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  1. Update 10/29/19 Hello! It's been a while since there was an update to the project. Most of the staff lately have been busy with their own lives, and haven't had a chance to continue working on the translation project for Sakurasou. TLDR: Staff and team were on a hiatus for a couple years. Before this strays from the main point of this post, I am happy to announce another patch (Ver 0.2.1) is available! This patch includes more translated dialogue, updated translations, and bug fixes. Features: 33 additional files translated - Includes some filling in of missed files early on in the game, and more progression to the translated gameplay. Updated Translations - We found that a few of our previous files had some wonky translations, and revised it to sound better. Bug Fix - An issue on 11/21 where Aoyama and Akasaka were having a discussion between each other, and people found that the game froze and would not do anything from that point. This forced you to stop there, or revert to the RAW version of the game to bypass the issue. The issue has been fixed within this patch. The latest release can be found on our Discord Server under #releases_public. If you encounter any issues, bugs, or maybe a typo or grammar mistake our staff missed, feel free to report this in the #bug-reports channel! -- The next update will probably be around a month from now so in late November (May change without notice) and will start off with being rolled out to testers early to get any new bugs fixed before a general release. And from this point on, We're hoping we can at least get a somewhat monthly (or quarterly) release schedule going again even if its not too many scripts in each one from a lack of translators (Which we still need help with in that regard). If you would like to help out with any part of the process please let us know and we will tell you if we are in need of help in that area and such.* *Messaging us on Discord is the fastest communication source to get in touch with us.
  2. You would have to get the Digital Version actually. The Physical Copy won't work with the patch, as for obvious reasons (I mean, if you can extract and get the game files cracked from a physical copy and then get it into a digital format that's readable for the PSP, be my guest.) it also depends on what game version you plan on buying. The Vita, or the PSP. Before you make a decision, I would strongly advise you to tell me what you plan on playing the game on. (A PSP, or Vita/TV)
  3. UPDATE 2/6/17 A New Patch has been pushed out! But that's not all. There is now a patch available for the Vita featuring translated images provided by a new member, galafador and his hard work. There are some minor differences between the images in each that will be changed over to the newer ones found on the vita patch (No they can't just be copied over because of file types and structures). 2/6/17 PATCH Notes: The Vita patch now features translated images and scripts - The following days have now been translated: 11/13 (40% done, still working on the last two parts), 11/16, 11/17, 11/18, 11/20, 12/04, 12/31 (11/19 is translated and just in editing while 11/14 is in translation from another of our translators) Most of the bugs that have been reported up to this point should be fixed in this new patch. Our notable (and "overworked") staff member, Dylan, wants to check to see if names are still broken in the first time when Otoha appears. If so, he would like to know too if Shiina's name is also broken when she appears in that scenario or if Otoha's name is broken when she appears the next day. Dylan would also like to know if there is still clipping with Maid-chan's lines or if they have been fixed minus a few exceptions. Those can be reported in our Bug-Reports section on our Discord Channel. Now before I probably get asked questions about where can you find this, it can be found on our Discord Channel. We have also recently implied new rules and guidelines, and would like new people to talk too, instead of just huddling up and filling server space There might be questions too on how to apply or install these patches, but those can be answered quickly and with more info on our Discord Channel too. (Figuring people would ask wheres the discord link, here it is:) https://discord.gg/gkb2THE Note: You must have a verified email address associated with your Discord Account to join. Stay Tuned for more Updates! -FuryTomic
  4. The English Patch for Sakurasou No Pet Na Kanojo on the Playstation Vita/TV is being created! Showcased on the Playstation TV: *The content featured is subject to change* It will contain the same amount of scripts translated as the PSP version. However, the images in the Vita Version are now being edited as we speak, thanks to a new member who is offering his help to Image Edit the Vita images! I do not have a PSP Showcase of the patch right now, since I have some very odd issues with my PSP Version of Sakurasou. It doesn't seem to like running for me at all... It's similar to the English Patch showcased here, but it has all of the images translated into English. But this is what is currently being cooked up for now. Any questions? Feel free to ask! -FuryTomic
  5. Vita Version Note and Update: After fiddling around for a while, there is a method to get the Sakurasou No Pet Na Kanojo patch working on the PS VITA. However, this may offer a different route on installing the patch, and will not work on the physical copy of the game. It will require a digital copy for this to work, and is still being looked upon. We have done some conversions of files to work on the vita. We just haven't reached the final part to exactly make it work, and a few file types are different from the psp version. That is still being looked upon at the moment. An Example of the converted PS VITA File compared to the PSP File. As stated, if you are interested to be a 'guinea pig' and help test with me if the patch can work on PS TV/VITA versions, feel free to PM me.
  6. As promised from Yesterday, I will type up the summary of the new release: There was a new hotfix patch that was also updated today. I will include the details and specifications of that too. Currently works on: PPSSPP. Has not been tested on Vita Yet. 1/5/17 PATCH NOTES - 53 Fully Translated Script Lines have been inserted into the patch. - Majority of every image should have been converted to be seen in game. There will be a few left not finalized at the moment. - A couple specification boxes should have their text translated. Note not all of the specification boxes have been translated 100% yet. We are still discovering more parent child files that need to be converted into a readable format, translated, then reinserted back in. 1/6/17 HOTFIX PATCH - Fixed a problem with the line that didn't pause at the end and just continued on to the next line. -All instance of "Super Creator Excavation Project" have been replaced with "Super Creator Discovery Project" repsectivly. - A little more progress has been made on the squares for the specification game - A lot more images have been replaced with their translated counterparts. ---- Some possible Q&As that may be asked if I am not here on Fuwanovel: Q: Where can I find it? A: On our Discord Channel. Please use this code below to join. (Note you MUST have a verified email Discord Account.) https://discord.gg/gkb2THE Q: I am having trouble installing the patch! A: Please refer to our instructions typed up in the #releases channel. Any further problems or trouble can be asked on the Discord Channel. Q: How much is translated? A: Varies on which patch you have installed. On 1/5/17, there was a total of 53 inserted script lines that are fully translated. Percentage wise, this is 11% of the entire game. Note that these inserted script lines were all checked for errors and mischief typos. You may find some unexpected typos in the game. Just report it to us in the #bug-reports channel. Q: Can I make a video, post screenshots, showcase this patch to people and friends? A: Of course! We don't have any problem with that sort. IIn fact, encourage you to showcase, or take screenshots of your experience with the game! The only thing we will snoop up on you is if you redistribute the patch, or the game with the english patch installed on other websites. (If you ever patched yourself a game, you should obviously know this.) If a website (other than Eternal Nyaboron) is claiming that they have the English Patch of the game, it is most likely a scam, or a virus. We have heard of zero cases where another group or individual has picked up the game and managed to 100% translate the whole game, even without the respectable tools and coding needed. Any other questions needed can be asked here, or on Discord! ---- I am also looking for, 'guinea pigs' to help test with me if the patch can work on PS TV/VITA versions. If you are aware, HenHaku has been released to the public for months now, and offers a similar experience to a homebrewed PSP. If you are interested, feel free to PM me. ---- This concludes this release topic for today! We hope to push out more updates like this this year! -FuryTomic
  7. Small Quick Update after not posting anything for a few months: The Alpha Patch is pretty much ready at this point! Highlight Patch Notes Patch Notes: -Has 53 script files with mostly finalized text - Most images should be done. Some will be checked if finalized. - A couple specification boxes should have their text translated. Not too sure if it's the early game boxes or not. If not, it will be fixed in another patch. ------ Full Release Note can be found on our Discord Channel. (If you paid attention to the comments posted a while back ) A more typed up Release Notes and some things will be posted tomorrow. Stay Tuned! -FuryTomic
  8. 10/19/16 UPDATE We have successfully gotten our first file converted into an .ssb file! However, we will need to conduct further testing to see if it works. After that, we should be able to officially push out our first Alpha Patch that has been held up for some time now.. Some screenshots of it officially in the game (no subtitles over or anything. Exported over into the game) http://imgur.com/lW5a4vB http://imgur.com/WqRHyS8 http://imgur.com/lehfVmS Oh. Did we also not mention that we have a discord channel setup? If you are interested in joining, you can join in using our link below: Discord Link
  9. I wonder why Fuwanovel didn't push their notification digest to me.. had it set to receive each day.. Odd.. Well now that the Vita has a new exploit for some time (and got patched if you updated) we might also go along with the Vita Version.. Simply put, see if we can export our files onto the Vita and test it out.. But I do suspect some things are different than the PSP. It's my two cents though. However, I won't be able to do the testings nor updates to test and try it out.. I feel like a big idiot right now. I accidentally updated my vita that I record game play from because of some games that gone free.. Ever since that day, I've just started to get pissed off more and more at PlayStation and Sony with them patching vita exploits.. I feel that at this point, I should just sell the Vita with the updated firmware and capture card, and then use an older version of the vita that I have get sent in, and let the new capture card be installed instead... Except I don't grow money on trees, and the group that makes the capture cards are overseas, so that will take a while until I have another opportunity to do so... Or unless see if I can try to get a new PSP 2000 from them that hopefully did not get updated to 3.61.. But I'd rather send mine in since I know that they don't update or tamper with whatever firmware your own vita is on... We will see.. And of all times too, we have finally managed to make a breakthrough on getting the ssb files converted..
  10. 9/5/16 UPDATE Another hiatus came forth with the team, so we haven't been working for a while (Which left down to 1-3 members active) However, we did manage to finalize some script files despite being away for almost 2 months. Here below is one of our finalized scripts that you will see in the Alpha Patch, along with it completely re translated. Speaking of Alpha patches, our date still has been TBA, since we are in need for someone who can help convert SSB Scripts so our Patch can continue being created. If you happen to know someone who can (or may be able to) Convert: SSB Files into XLSX files, and XLSX to SSB. It would be nice if someone can help us convert these files, so our Alpha Patch can make some progress towards being released. And a Side Note: We may see a POSSIBLE future release for the PS Vita. A new Homebrew/Exploit has been found in Version 3.60, which allows your Vita to be homebrewed again! However, we suspect that some users might have already updated to a newer firmware of the Vita, or don't want to go through the hassle of updating, so we won't consider this option just yet. I've been caught up with Kimi No Na Wa lately, and started translating some of the Light Novel: Kimi No Na Wa: Another Side: Earthbound. It's just myself and some friends from my Japanese Class, so that's a different side project in the meantime.
  11. Fair enough. Looks like I can (hopefully) get the scripts in the game, (Maybe except for most of YMSR.. Those were all done by 1 user who is now retired from the group.) Ideally, the scripts would be from the start of the game, to somewhere around  That's an acceptable length of scripts. However, the game mechanics can insert (at random) Events that will be unexpected. My only concern is not knowing which event script could potentially be triggered. In addition, the scripts we translated so far have "followup" scripts that exist in another folder. It seems like the scripts switch back and forth from "MAIN" (Common route) to "LIFE" (Side routes/Fillers) then randomly throw in a Event Script in the middle. I still haven't figured out the scripts that follow up with the LBD files.. (This is the 2D Live animation scene the game offers. I still haven't figured out which scripts/lines that follow with this.) As these are also random events when your staff is "Having Trouble!" Man, this game and it's cell structure is truly an oddball.. Probably one where I do not have a good clue about. Most of our staff don't have the correct tools or know how to get some of these unique file types extracted.. Including LBD.
  12. Make sure you put that to good use sometime! You can easily forget most of the language if you don't speak it often with another person who speaks Japanese.. (I'm currently recapping and practicing some of the Japanese grammar rules I forgot after a week of VACation.)
  13. Very True. That's something I would hope we can insert with the Alpha Patch. Most of the group staff seemed to have gone off the radar for the week though. Dunno if the last batch of images were finalized yet.. It could be that our Image Editor is busy for a while, since he's working on another project. I'll might as well ask some of the other members to continue working and play around with the script files and all of that. Though.. I wonder what would people think if..
  14. Event Route for Jin Mitaka is now up online. As stated, this is not the final translation, nor 100% perfect. Interestingly, the Sakurasou Wikia does not have a background or information on Rumi Torisawa. I'll give some detail here: Name: Rumi Torisawa (EN) Torisawa Rumi (Romanji) 鳥沢留美 (JP) Age: Unknown (Somewhere between 18-21?) Gender: Female Height: Somewhere around 5'5? (168cm?) Affiliation: Jin Mitaka (Dating) Occupation: Unknown (Possibly College Student?) Visual Novel Appearance: Jin and Rumi Argument Event Scene Anime Appearance: (None?) Mentioned a few times by Jin. (Notably from Episode 5, "But I've just went three rounds with Rumi-San." -Jin Mitaka, talking to Aoyama Nanami.) Short Summary: Rumi Torisawa is one of the 6 girls Jin Mitaka dated. She is a character that made little-no appearances in the Anime. However, she appears once having an argument with Jin in the Visual Novel. She owns a small sedan, which arguably looks like a 2013 Note Nissan. In the Anime, she was mentioned briefly by Jin Mitaka, who he claims went three rounds with Rumi. Her Occupation is unknown at the time, but few speculated that she is either a college student, or a college graduate. ------------------------------- That's all for today. Cheers! -FuryTomic
  15. 7-5-16 Small Update Update on the Alpha Patch: Final Image revisions are underway. We are just waiting on our Image Editor to finish up the touches. After that, we are ready to get the patch up! We may plan on including some finalized translated scripts into the Alpha Patch. However, we may not. It depends upon our situation with the hacker who converts our files. if he has time, then we may see some script files translated into English. Here is a 'Rendered' Version of what the English Translated Image should look like. http://imgur.com/lj7p4w0 Others: A Jin Mitaka Event Scene will be uploaded soon. Upload Date is targeted for July 7, at least by 11:45 PM PST (July 8 in other parts of the world) Video Link will be posted when it's up online. Additional Staff Members: We have a few extra TLCs that decided to help us out. Welcome aboard! Cheers, -FuryTomic
  16. Interesting.. So Ensemble is mostly dependent on default psp image formats..? I'll talk with my friend about this. Once again, Thank you Marcus
  17. Ah I see. That must have been one of the first original guys who both wanted to work on a English patch, and know what lbd files were. Thanks though, I'll see if I can get this lbd files running on 2D Live. Do you know about the other file types by chance?
  18. Ah I see. Wait what tool is this by chance? I only know 1 guy who I did in fact told to ask about the lbd file recently.. Does he have a name like Madman32 or 'Dylan?'
  19. Oh really? That's actually nice.. Sorry if this is a stupid question, but how do I get it running in the 2D Live software I have? (It's Live 2D Cubism)
  20. Hi there, I'm trying to extract, or I should say, convert some file types into a readable format. Does anyone by chance know, or has the ability to open the following file types: (also has notes of what each file I think it is) (From Sakurasou No Pet Na Kanojo) .cmed (Comment List) .tipd (Contains Text to Translate) .tskt (Contains Text to Translate) .tskd (Contains Text to Translate) ---- (From both games) .lbd (Character Models. Can possibly run in 2D Live Software converted) ---- (From Toaru Majutsu to Kagaku no Ensemble) .gim (Possibly additional script files? Audio files maybe?) .SUP (Apparently looks like Sprite Images. No confirmation yet.) .ssb (Script Text Files) Cheers, -FuryTomic
  21. 6-17-16 Update Although not much happened lately (as most of the staff/group memebers are adjusting back to working again) We will announce a few notes now, and most of these can be found on our Website. Alpha Patch Signup Form I know. Sounds ridiculous right? For the purpose of feedback and asking questions to testers, we have a signup sheet for those who wish to get their hands on the patch the first thing it gets released for quick testing. The Patch itself will be available to the public a few days afterwards if there is nothing wrong with the patch. (such as emergency fixes) There is no official confirmation of the release date yet. Detailed Script Completion On our website, we have added a 'detailed' list of what scripts are finished, not finished, translated, and TLC'ed. If you are curious about it, feel free to check it out on the website. Additional Staff Members We now have 2 New Translators, and 1 new Translator Checker! Welcome Aboard! Uncovered New File Types Accidentally discovered new files/filetypes while I was interested in .lbd files. Some files have important text to translate in-game. If anyone knows, or has the ability to open the following file types: cmed, lbd, tipd, tskt, tskd, gim, SUP, and ssb, please reply back to me (I will also ask the extraction thread too in the meantime) Cheers, -FuryTomic
  22. 6/9/16 - Update for Alpha Game Patch: We have added a poll at the top of the page with the following question: "Would you guys like to see an 'Image' Patch? (Please note that this patch ONLY changes all of the images into English.) " A small breakdown: This (if people want it) patch will translate all of the in-game images into English. Now, I am not sure how much of the images will be translated into the game (since one of our translators/hackers found out that some images rely on some of the scripts in the game) but most (like about 90%) should be translated into English. The Patch Release will be currently listed as 'TBA' until we are confident with a date that it will be released on. The patch will be classified as 'Alpha' since it will be the first official test patch available to try (or be 'tested) by the public*. This concludes our first information release for patches. -FuryTomic *It is possible we might only distribute the patch if you signup, since we would like to hear input/feedback from people who we can at least identify.
  23. I've seen that website and the 'patch' before.. To be quite honest, if it really was a patch, I'm sure someone would've announced it long ago. Definitely Malware/Spyware for all what I can say. As for the downloads and stuff, we don't have one finished yet, since some of our images got bundled up into a mess. (A few are like displaying out of the PSP screen) and some re translations of the images are getting done. Any news or Information of the beta will be posted ASAP. At the moment, we don't have any news of what will happen in the meantime, since most of the members are busy with errands family relations for some time. (Including binaryfail, who helps us convert the images/text into the game format) Patreon.. I haven't considered this since I have no idea on how to work with it haha... I'm not sure if you checked out the the page, 'Creating a Japanese PSN account and supporting the creators legally' since I have a note saying, "For now, please purchase the PSP version of Sakurasou no pet. Do not buy the vita version until we can get into the game files.UPDATE: The PS Vita seems to be unhackable. If you have a spare PSP, or PSP emulator on your computer, please use that instead of waiting for the Vita patch. Sorry about that. In addition, Vita Exploits don't seem to work anymore, and the Vita Build files are getting more complicated to get into." Unless if the PS Vita has a new homebrew (or an Emulator) that both works and allows us to get some form of the game available for the Vita. This is also quoted from Wololo. A system can only be emulated once it is fully understood. As of now, the PS Vita has not been fully hacked, and therefore hasn’t been fully reverse engineered. Building an emulator for the PS Vita is a hard task and requires lots of work. This is technically doable only once it has fully been reverse engineered, but has not happened yet. For now, anyone that claims they have a PS Vita emulator is probably tricking you… Hope this helps. Cheers fella -FuryTomic
  24. Guess it's finally here for EN. Glad to hear it's coming out soon. I assume it's going to be a stand alone patch? Or a purchasable game?
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