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Supipara Chapter 2 (Peace Story) Released

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Once again sorry for not so creative title there lol. Anyway we got last chapter of Supipara (For now) released, and this time the main heroine of this chapter was our half French tsundere who managed to said 'kill' in one conversation Hotaru Angeline Amano. What I knew is that this time we gonna get knew more about Hotaru's past, which should be more interesting compared to Sakura. Oh, and there's also a mysterious character appearance as well. Well have fun and feel free to discuss this, also here's both of Mangagamer and Steam link if you want to purchase it.

PS - I just saw Steam opening, and I think it's pretty exciting now that we knew the identity of our two remaining heroines for both of Passion and Love Chapter. For the info, Passion Chapter will be focused on our masochist miko Momiji, and Love will be focused on our new mysterious character. I look forward to the eventual release of the last two chapters, although it might be take long time (Maybe at 2022 lol). By the way Steam opening did still have 2D animation, although it didn't have good lighting as eden and ef though (Understandable).

PPS - For seiyuu info, Hotaru was voiced by Yamada Yuna who is pretty much experienced in voicing minori VNs (Yuuko from ef and Elicia from eden). Although recently she did more work for non minori VNs such as Jounouchi Makoto from Chrono Clock and Fujita Konron from Majokoi.

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