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  1. I could be blind, but I'm not seeing a .tpm file... I went ahead and downloaded the russian version of the game, and patching it seems to work fine, so I might work based off that version instead. Thank you for all your help, though! I wish I could make a patch for the normal version still.
  2. still not seeming to work I either get the error above, or the game plays and just doesn't show any changed text from the patch at all.
  3. Thank you for replying! The patch is named correctly, but I'm unsure how to encrypt it correctly. KrkrExtract gives a "can't open" error when I make the patch, and the game tries to load it, but gives the error above and then the game closes. Are there any other tools for building an encrypted patch.xp3?
  4. Hello, I'm trying to make a patch of a game called Hatsukare Ecchi, but for some reason, I can't seem to make a patch it will read. When I use any programme other than KrkrExtract it ignores the file, but when I do use it, I get this error: What should I do? Any help is appreciated, thank you! (Sorry if the answer is somewhere on here, I tried looking it up and couldn't find anything. ^^;;)
  5. Could you please re-up ks decrypt? Google took it down as violation of TOS...
  6. Is anyone else having the problem over the past 3 days that VNR can't connect to the database? I can't submit any translations. There's always an error. The sakuradite website has been down too...
  7. Oh wow! I named the topic wrong and I don't know how to change it! Could someone please change it to 'The Boy I Like?' (The Guy I Like? was the beta title...)
  8. This is an otome game that follows the quest of Shizuki MofuKo on her quest to get closer to the boy she likes. Will she find true love? Find out in this super short game by 1010--you can finish it in under an hour! Download and instructions here! VNDB page here! Note: please refrain from talking about anything past the character selection without the spoiler tags. Thank you very much! I hope you like this game! (´ω`★)
  9. Thank you so much! Everything works absolutely perfectly now!
  10. Didn't load a save, I started a new game. Here's my compiled data. https://www.mediafire.com/?2kzf4c9zacc8h0b And here's my changed scenario file. http://www.mediafire.com/download/i642cl6cp8h5py7/625BZ_01.SOC
  11. Thank you very much! It works beautifully until I get to the line right after the one in myscreenshot above, though. I'm not certain why. This happens and I have to quit the game. I don't get why. The line isn't even different. [talk name=心の声] As soon as I entered I was greeted by a tall waiter, who guided me to a seat by the window. [hitret] [talk name=心の声] The name tag on his chest said, "Manager: Kinoshita Kuon". [hitret] [talk name=心の声] Still young and a manager. Impressive. [hitret] But it crashes on the "still young" line...
  12. Hey, it's me again! I'm working with the Prince Pia Carrot PC version demo and I can't quite figure out how to get the text to work properly. First of all, it only takes up half of the entire box. The font size is also quite big, as you can see. Might be hard to fit more complex sentences in. That's a lower priority, though. Second of all, I don't know how to get it to wordwrap. I've tried both the Nagato and insani methods, but "class KAGWindow extends Window", HistoryLayer.tjs, and MessageLayer.tjs don't exist. Here's the data.xp3 if anyone would like to take a look--the rest of the info is divided into archives like 'game01.xp3'. https://www.mediafire.com/?3yo1umgy0yuolno <==Default names are edited, but otherwise clean. Thanks again in advance!
  13. is there a way we can tell it to not use english on some lines? i'm getting weird results from !d and !s where it actually displays in the box when i set it to english mode.
  14. I'm an idiot. I didn't see anything about the ` mark. Could someone delete this topic? Sorry about this!
  15. Thanks for helping me with my last question here! This one I haven't been able to find any support on. There are two games I want to try to translate that use the NScripter engine, but I have this weird problem. When I translate the extracted result.txt and repackage as nscript.dat, it picks and chooses what text it wants to display. Here's an example: No text displayed in the box, nor the 4 boxes of dialogue before it. The text still shows up when I use the original nscript.dat and ONScripter-EN, but with the english one, nothing at all is displayed and it's just fast-forwarded through. No click to advance, even. In another game, only some lines of actual dialogue show up: 「……Haah.」\ My body's as heavy as lead.\ 新調した靴も、着慣れない制服も、何だか身体を締め付けてくるみたいですごく窮屈に感じた。\ ……I don't wanna go……\ The line I underlined doesn't display at all when I run the game. Japanese is fine and the other two English lines are, but not the second one. Any help at all is appreciated! Thank you!
  16. @Kelebek1 Thank you so much! That's perfect! Could you please tell me what programme you're using, and the SQL Editor you use? In all the ones I have downloaded, everything just comes out as complete gibberish.
  17. @Quibi Thank you very much! Changing the font name to something I had installed worked for me, I didn't have to make a custom one. It just has to be fixed width or it ends up looking funky. I have two more problems now: How do I change the default character name, or how many letters the player can use? I believe her last name is 'Sakuraba', but the most it lets me enter is 'Sakur'. This game has a dictionary, as presented by the 'words' tab, but when I edited them in the only place I could find them, gd.dat, the game crashed when I pressed 'words'. How can I edit the dictionary? Once again, any help at all is greatly appreciated! (´ω`★)
  18. @Quibi Once I create the font, how do I get the game to use it? @Novel21 The ALICE=ALICE demo.
  19. Hey, so I'm pretty new to hacking. I know how to unpack, edit, and then repack stuff in kirikiri, but that's about it. Thing is, I've got my sights on translating this Rejet game, and after repacking, I've realized the font kinda hates English. Is there a way I can replace it so it looks better, or fix the spacing, at least? Please don't tell me to get a hacker, either--I'd really like to learn how to do this for myself. Any help at all would be appreciated! Thank you! ♡
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