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    Visual Novels, obviously. :o
    As much as I love them, I've only ironically played a small number in the genre.
    Little Busters will always be my favorite.

    Other than that, I love to read and write. My dream is either to become a VN Developer, or Author.
    Video Games are also a huge influence in my life and I love most, if not all that I purchase. Series-wise, my favorites are Pokemon, Dark Souls, Tales, and Fire Emblem.

    I hope to join Fuwa and become a real member in this tight-knight community!

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  1. Man, it has been awhile since I've played LoL. The last time I played the character I mained was the "FOR DEMACIA!!!" guy. Good times...
  2. Let's talk about one of the most challenging difficult ball-busting series to hit the market. Dark Souls. You see, I bought Dark Souls II on release week a year ago due to a couple of recommendations on another website. At first, I was the idiot that used a +4 Broadsword for the first half of the entire game. I am happy to see how much I've evolved since then. Hand me a Buckler and those monsters in The Old Chaos will be parried. I do consider myself a pro at this game, it's really ironic though. Original Dark Souls-wise, I'm completely awful at the game. Crazy, eh? The farthest I got wa
  3. Reading is actually one of my favorite hobbies just because of the stuff I can visualize in my mind. (Juvenile answer, but w/e.) I like "seeing" other worlds in my head and my own interpertation of other author's works. Usually when reading a book becomes a "slog" that seems to be more on the author than yourself. Maybe you haven't found the right series yet?
  4. Little Busters. It's actually awe-inspiring that you haven't read it yet.
  5. I'd join, but I don't think anybody here kows anything about me. x3
  6. My child. I don't see any reason to have one if you're not willing to put it above all else.
  7. Eternal Heart and Ecstasy. EDIT: It's good to know that EH is still being translated, but I have no idea about Ecstasy. Iirc, I think it was at about 90% the last time I checked on it.
  8. Where else could I host it then? I kinda want my finished work to be known, and I don't know anywhere else it could be really seen.
  9. I really like this community. You guys are really helpful and don't make fun or joke even if it's really easy in a situation. (Like this one.) Anyway, if I used used Ren'Py or anything similar, would I have to pay any money to them for using their application or system? As far as hosting one, wouldn't Steam be good enough?
  10. Sorry if this is the wrong forum, just move this or delete as you guys see fit. Anyway, one of my biggest goals in my life to do is to make a video game, (Which is kinda a VN) or write a book. Thankfully, a Visual Novel is something that takes care of these two at the same time. More importantly, I want experience because if my long-term goal in life is to make video games, then I have to start somewhere. Finally, I really want to introduce VNs into the western staes even more, even making them something that Triple A developers would think of making. Unfortuantly, I have no idea what pr
  11. Ah, so would EH still have the same rotes from before, but like a part 2? Like a continuation of Kosame, Chinami, etc. Or is it only Yume and Mare?
  12. Sorry for the unecassary bump, but what is the difference between the regular version of Hoshizora no Memoria and what Eternal Heart adds? Is it just extra dialouge in the other routes and a lot more in Mares?
  13. So the original one is the VN version, and Danganronpa 2 is a Vita-exclusive?
  14. Thanks for the many recommendations, everyone. I really look foward to some of them. (Like Katawa Shoujo) I do have a question about one called Dangan Ronpa. Isn't it on the Vita or something like that? Because i've heard only good things about it.
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