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Graphic designer needed for a shitty job (literally)!

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I see this whole post as one big cry for help and I understand, I really do. Sometimes, life is a overturned piss pot. The dreams we had as children are scorched and broken by the cruel earth. Love, something we should treasure, instead serves only as a jumping off point for the most brutal acts of man. Well, that and Hallmark cards. Whether it's the love of a woman, a man, or a superb Philly Cheese Steak, the ending will be the same. Silence and screams will be the ending of your song. What of friendship you ask? Your, poor dried lips barley ache out that tawdry tune. Friendship is a lie, that one anime lied to you, every anime lied to you. There is no power in it. Your friends don't actually care for you, they will only deceive you in the end.

It's best for you accept oblivion and embrace the void. Only there will you find true compassion and honesty.

Achieve the shit, and have a toilet day.

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Good news everyone!

I have an immense pleasure to announce that the important challenge outlined in the first post of this thread was taken up by the amazing @HELYEES. At the same time, I want to make clear that it is NOT any kind of bribe connected to the upcoming Panzer Hearts review. My opinions stay completely unbiased and pure, like an otome protagonist in the prologue chapter. And I will stay by this claim even if presented with evidence to the contrary. Now, behold!




Once more, huge thanks to @HELYEES for making this absurd idea come through, I hope I'll be able to make use of those pretty soon (definitely not for Panzer Hearts though). ;)

Edited by Plk_Lesiak

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On 14.5.2018 at 1:31 PM, Plk_Lesiak said:

Oh, I definitely wouldn't mind, I think @HELYEES wouldn't either? :)

Not at all! You can all use them any way you want!  :DIf you wanna do something in return help me out by downloading my VNs FREE Demo on Steam and give me some reviews (reviews help me not get buried by Steam)! :wub:


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