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Argent Games

Requiescence [BxB | Fantasy | Romance | Adventure] [Full Demo/Kickstarter]

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A BL Visual Novel  





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Genre: Fantasy, Romance, Adventure
Rating: 16+ [General Version], 18+ [Full Version]
Progress: Demo = 100% complete, Full Game = ~7% complete



・ 125,000 words (~15 hours playing time!)
・ 3 different (romance) routes
・ 6 different endings
・ 23 original CGs
・ A 13-track OST
・ 1080x720 HD resolution
・ An experience of adventure, mystery, and trials

We're Argent Games, a small (2-person!) indie dev team from Bloomington, Indiana. Today we'd like to present to you our first project: Requiescence.

Requiescence follows the story of Kymil, a young mage who sets out on an adventure to discover the mystery behind his uncle's death. Along his journey through an arcane, mysterious cathedral, Kymil meets a number of powerful friends - and enemies.

The game is also a BL (boy's love) game, which means both the main character and the love interests are male.

Inspired by the famous Nitro+CHiRAL games, Requiescence aims to present a spiraling story and intriguing characters along with engaging romance routes, all entwining to form a rich experience.








It's been a year of hard travel, but finally, the young mage Kymil arrives at his destination.

He's a 
Cyromancer - a spellcaster who wields the power of ice to smite down his enemies. Kymil learned how to harness his power thanks to his uncle, a well-renowned adventurer who hunted down treasure on every corner of the continent.

But his uncle was 
murdered in his home by an unknown assailant, and Kymil is driven to uncover the mystery behind his death. The only clue he has is an unfinished entry in his uncle's notes about a mysterious cathedral in the middle of the sprawling Dead Plains...

When he arrives at the cathedral, Kymil has no idea what he's searching for or where to go. But something in him presses him forward, and he's determined to figure out the cathedral's secrets, no matter how dire the cost. Along the way, he meets a host of powerful - and dangerous - explorers.

Will you find room for romance as the world you know crumbles around you?



Thanks for reading!

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