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Guide to learning japanaese


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10 minutes ago, HataVNI said:

Instead of Duolingo, I would like to recommend Clozemaster, Bunpro or Takeboto instead. But as always, get to reading as fast as possible and then just keep on reading is most effective way


Yeah it has its problems, but it can be useful and it's always a matter of personal preference. Just wanted to give an alternative that helped me quite a bit at the very beginning and after taking a 3 year break (pretty much what was also more positively mentioned in that video) because at least now it's not a complete mess like the first versions anymore. I never tried the three you mentioned, there are too many tools and apps out there and i just looked for something to start which was fully usable without paying anything.

I also agree that nothing beats reading but some people feel like running into a wall at full speed without using such inefficient ways first.

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