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  1. true next person scared of ghost movies, but not afraid of gore-type movies
  2. true enough next person can read vn at least 6 hours straight
  3. Good news But I'm more excited to see the release of sora no kiseki SC
  4. False, not all the time Next person is the type who avoid nakige vn if possible
  5. You don't like loli heroine, Zeno? How about Makina? Or Mayuki from Comyu, maybe? By the way, I don't know this thread exist...
  6. Just saw the vote, and yume is the one with most vote So...is yume that good? Just out of curiousity
  7. Oh my... Get well soon, Krill
  8. As long as the story is good, like FSN, I'm okay with the full screen. But I prefer the bottom one, though.
  9. Nope, for now... Next person loves loli chara
  10. Your cause of death, Zeno... I ddnt expect that lol
  11. Thanks for the signature, Mr. Meogii
  12. school days and my first impression after cleared 1 ending :
  13. Yumiko good end: Michiru bad end: How about Amane bad end?
  14. Seems like amane route to me... Anyone?
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