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ChuSinGura save file


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I tried to move my VN to my new computer. (Windows 7 -> Windows 8)


The problem is I couldn't find my save folder for ChuSinGura 46+1:


-It was not in the document folder (like majikoi, G senjou or some of akatsuki works)


-It is not in the main folder


-My "Saved Games" folder was empty


-I tried a search: I looked at all the "datakasu" files in my computer, I found a lot, but there is none for Inre


It's like it's hidden somewhere, that's weird, someone know the game or have a clue?


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Seems like you're saying the save folder is inside the main folder. 


I made a screenshot and I tried something (it's my windows 8): Here you can see 3 things




1° I made a bunch of saves (my true saves are in my w7) so that if I try a search it would be more easy to find a save data somewhere in my computer, but no luck). 


2° The save folder is not in my main folder


3° Seems like the save data is hidden, I am lost...


Edited, it should work now

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I take a look, in the local folder I have 3 folder:


- One eushully folder with one useless .INI file

- One temp folder (useless, i checked)

- One adoble folder with nothing interesting ><


I have both "local" and "roaming" available in the appdata folder. 

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That's the first thing I tried. I found all my save files, I even found One: Kagayaku Kisetsu e (I thought I lost it ^^) but nothing about chusingura. Can't believe it. If someone know the game I would like to know if they have the same problem as me.

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I checked my Win7 and just like Deep Blue said my files are under Appdata -> Local  -> Virtualstore....


C:\Users\XXXMyXXXNameXXX\AppData\Local\VirtualStore\Program Files (x86)\インレ\ChuSingura46+1\savedata


Check it again. If it's not there, it's probably gone.

Edited by Ningen
Just saw the poster above me unearthed a 1.5-year-old thread...
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You might find more luck getting help if you:

a)  Explain the problem you are having,

b)  Explain your system set-up and configuration,

c)  Explain what you've already done to attempt to fix the problem,

d)  Use less cursing and more courtesy when asking for help.

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