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  1. True. The next person came here because he got bored from youtube.
  2. Confession : Today I FINALLY got a nosebleed from a h-scene.
  3. Probably not, so false. The next person was (or is) a loner.
  4. Welcum! I think my favorite anime (and VN) character is Kazami Yuuji...just because.
  5. I'm currently playing ShiniKiss, finished Shizuku's route just now. I look forward to the other routes.
  6. Welcum! It's a shame you're on EUW though, we could've played together on EUNE.
  7. Confession : Drama animes are like comedy for me.
  8. Confession : Today I had a boner in the middle of the exam. LOL
  9. False, why should I hate it? The next person has exams in the near future.
  10. I wonder if Meikyuu the anime will come before the VN translation.
  11. I'm willing to join, sounds interesing. I can nerd more about anime than VNs though.
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