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pure pure is it dead?

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I apologize for bringing this old topic up again. But I've got some info regarding the Pure Pure.

I basically made a group some time ago and (re)started the Pure Pure project. However, I managed to get in touch with FOTS Dummyacct7 and he had to stop the project, because he is busy with his university studies, irl issues, etc...

He told us to wait a bit so he might get back to it, but he never did again... We "forced" him to update the TLWiki in March but that's the only thing he did...

But now our group is working (cooperating) officially with Hikari Field on the Tayutama 2 ( we lent them our English corrector so the game is not released with Engrish) and in the meantime the rest of the team is working on the Pure Pure. HOWEVER obtaining license for it is probably impossible because Klein (the game company who created Pure Pure) is dead. Their website is just half - working and no one responds to my emails... SO we decided to finish it atleast like a fan - made translation because this is one of the novels which deserve translation. The game itself can be still purchased on one Japanese e-shop, I even made a guide how to buy it for people who do not speak Japanese.

I post info regularly here so I hope someone who still waits for this project will be pleased.

Have a nice day,

Aki =)

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