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  1. Puella Magi Madoka Magica

    I wished it'd come here in Sydney Australia (TOT)~
  2. No problem! Thanks for adding me back =).

  3. Banana for Life!

    Welcome to the forum !
  4. Tay, that was a nice insight into your thoughts about Mass Effect. I enjoyed reading it . Indeed, that talking scene on Earth was so powerful. Of course, I also enjoyed a particular part where Grunt joked about taking over Australia, which happens to be where I live . Saber, I really want to recommend that you play through ME1 first! Having that complete experience is what makes it magical. Overall, it's just great to see plenty of people here actually enjoyed ME3's ending. The first time I finished ME1, I actually thought it was just an okay game. Yet, a few weeks later, I find myself replaying it. Only then did I realize I was in love with the world and its characters. I would choose to walk across the Citadel's halls instead of using the transport system, etc. In other words, I wanted that authentic experience, to really put myself in Shepard's perspective. Not many fictional worlds have drawn me in like that.
  5. Ryoji, huge respect for being a US Marine. Yeah, I agree with you guys' points. Narcissu was the first VN I ever played, and the music in that game have stuck with me even to this day. In VNs, I'm usually the most moved when a character opens up. For example, again, Setsumi in Narcissu. Either that, or in like Katawa Shoujo, where a character has a disability but she accepts it without falling into despair. That kind of strength is inspiring.
  6. H-Scenes. Really necessary?

    H-scenes don't bothered me, but at the same time, I've never played a game where I felt like they were necessary. For one, I can say they do nothing to arouse me in the slightest . I'm one of those people who find clothed girls more attractive. In fact, often I just skip through the H-scenes, because the dialogue during those parts are often generic. The only except I can recall is playing through Kawana Misaki's route in ONE. By the time that H-scene came, I was so attached to the character that I wanted to hear every single word she had to say.
  7. What are you playing?

    Being the retro man that I am, I've been playing Kanon. I've also been trying to get MOON to run, but I keep getting a black screen after hitting start ~ Guess it's because I'm on Windows 7 and trying to play a game that came out in like 1998.
  8. If there are any locals here who manage to set up a stream, yeah, I'm up for dropping by to hang out for a bit . Playing through a VN from start to finish is probably too much, though. Maybe a shorter game? If it's a VN I happen to like, I do enjoy hearing about what other people have to say about it.
  9. VN Haul

    These are too awesome! Yeah, I wished I had easy access to VNs in Australia where I live. I'd be keen to see some unboxing videos from you folks .
  10. Thanks for the information! I might have a look into it sometime. It's been ages since I did any drawings, though ~
  11. Hello all!

    Thanks Meru! I might go ahead and do that sometime soon. Thank you to you too, Joachim . Yeah, Unrestful is a horror game I've been developing for the past few months. I'm hoping to finish in another month or so. Cheers for the support!
  12. Hello all!

    Thanks for the welcome people! Much appreciated. Permagate, yeah, to be honest, ONE was just average. Kawana Misaki alone makes it all worthwhile, though. Welcome to you, too! Bolverk, indeed, Ever17's twist in the end just blew me away~ Aaeru, thanks for all your work on putting this site together! Yeah, remember next year is ONE's 15 year anniversary . I've actually been thinking of uploading some VN related videos. Talking about my memories, showing off some goods, etc. Is there a section on this forum where people can maybe share their works? Thanks again all !
  13. Anime Conventions

    I live in Sydney Australia. We have three to five conventions here every year. I've actually stopped attending them in the past few years, because it was starting to all feel the same. Always the same cosplays, etc. This year, though, I started to go again. The first one I went to just because I wanted Jennifer Hale (female Shepard from Mass Effect)'s autograph. I ended up really enjoying the convention, though, so I went to several others. It helps that I have a 3DS now to get those Street Passes B)!
  14. Puella Magi Madoka Magica

    I've actually stopped watching anime for the past few years. Then, one day, my brother told me to check out Madoka. It took me a while before I bothered to give it a go. I enjoyed it enough that I started watching other anime again. So, yeah, it's a series I liked for sure. Mami-senpai is my favorite !
  15. I loved Mass Effect 3's ending, too. It became even better with the Extended Cut DLC. I always thought the Reapers' motives were a bit muddled, but the DLC resolved that. A happy ending would have been fine, too, but this one we've got is less generic, which I appreciate.