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Kancolle Kantai collection


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How far is everyone in the Spring Event?

Managed to reach E5 somehow, but that's the only node I'm having difficulty so far. 

Any good Suggested Compositions for E5 attacking the boss? (Also, my LBAS is set from suggestions I got, so nothing to worry there.)

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24 minutes ago, Monmon said:

Nope, not really interested with her. I got Yuus,Iowa,Akizuki,Teruzuki and Pola. Farming Hayasui atm.

Meanwhile I'm salty as a tasty fudge stick dropped in a pile of sand trying to clear E5. With the addition of trying to get good drops from E2 (Akizuki + Teruzuki) on Node F. All S ranks with no signs of either one.

Pls drop to me ;-;

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