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Doubt about Fate/Stay Night

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The original anime was based on Saber's route, the UBW movie and the UBW anime were based on Rin's route. There's a movie in development (I think, not really paying too much attention) based on Sakura's route. Either way, I think there's enough content in the VN to justify reading it if you like the franchise.

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As for the VN itself, I would say play it if you only watch the first anime because the first anime was only adapted the first route (Fate). And if you watch the UBW anime there, I would still suggest you to play the VN because there's no adaptation for Heaven's Feel yet so far. As far as route concerned, the events for each route were different so you could play the VN there if you wonder about different route.

PS - By the way most of the twist were revealed at Heaven Feel route, and I think Fate was reveal the least imo.

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9 hours ago, SenpaiFingers said:

Hello! I would like to know if the https://vndb.org/v11 
plot is exactly the same as the anime (despite the bad endings), or i would be able to see some extra content and different routes


Thanks! :badnicoman:

There are some significant differences between the Saber route - which it was nominally based off of - and the anime.  Most of the crap near the end of the anime barely resembles the game... and bits of Heavens Feel and UBW are included in the anime on whims. 

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First off, which anime do you refer to? There are : the first Fate/Stay Night by studio DEEN (which adapts the first route, Fate), Unlimited Blade Works movie by DEEN (which adapts the 2nd route, Unlimited Blade Works), Unlimited Blade Works TV series by Ufotable (same route with the previous, different studio), and the upcoming Heaven's Feel Movies by Ufotable (adapts the final route, Heaven's Feel).

Overall, it's a significantly different experience, even if the plot is the same. There are a lot of worthwhile details to read that isn't shown or properly explained in the animes.

One of the core differences is Shirou's monologue, which we can read in the VN, but isn't included in the animes. Without the monologues, we can't properly follow his line of thought and he just seems like your average shonen protagonist (which he isn't). This imo plays a huge part in his characterization and character development.

There are a lot of other notable things that the animes haven't shown, and imo they all make the experience really worth it.

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