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  1. Hello, I want to make a spanish translation patch for the Angel Beats visual novel, but I don't know what the process is to make a patch, and I would like to know the process. I have been looking for information both in my language and in english, but I have not found anything that goes in-depth into the topic of making a patch or hacking a visual novel to get the scripts out.
  2. I've never played any VN before, but would like to check out Euphorie. I have heard that there is some recommended way to go, and I am very worried that I will do something wrong and my experience with the game will suffer as a result. Do you have any tips on how I should play? Is it really all that important, or should I just ignore it and play it my way?
  3. I am quite new here and this would mark my very first post here, Although, I've been kind of going back and forth on this site for a few years now. As the title suggests I wanted to know how you'd go about storyboarding based on the written drafts of a VN you're making? You see, I am an artist working with a friend of mine as an author, and well because various things we've been in what I'd call pre-development hell. I figured I'd make a fun thing for my friend to hopefully get him back to writing again. I know it might not even work, but even if it's just that piece of work, I still would love to have my friend's vision and mine to be at least created. And for that, I was wondering how you'd go about storyboarding the scene? I have some background on some storyboarding work, although mainly from animation so I'm not quite sure if it'd be similar to how it is in a medium like VNs. So I'd greatly appreciate if you guys could give me some advice! And if you have other things you'd like to say as well, feel free to do so!
  4. The Steam Deck is a handheld console based on SteamOS from Valve. As the system does not run on Windows not every game will work directly out of the box, for that reason I try to aggregate as much information as possible in this thread Games get added after I played them for a time to look out for issues and fixes. Please also add your experience with VNs on Steam Deck in the comments so I can add them to the list I recommend using an external keyboard when setting up Lutris, Protontricks and Proton GE. The on screen keyboard can be opened with "STEAM" + "X" and closed again with "B". NEW GUIDE AVAILABLE UNDER VisualNovelWiki Website also has specific instructions for games like Dead End Aegis, Full Metal Daemon Muramasa and more. Steam Launch Options Some games require you to set custom launch options in Steam, if required the launch options will be listed with the game. How to set custom launch options Protontricks Protontricks is a software which lets you easily install adult patches and additional required software, you can check out the project on GitHub here. Installation Guide Using Protontricks Proton Versions: Click Proton comes in different versions, normally you'll be okay with using the default version, sometimes you can encounter issues though which can be fixed with Proton GE, Proton Experimental or an older version of Proton. Proton GE: Click Proton GE is a community fork of Proton which adds additional support for mediaplayback, you can check out the project GitHub here. Installation Guide How to install Lutris: Click How to setup Wine prefixes: Click How to enable Japanese Locales: Click How to get custom artworks to Steam (for Steam games and non steam games): Click Controller Layout for most Visual Novels A, L1, R1, L4, R4 & R2 -> Left mouseclick B, Start -> Escape X & L2 -> Right mouseclick Sticks & Tackpads -> Mouse with clicking down being left mouseclick Battery Saving Settings The Steam Deck is a portable system and runs on a battery, because of that I changed some options on my device in order to extend the playtime. You can use the "..." button to open the quick access menu and change the settings under the battery icon. All the settings can be made either per game or global for the full system. For my Steam Deck I usally limit the refresh rate of the pannel to 40hz & limit the FPS to 40, 20 or 10 depending on how motion heavy the VN is A TDP limit of 5-8w should be enough for most VNs too, but you can adjust this to your needs. For some older games (and RPG Maker ones) you can enable FSR to get a sharper image. Additional Tips When possible chose windows mode instead of fullscreen for the best performance. Gamemode will make those games fullscreen anyways. Only chose fullscreen for RPG Maker games or other which show content outside of the visible screen. Some more tips thanks to barjed on Reddit: All Unity based VNs should work without Problem (excl. Video). If a game crashes due to a video, a possible fix is the deletion of the video in the game files You can also prepear the games on Windows and use Warpinator to push the game on Deck. Videoguide Addtional Resources ProtonDB Sekai Project's Compatibility List (thanks to hubb2001 on Reddit) WineHQ Lutris Steam Deck Reddit Linux Gaming Reddit Discord Server for help with Lutris and Proton
  5. Hallo! It was romantic visual novel, where we played as a male character. I remember, that it was like mix middle ages japan with magic?and other stuff like this. There was several characters, but I remember good only one - fox/cat girl , she had black or white hair(this 2 colors, not orange or blond, or other specific colors), and there was a scene where you slept with this girl in house(Just sleep. Maybe something was described in the text, but the actual art showed just sleeping neko girl). Also I remember location with a something like small lake(it was night or this “lake” was inside a cave), I think that male protagonist woke up there, but not sure, and also it could be that protagonist was found there by another neko girl, but with orange/red hair. This one has nudity, but I saw it on YouTube and this version that I saw - had like “easy” nudity, for example in sleep scene with cat her bust was shown without nipples, maybe there is also version with full nudity, but I saw only this one. Saw it somewhere in 2017-2018, but VN could be older. Oh, and pretty sure, that there was a choice, not just text.I saw this one in russian translation, so pretty sure it has english translation too, maybe not official, but like a mod
  6. Hello everyone, I hope you are having a wonderful day. A bit of background: I am currently working on a project that would make Pheonix Wright Ace Attorney Trilogy be accessible to fan-translators, and allow it to be fan translated. However, I am sort of inexperienced at programming. Not as in programming language based inexperience, but "theories" of programming, as in, "how to better structure your code", "how to debug effectively", and common things to avoid, for example not including the decryption key on the code itself, rather, make your code look for it on a particular file offset", etc. I would also like to meet someone well-versed in programming (as well as reverse engineering, preferably) so he or she can aid me whenever I run across roadblocks or have some difficulties. If you could be one of them, please feel free to leave a comment, preferably with your Discord tag as well, that would really be appreciated! Thank you.
  7. Yesterday I downloaded Cartagra «Rebirth FHD Size Edition» (Innocent Grey / Gungnir), mostly because of the remastered character sprites and backgrounds, but I've come across a wall at the moment of extracting them. Unlike previous games, this one has the images in a .cz file format, and so I can't view them or convert them to PNG. I've noticed that GarBro is able to view some of these .cz files, so I did some digging and it seems it's because of this: The files with CZ1 work fine. The ones I'm interested in have this and GarBro can't view them. If I manually change it to CZ0, CZ1 or CZ3, it does "work" and GarBro can view them, but the image ends up being really, really distorted. I'm not sure if this is some kind of compression or encryption thing, but this is where I'm at right now, so any help would be highly appreciated. I'm not sure where to go from here, I just want to be able to convert them to PNG, at least. If there are any tools or scripts that may be able to help, please let me know!
  8. I am trying to translate this game but every time I try the translation I get this error I only get that error when I want to start a new game or after choosing. The translation works fine when I view the scenes separately in the gallery. I attach the text of the error window since I don't know how to upload an image, from the error that I get and the number 00_00_.ks changes to another like 99_99_1.ks Information An error has occurred file: line: 137 Tag: jump (even if it indicates the tag before or after the error) first time I have) Cannot open storage 00_00.ks
  9. The song in question: http://0x0.st/olQT.mp3 There's a freely-available amateur VN that seems to "borrow" music from other sources including anime and other VNs and, while I've been able to identify all of the other songs used in this aforementioned amateur VN, this one song has alluded me even when trying to use reverse music search, so I figured I'd ask here and see if anybody knows of the original source of this song. One key thing though is that the song is loopable as-is which implies to me that it was taken directly from a game or VN (though possibly still re-encoded to MP3 considering that 99.999% of PC VNs tend to use either LPCM, midi, ADPCM, OGG vorbis, or Opus) - note that I've made no alterations to the file in question (unless you count the file name being stripped out by the temporary file host that I'm using) so, yes, the metadata was indeed completely blank. For reference, I did try asking the author/dev (it's just 1 person) of the aforementioned amateur VN but that hasn't really gotten anywhere other than learning that the author basically hates doing audio work and just leaves that stuff to the last minute, and I'm getting the impression that they don't particularly seem to keep track of what they've previously done with their audio assets when putting together a new version of their amateur VN. This also greatly implies that the song was also not edited by the author/dev which and that the seamless loop was added/edited after-the-fact, leading farther credence that the song is from a game or VN.
  10. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/99640711/memento-aurora-chronicles/description I recently came across this kickstarter and noticed that it’s very old. Their official webpage is down and they haven’t logged onto kickstarter in a couple months. They have another game on steam under their studio but this one isn’t listed anywhere I could easily find. Does anyone know where I can find a download link for it or some place to buy it from? It looks real fun and it would be a shame to let it be lost imo.
  11. I just bought Fortissimo FA INTL Ver on Steam and seeing some negative review about the translation of the game I wonder if there are any translate mod that I can use from the game
  12. Hello, I'm new to this forum and I did some research on how to setup TA with Textractor (based on what I mostly saw) but I haven't saw a tutorial how to make those two work (since I'm new to using this one). I already have Jparser and MeCab setup in TA. Since I'm trying to play love death series. Thank you in advance!
  13. https://chemsem.itch.io/huehuecoyotl-can-we-see-each-other-again-after-i-die hello everyone. I’m currently developing an oelvn (also as a light novel on tapas) and I would like to ask the community for their input. I’m thick skinned and need honest feedback. Game is free. I hope you can take a look. Thanks -Chemsem
  14. After doing some thinking regarding the development/production of my own visual novel, my team and I are starting to come to the conclusion that most of our current problems would be solved by having...well, an actual publisher! XD We self-published our first visual novel, Siren's Call, and while things went better than expected, our biggest weakness as a team was definitely marketing/putting our game in front of people's faces. I know that Sekai Project exists, but other than them, I'm having trouble finding out exactly what our team's options would be in regards to indie visual novel publishing. Does anybody have any experience with small publishers? If so, what are the pros and cons of those you've interacted with so far? Who seems worth contacting and why?
  15. would anyone happen to have an english patch or fan translation for this? mtl is horrid and i speak zero Japanese so im kinda stumped here unless there is some translation thing thats actually good?
  16. I would love to know what you think about a question I have I am working on a project that mixes funny things, humor, high school, many crazy and funny people and stories with black humor like south park... I would like to know what kind of dating level would you like to have? something light with simple references or something more explicit? I wait your opinions
  17. As the title suggests, I'm having trouble going about starting my own personal Visual Novel project. I have experience playing Little Busters and I am truly inspired by how much content is in the game. My only question is how they manage to include different and unique content in each route and each different choice you make. I was wondering if someone could explain a strategy that is used prior to writing the script that could help me manage a flowchart well. Thanks!
  18. I am creating my own Visual Novel, but I am wondering - what kind of art style should I peak. My love for anime and manga is out of the roof, but I am not sure if i want to create a game in its style. I was planning more of a semi-realistic approach...What do you think?
  19. Dear friends, now i want to implement Live2D in my engine, for Fading Sky. Someone know any usefull materials about OpenGL and Live2D Cubism SDK on english?
  20. I want to write fanfic, since I have idea for one. I'm not good to write in English and I could write in my language so are Norwegian but then I need to translate it in English and I don't know how to do that. So it's it possible to have someone look through my fanfic and fix my grammar or do I need do it one my own?
  21. I want to learn visual novel programing and editing and how everything works and stuff. I dont wanna make a visual novel, I'm more interested to help with translation work in the future. I got like 2 years of free time and I'm at the state where I'm confused about what I wanna do in life, so might as well pick up and learn something. I dont know where to start, I'm curious about kirikiri engine(and unity and other japanese engines), since it is discussed a lot, so I just wanna learn. Anyone got suggestions on where a beginner like me can start?
  22. Sorry if this is messy, as I'm new to this forum. I'm programming a VN where my MC will find people based on where she locates herself on a map of her school. Example: She can go to "rooftop or cafeteria", and there she will find someone at a random stat percentage of chance. I need to program how to click on that location on a image that will be static onto the screen until you make a choice, then program the percentage for a person to greet her there. Can someone help me work this out? Thanks in advance! ;w;
  23. Hey there, I am planning to create a new visual novel project and I need volunteers to do the art~ You won't be getting paid, but will be given credits for your art. The visual novel I'm planning to make has a dark story to it~ So I need somebody who can draw with that sort of dark style~ Email me at [email protected] and send me your sample artwork. I will reply to your email ~ *The visual novel I'm creating will not be for commercial purposes, and will not involve any sort of payment. Thank you very much. EXAMPLE ART: (for reference) ~
  24. So after some time, I was able to extract WAR files from the Visual Novel I am interested in, and I was wondering if anyone knew how to extract the S25 files and OGV files. Not only does Google not know what these file types are, I don't know what they are, and no leads on this matter. Would really greatly appreciate it if someone can give me some information on this. Thank you! Edit: The game is Gensou no Idea ~Oratorio Phantasm Historia~ And after some research and thanks from Moogy from tlwiki, I was able to find out the S25 and OGV files aren't meant to be extracted but decompiled. So if my understandings are correct, the s25 and ogv files are; BGs, voices, CGs, characters, and script files, etc just in the form of s25 and ogv. tl;dr: if anyone knows how to decompile or view s25 and ogv files, or has a tool for it, it would be very much appreciated if you can help me. Thank you Ame for letting me know to include the game title!
  25. We are a team of two people with virtually no budget, and one day we decided to make a videogame. Visual novels seemed like the most suitable option back then: they are not particularly hard to programm and allow a decent story. By now we have most of our story layed out and are building scenes with sketch art. Its going to be a short, choose-your-own-adventure kind of story, somewhat ironical in tone with crude and dark humor, set in a low fantasy world full of cynical assholes. Its mosltly inspired by The Witcher and the original Thief games, with some influence from criminal thriller movies. What I am concerned about, though, is selling the game once it is made. Sure, it has anthropomorphic characters which is probably a plus, but it's entirely un-erotic and un-romantic, characters are designed to be quirky and often outright ugly, and the art style is quite un-anime. We simply have now idea how and where we can advertise such a game once we have cool stuff to show. As an example of my art, I'd love to show some pages from a webcomic I abandoned a while ago. It's set in the very same world our VN is gonna take place in, and is drawn in the same art style (careful there's strong language and occasional graphic violence) http://badamned.thecomicseries.com/comics/25/ We also made a demo/test VN with primitive sketch art and a nonsensical story: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0Bz-k56Eamc2FWHZ6WVJFZ2ZqMmM/view pls help ur my only hope
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