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  1. Update 9.2 Hi everyone! Just wanted to stop on by and give a quick update. Music production has begun and we are starting to filter through the most recent samples. Coding has gone smoothly and this week we should be starting to code the first set of image maps in the game demo. (That will take some time, lol) BG art is still in progress and I've attached a few shots of work in progress images for people to see the progression. Thanks for looking , guys!
  2. Good morning everyone, Just wanted to give a quick update, as promised. BG art is still in full swing and we aren't stopping anytime soon! Here some quick screenshots of one of the current BGs being worked on. Coding has also begun! And whew, it's been fun! (<---Insert sarcasm) lol, but it's coming together. The RPG system has a lot of kinks still, but little at a time we are solving all our issues. As for the story part of the VN, the program is going smoothly. GUI, buttons and text still needs to be altered, but below kind of shows an example of the raw state the game is at right now. I'll be posting another update next week! Thanks guys! HimeNaya
  3. 8.16 Update: Background Art In Progress Good morning everyone! I wanted to stop on by and post another update. The team has been working hard on the demo and we see it coming to life slowly, but surely! SCRIPT One of the proofreaders have done the first read through and it was taken very positively. (Yay!) She’s offered a lot of insight on some minor edits and tweaks. She is currently working through her second read where any spelling and grammatical errors will be spotted and corrected. I have a handful of other proofreaders that will be contributing to the project as well and they will be receiving the script file this weekend. So we will have plenty of eyes looking over the script. MUSIC I have a meeting this weekend with our hired musician to iron out the final details to how many tracks will be needed in the Demo release. Right now was are looking at about 5-8 tracks for the demo and 1 track for opening video/trailer. ART As for myself, background art is what I’ve been up to. (Not my strongest element in all honesty.) I would love to hire a background artist for the game, but until I know I can get funding with the kickstarter, I will have to create the backgrounds myself because of the budget right now. Here are some work in progress shots of one of the many backgrounds I’ve been working on. When your kids want to play outside but you have to draw. You improvise, lol. Thanks for looking guys! And we plan to have another update towards the end of the month. Take care! Hime Naya
  4. HP BAR ASSET DESIGN [Now Functional!] We plan to have a simple RPG Battle mode available to test out in the Demo of S.I.N. The coding has been hell, but we are slowly getting all the features to work correctly. XD (Literally took me 3 days to get the HP graphics to function properly) A WIP shot of one of Adeline's outfits in the game Demo as well as a temporary design for the Game's main screen. Updates will now only be twice a week! Every wednesday and Saturday. Thanks!
  5. "We thought we were helping mankind ... but all we did was create another monster." DEVELOPMENT BLOG I FACEBOOK I ITCH.IO In a time where human life is sparse and fragile; Adeline, a prisoner of the government has kept quiet about all she has seen. She was once a unique asset to the government and she participated in a group effort to keep humanity safe. But somehow the organization she was a part of began to crumble and all that was left was a pile of bodies and Adeline. It's been over 6 months of containment for her and she has yet to reveal anything to anyone. Until you come in. *Play as multiple characters to gain alternate perspectives of the story to discover the truth. *Light RPG elements throughout the entire game. *Option to turn off Blood/Gore/ and Horror elements in CG's. *Point and Click options to search backgrounds and new locations. MORE CHARACTERS AND DETAILS TO BE ADDED IN THE NEAR FUTURE. PERTAINING TO DEMO ONLY SPRITES: 20% MUSIC: 15% SCRIPT: 100% PROGRAMMING: 10% RPG PROGRAMMING: 20% GUI: 15% LOGO: 100% BG: 0% CG: 0% ADDITIONAL INFO: DEMO RELEASE IS SCHEDULED FOR MAY 2019 AND A KICKSTARTER CAMPAIGN WOULD FOLLOW 2 WEEKS LATER. WE ARE STILL IN EARLY DEVELOPMENT, BUT QUESTIONS AND SUGGESTIONS ARE MORE THAN WELCOME! WE WILL UPDATE AS DEVELOPMENT CONTINUES. THANK YOU FOR YOUR TIME! QUESTIONS AND FEEDBACK ARE WELCOME! *Are you interested in playing the demo? *Are light RPG elements an enhancement to a game or a distraction? *Is the artwork satisfying for a visual novel so far? *Any tips on improvement, ideas or suggestions as we develop the game?
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