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  1. After being gone for about 4 years, I have returned! I wasn't really active back then, but hopefully things are different this time around.

  2. Glad to see that the project's almost finished. It's probably too late in the game now, but for this or any future projects you guys are working on, I'm game to help proofread/edit. I don't know moonrunes, but I'm pretty good with grammar and that junk.
  3. Right now I'm rewatching alot of Lupin III TV specials, along with Zeta Gundam and Jojo's Bizarre Adventure.
  4. I stream online, because I have a tablet, so torrents never work and crunchyroll is laggy as heck. I'll also purchase a series if I really enjoyed it.
  5. This topic is literally impossible to get a general consensus on, because it revolves around too many variables. It depends on what culture and values you were raised with, your personal beliefs concerning sexuality and sexual depravity, as well as whether you will accept scientific facts as just that, facts. People who feel that they are always in the moral right don't let facts get in their way, and that is why this conversation is pointless. If someone were to say that 2D pictures are harmless, someone could say that they encourage people to commit crimes in real life, like child rape. The first person pulls out a study to show that that is false, and the second person has their own study that supports his viewpoint. Morals and values are something that have caused millions of deaths and countless wars, over the dumbest of reasons. That is why I believe this is a pointless topic where responses hinge on the social and political landscape of the time.
  6. 1.) Monster 2.) Death Note 3.) Gankutsuo 4.) Gurren Lagann 5.) Mirai Nikki 6.) Code Geass (whole series) 7.) Toradora 8.) Darker than Black 9.) Kanon 10.) Bokurano Picking 10 is hard. For honorable mention, I'd put Fate/Zero, Durarara and Baccano, Zatch Bell!, Angel Beats!, and Kanon
  7. "A letter? I bet chicks dig letters...HAHA!" - Kenji Harima
  8. All I have to say is, since when did piracy go from cool peg legged guys on ships to sweaty Cheetos dusted basement dwellers? Joking aside, I'm not too sure who is right. None of us have Mangagamers' exact sales charts(I don't believe, at least) so none of us can say for sure how much of a hit they take from this. Niche markets like these are usually built off fan loyalty, so I find it hard to believe everyone's going to cancel their order of a (boxed, keep that in mind, fans love merch) copy of DCIII because Aearu decided to make a fan translation. However, I also don't believe a moderate sized business like Mangagamer would even care unless they have seen some serious losses due to these translations. At the end of the day, I think the best choice would be to realize when to pick your battles and let it go. This won't stop Aearu or anyone else from translating. Unless you're one of those "fight the power" activist types. In which case, go ahead, fight a legal battle. I would.....but I'm really lazy. So nevermind.
  9. The now dead Captain Planet's sister looked up at the sky and said "Eh..I never liked him all that much anyway."
  10. Desk? What desk? The last desk I've had, I owned when I was eight! A desk can't fit in my room...10 years of doing homework on a bunk bed...the horror!
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