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  1. As I said recently in another topic, I pre-ordered the Vita-exclusive visual novels Norn9: Var Commons and Code: Realize. I'm not quite as enthusiastic for Amnesia: Memories, since it won't have a physical copy. In any case, all three should be released in English during fall 2015. Sekai Project is currently releasing the Grisaia stories on PC. However, as of July 25 2015, the company still plans to release them for the Vita in English.
  2. I have strived to maintain a mindset of "Support the industry in order to have better products and translations." This applies equally to all of my fandoms. I'll pay money in order to show my support for VNs, prose fiction, comics, music, video and board games, etc. My most recent VN purchase was the Vita edition of Hatoful Boyfriend. Prior to that, I bought a copy of Oreimo Portable from a dealer at a local fan convention, and I decided to preorder physical copies of Norn9: Var Commons and Code: Realize. There have been times when it's difficult to justify purchasing a product. My top
  3. Of course. Everything is flawed. It would be ridiculous for me to say that women's fiction is superior to men's fiction, or vice versa. There are no perfect genres, demographics, or categories. Also, I do not consider any kind of entertainment to be irredeemable. The main character of "Bakudan Handan" is an interesting individual. She can take charge of a dangerous situation, and work well with other people. It's implied that she has amazing skills at deduction. She sometimes benefits by giving into her anger. Her main goal is survival, rather than finding a significant other. The main
  4. Grassland Symphony was an attempt to create a visual novel without words -- just using pictures and music. Its development stalled. Since there have been no updates in over two years, it's safe to say that it died quietly. If you're reading this and you want to create a VN in which every moment or action gets its own unique comic panel, then I will be interested. You might benefit by keeping it short and simple. Consider what the people who created Tell Her a Story did in a month. After you know that you can finish a project, then consider moving on to something more complex. I noticed
  5. After reading your post, Zodai, it sounds like you're concerned about having a creative team that's organized and able to get projects done. It's probably good to plan now, and make sure that you are prepared. After all, game and story development are both subject to Murphy's Law: if anything can go wrong, it will. I have seen quite a few indie and freeware video games never get past the planning phases, or stuck in development hell. Also, plenty of promising crowd-funded games have lead to unfinished or cancelled products. If you plan to work on "At the End of a Summer's Knight," then
  6. There are times when I have wondered if an electronic game can be anything other than a frivolous distraction. It's easy for me to consider video games to have no merits. But when I'm *not* being cynical, I remember all the life lessons that I learned from Persona 4, the mix of upbeat and mellow scenes in Dragon Quest 9, the slow but moving moments in Private Nurse, the characters' struggle to survive in Hakouki, and a bunch of other good examples. There have been times when I have been isolated and miserable. It doesn't help that I'm an introvert who has trouble trusting people. Ever
  7. Wow, a post from the Oge group... I really appreciated your work on Starry Sky in Spring, and I was glad to see the release of Princess Nightmare earlier this year. Thank you. Any chance that there might be a full translation of Under the Moon? I made sure to look what reviewer Hinano said about Miyako, Gakuen Tokkyu Hotokenser, and Zettai Meikyuu Grimm. All three of her reviews were positive. I'm having some trouble finding detailed discussions about Sanzen Sekai Yuugi. Maybe it's a bit too recent? I'm intrigued by the sci-fi story and the action girl protagonist. Other comments..
  8. My questions with visual novel translations are... * Does it work the first time with little effort? Most recent professional translations work on computers and consolves without having to make any modifications. * Are there technical problems? I wanted to like the first patch for Toradora Portable, but unfortunately it crashed when I tried to play it on my PSP. That was discouraging. * Is it distracting? I don't mind some typos and jokes. However, if the story has quite a few spelling/grammar errors, I'll get annoyed. If the translation is full of pop culture references or out-of-charac
  9. Very true. I tried getting into Phantasy Star 2 in the early 2000s, and didn't have much success. The first three mazes were lengthy, full of increasingly tough foes, and not easy to navigate. A couple years later, I tried the first Phantasy Star game, and thought it was much, much more difficult -- including first person mazes and tough foes in the first few minutes! Other games I've (re)played in the recent past: * Dragon Quest 4. Even back in 1992, I understood that it had frustrating aspects, but I kinda liked it. Still enjoy the NES version, and I had some positive things to say a
  10. Clephas said, "PS: People who like more serious stories frequently ask me 'How can you play so many moege when you know you'll have to wade through piles of shit to find the gems?' My answer - and this is unlikely to change - is that finding one gem is more than worth wading through fifteen piles of shit. Yes, my contempt for the average moege/charage is fairly withering... but that is because I believe there are limits on the value of the virtue of mimicry, though I don't deny that such a virtue exists." If you told me, "Nine out of ten cute romance games aren't interesting," then I mi
  11. I've purchased quite a few VNs over the years... JAST: the last one I bought from them was Yumina the Ethereal Mangagamer: the most recent one was d2b Versus Deardrops Hirameki: the final one that I purchased was Piece of Wonder Fan translated import: Remember11, because it wasn't too expensive Indie creators: Infinite Game Works by Sakura River Translated indie: To You of the Future I Give Every Song (the first Miku VN) PS2: Sakura Wars: So Long, My Love PSP: Hakuoki and Sweet Fuse Vita: Virtue's Last Reward and XBlaze Code Embryo Nintendo DS: Time Hollow and Lux-Pain iOS: Summe
  12. Tokimeki Memorial 1 has a lot of versions. It started out on PC Engine CD (TG-16 CD), and later had releases on Super Famicom (SNES), original Playstation, Saturn, Gameboy Color, mobile phones, and PSP. A person known as Tokihacki had been working on an English patch a couple of years ago, but their site was offline today... Consider browsing the Playstation tools available at romhacking.net. If you have questions, the site has its own message board. You might also benefit from using the gbatemp.net forum. Why's this? Well, one reason is because you can find threads about the now-compl
  13. Magic Users Club: pretty good six-episode series that combines magical girls with a science fiction story and a crazy love polygon. It also includes some dirty comedy... probably around a PG-13 level on the MPAA scale. If you finish and like it, then consider watching its sequel TV series. Lyrical Nanoha: the franchise is a distant spinoff of the Triangle Heart adult VNs, none of which are translated. It officially started with a TV series in 2004, then continued with two more seasons and some spinoff manga. The first two seasons have also been condensed and adaptated into theatrical movie
  14. Please state if you liked True Love mostly for its simulation gameplay. I remember enjoying it, and then waiting years for just one similar simulation game to be released in English. Also, please state if you are interested in visual novels for mobile devices (iOS, Android) or portable game systems. If you are, search this forum and perhaps also Reddit /visualnovels/ for relevant discussions. These days, I'm using my portable devices more and more, and my home systems are collecting dust...
  15. If you have trouble learning how to use Ren'py, or figure something out, there are plenty of people who can help you on Lemma Soft. Also, there's quite a few alternatives available. Some of the programs are still in beta stages, and others are only being used by a few people (so it might be tough to get help). Think about what software will be best for your needs.
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