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  1. Your article was fun to read ! Do you plan on writing again someday ? Reading you was very entertaining, so please keep at it ! Thank you ! They are still so cute though, for a fight they seem to be quite tender . I'll buy me a persian cat some day !
  2. No problem! Thanks for adding me back =).

  3. I gave you a point because you said exactly my thoughts. Strong relations is a must for this kind of games where conversation is the focus. I don't understand why there are relationships in Steins;Gate. It is actually the only game so far I played that when I ended up dating one of the girls I felt deeply disappointed, like I met a dead end and can't finish the real story. In Yume Miru Kusuri it brought me to stop playing because the story is interupted all the time with cringe inducing sex scenes. The characters can't seem to have a behavior without having sex involved . The themes of the s
  4. Nice stuff you have there ! I watched some of your pictures on twitpic, and your cats are so cool ! What breed are they ?
  5. Hey there, thank you for adding me !

  6. I plan on doing something like that as soon as I have the time. For now I have to focus on getting an apprenticeship and being accepted to get back to school again. I want to write something entertaining and informative at the same time, which is hard enough as I can be ridiculously perfectionist. I am not good enough in expressing myself in english to be able to do that for now. And my knowledge of visual novels is paper thin to say the least. I'm going to learn as much as possible from you guys.
  7. Hello there! Welcome, I'm glad to meet you! I've looked over your website, and I saw you are developing a horror game: how cool is that! I wish you good luck, and I hope I'll be able to play it soon! I love horror games . Have fun roaming around here, and please post your thoughts about things you like, I'll be happy to read!
  8. But what about studios with only a single game ? It will have a few studios sub forums, and then a huge "other games" sub forum, which defeats the points of visibility. It would be better to classify them like A to D E to H and so on, to me at least.
  9. Soon you will be able to write for your blog and contribute to Fuwanovel at the same time . It is was a constant worry of mine, which brought me in the end to write almost nothing. It was frustrating to say the least ! Now I just write however painful it is for the eyes of the reader. You learn from mistakes so try to make some . So I'll feel less envious of your expression at the same time
  10. Hey, glad to count you as a friend ! :D

  11. You are too modest ! Your writing is really good, you should be more confident in you capacities !
  12. Hey there ! Welcome, nice to meet you ! I'm glad you've decided to participate in our community ! I hope you'll feel comfortable enough, so that you might share our common passion with us ! I read your review and I like it, it is informative and personal at the same time ! Keep the good work I want to read from you soon .
  13. This is great, I feel excited about this news ! It gives much more incentive to write quality content on here as you get traffic back. It is a win-win situation. The site is going to be bustling with cool content ! I feel like beginning writing a blog with a system like that, because I will get people to read it and give feedback ! And this is just scratching the surface of possibilities ! I hope the new engine you were talking about will be implemented. I am not sure to understand it completely, it's suppose to make it easier to create visual novels for casuals. I imagine having it access
  14. This is indeed exorbitant ! The additional features are nice though. I believe that as long as your blog is pleasant enough to read (like yours actually), the quality of the content matter much more. In my opinion you should save this money and use it for something that could improve things much more than what this premium bundle could do. Maybe for example pay an artist to design a logo, or simply save it for when a great idea strikes your mind.
  15. This people might have discovered and spread first this medium, but they don't do it anymore for others, but to satisfy their ego, and foremost have power over others. I think they fear the day visual novels become mainstream because then, nobody will pay attention to them again. This niche place they found gave them their identity. And if everything is translated and easy to find, nobody will need their service and give them whatever attention and affection they don't get otherwise in their real life. They despise the casual players that want accessibility to this media, because they want the
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