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  1. Sure, it's 634,398,651. Thx before Oh, and here's my friend ID for NA ver : 654,620,144 No *5 servant, tho
  2. Everyone's playing, eh? Btw @seventhfonist425 , have you been deleting your friend list? Because I've been searching mhx on my FL and nothing comes out.
  3. Shit, val. You use dank meme now?
  4. Well, if you playing 2 acc, it only means : Double the gacha, double the fun, double the salt. Hell yeah
  5. Shit, playing 2 acc, eh? Anyone here planning to play the NA ver? Maybe I will play it, maybe...
  6. Can we use the JP account or it must be a new NA account?
  7. Oh, that one who wipe your front line in the first turn? Bring servant with guts skill if possible (his NP pierce invincibility this time, so don't bother evade it), or you can just sacrifice them with low level servants and fight him with your main servants.
  8. Chapter 12 or 14 Goetia? If ch 12, just bring rider/caster/assassin class (goetia takes double damage from them). If ch 14, rider and ruler takes half damage from him. Just be careful when he is about to die, he will wipe out your front line servants and reduce his HP to 1. Imo ch 14 is more easy than ch 12 tho.
  9. Checking what mission left for me : Reach bond lvl 3 and 3rd ascen for BB Well, shit
  10. With your party, it would be surprising if you take the same turns as me, flutz
  11. Even with full KP buff, it still take me 65 turns. I wonder how long (or even finish it) if I take the hard mode.
  12. And I am one of them Already spent the exp on passionlip, oh well
  13. How come you can lvl-up 3 servants up to lvl 80 if you always spend them as soon as you get them, flutz
  14. Added man. And tell me your code, val. Imma try that boo-, I mean, that nun.
  15. Hoping to get kiara, got ozy instead :
  16. Someone posted this on fgo wiki : 197 turns full of fun .....and garden of avalon
  17. Spent 150 SQ and got orion+passionlip. Not bad, I guess. No 5* event CE tho
  18. Now that you mention it.....
  19. MoeKyun


    Ah, I see you're a man of culture as well. Anyway, do you guys date all the heroine or just one? Because, you know, I remember that guilty feeling in p4 val day
  20. F yeah, barely made it to 1,5 mil with the last daily quest
  21. MoeKyun


    You spoil the biggest thing! What have you done?! *insert what has been seen cannot be un-seen meme here
  22. MoeKyun


    And don't you dare spoil that here, Jun
  23. MoeKyun


    Is it fixed on 4-4? Or delay again?
  24. Just finished the 1 mil honnouji point, and I don't think I can make it to 1,5 with the remaining days.
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