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  1. Tried the 12m DL gacha with ticket, got waver on first try And no new servant this time, so my SQ is safe for now. (Many people disappointed because of that, tho)
  2. Holy shit, that NP animation at the end ...is that really necessary?
  3. Yorokobe shounen Now I will wait patiently on prisma revival
  4. You cleared the second tower too, flutz? Hell, I stop after the 100th floor, no motivation at all.
  5. At last, my first bond CE
  6. Spent 120 SQ and got nothing, then I got JAlter on the 12th ticket.
  7. Lol, not just in the game, they also make the website like that
  8. 165-180 sands / round from the last 40 AP quest. So 3-4 round to clear 1 box...
  9. And it only takes 1 roll this time Got spooked by shinji at first tho
  10. Aaannddd it's Santa Altera
  11. Great. Now we can beat those fokin berserkers
  12. Here we go with my gacha rolls : Praise the RNG-sama
  13. Sauce : http://news.fate-go.jp/2017/salem/ It really coming this month
  14. @flutz yeah, and I doubt it will happen after this re-run. Maybe mid december, before / after christmas 2017
  15. Anime, gaming, manga, douj- never mind...
  16. I see. Yeah, the bosses in shinjuku (like that freakin lobo) always take me 15-25 turns to finish. While on it :
  17. Anyone here done clearing shimosa singularity? How hard is it compared to shinjuku and agartha? I just done clearing shinjuku, tho
  18. "Too many choices that ruin vn reading experience" ..... Only two comes to mind : School/Shiny Days Even with walkthrough I'm struggled from getting all the ending
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