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  1. I'm done with Fuwa for a while, place is getting toxic - at least the threads I happen to read :sachi:  Some people are just antagonistic by nature, and I'm really close to snapping at them, if I'm not already on their ignore list. :P


    If you need me, or just wanna shoot the breeze, catch me on Twitter~

    1. XReaper


      aye almost the same for me, feels like 95% of all recent threads/topics are only about enabling circlejerking or they are most pointless to begin with aka those zillions of favourite/worst novel threads. not to mention some dudes and gals non being capable of contributing sth in a constructive manner. twitter is by no means the holy grail, but at least it gives one the possibility of blocking those unwanted, btw. the variety fuwa starts lacking by now is still a little more present.

      anyway dont let it get to you, you are you, and that´s what counts.

    2. Darklord Rooke

      Darklord Rooke

      I don't even read the favourite/worst threads generally. I never see the point. I wonder why I'm supposed to care about the opinions of random people when their tastes probably don't align with your own xD.

    3. Suzu Fanatic

      Suzu Fanatic

      Meh, I prefer to socialize more online than IRL. Random people or not, hang out with a crowd long enough, after awhile it doesn't really feel like a group of strangers. ^_^

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