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  1. Even if I have read over 100 VN's, that was done over 10+ years. Really, it's just finding time to read 1-2h per day. Just repeat that everyday for 10 years, and you eventually read 100+ VN's. It's rare to actually find someone who has read 100+ VN's over a few years unless they are a NEET. It might be a bit harder depending on your social responsibilities, but it's about making time for yourself and building a schedule around it. I can pretty much turn on a VN anytime I want after work. Just read at your own pace, it's not a race.
  2. The obvious ones would be other things written by Scaji: Tsui no Sora, H20, Sakura no Uta. Others are Oretsuba, Cross Channel (don't touch the translations), and Muramasa. They are all on the harder side of Japanese except for H2O, so I'll leave it up to your own discretion.
  3. きっと、澄みわたる朝色よりも、 Prose-wise it is good as can be expected from Shumon Yuu. The dialogue and characters seem interesting so far. The dialogue is quite subtle, hinting at a lot of things without outright saying it. I also like the humour so far. Conversation can start from something mundane and turn into something interesting What is hypocrisy? What is the difference between 善 and 偽善? We'll see where it goes with the story for now as I still have no idea what the hints are for right now. Ok the hints have gotten big enough that I can guess some of the things that happened. Poor Araragi. ランス02改 反逆の少女たち Rance 02 just feels like a very mediocre RPG. There is nothing unique about the gameplay or the story at all, and I honestly can't find anything to praise it for. It is still I would say worth playing for the introduction of a lot of characters which will play a bigger role later in the series. It's interesting to see Rance character design being younger.
  4. I have lots of suggestions, but majority of them would be untranslated, so I'll just mention the translated ones. Setoguchi and Scaji generally handle similar themes so you are likely to like Setoguchi's works too. Check out whichever one of his games that are translated. If you like the seeing things from many perspective part of Subahibi, you can checkout Umineko.
  5. This is actually I feel a good example of A Nice Derangement of Epitaphs. Different communities gave different meaning to the same word, and shows how language is a shared concept rather than having some universal meaning.
  6. The character designs do seem moe, so if we go by the Japanese take on it, then yes it is. I think you are giving translators and readers too much credit. Translators might not even be aware of the gap in knowledge unless they are an active part of the English VN community. It certainly confused me at first when people talked about moege in the English community. Let alone the average reader doing research on their own when most of that info is only available in Japanese.
  7. I wasn't expecting to change people's usage of the word anyways. I think it is a good idea that we are at least aware that the word is being used differently between the two different communities, especially when reading interviews from the JVN industry.
  8. Then just use the English equivalent for what you want to say if the Japanese term doesn't describe what you want to say. In this case, there is a perfectly good term for Slice of Life games which is Slice of Life. No need to reinvent the wheel.
  9. One of the things I've noticed while being here for a while is how the English community uses the term moege wrongly. So I've opened up this topic to discuss what is moege. Moege or 萌えゲー is a term that originates from moe/萌え and ge/ゲー (game). What is moe? Let's start with a definition of moe first. A quick google search would lead you to wikipedia which gives you this: Wikipedia) - Moe (萌え, Japanese pronunciation: [mo.e] (listen)), sometimes romanized as moé, is a Japanese word that refers to feelings of strong affection mainly towards characters in anime, manga, video games, and other media directed at the otaku market. Moe, however, has also gained usage to refer to feelings of affection towards any subject. Searching in Japanese gives you similar results, so it's a common enough definition that we can agree with. JA wiki - 萌え(もえ)とは、日本のサブカルチャーにおけるスラングで、主にアニメ・ゲーム・アイドルなどにおける、キャラクター・人物などへの強い愛着心・情熱・欲望などの気持ちをいう俗語[1]。意味についての確かな定義はなく、対象に対して抱くさまざまな好意の感情を表す[1]。キャラクター・人物の特徴に使われることも多く(「眼鏡―」・「メイド―」)、それらは、「萌え属性」「萌え要素」と呼称される。なお、「萌える」の本来の意味は「発芽」「芽吹く」と同義である。 The Moe Manifesto So let us delve deeper into this, let us take a look into "The Moe Manifesto" written by Patrick W. Galbraith who interviewed various people involved in the otaku industry regarding moe and how it has evolved over time. "Moe is a response to fictional characters, and when we talk about moe we are necessarily talking about how people interact with fictional characters" (pg 7) Then the book goes into interviews with various people. For the most part they do say the same thing about moe with various clarity on the definition, while the older people in the industry seem to view it as a weird phenomena. First let's talk about what Maeda Jun says: PG: What is your approach to writing scenarios for bishoujo games? MJ: Writers are divided into two types: there are those that begin with the characters and build a story around them, and there are those that begin with the story and then build the characters. I fall into the latter category. This is an industry based on moe characters and creating them is the premise of a lot of works, but I am the type of person who puts a lot of emphasis on story. If the characters are good but there are no story, then the player won't be moved. It's a real waste. So, I start with the story, and that will determine the setting and situations that the characters move through until they reach a climax that moves the player. (pgs. 101-102) PG: What does the word moe mean to you? MJ: It's a reason to live. If it were to be taken away, many people would no longer be able to survive. PG: Why do you think that moe is so important to many people today? MJ: Many people feel insecure. You go to school, but you might not be able to get a job, and even if you do it might not be a full-time position. Without a stable income, it's hard to start a family. There is a general move toward isolation. People don't have a direction or a purpose. That is why I said moe is a reason to live. Once people find something meaningful to them, they pursue it. Manga, anime, games, or whatever it may be provides a reason to live and a passion that can be shared with others. Otaku gather on video-sharing sites such as Nico Nico Douga and massive bulletin boards such as 2channel. This is an age where people struggle to live together. This is why fans are passionate and outspoken, and that energy fuels the moe boom. With so many people taking manga, anime, and games seriously, it has become impossible to deny the importance of moe. (pgs. 106-107) Next, let's take a look at interview with Honda Toru, author of Denpa Otoko. PG: What does the word moe mean to you? HT: It's a feeling like love, but a sort of bittersweet love. It's like falling in love for the first time. The other part of moe is a feeling of calm (iyashi). You look at a cute character and your heart is at ease. Moe is the warmth and solace that cannot be found in human society...(pg. 119) PG: Would you say that moe is about physical attraction to characters? HT: I don't think moe is just about physical attraction. People who pursue moe are looking for something deeper...There were the crying games (nakige) released by Key. As the name suggests, crying games are all about emotion, not physical attraction. Despite what some people might think, these games are something like romance novels. It's the relationships that are moe.(pg. 124) Things are now getting close to what I'm trying to say. Nakiges and lots of other things are considered moeges. One last interview with Higashimaru Hikaru, a founding member of the Moe Studies Research Circle. I think he gives the most precise definition. PG: What does moe mean to you? HH: Moe is a special affection for a character, or, to be precise, the emotional reaction of a human being toward a fictional character. (pg. 138) What is a moege? So now that we know what is moe, we can now go on to define what is a moege. A quick google search gives me this: https://detail.chiebukuro.yahoo.co.jp/qa/question_detail/q1363733378 The question asks what is the difference between eroge, galge, bishoujoge, and moege. ギャルゲーの定義としては魅力的な女性が登場するゲームで特に恋愛アドベンチャーゲーム以外でもRPGやアクションゲームなどにオタクが好きそうな絵柄の美少女が登場すればギャルゲーとなります。 萌ゲーも上記の定義に当てはまるもので、これもオタクが喜びそうな絵柄で客層を釣ったゲームのことですね。 Galge's definition is a game where cute girls appear. Especially romance adventure games(VN), RPG, and action games with girls that have character designs that appeal to otaku. The above definition also applies to moege, games that hook players by having character designs that appeal to otaku. Another definition, I found is this, which I think is better: https://imidas.jp/genre/detail/L-128-0025.html 「萌え」は一般的に、架空世界の登場人物(美少女キャラクター等)に対する恋愛に似た男性的感情の芽生え、などと定義される。「燃える」と書かずに「萌える」と当て字を書くのは、パソコン通信の草の根ネットやインターネット掲示板などの、固有の文化から生まれたからとされている。ゲームソフトのなかには、プレイヤーにこの「萌え」の感情を起こすことを狙ったものがあり、それらを総称して萌えゲーと呼ぶ。ただしこれらは露骨な性表現がされたアダルトソフトとは一線を画し、個人のフェティシズムにゆだねられた独自のジャンルを確立している。 For video games, the games which aim to instill feelings of moe towards the player are what are called moeges. So, essentially any game which try to make you attach to a character either emotionally or visually are moege's. So by definition, all charage, galge, bishoujoge and nakige are all moege. Which if we simplify further goes back to the first result in google search which just says that any game with cute character designs are moege. I hope this has served to deepen your understanding of moe. So yes, Subahibi, and the majority of VN's are actually moege's. In fact, Subahibi even managed to win the moege award in 2010. This is way different than how this term is used in the English community to refer to feel good SoL games with no story. But if we take its original Japanese definition, then yes moeges are kamiges as majority of VN's are moeges, so it is just really repeating a tautology. I hope that people have a better understanding of moe and moege going forward. Any thoughts, comments and feedback?
  10. I finished Kisaragi Gold Star and Rance 01 this week. I also started Asairo, but still at the beginning so not much to say yet. キサラギGOLD★STAR Prose-wise it's fairly simple, but character dialogue is decently written. It is far from Niijima's best work though as the story itself is fairly plain. The writing gets fairly bad in the specific parts though, by that I mean lack of detail in the girl's talents. When writing about Kendou, art, piano, or singing, it shows the writer's lack of knowledge, avoiding writing any details. It's fairly bad in Tsubasa's part. Saya route started ok, but the drama is very cringe. And the True route is well not that good. It was rather incomplete and just kind of ended. Overall, it's a a slightly above average moege. ランス01 光をもとめて I've started my journey in Rance by starting at the beginning. Technically, I played Sengoku before, but I want to start from the beginning. This game gives me a good start for what the Rance world is like. Rance World is pretty fucked up, lol. I can now kinda see where he's coming from, because everyone else is really fucked up and you can't help but be influenced growing in that kind of environment. It still doesn't make Rance any less of an asshole, but it is what keeps it entertaining. Rance is a very extreme version of the badass macho guy of 80's and 90's tropes. Music is meh, but art is pretty good. Gameplay is rather simple and mediocre, but entertaining enough considering it's a remake of a 1989 game.
  11. 祝姫 It has some of Ryuukishi's trademark writing: the unreliable protagonist, the sudden shifts in mood, the blurring of reality and fantasy, but without any of his themes. It's a rather bland and boring horror game, but shows some of his spark from time to time. So far, it's a rather standard B flick horror movie. They just try and shove as many disgusting things at you as possible. They don't even show the worst of it explicitly, which makes it a rather half-assed game. I feel like the art doesn't really contribute anything to Ryuukishi's writing. If there is any good thing that came from this, the voice acting is top notch. Ryuukishi really knows how to go back to being a kid and write SOL the way a kid would think, but the problem is it doesn't fit the story this time. Overall, a rather mediocre experience.
  12. How do you define what is a hobby? Dictionary gives me this definition: an activity or interest pursued for pleasure or relaxation and not as a main occupation. So to me, VN's will always be a hobby as I don't think there is any money to be made from it. It will never become my main occupation. But it's a lifetime hobby. I have pretty much dedicated a good portion of my life to it, and is currently my main enjoyment in life.
  13. Black Sheep Town has a couple off screen sex, and 1 on-screen one. It works ok, because it's a minor part of the story and it's not a romantic story. The art is not that good anyway. Plus, the writer makes up for it with his writing in everything else, It can work, but you'd be disadvantaging yourself for no reason. The visual part is a big part of what separates this medium from normal novels.
  14. I mostly don't reread things as my backlog is infinitely growing. I might reread some scenes I like or some H-scenes, but not the whole VN. So far I have only reread 1 VN from beginning to finish and that is Cross Channel. I first read it in English, but I wasn't satisfied with the translation, so I reread it in Japanese. There might be a couple other VN's I might reread in Japanese, because there are a lot of things you really miss in English. Those are not as high priority as reading completely new VN's though.
  15. No, Marie is a god born in a place outside of Mercurius' law. Marie and Reinhard don't look alike at all and are unrelated outside of hair-color. I wouldn't think too hard about what Masada wanted to show us. Rather than trying to convey a message, I find Dies Irae is more of a wish-fulfillment/pure entertainment dedicated to Chuunis. I don't remember which scene is the battle of three colors?
  16. Looks like Clephas posted before me. I'm not sure what else to discuss other than that.
  17. Started Kisaragai Gold Star as a fall season game. Maybe I'll also start a halloween themed game. キサラギGOLD★STAR It's a rather lighthearted charage with some mystery surrounding their past with everyone possessing a mysterious glowing bracelet. The music is pretty good. So far it's a fairly funny and relaxing game. The story is a normal protagonist surrounded by talented childhood friends, and their shenanigenans together. So all the heroines are all osananajimi charas with exception of his sister. We'll see where it goes from here. I went for Ichika route first, because I liked her voice actor the most. Then, I went for Mikoto route after.
  18. No one's talking about it, because no one is watching it, lol.
  19. There are some pretty good shows this season: Golden Kamuy - glad to see this amazing series is back with more Hinna. Probably best show of the season for me. Yojouhan Time Machine Blues - A short OVA, but seeing that Yojouhan Shinwa is one of my favorite animes, I have rather high expectations for it. Mobile Suit Gundam: The Witch from Mercury - it's an AU gundam universe, we'll see whether it gets good. Tensei shitara Ken Deshita - one of the better isekai novels gets an adaptation. Akiba Meido Sensou - I originally wasn't planning on watching this, but it was recommended to me. Lol, it's a story about crime syndicates in maid cafes. Really hilarious show by PA works. I didn't see that last time I went to Akiba. Maybe, next time I'll be on the lookout and see if I can spot them in action. Poputepipikku 2nd Season - it's about what you'd expect, more of the same thing. Meme in anime form. MLA S2 - is as shitty as ever as an adaptation. Do yourself a favor and skip this. Only good thing is Jam Project singing the OP. Fumetsu no Anata S2 - so far only 1 episode is out, but good for fans of the show. No new OP though. I like the OP, but getting new OP's is also one of the things I look forward to.
  20. Pretty cool, but driving that to work everyday must feel とても痛いですね。
  21. 紫影のソナーニル ~What a beautiful memories~ I put this on pause for a while as I read through some other games, and now I finally got back to it. This game is inspired by Nietzsche. They hammer this stanza every chapter: すべて そう、すべて あらゆるものは意味が持たない Everything Yes, everything All things hold no meaning Memories hold no meaning, they are nothing but fragments of the past. Something that will eventually be forgotten. While Lily holds the opposite view: memories have meaning. They are the proof of people's lives and existence. As long as you remembers them, people can still live inside you. Your world is made up of your own memories. What a beautiful memories. It's good, but it has too much otome wish fulfillment dragging it down. Plus, steampunk genre is not really my taste. I can only read so much 「わたしの、背の高い、足の長いあなた」 - "My tall darling with long legs" before getting annoyed, lol. It's a good game, but I'm obviously not the target audience.
  22. Lol, by finished Dies Irae, I assume he means he finished all the routes. KKK connects the entire Shinza Bansho Series, so I'd recommend reading Paradise Lost first. Kaziklu Bey is a stand alone spinoff of Dies Iraes and can be read at any time.
  23. Although, most people would probably say Sakura, Moyu, Irosekai is imo Favorite's best game. Also Shinku is one of my top 嫁。
  24. 終のステラ The setting is in a post-apocalyptic world where large singularity machines roam around and pose a threat to anyone who comes near them. The MC, Jude, is a Transporter who gets a request to transport an android to a certain place for the revival of humanity. Jude finds the android in an old ruin, and names her Philia. Philia wants to be a human, and Jude promises to take her to the professor who might be able to make her human. So the two travels together while trying to figure out how to be human. Philia has a child-like innocence lacking knowledge of most things with her being a complete blank state. You watch her slowly learn about the world. She doesn't want to eat deer as she feels sorry for it, but she's fine with eating fish. I guess it shows the hypocrisy of humans as mammals are closer to us, so we can relate it to it more. She often reminds Jude of his daughter. Her lack of sense of danger with Jude's realistic outlook makes for a good contrast. They both experience both the beautiful and ugly side of human nature through their travel. This works seems to be about finding the boundary between machine and human. What does it mean to be human? Does having a human body make someone human even if their mind is an AI? Or is the mind what matters, if an AI passes the turing test, does that mean they are indistinguishable from humans? It explores what is necessary for an AI to gain an ego. The professor says that for an AI to gain an ego, it is necessary to have instinct and fear. An AI stuck in a CPU case cannot gain a mind, because they cannot experience instinct and fear without a body. They need a body that can be stimulated by the outside world. I wonder what does /u/gambs think as this seems close to his field of study? It talks about the uncanny valley: a robot that looks too close to human becomes creepy. A simple robot with a ribbon looks cuter. But the uncanny valley can be conquered by making them indistinguishable from humans. As usual, Tanaka Romeo's prose is amazing. I have zero complaints. The background art looks great with the scenery. Tanaka Romeo explores the relationship between parent and child well. How a child is seeking the attention of their parent to prevent from being abandoned. Why are parents willing to die for their kids? Jude's answer is because it's their instict to preserve their genes. Sounds like something Setoguchi would say, hahaha. But he adds later on, that it can develop past instinct into true love after spending time with them. What the professor wanted was as I expected a 人柱 ending: sacrifice the few for the many. While it might be good for society, if it doesn't prove beneficial for the people being sacrificed it's a conflict of interest. So Jude ends up risking his life to save Philia. At its core, it's an adventure of two people who learn more about the world:its beauty and ugliness, what it means to be human, and about family love. Tanaka Romeo has created another great piece. For those who also just want to read a moege, not to worry, Philia is moe as hell. You can ignore all the complicated story and just focus on how moe Philia is. 美少女万華鏡 -神が造りたもうた少女たち- I can see why some people can like Biman 3 so much. It has lots of meme, and lots of it is based on Steins; Gate. But the story is rather meh. It's decent enough for a sci-fi, but there are plenty of better ones. What I would praise it for though is I guess the threesomes scenes which the previous Biman games did not have. It explores the relationship between religion, science, and the masses. How religion is used as a tool by those in power to keep themselves at the top, and the masses use it to mentally support themselves in hard times. It is amazing how self-aware Japanese are of religion, while accepting it themselves: 「苦しい時の神頼み。」 But honestly, compared to Tsui no Stella, it is rather shallow. Still, It is a decent game with a rather strong ending.
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