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  1. I'm planning to translate this game but i have a few problems. Could anyone help me? Problem 1: Extracting the text files The main file containing all the CGs and text in compressed in a .rio file. I extracted the text files using Riox and there were 49 text files that was extracted and has hexadecimals file names. I have absolutely no idea on what/which of the files come first in the game. How do i find out which text file comes first or plays in the game? Do i use a Hex editor or something? Problem 2: rUGP (relic Unified Game Platform) How does this engine works? Is it directly link to the text files, like it will go haywire in game when i modify the text files. Does it show English text? Problem 3: How to translate the texts Can i modify the text files themselves directly? Problem 4: Compressing everything to .rio file Is this possible? How and what tools/software do i need to use? Problem 5: What are these {3} and {1} in the sentences. Are these important the script? Also looking for editors and a hacker/engineer. PM me if you want to help. Found my mark. I will start at translating Kousuke's prologue in June. The translated line will be below the original Japanese line and will try to put my sentences the same format as the Japanese sentences. Although it will not be my main project as i'm still translating a light novel, it will be once i finished it. The CGs of the text messages will be my priority since there are a lot of them. Progress as of May 2015: Total lines: 70500 Completed lines: 500
  2. VN Info: https://vndb.org/v13188 Hello guys. I've started to read this visual novel and decided to translate it while I read it to share it with everyone, but its taking its time... It'd be quicker if I had the original script at hand... (what I'm currently doing is write in a .txt file, each line in jap first and then next to it the eng translation, but it'll take a lot more if I do it this way.) so I thought of making a thread here and ask for help, (especially from a hacker...) if more translators feel like giving me a hand with this one, guys you're more than welcome. P.S: this script will need Proofreading. Wanna help? send a mail to the following E-mail address> samthebigfish@gmail.com ~EDIT~ Thanks to Kelebek1 the TL will be a lot faster~ Total amount of Scripts: 148 Total amount of Lines: 72189 TL Progress: 0%
  3. I'm new to translation of visual novels, I don't really understand anything about. I'm just hoping someone here can help me with this. I'm trying to use VNR to tranlate Steins;Gate Hiyoku Renri no Darling which is running in ppsspp. So far I'm having no luck. I can't find anything saying its not possible but I can't find anything saying it is possible either. I know Zakobot has a playthrough with english subtitles but I would prefer to play it myself if possible. If anyone can help or confirm that it's not going to work I would really appreciate it. Thank you.
  4. Hi everyone! Sorry I haven't been around a lot lately like I wanted to. Life kinda got in the way a bit. So, who wants to help me with translating what is one of the biggest, most desired visual novel SDK's (at least to me! )? Since VisualArt's released the SDK to the public a few years ago under a free license agreement, it is all available for use! The included files give key insights to how RealLive(Max) works. The only thing different is really the bytecode the Seen.txt file is compiled in. For those who don't know what RealLive is, RealLive is the engine all of VisualArt's studios used prior to the newer SiglusEngine introduced with Rewrite. I compiled a presentation a few years ago in it using RLDev and stumbled around and couldn't do HALF of what I wanted. (Visual novel introduction panel, running in a visual novel engine! Sure Ren'py was available, but not nearly as powerful!) The manual and tutorial are all in HTML format, extracted from a CHM file distributed within the SDK. There are also other text files that are helpful that can be translated as well. And, all of the seen script files that are distributed with the sample game/tutorial are HEAVILY annotated as to what each section of the script does what and the function of different commands. Currently, I have been using Nifty Web Translation and smoothing out the output a little. Not too much has to be rewritten. So? Any takers? -Rai
  5. Hello Everyone I am Jin Today I have come to Announce that I'm interested in Translating the Android version of golden time Vivid Memories. Wait..... Wasn't that game on Android Let me explain What is golden time? Golden time was originally a Japanese novel which became an amazing anime which I watched and loved so much that I cried. Golden time was created by the guy whom worked on the toradora anime. What's the game about? Its about Tada Banri whom moves to the big streets of Tokyo. Where he attends college and stays in a near by apartment. He makes friends with those who go to his school and he also has Amnesia. That's right for once the protagonist has amnesia but the game isn't centered around his amnesia completely. Which makes the game unique and awesome. Have you played the game before? Never ever but I am extremely interested in translating this game. Wasn't this on the Ps Vita? Yes but last year it was ported to IOS/ANDROID The full game uncut. Which is amazing. Does this game have any translations ongoing? Nope not even the vita version Why do you want to start translation project on the Android version? Well all the golden time series has is 1 short anime series A few mangas 1 light novel And there is absolutely no chance unfortunately for the production of a second season of anime.therfore for Die hard fans of the anime and novel we must do this! Information about the Android version! The Android version has 3 different versions of this game. Each is the full game but 2 of the 3 versions cost a few YEN and the other version is free. But it's missing a few mini games or extras. Isn't this region locked? Yes unfortunately it's only available on the Japanese play store but I have obtained it through legal methods and I have the 400mb .obb file with me here. What file types can you see in the. Obb? 13 files that are called level 0-13 but they has no file extension 500+ files that has no extension and are not above 2mb in size Also there are .asset file types As well as 200-800 .aab files which begin with the main characters names. I am 100% certain the scripts are inside these .aab files but I don't have a tool for opening them. What types of people are you looking for? At the moment Hackers and Japanese-ENGLISH translators Aren't you working on Boku wa tomadachi Sakunai portable? Yes I am but the translators are busy with translating that game so I have nothing else to do. What can you give to the team? I can English proof read I have the games apk +OBB I am interested in this game and hope there are some hackers and translators who also might join me. Or at least help me open a few of these files up by lending me their tools or creating new tools! This game works on Android 4.2 and up! A Link related to this game: http://gematsu.com/2014/06/golden-time-vivid-memories-hits-japanese-smartphones
  6. Hello everyone You did not hear it wrong. Surely many of you know that currently the group WakarimashitaTL is translating Walkure Romanze and is now rather close to dead. Finally I could get time off the world and get myself typing here. As of now, I have lost contact of all my staff and will do a revival recruitment. I need: -someone that could help me maintain our site -editors -quality checkers I apologize if I was not able to budge at all this whole period. A lot of life drama is tossing me around and the Nation calls me for service (i hope it finally ends or at the very least ease). At least I could get my feet here right now. . . So if you are able to help me out, or willing to join me in putting this back to action and get this project done with for others coming out, please do PM me or comment on this thread. My most sincerest apologies and Much thanks <3
  7. Hola a todas las personas que estén leyendo este foro todo empezó gracias a la idea (obstinación XD)y el sueño de un amigo que me sugirió la idea de crear nuestra propia novela visual. Al principio no me lo tome muy enserio, pero mientras más indagaba sobre cómo se crean las novelas visuales más me llamo la atención así que decidimos tomarnos enserio este proyecto que llamamos Imagine Soul Studios. Mi amigo empezó a escribir la historia y a sus personajes mientras que yo busque información sobre los engines para crear novelas visuales Pero la verdad es que es más fácil decirlo que hacerlo solo con un escritor y un programador novato no se puede lograr casi nada por eso queremos buscar a esas personas que compartan nuestra pasión y dedicación para formar parte de nuestro proyecto Gracias por su atención estos son los puestos que se buscan: .Artistas -De personajes -De Fondos - De GUI .Compositor .Programador si estas interesado en alguno de las puestos por favor mandar un correo y en el asunto colocar el puesto que te interesa imaginesoulstudios@outlook.com Hi to all people reading this forum all started thanks to the idea (stubbornness XD) and the dream of a friend who suggested the idea of creating our own visual novel. At first I did not take it very seriously, but the more inquiring about visual novels caught my attention so I decided to take seriously this project we call Soul Imagine Studios. My friend started writing the story and characters while I look for information on the engines to create visual novels But the truth is that it is easier said than done Only a writer and a novice programmer cannot accomplish almost anything so we want to find those people, whether English or Spanish speaking, who share our passion and dedication to join our project Thank you for your attention These are the posts that are searched: . Artists - Sprite/CG artista - Backgrounds artista - GUI artista . Composers . Programmers if you are interested in any of the positions please send a mail imaginesoulstudios@outlook.com sorry for the bad English
  8. Hi friends! i speak little english,hope you understand I want translate the game "NEKOPARA"to spanish, but idk how translate this game, i try many ways to translate but any work,i try with VNsTools,Crage, and other files,and I can't get anything. i read in gitub that this game use Kirikiri files (kirikiri z,Kirikiri 2) xp3 files please help with it Thanks
  9. Hadaka Shitsuji-Drama CD-

    The Hadaka Shitsuji Drama CD has been out for some time, would anyone gladly translate it in English? ^^ Or is there already a Txt. file existing in English for this CD?
  10. Currently I am trying to translate g-senjou no maou to my language now i already extract the game file > modify it > then repack it again but my problem that the game use shift-jis and my language used utf-8 unicode so when i repack files , the text change inside game but with unreadable characters anyone have idea to fix this? , i use some solutions like change .ks files to utf-8 and no change
  11. Wanted: Translator(s)/Translation Checker (Someone who's knowledgeable in the japanese language, someone with a "N1" or "N2".(maybe a N3)) Editor: The translators will have a choice in whether they want to work from the ingame texts, or from text/excel files. Staff: Leader: Lotus Hacker:Lotus Translator(s): ??? Translation Checker: ??? Editor: EldritchCherub Oh, what a life it is to be alone. I have someone... finally...
  12. OpenLamune

    Scripts for Lamune are now available for anyone who wants to adopt and work on it. Well, I've had a few fun years as a translator-editor. I feel like I've learned the trade enough to be self-sufficient--how to translate, edit, test, even the basics of script hacking. Still don't know about menus, images, OP videos and stuff. Even though I'm the type of person who feels the need to be in control, it's high time for a change. I had to switch jobs last year and that's a big part of the reason why. Anyway, after living in denial for several months, I must admit I cannot really work on this anymore. I can still serve as a contributing translator and a temporary project coordinator. But it's definitely going to require a new staff in order for the game to make reasonable progress. The progress so far is: common area done Nanami route done Nanami H-scenes done (by Pabloc/Cyrillej1) Hikari route partway done (sorry, I don't have the figures atm) Suzuka route TBD Tae route TBD side stories TBD script tool is fully working (by SomeLoliCatgirl) If interested, let me (and each other) know what it is you want to do (translator, editor, project coordinator, tester, etc.)
  13. Hey, it's me again! I'm working with the Prince Pia Carrot PC version demo and I can't quite figure out how to get the text to work properly. First of all, it only takes up half of the entire box. The font size is also quite big, as you can see. Might be hard to fit more complex sentences in. That's a lower priority, though. Second of all, I don't know how to get it to wordwrap. I've tried both the Nagato and insani methods, but "class KAGWindow extends Window", HistoryLayer.tjs, and MessageLayer.tjs don't exist. Here's the data.xp3 if anyone would like to take a look--the rest of the info is divided into archives like 'game01.xp3'. https://www.mediafire.com/?3yo1umgy0yuolno <==Default names are edited, but otherwise clean. Thanks again in advance!
  14. Help After i installed dracu riot and when i tried to open it it says AUTHENTICATION FAILED : INVALID SIGNITURE TOKEN OR UNRECOGNIZED DLL. / KM.
  15. Hello, I'm the project leader for Golden ☆ Spirit, an English translation group that works on otome games. (Well, for now otome is the main genre we work on). I have a main blog here - which is where I update most of the progress and recruitments. We're working on Dot Kareshi (aim to be released by the end of this year) and Ken ga Kimi. Regarding Ken ga Kimi, we're looking for translators (JP --> EN) to help with the project! The game is really long with an amount of old kanji (I'm not trying to scare off translators so it might not be as bad as it sounds), the historical theme just makes things harder, so we're lacking translators right now. We already have translators on the team, though lost contact with some of them already, but with the amount of workload putting on the remaining translators, it's unfair for them and also make it difficult to handle the project So if anyone can help us we'd really appreciate it, if you're not confident in your Japanese skills you can try translating a script from the game here and send it to me. Thank you so much! I look forward to working with you all!
  16. https://vndb.org/v102 http://tlwiki.org/index.php?title=Gekkou_no_Carnevale
  17. I just convert tlg-png using xp3viewer, now I want to know how to bring it back. UPDATE: There is no need to bring it back, it will work just fine.
  18. [Problem Solved, Thanks!] Hello, I was just wondering if anyone on here knows of any simple to use programs to count the total amount of lines in a visual novel game? (I have no idea how to hack) I tried some script extracting tools.. however I don't really need the actual script, just wanted to know total amount of text lines I'd be working with since it'd help me keep track of my progress. So is there a way to do that without having to count every line myself?
  19. BGI script tools

    Update: TOPIC SOLVED. CASE CLOSED. I don't see anything wrong in here, I have Python v.3.4.2 My command line is not wrong and my file has no extension. So what's the problem? I would be really happy if someone can help me the extract the scripts on this file "data01100.arc"
  20. Hi, I need help to edit a file .tlg (Kirikiri) I want to convert it to .bmp but do not understand much the tools that may help. I recommended extractdata and other tools like susie and crass but I get the result I expect, either the command line or direct any help is appreciated. sorry if this problem is already solved by another user. bye bye
  21. Game summary Project Info Progress (updated 02/11/2014) Recruitment Samples (includes unreleased content - no QC yet) :
  22. Hello everyone! We are a small team translating a visual novel game called Hetalia cancel a format made by Tomoyoshi. Hetalia is an anime based on Hidekaz Himaruya's Manga Hetalia Axis powers. Hetalia is based on Stereotypes but at the same times are country, for example Italy a young man who loves pasta (the steretypes are based on japanese pov). The anime is more of a comedy taking up historical events! About the game: Cancel a format is a otome game. You play as the heroin who wakes up in the ocean with no memories of her past, to try to find out about who she is she decides to dress up as a boy and enters the W world academy. You navigate her through days and locations at the school and interact with the countries to build friendships and relationships with both males and females, You can also end up in a threesome with certain characters. The game is R-18 sim dating game which means it contains some "Mature things" The protagonist you play you will not be able to see her face, probably to make it easier for the player to relate with her. You will only sometimes be able to see the backside of her head, all we know is that she has short purple hair. / A lot of translations has been made but we are in still need of translators and it would be awesome if you would like to help us out! We have a spreadsheet where me and my friend are uploading the japanese script so our translators will be able to translate. The spreadsheet can be freely edited so you don't have to log in to work on it! Link to the spreadsheet https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0AvfrieUjRge5dGtmdkdkYWpfQmhkQ1JsT2NmZTlnakE#gid=23 For more information check out our Deviantart page: http://cancel-a-format-fc.deviantart.com/ Thank you so much for reading and have a good day! <3
  23. Thanks for helping me with my last question here! This one I haven't been able to find any support on. There are two games I want to try to translate that use the NScripter engine, but I have this weird problem. When I translate the extracted result.txt and repackage as nscript.dat, it picks and chooses what text it wants to display. Here's an example: No text displayed in the box, nor the 4 boxes of dialogue before it. The text still shows up when I use the original nscript.dat and ONScripter-EN, but with the english one, nothing at all is displayed and it's just fast-forwarded through. No click to advance, even. In another game, only some lines of actual dialogue show up: 「……Haah.」\ My body's as heavy as lead.\ 新調した靴も、着慣れない制服も、何だか身体を締め付けてくるみたいですごく窮屈に感じた。\ ……I don't wanna go……\ The line I underlined doesn't display at all when I run the game. Japanese is fine and the other two English lines are, but not the second one. Any help at all is appreciated! Thank you!
  24. Hi, there! I'm new here, so it might be in the wrong section(really sorry if that is the case). I would like to ask if someone can extract the translation out of the TL patch(for Grisaia no Kajitsu) or out of the Visual Novel(Grisaia no Kajitsu) with the TL patch applied. It'll really help if it can be in .txt format. P.S. Thank you for your time, I'll check the topic whenever I can.