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  1. What visual novel do you think is underrated?

    https://vndb.org/v7795 Feel good, light, intrinsically comical due to the situation, and alpacas. Who doesn't love alpacas? It was a good "one-day VN," and it probably has a more interesting story than most of the Pulltop games.
  2. Kancolle Kantai collection

    nope. (nice profile pic btw ^.^)
  3. Kancolle Kantai collection

    RNG-sama is a cruel mistress.
  4. Kancolle Kantai collection

    EVERYTHING. Oh, and I cri.... too many LSC's for Shioi but only kongou and fusou class ships.... ;_;
  5. Kancolle Kantai collection

    Need..... more..... furniture coins..... (yes, I love buying furniture on kancolle)
  6. Kancolle Kantai collection

    hmmmm not sure, I just got her as an extra while LSC'ing for other ships. I assume the minimum recipe is enough but not sure........
  7. Yoł

    what? another kaga!? *brain implodes after an intense retrospection on my identity as a carrier* anyhow, welcome!
  8. Anime that Inspire you to Do Good Things

    Couple of animes moved me a lot, but I can't recall any that really changed me. However, there is one manga that changed me positively and that is Onani Master Kurosawa. I know the title is ridiculous but this made me think about my life and what to do. http://mangafox.me/manga/onani_master_kurosawa/
  9. Kancolle Kantai collection

    yay I Kai ni'ed Prinz~ ^^
  10. VNs with an amazing soundtrack

  11. VN - Comedy, Romance, School, Slice Of Life or Music

    Clannad or Little Busters although they do have a bit of supernatural elements.
  12. Fuwa Korean Learners?

    안녕하십니까? I would like to join this group... I was born in Korea but immigrated to Canada and lived longer there. I can speak relatively fluently and read, although my vocabulary isn't as refined and academic (not the best writer in terms of spacing and spelling though). However, I feel as if I am slowly forgetting them and I would like to brush up on my Korean using this opportunity ^^. If you know some Japanese, it's even better since the two languages have extremely similar grammar, just different words, and they will produce a positive synergy.
  13. I'd like something heartwarming

    Well, imo interjecting comedy is necessary to create the mundane/everyday atmosphere which contrasts with and highlights the drama/heartwarming scenes.... I recommend Clannad or Little Busters. Planetarian ~Chisana Hoshi no Yume~, Symphonic Rain, and Hoshizora no Memoria are decent too under such category.
  14. Kancolle Kantai collection

    Hayasui is a good girl ^^ I love her clothes
  15. Kancolle Kantai collection

    Oh my. 70 buckets.... Well gratz!
  16. Kancolle Kantai collection

    Akitsushima's TTK is taitei-chan. Real TTK feels sad.
  17. Kancolle Kantai collection

    Who knows? I didnt really like the anime anyway. I-168 was my first and favourite sub for me. Didn't even know they had same VA because of their difference. I know very few traditional characters and phrases since Korea used to use them until Hangul was invented ^^ 精神一到何事不成
  18. Kancolle Kantai collection

    yeah I never really farmed for her and I don't go on sorties other than event If you knew Chinese you probably had an easy time reading Japanese (shhhhhh but my family stems from north korea)
  19. Kancolle Kantai collection

    That is quite a diverse background you have there . Strange thing but our family originally planned to go to Australia but made a last minute change of plan. As for Iku, just got her from last event . Do you speak Chinese? oh, and they probably chose her since she is the most generic and bland character
  20. Kancolle Kantai collection

    I was only a kid when I immigrated to Canada haha. I like the Korean culture and East Asian in general, but I would rather live in Canada now. I do want some of that internet though ^^ I-168 damaged figure looks really good EDIT: One of my friend is from kiwi land does that count?
  21. Kancolle Kantai collection

    Hai. Shigure is the faithful dog type =3 I am from Korea but I live in Canada now. And what do you mean by Down Under?
  22. Kancolle Kantai collection

    no figures ;_; however, our local anime store (that ran for only like 5 months) had these boxes that contained 2 random kanmusus, so I bought some of them. I have Shimakaze, Inazuma, Zuihou, Kirishima, Kongou, Mutsu, and Nagato. I also exchanged a Rin poster from Fate series for a poster of Ikazuchi (favourite of the four).
  23. Kancolle Kantai collection

    mmmmm idk about that. I would rather play VNs but if I were to make one on kancolle it would have to be about Kaga
  24. About Fathers in VNs

    Best father 2016.
  25. The Real Places in VNs

    You could probably do a real life Steins;Gate tour around Akiba.