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  1. I need some help getting ocr working in VNR all i get is "(empty)" for the translation, i've followed the install instructions for modi but it's not working
  2. The Interpereter has been released in it's current state as a binary, a new project called HANE (Hypertext Visual Novel Engine) has been forked off it, HANE will use a custom scripting language and will be proprietary and far more powerful than this interpereter.
  3. What kind of thread is it without these well known anime/VN memes: I went with the VN version of this one because it's a VN forum: and then this: EDIT: I did, just didn't post as fast as you.
  4. I'm currently looking for testers to help me find bugs/issues.
  5. it's still alive but i can't edit the scripts until i get another hacker to go through the engine's assembly code with me so we can figure out the format. (doing dissassembly/reverse engineering on your own is hard)
  6. is it possible to spell it phonetically in english, because if not then you will have to come up with a patch to the kirikiri engine that makes it use UTF-8.
  7. I actually saw ThatPlayer's javascript VNDS interpereter, my engine does essentially the same thing but in a more efficient and organized way and with more features and better support of the VNDS script format. ThatPlayer's interpereter doesn't have complete support for the original VNDS scripting language because ThatPlayer abandoned the project if i remember correctly. I'll definitely talk to him though and get his opinion.
  8. updated with browser compatability listing.
  9. pak files are a standard format that has existed since they were first developed to store content for Quake, you should be able to open them with GCFScape from here: http://nemesis.thewavelength.net/index.php?p=25
  10. So i'm putting the naming of the engine up for a vote, suggestions are welcome too, the current potential acronym/name combos are: EINI - Embeddable vIsual Novel Interpreter HANE - Hypertext visuAl Novel Engine HANI - Hypertext visuAl Novel Interpreter EINEN - Embeddable vIsual Novel ENgine JUNE - Javascript visUal Novel Engine
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