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  1. i veriified on VNDB and i get the tags " unavoidable death of a heroine" and "Bad ending" Despite the game having multiple endings, i'm afraid of faciing a bad end...
  2. Is just for me or does this game only have bad endings?
  3. [NekoNyan] Making Lovers Discussion

    any chance to get a english walkthrough for the game?
  4. (Request) Making*Lovers walktrough

    when the english walkthrough come out?
  5. VNR dialog translation too slow..

    Ok,thanks for the answer... P.S- I must remember to change my wifi password,because i suspect that my neighbors are using... hahahahahaha
  6. VNR dialog translation too slow..

    The problem is that the online translation are more accurated..
  7. I'm using vnr to play eroges,but recently the text translation with internet are too slow.. i tried change the translators on vnr settings but it didn't work.... and the timing for the game's dialog subtitles appears on the screen is also too slow.. How i fix this?
  8. White album 2 installation problem..

    Ok, but about i don't get updadte the closing part .. how i fix this?i don't know if ihave it but... When i get the game,the guy said thagt the game is complete..
  9. White album 2 installation problem..

    Anyone could help me?
  10. Well,when i tried to install white album 2 i get 2 messages: and This before that i click OK After that i click ''Yes'' the game install normally,but when i tried to update the closing chapter the message box says that i don't have it... Please Help me!
  11. VN error

    Thak you guys,problem solved.. I just reinstalled the game on the other folder..
  12. VN error

    but a few days ago the game has been working normally..
  13. VN error

    About some missing file on the game folder?
  14. VN error

    i don't know how,but this error began to appear,i don't know what's the meaning of this error.. i tried use alpha rom and it didn't work.. ps-all my settings of windows are japanese
  15. VNR coudn't detect Cross Days

    Anyone could help me?