an independent and self-funded developer of interactive Visual Novels (VN), based in Sydney, Australia, focusing on the genre of Josei Romance in Otome games, a Romance Dating Simulation for the female audience.

Delusional started with a couple of friends having a common goal: to provide realistic stories that have richer content, deeper and darker* storylines, engaging characters and an immersive delusional world to heighten the user experience.

With Josei as a genre of our Otome games, Delusional aims to develop and create a romantic world to deliver a rollercoaster ride of emotions for fans to explore josei romance at their fingertips.
Please follow us on the below social media links to keep updated

Delusional Inc - Facebook

Delusional Inc - Twitter

Delusional Inc - Tumblr

Delusional Inc - Instagram

Thank you all for your support

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Thank you!
The in app purchase is not chapter by chapter but a story by story. 
So the main story at 22 chapters+ 3 endings is priced at $7.99 AUD which then gets converted to different currencies by Apple and Google based on location.
The endings automatically unlocks based on your choices or you have the option to unlock the endings for $1.49 AUD.
Lengthwise, it took our testers about 5hrs to finish the main story due to the amount of content.
We may bundle it in the future when we release more stories but for now only Ryosei's Main story set and His POV set is out.
His Epilogue and secret end coming soon. (currently under Beta testing)

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  • Delusional changed the title to Agent of Love - Josei Otome [GxB] IOS/Android Ryosei Asakawa Epilogue and Secret End Release

Ryosei Epilogue and Secret End available now on the Apple Appstore!!!
Google PlayStore update coming soon!!!


Ryosei Epilogue and Secret End now available on the AppStore!
Epilogue will need to be purchased and played before Secret End as it's a continuing story.
*Secret end has sexually explicit content and not recommended for younger audience.

We’re working on the android version and will update soon~~~



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Another 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟
Thank you everyone for playing our game Agent of Love and leaving us all these amazingly positive feedback. 
We do read them and are excited and happy to know that you enjoyed our game ☺️
If you haven’t left a review we encourage you to do so. 
It does do wonders for our motivation 😁
*Apple doesn’t display our reviews until we receive more 😔



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  • 3 weeks later...

Kouhei and Hajime from our Visual Novel, Agent of Love will be on display at the Sydney Comics Guild Food Exhibition!
We'll also have some game merchandise available for sale between 3-5pm on the day

It's a free event and we request that you book your tickets for catering purposes.

For more information on the event click here:



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Ryosei Secret End Out Now! 💚💚💚

“I’m glad that I’m the first and only one to have seen you like this...”

The crashing of the waves reflects the turbulence of your heart 💞
Will you let his smouldering touch calm your raging emotions and set you both on fire 🔥🔥🔥

Download Agent of Love!


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Hi everyone!

Agent of Love has been nominated for the Australian Games Awards for Mobile/Handheld Title of the Year🏆

This is a massive opportunity for an indie developer like us!
Please click on the below link to vote for us and help us share the news 📜
Thank you all for your support 🙏🙏🙏


Voting is open until 7th December 2018



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Dr Hajime Fukuyama coming soon 💜💜💜

“Don’t worry, I’ll take very good care of you...”

A mature, kind doctor with a soft and gentle smile.
He’s always been there to heal your wounds, but are you able to heal his wounded soul?

Don't forget to vote for us!


Voting is open until 7th December 2018

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❤Agent of Love❤

Dr Hajime Fukuyama OUT NOW on IOS! 💜💜💜

"Don't worry, I'll take good care of you..."

The thick folder of the case you chose weighs heavily on your mind.
Scientists are disappearing, and what seems like a simple kidnapping...
...has taken a dark turn when a brutal attack left you incapacitated.
With help from Dr Hajime Fukuyama, you're on the road to recovery.
But the deeper you investigate, the more twisted the mystery*.
Will you lose yourself in your quest for truth?
Or will you let yourself be surrounded by lies?

*Trigger Warning ⚠️
AppStore link

Google PlayStore Coming Soon!

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Dr Hajime Fukuyama’s Epilogue and Secret End on AppStore! 💜💜💜

A huge thank you to our programmer for fitting this in before Christmas 🎄 

Google PlayStore update coming soon! 
Working hard on getting this done before Christmas too so please be patient a little while longer 🙏

Please support us by leaving us reviews on our App Stores 😁

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While he’s otherwise occupied...
My gaze catches sight of the strawberry milk can in his hand. 
The one with the limited edition Kurokokoro rabbit logo. 
MC: Ah! That’s the one I bought for him yesterday!

Someone loves strawberry milk 🍓
Can you guess who it is?

Quench your thirst after a hot refreshing bath with our very own Kurokokoro strawberry milk 🍓!

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Dr Hajime Fukuyama His POV coming soon! 💜💜💜

Here’s a sneak peek at what we’re working on!

Agent of Love


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