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  1. If it's about Gorgon, valmore is the right man
  2. Any suggestion what event's CE should I pick with my main party? saber alter. artoria lancer, king hassan, gorgon, and lancelot On the side note, now I'm back into this hellish Camelot
  3. Anyone here rolling for that cool ojisan? Already tried 10 roll once, but...meh
  4. Rolling MHXA/Arto Lancer : So : > > No MHXA tho
  5. Epic of Remnant, aka fgo 1,5 Is gorgon that good in battle? Never bring her from friend's list before
  6. Mordred roll : Will try again on lancer alter later, hoping to get her or mhxa
  7. ^ if that's true, then it's the same in extella "What's with this self sacrifice NP?!"
  8. You want jeanne, jade? But from what I read on fgo forum, jeanne < merlin, if you have him, of course. And here I am still waiting for mordred/arto lancer
  9. I see~ Will keep that in mind. Thx, rose
  10. That's...nero,right? If that's how they compare each other, artoria lancer/lancer alter surely win Because, you know :
  11. Quick question, which one do you guys prefer (based on their performance/stat in battle) : mordred / artoria lancer? I will try my luck between those 2
  12. And I'm just realized now, why is it have to be berserker class
  13. Ehh?! Is that MHX Alter? And what event? valentine re-run?
  14. While answering the questionnaire : "What do you enjoy about FGO?" Choice : Scenario, check. Voice, check. BGM, check. Events, check. Log-in bonuses, check. "Summon Gacha", .............. (TRIGGERED)
  15. ^that images But yeah, as soulless said, even if you already played all the series, I wonder if you still can "understand" the whole story line, also with these fukin "same-face-character-with-Xname-between-them" things.
  16. I'm more interested on that BBS sequel
  17. Double merlin : no dmg+healing all the way~
  18. Anyone here already played it? I'm planning to get it, but what's your opinion about it? As far as I know, 2.8 is DDD remastered + 2 another story, am I right?
  19. Is it just me, or king hassan's attack drop "more" star than other servants? Or is it that all assassin class do this? Oh, and his NP charge too (Or it's just my assumption, again)
  20. Oh, okay then. Because I remember someone's too lazy to add here before Here you go : 634-398-651 And first 10 roll : Not bad for a start On the bad side, I don't think I can join the next event with this low lvl servants
  21. I made it during my 1st acc. It's strange, you know? Just now I tried with 2 device and binding code on my new acc (3rd), and it works just fine. But my first code just brought me to 2nd acc. Meh, already sent email to them from week ago, but still no reply. Maybe I will let it go Anyway, I will go with this new acc. Sooo~ like always, friend ID please
  22. Wait, so the code that I made is used to bind my 2nd acc?
  23. @seventhfonist425 this : Anyway, this is the order what I'm doing before : - Made 1st acc, made the bind pass and got the code - Re-install the game on the same phone, didn't know that the code goes first in the first column, so then I thought that I didn't do the binding step correctly/the password incorrect, so I made a 2nd acc - After playing for a while (and do some searching about that bind column), I tried to fill the bind code that I made during my 1st acc - The code goes correctly this time, and I'm taken to the game, BUT it is my 2nd acc inside
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