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  1. I will add that Trap Shrine is uncensored on fakku (but Trap Legend is still censored ). MangaGamer also has School Idol QT Cool and EROGE! Sex and Games Make Sexy Games for one trap heroine each and Otoboku for trap protagonist. edit: and soon (expected in May), there will be girls! girls! girls!? an OELVN with only traps.
  2. it would still be a R-18 game. They would have to do like several games before, make 2 versions of the game.
  3. No I won't buy "If my heart had wings". I buy all-ages versions only if the game is all-ages only (and uncensored for a X-rated one).
  4. On the legal side, there is the well known moeapp for R-15/R-17 games, and for eroges there is m-trix
  5. I'm not a writing guy, I hate story-writing. I'm a dev, so I've made several VN engine prototypes. The latest can be seen
  6. probably a file of the doujins to read/buy/download (C82 means "comiket 82")
  7. Steve, stop posting Tinkerbell's art, I'm gonna die from overbleeding. (even though I already had them safely secure on my hard drive for a long time)
  8. I really need to tidy my desktop, but I'm to lazy to do so.
  9. minirop


    I had (and probably still have in a box somewhere) red, blue, yellow and silver. Squirtle and Totodile were my starters. I also played Ruby on an emulator and currently playing Fire Red (still on an emulator). I lost interest when Pearl/Diamond came out, but finally, since many people in my school (avg. 23yo) were playing white/black, I started "loving" them again (that's why I played Ruby & FR). But since my DS died, I couldn't by them since I'm still a student, so "no money" (and manga/anime/vn have priority). Maybe I will bought a 3DS (with black/black2/Y) later. the original games was released in 96 (Japan, blue & green) & 98/99 (the world, blue & red) and have stupid names (I'm speaking about the French names) be careful, the cartridge battery may have died (you'll have to replace it if you want to play on them).
  10. fan trad does indeed a best job because they don't have to follow the law. Look at the guy who went to jail because he imported manga. (link). In France, they censored the last part of "Naked Star" from Oh! Great 'cause of a loli. You should not blame Jast but the fucking US gov. « yes you can have a gun at home (kill people with it) but you can't show a nipple? » (the "Janet Jackson Scandal")
  11. How would you adapt this move to those media (manga, anime, VN) ? having an online reader/streaming for free and paying only if you want a physical release ? Because doing support for VN is useless, companies make money by charging (mostly) other companies, and "open source" doesn't mean "free of charge".
  12. Just a little chat showing why mangagamer don't have lost interest in DCIII. <RussoTuristo> DS was doomed the moment people learned about Chou <Kouryuu> RussoTuristo: I'm still a little mad at Overdrive about Chou because of that ; <Doddler> might have been able to salvage the chou situation if you talked more about how that might go down but yeah, it was pretty bad <Kouryuu> Doddler: The problem is that OVERDRIVE announced Chou while we were in the middle of work on Dengeki <Kouryuu> so we had absolutely no idea of how it was going to go down until recently <Doddler> ah, I just mean, the biggest fear that people had was they would have to buy it again when chou came out <Kouryuu> I know. <Kouryuu> that fear is one of the major reasons we haven't looked at Da Capo III yet <RussoTuristo> The widespread belief is that DS is "unfinished" somehow, though that's not exactly the case. <Kouryuu> after all the bitching and moaning over Da Capo 1 and 2's expanded version <RussoTuristo> Or rather, not the case at all <Kouryuu> we'd honestly prefer to know that Circus is *done* expanding DC3 before we look at approaching it <Kouryuu> (though the we I use here is "we staff members" not "we mangagamer") <Yirba> Yes, I think it's kinda likely that they'll release more versions of Da Capo III. <RussoTuristo> Circus will milk it for years, so... <Kouryuu> it's practically guaranteed that DC3 will have an expanded Plus something version <Kouryuu> the question is when, and when will they stop expanding it. <Yirba> Not sure if they'll actually do the 18+ version that people think they will, but I'm still doubtful as to whether it's "complete". <Kouryuu> fan discs are one thing <Kouryuu> but as DC and Dengeki show--the west doesn't like games getting expanded <Kouryuu> and we know all the Da Capo fans actually buying the Da Capo series would rather wait for the full version than buy it three times <Yirba> And there's always the problem that Da Capo III is having a fan translation… (>_>) <Kouryuu> Yirba: right... I wish Aaeru wouldn't do that... I don't think it's worth translating it¹, since it will eventually (depends on Circus) get out. (and after people may bitch about getting like the "ef" case) And in fact, if you release your translation, they may really drop the idea. ¹: you still can continue if you need to improve your Japanese or translation skills.
  13. that's the point : the radical. there the key radical for the lexical field, and one (or several) others radicals, mostly for the pronunciation. for instance, 僕 (boku), with the 人 key, means "I/me". 撲 (boku), with the 手 key, means "to beat". but some are quite "strange", like 肉 (niku meat) becoming 月 like in 肌 (hada skin, flesh), not to be confused with 月 (tsuki moon), i.e. 服 (fuku clothing) if I remember some kanji it's because I read manga in Japanese (I'm learning too, so I don't understand what I'm reading, still a (more than) beginner). that's useless. They chose names with the 音 kanji, but the other... 鏡 (kagami mirror) for the twins, 初 (hatsu ~beginning of) for Miku, 巡 (meguri turn around, patrol) for Luka, etc. Many manga/games/whatever does that, for example, in Minami-ke, all the Minami characters have a season in their names : Haruka and Haruo = Spring Kana and Natsuki = Summer Chiaki and Akira = Autumn Touma = Winter You can also note that they are "ordered" by their age (Haruka/Haruo are the oldest, and Chiaki/Touma and the youngest)
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