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  1. Foreword: Himeya Soft and C's Ware are basically the same people, so it would really be a shame to miss their first cyberpunk game, father of Xenon ~Mugen no Shitai~ and grandfather of luv wave. How deep is the story? How much torture does it imply on players? Does it already have mind-screw elements? I'll try to answer all those questions. Title: Phobos Developer: Himeya Soft Date: 1992-07-16 VNDB link:https://vndb.org/v9006 Length: 4 hours. Game type: Command selection ADV. Youtube walkthrough:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PWumb25ixg4&list=PLENAECnNmAq8RWaOExpvkkUSuI3utIyp1 Difficulty: It's not difficult, but rather very repetitive. There's no telling when event is going to be triggered, so I had to make a full round of talks with each npc and return to the base each time. It would be more pleasing with a walkthrough. Synopsis: In the future, mankind successfully colonized Mars. However, the colonists eventually wished to be independent from Earth's control, and as a result a war began. Martian colonists used armored combat androids in battles. Eventually an uneasy truce was achieved, but Martian economy was badly damaged by war, and the planet became de facto dependent on Earth to survive. Half a year later, a young Tokyo-based private investigator named Ryuuichi and his assistant, the android Leyla, are contacted by the colonel of the former colonial army of Mars. It appears that someone has stolen documents containing top military secrets and disappeared with them. Ryuuichi is asked to find that man, whom he knew quite well during the years of war... Structure: Ryuuichi is given five days till the new rebel war starts, but actually the game takes only four days and on the beginning of the fourth day the most important events to prevent the war take place. Character Design rating: 6/10 Protagonist rating: 8/10 Story rating: 8/10 Game quality: 6/10 Overall rating: 7/10 Rating comments: I really liked the protagonist and the story behind him. But for heroines... they lack attention and thus depth. Android assistant Leyla is given much attention, but she hardly has any feelings apart of loyalty. The story is really tough and good with sudden twists and treasons. But overall high repetitiveness and somewhat spontaneous H events hurt the impression. It's still a masterpiece for me. Protagonist: Ryuuichi is the real gem of the game. He participated in the martian war and three years later keeps seeing nightmares about those armdroids he killed. He does act like a perv at times, but that's to add comical effect mostly. His wife Leyla stayed on Mars and he remodeled one of the armdroids to serve as his assistant and named her Leyla as well. Ryuuichi story actually might be more important than the main martian guerrilla one. The game ends in half happy tones and half sad ones and the ring scene is touching and well-done. Describing it would be a spoiler. Characters: Game has quite many characters. I've counted seven heroines with HCG. There are also some hard-boiled male characters. The peculiarity of the game is that only one heroine is of calm civilian type and the others have a violent character and are skilled in warfare. They're quite the beauties as well. Story: So, we're only given vague instructions to find captain Konnor who killed one of the soldiers and fled with secret documents regarding martian guerrilla movement. We're not being too successful when we find some mysterious woman spying on us. Following her leads to East district where two suspicious organizations dwell - Sakuragi Heavy Industries and Club Kowloon. Both of them have only women as staff members (males still serve as guards) and for a good while we try to get inside those buildings. Still the most of plot events happen as encounters - our life is in constant danger with so many violent girls around. At the same time one of our hirers major Garrak is rumored to deal with drugs and conspire with martian rebels. Then suddenly everything starts to look not as it seems and friends get to be difficult to tell from foes. So, yes, it has mind-screw elements, even though in initial state. But the story is complex and inspiring, so it's well worth the time. Title meaning: The title screen of the game says literally : "The "PHOBOS" is a satellite of the mars". And up to the very end the name never shows up. And it actually turns out to be the name of the secret military plan dealing with photon and nucleus. I really like it when the meaning of the title gets explained at some point. CG: I can't say CG are good here - they're fine - the girls are mostly cute, the males are tough and androids are cool, especially when damaged. Sound: There is a different BGM for each place and those are pleasant tunes. Overall comments: Phobos is a serious mature SF story and adult elements suit fine here, same as in Imitation wa Aisenai. HCG are very modest and light since they serve the story and not otherwise. That helps to create a human dimension out of protagonist private life drama instead of being just a sales oriented adventure work like Snatcher. I really like it how Himeya Soft and C's Ware great games turn out to be underrated. In Phobos case I blame horrible and childish-looking box cover. The more the joy to discover these masterpieces.
  2. Foreword: Fairytale is the main experimentation company of the early 1990s. And Shinjuku Monogatari is an attempt to go away from adult games for the sake of games that can keep the interest by the story and atmosphere alone. The history shows us now that it was a failure attempt from the start since adult titles with cute heroines are everything the populus wants. But was Fairytale really wrong in that intention? Title: Shinjuku Monogatari Developer: Fairytale Date: 1992-07-23 VNDB link:https://vndb.org/v9083 Length: 2 hours. Game type: Command selection ADV. Youtube walkthrough:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h0x1q4yO5Dk Difficulty: Very few options to choose. Trivial. Synopsis: Ibuki inherited an antique store, but to survive he takes side jobs as well. One day his frequent client Akemi offers him a job to fake kidnapping of a high school girl Megumi Naruyama, the only heir of Naruyama Real Estate group. Megimi herself is the initiator of the kidnapping. Since the pay is good - a million yen - Ibuki takes his younger partner Shinji and gets to the school gates. But Megumi's uncle Sakai has own plans for Megumi and he sets a yakuza gang on the children trail. Structure: Game takes three days. Character Design rating: 7/10 Protagonist rating: 7/10 Story rating: 6/10 Game quality: 7/10 Overall rating: 7/10 Rating comments: This is an experimental Fairytale work. It's a very realistic story about youth rebel state of mind. All the heroes of the game are as if drawn from modern life, just with weird haircuts. I'm probably too old to appreciate the values of youth independence, but overall it could easily be Douglas Coupland novel for those qualities. Overall it's an enjoyable piece of work, just only two hours long and I can't possibly rate a short game any higher. Protagonist: Ibuki is a peculiar protagonist in that he is an orphan and he takes care of the antique store with his sister. He takes on different kinds on jobs and that's why has quite a net of informants around him. Characters: Shinji is the younger partner of Ibuki and he's not the smartest kid. He wears an "Elvis" hairstyle and is there for support mostly. Megumi is the main heroine and she's one rich family spoilt brat. Her character is good, but she's sick of adults and she thinks that all the adults in her surrounding are liars and two-faced. She lost her mother long ago and her father took another wife. A month ago the father died at Chicago at very strange circumstances reported as an incident. Megimi's uncle Sakai took care of the company affairs. Megumi hates both her stepmother and her uncle. She orders her kidnapping on a whim - just to get a week vacation from the false adults around her. And the whole story is about her growing up and coming to terms with her past and the adults. Story: The story is not the most important part of this game since it's a novel about growing up. The dialogues and thoughts are the focus here, so I guess I can tell the most of the story without much fear of spoilering. Ibuki and Shinji successfully kidnap Megumi and she plans the week of her vacations ahead - shopping, amusement park and then going somewhere far away from Tokyo. She's a rich one, so she easily buys a new Jaguar car for boys costing 13 million yen as well as new dresses. But partly she just wants attention, especially from her stepmother who is very distant from her since the company president death. So she instructs the boys to telephone to the company and demand a ransom so that her stepmother delivered it next day evening. But instead the next day noon children are assaulted by her uncle Sakai with his thugs. Boys just need the payment, so they are eager to exchange, but Megumi refuses to return categorically and they manage to run away together on a car. Ibuki is astonished by the turn of events - an easy job turned into a matter of life and death. Sakai thugs turn out to be real killers from Chicago. How will they manage in this perilous situation? Will Megumi accept her past and present? I guess I won't spoiler everything after all and the answers can be found in my video playthrough. CG: They are quite uneven. At times Megumi is cute, but mostly her face is distorted in some manner. Shinji is the only one who looks ok, mostly because his face is drawn in a comical way all the time. But all CG are stylish in sepia tones and are very multiple, setting a unique atmosphere of the game. Sound: Some midi BGM. Overall comments: Shinjuku Monogatari was devised as a series of games and in the end of the first game we get the synopsis and intrigue of the second episode flashed. And for that reason we get to know a lot of side-characters who are a colorful bunch, but don't really get any meaningful role in the game. Would I really want to play another episode about Ibuki and Shinji? Actually, not. But was the game a failure? I don't think so. The game was a part of very strong movement to cleanse the newborn genre of visual novels from constant sex allusions and make it a genre for literary adaptations and talented scenarists debuts. But we got what we got.
  3. Foreword: I did not intend to play Armist to the end, but its game system was indeed player-friendly and the story turned out to be quite a serious thing instead of being a bakage, so it's well worth a review. Title: Armist Developer: Basement Date: 1992-07-03 VNDB link:https://vndb.org/v8564 Length: 2.5 hours. Game type: Command selection ADV. Youtube walkthrough:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wRhArebnKUk Difficulty: That's the most important thing in the game. There are few commands to select from and as soon as the topic is depleted the command disappears. This way repetition is eliminated almost completely. There are also some 10 "fights" in the game, but there aren't any stats and player can only choose means of attack for each of three heroes. That choice is mostly meaningless (only the toughest enemies are immune to physical attacks and should be dealt with gunfire). Synopsis: In the future, advanced genetic studies opened unseen possibilities for mankind. After years of research, it finally became possible to create artificial human beings with animal traits, the so-called deminoids. The player takes the role of the head of a detective agency named Armist; two pretty female deminoids (with bunny and cat ears) are his trustworthy partners. Investigating a murder in a huge deminoid-producing company, the hero will eventually discover the truth about this scientific achievement and all its implications... Structure: Game consists of moving between four floors and each of those floors demands a different diskette image, but overall it's just one day. Character Design rating: 6/10 Protagonist rating: 7/10 Story rating: 6/10 Game quality: 7/10 Overall rating: 6/10 Rating comments: The governing attribute of the game is simplicity. Both main heroines Billy and Miria have straightforward characters. The gameplay is mostly about room investigation and the important information is given mostly in the end. There's no drama or treachery and game is short - that all prevents the game from being a major one. Protagonist Rise is the name of the hero. He's the head of the detective agency. A cool guy who can both melee and support with gunfire. What's especially nice is that he's not a perverted type - but a pure professional. Characters: Miria the bunny girl is the more sensible of the deminoids. She believes in negotiations and she's a cowardly one. Her weapon is a gun, aimed shot and quick shots. She's also blamed by Billy for wearing fancy dress. On the other hand Billy the catgirl is the close quarters fighter using claws from her fingers. She's the violent type and prefers to to fight, then think. Story: We just come to the roof of skyscraper and investigate the rooms of the four available floors from 45 to 48 on with on average 5 rooms per each floor. One by one we get to find survivors in different states of mind, but none of them is perfectly sane. Some of them turn to be enemies, some happen to be helpful. Oh and of course we get to know who and why massacred the whole staff of deminoid production company and put an end to the incidents. CG: CGs are of beautiful retro-style, but are mostly packed at the beginning and close to the end of the game. The only HCG in the game are couple shots of enemies without upper body dress. Sound: Sound is merry and couple of bgm REALLY reminded me of Gao Gao series music. Overall comments: So the reason I even decided to write a review on this game is how much it reminds me of Gao Gao series. Same animal ears mutants, same heartwarming party talks while exploring, same numerous rooms and floor investigation (and some rooms looked very familiar to me), same merry atmosphere with occasional drama crumbs, same heads icons on the bottom during dialogue and even bgm at times sounded much alike. I honestly believe that this little bright game inspired Four-Nine for creating a whole world based on the same premise. But here there's little mystery behind deminoids. Four-Nine, on the other hand enveloped the whole mutants appearance in the myst and added the whole new layer of humanity extinction (to a different degree in different works of the series). Game is hooked well and the received text is without garbage, so I'd recommend to have a look on the game for all Gao Gao fans and just all admirers of retro CG and music. My video walkthrough is in a bit too fast tempo since I did not intend to get to the end of it, but it's still watchable, either with pauses or with just reading dialogues as there are always pauses for dialogues.
  4. Foreword: Again, C's Ware game and EVE on top of that. I actually played it before EVE Zero as a substitute for EVE:Adam Doublefactor, but decided to to keep it for a later time since it has some imminent spoilers for EVE Zero. Title: Eve: The Fatal Attraction Developer: C's Ware Date: 1999-12-02 VNDB link:https://vndb.org/v6108 Length: 22 hours. Game type: Point-and-Click ADV. Youtube walkthrough:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FBhsyk1jhDw&list=PLENAECnNmAq_7odFKypHmj08DyKpfQfCN Difficulty: More severe than the previous three EVE games that I played. At one point I needed to guess and move each of the characters to the location behind the Sun Mansions apartments to progress the story. In last titles the zapping moments were pretty evident since you got stuck at one scene and there were like only couple of actions available. Here you have 10 maps and lots of locations inside them, so you don't really know if you know to brute-force every object and command at all those locations again for both characters or look for a zapping spot for characters to meet. Another time I got stuck since at the old location you needed to click at lots of ambient objects for a new location (park) to open up. That was counterintuite at all and there were zero tips what needed to be done. Hopefully I found a very good japanese walkthrough and I'd strongly recommend to use it. Synopsis: Detective Kojiroh receives a request to become a bodyguard for trading company director for seven days. But a lot of aspects of this task look fishy: director does not want to explain who or why is going to attack. At the same time investigator Marina is tracking the serial killer who violently tortures their victims with a knife. How are those incidents linked with each other? What does the criminal strives to know from the victims? Both plot-lines eventually come together only to reveal the grand scale of political game and conspiracy. Structure: Game takes place during seven days with Marina part having a small continuation on 8th day. Character Design rating: 8/10 Protagonist rating: 9/10 Story rating: 10/10 Game quality: 9/10 Overall rating: 9/10 Rating comments: I tried to rate based on the weight of shortcomings noticed. I don't really have questions to character design - I rather don't like the style of the artist. He managed to make even good old characters ugly. Standing sprites for female characters don't bear comparison with the game prequels. Male characters are actually ok. Lots characters on CG are looking weird and sometimes just horrible. The happy face of Queen Prisia on Kojiroh's shoulder made me want to cry. Again, males on CG are mostly cool. Both Marina and Kojiroh lost a bit of their charm due to lack of humor or rather more drama. Kojiroh scenes are especially painful since protagonists only have their thoughts, but not dialogues voiced. So in dialogues his everlively nature gets lost and he becomes the guy who does not know what he wants. But after the event I hear his voiced thoughts and it gets much easier since this is our old humorous Kojiroh who's making sarcastic comments over the passed event. Still those aren't decisive faults to lover the score. What's important is that the ending day is rushed and for both Marina and Kojiroh it's just a series of flashbacks rather than coherent gameplay. There's a lot of new difficult to chew stuff poured on the reader without much explanation and that leaves the feeling of the ending being rushed with some loose ends. Protagonist Marina and Kojiroh, of course! I've already said that they both lost a bit of their charm. Partly it's because both the protagonists have a new soul trauma. It was unusual for me to see those lively problems-free guys in depressed state at times. Characters: Well, first of all I'd like to notice that the opening is absolutely cool and I really awaited lots of gunfire, cool scenes and lots of new characters. However, the two characters featured in the opening (the blue-haired one and the yellow-haired one) never appeared in the game and that was really disappointing. The game also has veeeery few action scenes. But we're speaking about characters now. There are fewer cool female characters this time (again, lots of cool men characters). All I can think of is the head of secretary department of trading firm Ami and a very cool receptionist girl at the same company. But Himuro Kyouko character even turned for the worse. She is the source for lots of jealousy and drama in Kojiroh's office (she's Kojiroh assistant in this game) and the only time she's actually useful she features a huge explanations over the most trival pc topics so that I started to guess whether she was good with computers at all or just bluffed about it. But overall there's a great cast of characters, as usual. Nothing to complain, really. Story: Finally, the story. Well, I actually told too much of it in the synopsis. The structure of the story does not really innovating. Kojiroh becomes a bodyguard and actually Marina becomes a bodyguard of one surviving girl Yuka as well. And this part looked actually very similar to Burst Error. There was Mayako - now here is Yuka. There was 50/50 split of the time with the guarded person and it's roughly remains the same. There is also a scene of alcohol party with Marina+Yayoi+Yuka that looks almost identical to that of Burst Error with Marina+Yayoi+Mayako. It follows absolutely the same pattern and happens in the same apartment. The only difference is in Yuka lively attitude compared to reserved one of Mayako (Yuka has short yellow hair, she is featured on two pictures in this post). And the structure of the plot is not as difficult as in prequels. Basically, both protagonist just guard the target person and wait for attacker to make his move. The do get to know a lot of details about their protected person and their shady dealings. Marina has more screen time in this game and she actually investigates other leads, but in the end what only matters is the aggressor move, not her activity. The game had a very cool action opening. In the very first animated intro of the game Marina and Kojiroh cooperate to prevent Prisia assassination by a sniper. And there was a lot of talk that the town got flooded with illegal weapons. Those three factors made me think there was going to be lots of gunfire and cool scenes. But actually the main weapon of the game is a knife and no the only time something other than a handgun is featured - UZI - it never gets to be used. That sniper episode is not returned to till the very last minutes of the ending when we seen the short resolution of that incident. The only meaning of it seemed to be in that we get to know the face of the sniper, but it was not familiar to me - exactly because I have not played EVE Zero yet at that time. There are quite many references to Eve Zero and only couple really to the events of Lost One. Overall, I don't have complaints over the story apart of the rushed ending. It just looks that they wanted this game to be much bigger initially, but it was growing to a long playtime already so some things were scrapped. It's still our EVE and its story is still intriguing and totally unrivaled by any other companies of that time. CG: I already complained about the artist in the ratings. So i'll mention only HCG here. There are TWO HCG in the game. Yes, just two HCG of bare chest and that's all. I was relieved to learn that since EVE Lost One and EVE Zero are all-age ones and thus there aren't sudden shifts here. Sound: Everyone is voiced apart of the current protagonist dialogues (well, there were actually couple places without voicing). Protagonist thought monologues are voiced, actually. No complaints here. Themes and symbols: Well, game's not thought-provoking, but here are couple themes that I can discern: 1) I will live by my own rules. That thought appeared several time from both Marina and Korijoh. I don't think there's any special meaning apart of that they really break some rules sometimes there are moments of doubt where they turned into bad guys. 2) EVE theme lives on, naturally. By now everyone must know that EVE theme is cloning. In EVE Lost One there were quality developments in that field, but here in EVE:TFA there's rather a quantity development. Clones get numerous and that rises several questions. Some demand equal rights with other humans. Some demand freedom and isolation from the humans. Some just try to hide among humans. But the question remains : what to do with clones if their populations rises? This question does not bear much meaning nowadays though since human cloning experiments are forbidden worldwide. Humor: I skip this part when there's noting to talk about. And this game is rather a serious one. But I totally adored the receptionist at president Ando (Kojoroh's client) company. That's a very stingy woman with a very formal attitude. Every time Kojiroh visits the company she asks of his name and the purpose of his visit. And every time there's a very amusing word battle among them. Kojiroh refuses to tell his name or purpose and she keeps asking. She looses temper and all her formal attitude in this arguement. Finally she gives up and gives a call to the director without knowing the name and purpose and Kojiroh is let in. That's fun enough, but the next day everything repeats itself. She refuses to acknowledge that Kojiroh visited just recently and keeps asking the same question. The argument vocabulary is different for each new fight and each following time there is more fun. Overall comments: It's a new EVE game and I totally like it! If it was issued in the same format in 1999 instead of ADAM - that would be the game of the year 1999 right away for me kicking Kanon. And - who knows - maybe it's going to be the game of the year 2001 for me. As every EVE game so far it has entertaining and thrilling scenes, serious development, great characters and lots of interesting to read dialogues. The characters have become most dear by now and they stay true to to their personalities. It's like a new season of your favorite show. There are ups and downs, but that's natural since characters can't stay the same and they constantly develop. Those are your favorite characters and you can't stop loving them.
  5. Foreword: Phew, this game took a while to beat! Command selection was not comfortable after point-and-click EVE TFA that I finished before Zero. Eve Zero is best be played as the third game in the series, after EVE Burst Error and EVE Lost One. Title: Eve: Zero Developer: C's Ware Date: 2000-03-30 VNDB link:https://vndb.org/v2709 Length: 23 hours. Game type: Command selection ADV. Youtube playthrough:https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLENAECnNmAq8cGcQ2Nk61X8HURZddGzlc Difficulty: Quite ok. There are some 5 spots where actions for another protagonist are needed to take place for the story to proceed. Synopsis: Events take place before EVE:Burst Error. Game starts with a wicked murder of a man with his entrails cut out of his ribs. But Marina job this time is just to escort an important american business-woman Ruth Bradford. Kojiroh is working at Aoi's place as a detective and he gets a case to find a lost child from Nishina genetic institute chief. Those banal tasks do not stop our heroes from getting involved into a much bigger scheme of serial killings and organs illegal trafficking. Structure: Game takes place during eight days and has two minor actions in the middle of day 3 and day 4 that lead to two different endings on day 8. Character Design rating: 10/10 Protagonist rating: 9/10 Story rating: 10/10 Game quality: 9/10 Overall rating: 10/10 Rating comments: After the first non-true ending I actually had mixed feelings with some threads left hanging loose, but true ending left a good impression and most of the actions got explained. Game still does not really tell everything explicitly leaving a space for afterthought. So this time I have no complaints with the characters - cute, interesting and useful for the story. The only small complaint with the protagonist Kojiroh is that we don't get to hear his voice at all and another one is that his character is shown while withstanding a series of very serious shocks and he often gets to act based on emotions in this game. On the other hand Marina is totally cool. After playing EVE TFA I really thought we gonna discover her dark past in Zero as well, but she's totally cool and great-looking in her perfect dress. Story moves quite slow for the first 5 days with mostly information gaining, but few fascinating events - still it suddenly blows out on the day 6 and keeps an insane tempo through the day 8. Protagonist Marina and Kojiroh. Kojiroh is not in his best shape though. He is not voiced and does not really joke. But Marina stands up for the both! That dress is something. Characters: First of all, thanks to Carnelian all characters are beautiful. The main cast remains the same, so Chief, Himuro, Akane are as lively as ever. It was a bit weird to see how Himuro already knows both of protagonists prior to Eve Burst Error, but she wears different disguise so it's probably ok. Genzaburo (Kojiroh's stepfather) is back so we can again bathe in the light of his awesomeness. There's Glen and Nikaido too! A very strong character cast including lots of fresh ones that I'd prefer not to cover here for the sake of not spoilering. Story: So Kojiroh is looking for a missing boy Shin. And he actually finds him pretty fast. But he discovers some facts in the process that prevent him from returning the boy to his scientist father. That father is involved in some shady schemes and seems to be a boss of local mafia gang. The boy is also not so simple since he looses consciousness and takes actions that he does not remember about after that. Marina is just escorting an american business-woman, but that woman is also involved into some shady schientific business looking for organ transplantation technology. But the scientist Shasha Novalis who has that technology can only think of his daughter disappearance and Marina is eager to help. The girl is found pretty fast as well, but the girl is also suffering from loosing consciousness and takes unknown actions while in that state. And gradually the town gets drowned in blood. This is the prequel to the series, so there are only a few important for the next parts characters who are guaranteed survival. Most of fresh introduced characters aren't so lucky. That covers hardly some 5% of the story and the rest you will know in the game! There's a lot of mystery to follow up! CG: Absolutely fantastic. Carnelian is a real pro. Some might think that his style is too cute for such a bloody game, but that's much better than the style of EVE:TFA where an unknown artist was invited with a lot of rough looking characters and CG to introduce. Sound: Everyone is voiced apart of the current protagonist dialogues. Same as usual. Themes and symbols: 1) Cloning there is an old theme, but here it stays the strongest since here is where it starts and develops initially. 2) Sacrifice is also an old one as well, but... It's a totally different sacrifice now. It used to be patriotic self-sacrifice, but now it's coercion sacrifice of other human beings in the name of the science. 3) The new theme is that of the spirit. Some characters get to live after they actually die in limbless state. That's a creepy and interesting thought. Overall comments: Being a prequel EVE Zero introduces lots of new characters and mercilessly gets rid of many of them. That's why the game has the most amount of gore among first four games (have not played New Generation yet). The story itself is not really outstanding and moves at quite a slow pace while both of protagonists guard their protection target. But along with the story we get to know the conditions that led to events in Burst Error as well as more of the personalities of the main heroes. The flow is really lively thanks to appearance of many cute characters. Command selection with lots of locations to visit is quite painful though - I'd prefer just watching it myself. This is one of the greatest plot-driven games and I'm glad to be a part of it. Oh, and there's an obligatory for the series underwear girl party, of course (no, it's not that kind of a game)!
  6. Not really a post. Just an overview of recent events and their consequences. I tried to add a certain extension to my wiki which caused a bug (even though it was reversed a minute later) which led to 100% cpu load which led to suspension. I had everything backed up with standard mediawiki .xml export, but my wiki had just too big number of pages (some 23,000) to import properly back which led to loosing trust with semantic mediawiki. It used to be ok, but it's way too unstable, that's why no wiki farm uses it (.wikia allowed using it in 2013 just to shut support later in the same 2013, .referata declined and .shoutwiki no longer installs it). It has big problem with performance, background works and scaling. I was mesmerized by discovering reddit vn hub lately. It has impressions on some 1,500 different vns gathered over some 10 years - that's a huge base that I'm very excited to use as vn reviews collector. Its policy emphasizes quality of text over personal expression, so it's not really a suitable environment for me to participate though. I'm really startled by the fact that the most popular pages of my blog are of 1980s years vns. And that's really embarrassing since those are very low quality posts. I've also got some feedback that eroge should not really be put together with the nukige. Additionally Micchi april fool day's blog post actually showed that it tackles some very dubious eroge from time to time. That all led to the following horrible decision - I'm getting back to the 1980's. This time I'm going to unblock all the eroge (except for nukige, but 1980s-1990s had very few pure nukige), multiple stories and all the under 2 hours works (till 2000s). Moreover, I'm going to try to present synopsis of every blocked work as well - together with all the reviews found for those works. That's going to result in very long cumbersome posts since it's not rare for a single month to have over 100 vns issued in 2000s. I'm getting to it after I've indexed all the English reviews for untranslated vns and rare translated vns. I'll post all the indexed sources and reviews links probably at this free wiki where I've set just bare carcass. But this time I'm keeping the original in excel file only since it's the fastest way to find and edit a really big set of items. So I'll get Eve Zero and Eve The Final Attraction reviews set and then start my back to the future quest. Why am I doing this now when I've finally approached interesting vns? Do I really like old games? Actually, I don't like them much. What I like is the order where every piece is categorized and described. I can't really move on if I'm not satisfied with the result. Meet those of you who survive this long ride of exhaustion in the future!
  7. I've waited for this day with terror since it's going to show whether this blog going to have a purpose after year 2008 - first clash with Micchi blog and notably his fool's day edition targeting April 2000! And the results are quite satisfying so far. Micchi highlighted 13 works and has one work that I can't allow to include because it's Tinkerbell work that produces only camouflaged nukige. But I include 11 more works that Micchi does not have. So for now I'm quite content with the result - there are a lot of obscure works Micchi misses and that's why there's probably a reason for this blog even after 2008. So in April 2000 I consider only one game as masterpiece - Gyousatsu♥Shinsengumi Hitokiri Bishoujo Adventure. 1. Miracle Temptation!! みらくるテンプテーション!! [000407] Escu:de Saburou is in his 20’s and works at a perfume company, living a normal life (without a girlfriend though). One day, he heads out with one of the part-time girls, Misa, since it was her birthday and he bought her a present. The next day, girls kept coming on to him… something must have happened to make him so suddenly popular. With some research, he found out that it must be because of some type of pheromone. Was it because of something he drank or maybe the flowers he bought for Misa? Game is not voiced. There's no real story. Type is dating SIM with some twist. Nothing really remarkable. 2. Princess Memory プリンセスメモリー [000407] Cocktail Soft 1 In the sunny world of Eden, there is a cave that is always changing and full of monsters. Our protagonist finds a girl named Felia, who lost both her memories and her ‘heart’. He helps her to regain her memories and form. Yet another RPG and again with automatic dungeon generation. The number of events is very small. RPG system is quite simple, but it's enough to enjoy the gameplay. There's just one H scene per heroine in the very end so it's more of an RPG. 3. Shokuzai no Kyoushitsu ~The seven stories of sin~ 贖罪の教室 〜The seven stories of sin〜 [000407] FlyingShine 1 The main character Nanaze has a father who killed someone. Nanaze thinks it is partly her fault (unknown reason) and uses her body to pay for her father's sins. Later on in the story the complicated family relations between Nanaze, her boyfriend, her enemies etc. are revealed. There's an English review, and game is kind of borderline nukige, but since it's Flying Shine game, I'm always willing to give it a thorough look. Basically it's the same sound novel type with real-life rendered photos as previous games like Revolver. But the difference this time is that it's is an insulting game that suddenly becomes story-focused. The further it goes, the more complex and intriguing it becomes. This game has over 15 Japanese reviews and is considered a true masterpiece by many of them. I believe this game is where Flying Shine real history that brought us Swan Song, starts. 4. Tsubasa no Hatameki ~A Sound of her Wings~ 翼のはためき ~A Sound of her wings~ [000407] Shape Shifter Yuzawa Yuuki is a pessimist. He thinks that life is meaningless since everyone is going to die one day. Before the Christmas he meets a mysterious "angel" girl Mika. She claims that she came to save Yuuki from his desperate state. He doubts her sanity but decides to play along. After that self-proclaimed "devils" appear. Some of them aim to claim Mika's life, others are here to tempt Yuuki. Yuuki's long and unforgettable Christmas night begins. Game is short. There are some four stories and each playthrough opens up a new one. All routes are cleared within three hours. The only good point about it is Tony's CG and not bad text. It's not voiced. Protagonist is weird so it's difficult to sympathize with him. If only the volume was bigger. 5. Gakuen Hyouryuu Senki Dai 2 Wa 学園漂流戦記 第2話 [000413] Alice Soft Hero arrives at a mysterious island with two girls. They start exploring the island. Alice Soft fandisc game. There are no reviews and too many commands presented with a command selection system. After all, Alice Soft has always been more about gameplay than the stories. Game also has a very tiny resolution. 6. Persiom -Yakusoku no Tsudou Basho- PERSIOM‐約束の集う場所‐ [000413] Alice Soft 1 2 PERSIOM takes place in a dungeon that leads to Hades and hell. Even though it is extremely dangerous, heroes enter to find treasure and make lots of money. Oh, and you can also capture female monsters. There is an English review of this game. 7. Asu Wa Koishite あすは恋して~Prime Beat Planet [000414] Unbalance Yoshizo moved to the town to continue study there. What conceal the memories of the forgotten past? Number of characters is 12. There is some free time after school and on weekends when we can initiate conversations, but each type of story only available at corresponding day of the week. Remembering all the types of stories for all 12 characters is a good training for the memory! Eventually characters may give you dream glass that contain pieces of your forgotten memories. All girls are also from different zodiac signs. Quite an average dating SIM without any story. 8. Maid Lesson Koi Maid Lesson 恋 [000414] Studio Neko Punch Main character needs to give four maids sword and magic lessons in order to overcome the demon king. It's quite a normal raising SIM, except that there is actually battle system and in the end all the skills taught to maids are going to be tested on the battlefield. RPG part is quite painful. 9. Repeat ~Kurikaesareru Toki Soshite...~ Repeat ~繰り返される刻そして…~ [000414] Sirius I woke up floating in the air. Below me, the park is uniquely familiar. What's going on? With my head was swimming in confusion, two girls with a strange look in their eyes appeared before me. Are they angels or maybe demons? They said that I was dead and that in seven days, I am going to heaven or hell and the choice won't be mine. In other words, I am going to live the next seven days as a ghost and those two will watch my every action... Synopsis is quite neutral, so let's elaborate. Game is all about choosing spots in the part and triggering H events, usually by possessing someone. Engine especially looks outdated, like a DOS game. 10. Rumble ~Bankara Yashahime~ Rumble ~バンカラ夜叉姫~ [000414] Penguin Works There was a hero once who saved the school from violence and it returned to a peaceful routine. His name was soon forgotten. Nowadays there's a new threat and those who still remember that hero try to find a new hero for this task. And the search is finally over. That's you! Type is ordinary ADV. Game story is inconsistent, but it's normal for a comedy game. Systems are very poor and skipping is troublesome. There's excessive number of characters without significant meaning. There are 5 heroines, each with a separate ending. Battles are done in command selection mode and relatively easy if follow the pattern. About 80% of the 10 hours scenario length is awesome due to very strong comedy elements. It's a masterpiece, but only if you don't mind gag games and broken characters. 11. Shin Ruriiro No Yuki ~Furimukeba Tonari ni~ 真・瑠璃色の雪 ~ふりむけば隣に~ [000414] Ail (Team Riva) After losing both his parents, Hiroshi decides to rent a room in a mansion owned by the parents of his childhood friends Kotobuki and Youko. The rent was surprisingly cheap, since it was haunted by a ghost. But Hiroshi is the science club leader and doesn’t believe in ghosts. On the day he moved in, a hole opened in the floor, but he ignored it and went to bed. Woken up by a nightmare, he found a pot in the hole. He broke open the seal on the pot in curiosity and a girl came out, introducing herself as Ruri the yuki-onna. PC-98 game was a hit and this is a safe for sales remake. There are quite many heroines. Many call this game a masterpiece, but there is not enough in the story department for that. All the important events are poured in the final part of the game. 12. Snow Memoria ~Wasureenu Omoi~ Snow Memoria ~忘れえぬ想い~ [000414] Air Plants A 100 year long war raged between two countries. The princess of one of the countries went missing, causing a ceasefire, which led to the end of the war. At around this time, Liolet saved a girl with amnesia named Colleen from some bandits, who treated him like her older brother. Her feelings for him began to grow with every passing day. First half is a comedy, while there is much more serious development in second half. Text is only good during the daily routine scenes and is a headache for serious depictions since those aren't adapted for visual novel format. Second half feels a bit rushed. H scenes are bland. 13. Taisen Ren'ai Simulation: Trifers Mahou Gakuen 対戦恋愛シミュレーション トリフェルズ魔法学園 [000420] ASCII Corporation 1 The game is a cartoon dating simulation in which the player have to compete againts other characters to win the affection of their friends. Depending of the conversation choices or if he wins the mini games the love meter will increase or decrease with each character. The game is divided into different stages, for example the first stage takes place in a snow place where they are located in a hotel and they can make snowmen, skiing, take walks, etc. The second stage takes place in a tropical place, they can go around the beach, go to the sea, etc. Console dating SIMs all look the same to me. 14. Angel Reason ~Tenshi no Iiwake~ エンジェリーズン ~天使のいいわけ~ [000421] Spica School life is over in a few months. With parents gone overseas it's a great opportunity to make memories with the school's idol. Wizards, ghosts, robots and rabbits coexist at this school. Something must happen in such a perfect environment! A rather mysterious work - and mysterious here means beyond the scope of understanding. First of all - all the endings are bad. Secondly, it goes totally crazy from the second part. It has lots of moving screens and is just fun by watching alone. But in the end it's just a school bakage+galge. You basically just pursue one of the girls without any story. I tried to play it, but I really need at least some additional story to go on. Just girls got too boring and the number of girls is quite big, like 6. 15. Castle Fantasia ~Erencia Senki~ キャッスルファンタジア ~エレンシア戦記~ [000421] Studio e.go! The year 1247 of the Holy Calendar, the Erencia Kingdom was invaded and occupied by Illumina Kingdom. Eight years later, Faizeru, son of the Erencia Kingdom consul, returned as the leader of Fenrir, the best mercenary group in the continent. As he landed at the harbour of the occupied hometown and is asked to join the rebel group Erencia Liberation Army, the second Erencia War commences. The scenario value is great, but battles last long, so it isn't suitable for an impatient person. During battle each unit behaves in real time, and the player issues commands according to situation. The flexible strategy helps to fulfill victory conditions such as person's rescue and guard, and extermination of enemies. Battles aren't really difficult and don't need tactics. After the battle there is conversation stage with heroines belonging to the unit that can deepen friendship ties. Depending on choices and battle outcome multiple plot branches take off. So... game's very amusing, I'd say a masterpiece and first Studio e.go work to compliment. 16. Doushin ~Sanshimai no Etude~ 同心~三姉妹のエチュード~ [000421] 1 2 3 Meet the Suruga sisters, Ryoko, Maki and Miho. Ever since their parents died they've been living together, getting by as best they can and never feeling lonely because they've got each other. The Suruga sisters have a very special secret: due to an unexplained physical phenomenon, a sensation shared by one Suruga sister will be felt by the other two, no matter where they are. If one sister were to prick her finger, for example, the other two would feel the same pain...and if one of the girls becomes sexually excited, the other two will instantly feel the same emotions, no matter where they are or what situation they're in. As they go about their daily lives, each girl never knows when she'll become sexually aroused by the emotions of the other sisters, which certainly has some bizarre consequences for all three of them in this dramatic hentai RPG. Game is localized and has multiple English reviews. 17. Fukakutei Sekai no Tantei Shinshi 不確定世界の探偵紳士 [000421] Abel Software 1 2 3 4 Agyou Souma, the protagonist, is the IDLA Class A Detective. IDLA stands for International Detective License Agency. It's a highly respectable agency that evaluates and classifies a detective based on one's ability as a detective, from Class A to Class F. There are only 30 Class A detective in the whole world and there are only 2 Class A detective in Japan. IDLA also collects all kinds of requests and offers them to the detectives to work on it. Its base is located in London. Of course, Souma is the type of person who most likely won't accept any cases from the IDLA. He is a stoic, brooding man of few words, his incredible observation and deduction skills are tempered by his abysmal luck. He can't even step out for a cup of coffee without the cafe being robbed, or cross the street without walking into a firefight between two rival gangs. Still, what can he do? Life goes on... Over the course of the game, Souma works on four separate (but simultaneous) cases, each of which contains a unique storyline that is independent of the others, and meets a vast array of characters. If he clears all four cases with time to spare, a more complex, fifth case is presented. There are two English reviews of this Abel Software game. I wanted to play it too even despite the genius boy detective setting, but my pc version does not have voicing in it and this game is known for some very good seiyu. All the Enlgish and Japanese reviews agree on the point that this game is a masterpiece. 18. Heartful Memories ~Little Witch Parfait 2~ ハートフルメモリーズ 〜Little Witch Parfait 2〜 [000421] Kuroneko-san Team The protagonist, Perky, has only his name to remember, but nothing else in his memory to confirm his true identity. He is found unconscious by Parfait Sucreal near the Crabell Waterfall outside Florelmos. When Parfait allows him to recover in her house and informs him about Florelmos, as well as herself, she takes Perky to the wise witch to see if she knew anything about Perky. Unfortunately, the wise witch says she is not able to claim his identity but that he owns 500000 gold in return for keeping her keeping his sword for him. Until he collects the money by 6 months, the wise witch tells Parfait to allow Perky to stay in the Black Cat Market. New Little Witch Parfait title. That's fourth game of this franchise done within a year. A formidable persistence. 19. Sakuranbo Station さくらんぼステーション [000421] Mer Rouge Transferring into portside private school Seiouga Gakuen, the protagonist meets new friends and enjoys the school life. As spring comes about, his feelings for his classmate become more than just as friends. Since Mer Rouge consists of only female staff, this SLG is supposed to be portray the female perspective and the heroine’s actions more realistically. Characters are cute and CG are nice, but length is too short - one girl path is over in like 30 minutes. There are many girls, but still.. Text is very bad. It feels like a doujin game sold as a serious work. 20. Sho-Ki 將姫 [000421] C's Ware 1 2 The story takes place at a highschool (featuring all kinds of pupils, including robo- and catgirls). The players character (Kichijouji Kai) loves to play mahjonng and wants to become a regular member of the mahjonng-club of the school. However, at that day, when he went together with his classmate Ekoda Shoko (who secretly seems to have a crush on him) to the mahjongg-club, they arrive at a scene of horror: All the regular member of the club lie around in the room, unconscious. The tables are all broken in half. Everywhere in the room, there are mahjong-tiles scattered on the ground. Some people are even pinned to the ground with counting-sticks. So, suddenly, the whole mahjonng-club is reduced to him and Shoko. Because two people are not enough for a decent game of mahjong and in order to rebuild the mahjong-club as well as to investigate, who did that to the former mebers, Kai and Shoko start to challenge members of other clubs in mahjong. If these other club members lose, they have to join the new mahjong-club and have to tell them everything they know or suspect about the incident. I'm over-enjoyed to say that this C's Ware game has an English review and I don't need to play mahjong. 21. KoiYoubi 恋ようび [000425] 1 2 3 Day of Love is about Haruki, the main character, that knew about a girl named Maho when he was young, but forgot about her when he was older, which had made her angry when she asked him years later when he's in high school. So to get back at him for not remembering, she dresses up as a guy and lives in the same dorm as him using the alias Mao. Game is localized and has English reviews. 22. Itsu Made mo... ~Kaminaga-sanchi no Shunkashuutou~ いつまでも・・・~神長さん家の春夏秋冬~ [000427] E.G.O. Main character lives in a Shinto priest family with three of priest daughters. One day priest disappears leaving a short notice letter. At the same time hero feels a desire for his first love Ryoko. He seeks relations either inside or outside the family not with words, but with warmth. Genre is NTR. There are 40 endings with the majority being of dark devil taste, so the overall duration is huge. The worst thing about the game is that it's not voiced. I've never had a taste for NTR, so I've been mostly disgusted by the game. 23. Kanata no Mori 彼方の森 [000427] TEAM POPUP Shinichi works at the newspaper company and travels around Europe together with Mina who he met during college years. But Mina suddenly disappears during the trip. He find a witness claiming she entered the "Lost Forest" where vampire lived. Shinichi follows Mina, but gets a serious injury during a wolf attack. He finds shelter in a mansion he stumbles upon in the forest. He is greeted by the owner, two maids and Mina who lost memory. He stays at the mansion to treat his wound, but at the same time tries to restore Mina memory. A suspense themed game with not that much of a mystery in it. It's mostly about moving around the mansion and triggering all kind of events, mostly H ones. No voicing. Four heroines for capture. Many endings, but one playthrough is quite short. The biggest appeal point of the game is the picture. 24. Memories Off Pure メモリーズオフ~ピュア~ [000427] KID 1 2 Memories Off: Pure game takes place a few years prior to the events in Memories Off. Tomoya and Ayaka are neighbors who communicate with each other through their bedroom windows and who attend the same junior high school with Yue. There's an English review of this game. 25. Aries Aries -アリエス- [000428] Circus A fallen angel studying in a "special angel school" to become independent has to go to earth to study the behavior of regular humans. This particular angel doesn't understand love well, and comes to live a happy campus life with the protagonist to better her understanding of it. Well, I hated this game for a long time even without knowing anything about the game just because it's a Circus game that spawned such a huge number of side stories and fandisks. Now knowing the contents I can only cite Zen from Micchi blog: "Aries may quite possibly become the worst game ever made, to the point I cannot decide which is worse, Aries or Card Captor Sakura. I honestly cannot see a company getting away with a game like this unless there are a lot more lonely pedophiles in the world than I could have possibly imagined. I for one shall pray to every god and demon I can think of for the next nine years if necessary in the hope of burning this company to the ground before they can visit any more of such misery upon the world." 26. Fugue ~Kimi to Boku no Uta~ Fugue ~きみとぼくのうた~ [000428] C's Ware BLITZ Masaki happens upon his classmate Futaba who ran away from home. She forces him to come with her to a closed-down school in the countryside. He then noticed that there were many other runaway girls who lived in there. The only review found affirms that it's a short game in an abandoned school with three girls. Coversation is loose. I know it's C's Ware BLITZ, but looks like they don't really stand up to the fame of parent brand. If only there was some quirk... 27. Gyousatsu♥Shinsengumi Hitokiri Bishoujo Adventure 行殺♥ 新選組 人斬り美少女あどべんちゃ~ [000428] Liar-soft End of Edo period, Kyoto. Hero becomes a part of a newly-formed Shinsengumi unit. He is to protect Kyoto from the evil hands of Kinno (Kyushu) and develop relations with squad female members such as Hijikata and Okita. Despite the real historical period, events are mostly comical and beyond time limits. For example, heroines often appeal to human rights protection. Depending on the value of real "absurdity" parameter in the game you can get rid of the great devil coming to Kyoto with a 88 mm cannon, cyborgs or panda samurai. If this game was released by some shady brand it would be blocked. But it's Liar-soft title! And a supercrazy one! Moreover, I'm going to block next Liar-soft title Bloomers 2000 for fetishism, so I'll try to pour all my love on Shinsengumi. I opened web.archive introduction page of the game and there's so much love in there that I'm really shocked. It has about 12 pages about different aspects of the game including lots of history ones. There's a very fun opening here. But let's get to the game already. Story is full of absurd. Lots of parts aren't explained and there are crazy shifts from one topic to another. But it's not just pure entertainment, there are a lot of historical figures and there's a lot of history involved. As you can see on the screenshot there are like seven parameters (but most of them are ignored, lol) and there's constant need to meet different people and improve popularity. You can borrow money or can sit without money - it actually does not matter at all. A serious quiz is used while borrowing. Heroine is determined by first several choices, so capture is rather easy. One playthrough is also short enough. That can be expressed in short as Serious bakage. Absurd? Yes, but it suits perfectly for this game. There's an absolutely magical atmosphere created. So is this a masterpiece? YES! But only if you are ok with historical parodies, if you know Japanese history (or watched couple shinsengumi doramas) relatively well and if you can understand specific Liar-soft humor. Too many "If" but luckily I totally fit in here. 28. Hana Kasumi 花霞 [000428] Pink Post Hero is a student in Tokyo university and he's taking part-time job as home tutor. He soon realizes that both heroines who take his lessons have feelings for him, but they are too shy to confess. They study diligently in hope to enter the same university as the hero and confess then. However... Scenario unfolds slowly, then manages to confuse greatly, confuse immensely and ends abruptly with solving everything. The problem is that hero becomes uncontrollable and does really stupid things. The only good points of this game is graphics and not bad music. 29. Koutei Heika ni Narou! 皇帝陛下になろう! [000428] Aaru While our king was visiting his dying teacher, he found and released a girl sealed in a tree. It seems his teacher had sealed her because she came from the underworld. What he released was just her spirit. To get her body back, he has to find medals that his teacher gave to other kings. Well, he has four commanders to help him do that. He can also get some princesses too, if he want to. A strategy game with battles. You control four people and determine their order. Some guys are better at fighting some opponents, so there's the need to constantly shift your party order. Can only say that I did not succeed in that having someone constantly dying in a flow of battle. 30. Love Mate ~Koi no Rehearsal~ Love Mate ~恋のリハーサル~ [000428] Mink Co., Ltd. Kazuto is a new teacher at a prestigious girl’s school and was asked to be the drama club’s advisor. He had heard many great things about the drama club, so he was nervous accepting the position. However, afterwards he found out that there’s only one member in the club and that it is in danger of becoming disbanded. So they have to try to recruit as many students to save the club! To recruit students, you have to go around the school, interacting with girls and being able to relate to their interests. There’s lots of girls to ask to join, so it’s up to you to decide on whom you want to join the club. I do not trust Mink - almost all their games turn out to be ero-centered. Here we're supposed to gave a pure love romance game. Very low difficulty, no story and lots of heroines. It's a light comedy. But the selling point of the game is interactive touching system during H-scenes. Mink can't be trusted indeed... 31. Magical☆Antique まじかる☆アンティーク [000428] Leaf 1 Leaf’s newest game is a business SLG+ADV. After the protagonist’s parents left one day to find more antiques overseas, he took over running the family antique shop. Later he meets Sophie, who comes from the magic world, and she helps out at the shop. Gah! Two games of little witch parfait type in one month! There's an English review and Micchi commentary on the game which should be enough. 32. Night Work ~Yachou no I-ta-zu-ra~ ナイトワーク ~夜蝶のイ・タ・ズ・ラ~ [000428] Mutation Main character becomes a host in a night club after falling victim to restructuring of the company. The night club is having difficulties and may shut down in two months time, so they don't mind recruiting a newcomer without experience. It can be called a SIM since you need to attend work to earn money and walk around the city to trigger meetings with girls. The aim to become the best host. For that it's needed to raise favorability of different characters and get H events with them. Difficulty is really high. At least all characters are mature. 33. Phantom Knight Mugen no Meikyuu II ファントムナイト 夢幻の迷宮II [000428] Software House Parsley 1 Several months after the battle of Desert City, the desertification of the earth is growing. People call this phenomenon "phantom phenomenon." Main character is an elite knight who gets into a survey team to fulfill royal mission. Well, system and the content is pretty much like the prequel. But here there'a automatic dungeon generation. 34. Senpai せんぱい [000428] Moon Main character admires his senpai who is graduating in a few days. Will he have the time to confess his feelings or look for other girls instead? A self-proclaimed pure love game, but actually the period is so small that it looks much more like nanpa with multiple H events for each character. Moreover, if all three senpai are captured, there's senpai harem ending, and if all the kohai are captured, there's kohai harem ending. Hardly anything pure in that. BLOCKED 1. Choukyou Reijou 2 調教令嬢? [000401] Soft Circle Courreges The next target of insult is a female teacher with a baby face. Nukige 2. R no Houkago Magyaku Rape Hen Rの放課後 魔虐レイプ編 [000404] NenGollo Software After school rape card game series now features fantasy elements. The targets for hard rape are sister Himeno, busty glasses girl Nozomi and mother-in-law Chizuru. Doujin Nukige 2. Believe ~Shitsuyoku no Tenshi-tachi~ Believe ~失翼の天使達~ [000406] DNA Main character is an excellent student trusted all over the school. However, one day he gets to die. A mysterious man appears before him and says that protagonist's soul can be pardoned in exchange for 200 million yen. The end date is his next birthday. But how is protagonist supposed to gather such an outrageous sum of money with just working part-time at a coffee shop? He finds a way out. He starts to lure his friends at coffee shop basement and there train girls into slaves. Nukige SIM 3. Harukanaru Toki no Naka De 遙かなる時空の中で [000406] Koei On the first day of a new school term, high school student Akane Motomiya, her classmate Tenma Morimura, and their underclass friend Shimon Nagareyama are sucked into a mysterious old well. When they awake, they are in Kyō, another world that resembles Kyoto during the Heian Period. According to the young scion of the Star Clan, Fujihime, Akane is the Ryūjin no Miko, who has come to save Kyō from the ambitions of the Oni Clan. In this task, the Akane has the help of eight men known as the Hachiyō, and her friends Tenma and Shimon number among them. Initially, Akane is bewildered by her new circumstances, but she gradually comes to face up to her own destiny and understand the world of Kyō. Otome 4. Clever Magic クレバーマジック [000407] Helios Main character is a charismatic hairdresser in a beauty salon for celebrities. He uses his skill to drag the visiting guests one after another to the world of desire. Nukige 5. Milky Space ~Kanashiki Sexroid~ MilkySpace ~悲しきセクサロイド~ [000407] Mesa In the 22nd century versatile sex tool "Sexaroid" is accepted socially for survival of mankind. In such an era main character dies with his brain preserved and later resurrected as "Sexaroid". Eventually he is assigned to the education corporation "Tellar College" where he needs to train four androids choreography during navigation and relief in emergency situations (including libido stress relief). Nukige 6. Pure Doll [000407] Triangle Main character gets a female type bioroid from some mad scientist. She is built as a real girl, but lacks human emotions. That will need to be fixed in three weeks time. Nukige 7. Katei Kyoushi Ryoujoku Lesson 家庭教師~陵辱レッスン~ [000414] Beenyan Sister-in-law requests main character's help as tutor. She can not even guess what kind of character is hidden behind hero's innocent eyes. Her beautiful mother will also make a delicious prey. Nukige 8. Nise Scout ~Guuzou Muhiden~ 偽スカウト ~偶像夢悲伝~ [000414] Vision Main character pretends to be an idol promotion manager. He skillfully deceives girls and insults them afterwards. Nukige 9. Paranoia ~Kyouki no Yami~ パラノイア ~狂気の闇~ [000414] Zero Main character gets fired for sexual harassment. While wondering around the town he stumbles upon some ruins. Inside he finds a trunk filled with money. He swears to have his revenge on the former coworkers with the found treasure. Nukige 10. Synchronize Dream シンクロナイズ・ドリーム [000414] TinkerBell 1 Due to a strange experiment by Rumi, the main character and his childhood friend Youko keep on having the same ecchi dreams every night. In this dream world, the way he interacted with people after school changed. There was no sense of embarassment and he could act out everything he wanted to do with Youko in his (and her) imagination. Nukige 11. Jii 2 ~Kohitsuji-tachi no Nemurenai Yoru~ 自慰2~仔羊達の眠れない夜~ [000421] Candy Soft A catholic female college in the Meiji Era. Old priest gets hurt and hero is invited as a temporary priest substitute. Main character decides to defile this garden of innocent angels. Nukige 12. Manatsu no Yoru no Yume 真夏の夜の夢 [000421] BeF Hero suffers from nightmare dreams. Once a woman appears before him and promises to get rid of nightmares. Hero gets to a pavilion of a prison world. In order to get cured of nightmares and return to his world he needs to get past all the rooms each having a room ruler girl and eventually get the key from the owner of pavilion. Nukige 13. Mashiro no Takarabako ましろの宝箱 [000421] R.A.N Software A fandisc of Rainy Blue that contains bonus music tracks, screensaver, CD player and a short story based on the original game. Fandisc 14. Omokage 俤 ~おもかげ~ [000421] Jade Main character receives an invitation from his classmate girl to investigate disappearance of a Taiwanese at a western mansion. They are greeted by the old maid of the house, but then get trapped inside the mansion. And terrible events start to happen... Nukige 15. Rinjin Mousou ~Danchizoku no Hirusagari~ 隣人妄想 ~団地族の昼下がり~ [000421] Sepia Main character moves to a flat in a five stored building. He spends days and nights getting to know the neighbors and their secrets. Nukige 16. Virtual Toukou Club バーチャル投稿倶楽部 [000421] Nekotama Main character stumbles upon an adult site where all his daring dreams come true. Nukige 17. Wai 猥 [000421] Hyperspace Main character is a guru of an emerging religion. His religion is not very popular with ladies. He uses time shifts to bring lady followers from different times, like kunoichi from the Edo period or a British girl from Meiji era. Nukige 18. Sumire すみれ [000422] Hiyoko Soft (old) Main character suddenly gets in a situation set by his father when he has to live alone with three bride candidates under the same roof for several weeks. Nukige 19. Lemon ~Kageetei Nostalgia~ 檸檬 ~影絵亭ノスタルジヤ~ [000424] 13cm Our guy likes a girl working in his uncle's cafe. Once he got ownership of the cafe from his uncle, he found out the this cafe is special and the girls do extra work. He put a stop to that and now 5 girls only serve him at night. Can he go from H to love? Nukige 20. Body Hacker ボディハッカー [000428] Kurumi Main character is a geek person who works part-time at an idol training school. He discovers a talent to possess people, animals, and insects. He uses this ability to make aspiring idols his slaves. Nukige 21. Gyakusatsu 虐撮 [000428] Nanami Tougarashi Dan May 3rd, 2000, the last Golden Week of the 20th century. Main character is a professional photographer. He arrives at Hanekawa-cho where he eavesdrops girls stories, then insults the girls and captures it all in the photography. Nukige 22. Net Stalker ~Kyouhaku kara Ryoujoku e~ ネットストーカー ~脅迫から陵辱へ~ [000428] Lune Main character attends a computer class at school and discovers nasty and humiliation pictures of his classmates. Once the secret is known, his curiosity turns into intimidation and then to insult. Nukige 23. Pinup Girls ピンナップガールズ [000428] Libido Our guy is the new keyboard player in three girl band. He has to practice for the upcoming amateur band festival. While doing that, he can chase 8 girls the normal or mania way. Nukige 24. Seishun Ouka 性春謳歌 [000428] Apple Pie Main character is a romantic student who lives with his father. One day his father remarries and hero suddenly gets a mother-in-law and two sisters-in-law. Nukige 25. Great Hunting ぐれえとハンティング [000428] Daiginjou Set traps and catch animal girls! After girl is caught, it's time for mischief ! Nukige
  8. Absolutely forgot about about beliar blog although I had read it before and had his reviews indexed prior to my wiki wipe. Thanks for reminding! Somehow Urobuchi Gen is not my type of writer. Madoka had the biggest impact on me of his works. They lack depth for me. Psycho-Pass was finally something promising in that field, but even its last prolonged uncut version is not as clean as I'd wish it to be and by the end there were more and more events without proper explanation. I have not touched Fate universe apart of Fate/Stay Night and Mahoutsukai no Yoru, but I really feel bad about returning to the same story/concept over and over and over again over decades just because it's still popular. Saya no Uta is a very refreshing kind of work, but kind of short and it's too popular so don't even want to spill a single word about it. Kikokugai and Vampiridzhija are just senseless bursts of special effects. He had lots of failure works as well in my opinion like Outlaw Django and Gargantia. Hopefully there will enough of reviews for his other visual novels so I won't say any more bad things about him, hehe.
  9. Eve Zero is the game of the Month March 2000. The other masterpiece of the month is Harlem Blade II, but it's only suitable for those who appreciate RPG. 1. Harlem Blade II ~Dark Angel~ ハーレムブレイドII~Dark Angel~ [000303] Giga Our guy left his childhood girl and went to war against a monster after his father got killed in it. When he came back a year later, he was just in time to see his childhood girl taken away by the monster's army. He joined the resistance and started to find her. Within 30 days, he can help girls who will join him in the fight. Picture becomes anime'ish and flow is rather comic. Game balance has improved. Overall the story is solid and gameplay is enjoyable. It's well worth a masterpiece title for those who appreciate RPG. 2. Rendezvous Rendezvous ~ランデブー~ [000303] Melody Bar "Rendezvous" quietly waits for visitors in the corner of the city. People from different circles spend time here. Tonight romance awaits you... Well, this is an antology and needs to be blocked by my rules. But these are 19 scenarios that all happen in the same bar. It can be said that the bar is the main character here, so it does not really feel like all kind of weird stories gathered together. What stands out in this game is a shic atmosphere of jazz and neat graphics. Stories vary greatly and it's only sad that the length of each story is not too long. All character are adults, of course. So a nice work for a change of pace. 3. Hikari o... 光を… [000310] LiLiM 1 The story takes place in a common town. Your parents disappeared long time ago leaving you and your half sister. You go blind after a car accident because of your little sister. Doc says some day after some special event (hint) you will regain your sight, maybe. So there you live your miserable life not being able to see all the cute girls around you. Until you regain your sight, you predict the appereance of the girls they have now with your memories. There's an English review of it. 4. Into Your World [000310] Mermaid Our guy got a no name game in the mail. When he played it, he end up in a mansion where 3 maids(big, middle, small) work for him. Now, waking up in the morning by his real world childhood girl, he attend class and can chase her or another school girl. Back home after school, he plays his maid game. If he manage to win a maid, she will be with him one way or another. Story is really bad in this game. There's nothing to do in the main route in-between stand-alone events. There are girls in both worlds, but the capture is done in fictional world while real world is a chore that needs to be played just because maid route won't flag without it. This is just a mediocre quality work that's not really impressive enough to talk about. 5. Mahoutsukai no Deshi 魔法使いの♀弟子 [000310] Deeps Cute magician apprentice Lefuur commonly called as Fu Fu is the main heroine of the game. She is in love with her mentor wizard Klimt and will go any lengths to fulfill his difficult requests. This is a full scale rpg with exploration, items, battles, parameters and magic constructor system to mix different magic. There are 30 quests to do and each quest is basically an independent scenario. Battle system and especially magic construction were too confusing for me. 6. Utagoe 2 ~Dance Mix~ 淫声2 ~DANCE MIX~ [000310] Succubus Main character is a genius guitarist and producer. His task now is to train a four girl unit "BLMAX" and win the Grand Prix a competition held in three months time. As of now they don't sell at all, but it's a private request from his colleague Risa, and hero's indebted to her too much to refuse. For those who remember a prequel, that was pretty much a nukige SIM. Here things are even worse. Now it's a baka nukige. Here performance is one big H scene as well. Just leaving it here, because the cover and the synopsis look innocent enough, but the reality is very different. 7. Virgin Snow [000310] Essence It's a cold winder day. Suddenly a warm feeling is born inside me. It gently melts the frozen heart. It's a soft warmth like the sun in winter. It was that one encounter that gave me warmth. A generic AVG. System is bad (like only 4 save slots) and tempo is bad and only gets worse further on. Text and scenario are bad. There are only four locations to go. One playthrough is over in an hour, so there's just not enough development. 8. Aitakute... ~Your Smiles in My Heart~ あいたくて… 〜your smiles in my heart〜 [000316] Konami You're in tenth grade, your parents are out of the country for a year, and your new private school has affairs of the heart as a major elective. If that isn't reason enough to get chummy with the opposite sex, you're also a teenage male, and your father has decided that he'll find you a "really nice" girlfriend if you can't do it yourself. Throw in the fact that the only person you know at this new school is a Casanova who turned down a top-ten prep school because it wasn't coed, and one has the ingredients for a good old-fashioned romance sim. As Ichinose Sinya, the player examines a variety of sloe-eyed high school girls through his daily interactions with them in the school environment. Once their characters, dispositions, and interest (or lack thereof) in the player become more clear through their own statements and interactive events, the pursuit phase begins. The first goal -- one that is traditionally laid out as the be-all and the end-all in romance sims -- is to make yourself agreeable to the girl and eventually ask her out on a date. The tedious details of daily life can be taken care of selecting "Everyday Goals" in the auto-play configuration. Personality parameters can be adjusted either to the player's tastes or some chosen girl's preferences. For the more important things, manual play mode will allow the player to arrange the hot date by phoning to ask a girl out, reserving concert tickets, and buying presents. The player can also stake out a nice romantic spot or find a part-time job to pay for all this extravagance. Well, description pretty much contains review in itself. A dating SIM that tries to invent something new like nicknames or long dates. 9. Natsuiro Kenjutsu Komachi 夏色剣術小町 [000316] GungHo Works Natsuiro Kenjutsi Komachi is about a school tournament and the player takes the role of Akira, the captain of the athletic team of the Katsuragi Hall High School. Natsuiro Kenjutsi Komachi is the typical dating simulation game in which the player's character will encounter different kind of girls to date. During the game the player's character can also participate in different kind of activities (sports, studying, etc) to improve his stats and have more chances to date the girls. The game uses a first person perspective in the adventure part and third person in the activities part. It's mostly a comedy work. Kendo actually takes a good half of the time and girls have to make with the rest. There are some 5 kendo matches. Quite a typical dating SIM otherwise. 10. Animal Magnetism ~Pochi no Daisuki~ あにまる・まぐねてぃずむ~ぽちのだいすき~ [000317] Gainax 1 Pochi is left alone by her owner. How will she cope with her newfound desperation? Basically it's reinventing Battle Skin Panic. Same card battles plus introducing animal appeal. I've lost faith in Gainax as game maker a long time ago, it always ends up in minimal story and maximal gameplay. 11. Elise Elise ~エリーゼ~ [000317] Airyu Our guy is a columnist that write about people's relationship base on their sign, blood type and other stuff. It's funny giving love advice when he doesn't even have a girlfriend. He has 4 prospects, one of them being his old girlfriend that left him without notice. Can he find a lasting girlfriend before Christmas eve in less than a month? A normal galge with a twist in form of blood type and horoscope. There is also "gears" system which calls to listen to the girl and make suitable for her actions during H scene, otherwise scene ends abruptly. Each girl has a different psychological problem that you need to cure. There are only four heroines and game is short. 12. Kimon Youitan 鬼門妖異譚 [000317] Cherry Soft The hero was living a normal school life, but recently some strance incident has happened around it. The hero has the blood of ancient demon flowing and thus he is chosen to stop the resurrection of "Kidon" that threatens Tokyo. Will you fight to destroy the threat or become a demon yourself and destroy humankind? There are story (AVG part) and battle (SRPG part) sections. Battles use anime'ish figures and animation. The "double" realease improved the SRPG part, but it still is unsatisfactory as a serious RPG. Balance gets a bit off closer to the ending. There are two different rountes - human and orge (demon). Ogre one has some dark H-scenes in it. Graphics of the game are mostly beautiful, yet specific, but gameplay makes this game just a good game, not a great one. 13. V.G. Adventure V.G. Adventure [000317] Giga A text-based adventure game featuring the V.G. waitresses. The player takes control of Tamao Mitsurugi as she attempts to locate the missing Yuka Takeuchi and foil Miranda's latest plot. Fights are executed in a rock-paper-scissors fashion. With each successful attack, energy is added to a super meter that appears under the fighter's lifebar. Once full, the fighter can unleash a powerfully (in most characters' cases) unblockable attack. While Tamao is the only playable character in the story mode, there is a CPU versus mode that allows the player to pick from any character in the game. Game is very short and can be finished in 30 minutes. Basically all the choices are fake ones and there's just one storyline. The core of the game is battles than need to be won for the story to go on. And inevitably there's a H scene after each win, so the overall impression of the game is just multiple consequent H scenes. 14. Yuki no Kanata ゆきのかなた [000317] Rune Hero was adopted by Takamori family at the age of 15 and he has no memory of previous years. Now he returns there after two years of absence and finds a lot of sisters-in-law. He also meets a girl with magic and gets involved in affairs of a mysterious organization. What is the mystery about hero's past? There are a lot of gaps in the story and the whole scenario holds on the fact that nothing about the mysteries gets explained. With each playthrough new path is opened. Hero is granted some powers, but he's afraid to used them because something bad may happen. Ending is not satisfactory as it hardly explains anything. It looks like one big imitation of Kizuato and MOON. It's generally a comedy. There are a lot of bad endings and a lot of insult scenes to moe characters. So evaluation mostly depends on whether you can bear with the cryptic scenario or not. 15. Infinity [000323] KID This is the first title completely created and produced by KID, origin of infinity series. The game features five scenarios, one for each main heroine. "Infinity Cure." features two new scenarios: 'Yuka Cure' and 'Cure Izumi'. All these scenarios are included in the game "Never7 -The End of Infinity-", with 'Yuka Cure' as an append story in the PC version. So this game is the prototype of Never7 - The End of Infinity. It shared the plot and the loop structure with it. First release could not be completed due to a bug. Besides that the true route after 4 usual routes is totally anticlimactic and underdone. KID admitted that and was selling Infinity for a very low price instead focusing on correcting mistakes in Never7 - The End of Infinity. 16. 4m [000324] Kurumi Our guy's high school friend asked him to help his sister. It seems that she lost all emotions after a car accident that killed her parents. He need to help her get back her happiness, anger, sadness and love. Can he do it? Game is not exactly a nukige, so I'll let it slip. This is a very cheap low quality game. The core of the game is helping the girl to regain four emotions. The nice thing about the game is that it's possible to teach these emotions in any proportions, like it's possible to grow a girl who is angry all the time. Scenario is short, and the few sub-characters that exist are unattractive. 17. Majokko★roid Kururu-chan 魔女ッ娘★ロイド クルルちゃん [000324] A2 Near future. It's the boom for androids and many schools have Muppet research clubs. At a certain high school famous for androids there is a war around elections of student council president. At worst case scenario strict regulations are going to be laid on android research. Main character is an android research club member with a strong sense of justice. These bakage have the most confusing synopsis. The story here is just one huge collapse, and the game is regarded as kusoge because of that everywhere. But the characters are quite nice. It's mostly a quiz game as the battles are arranged in that manner. But the problem is that quiz is very difficult and just outdated as mechanics from the 1980s-90s. 18. Puzzle de Maid パズルDEメイド [000324] Marimo Main character is lots in a forest. He encounters three maids who claim that hero can't leave the forest till he passes through all their challenges Basically just a tetris with modified rules with H adv events as reward. 19. Rebirth [000324] Pinpai 1 Main character is a seemingly ordinary university student who lives with his sister. But in fact he has only memory of recent events after he miraculously survived the car accident that took lives of his parents. He often sees a dream where an unknown woman "Chisa" calls him by an unfamiliar name. That woman strangely reminds him his sister. One summer hero gets invited to work as assistant to professor villa together with other students. However, it's not the professor who greets him, but a mysterious woman... There is an English review. 20. Silk Do~Ro しるくど~ろ [000324] Saba Princess Silk just reached adulthood. There's a legend that once per thousand years princess has to play a special game. If she looses the purity of her heart, then a demon will emerge and destroy the whole world. According to minister's calculation, this is exactly the year of the challenge. Princess Silk takes the road... Mini games are only triggered when Silk uses magic. There are chapters, but each chapter is short, and there are sudden H events that avert quite much. There is no real aim or intrigue. There's no enemy. The ending lacks expressive force. 21. Synchro シンクロ [000324] Sheep There are two stories linked by the same hero Azusa. In first story Azusa sees the same dream every day - her junior is depressed by her disappeared friend. With the cooperation of psychiatrists, Azusa approaches the identity of the criminal .... In the second story the theater department starts to use the stage of underground auditorium. However, suddenly they get cut off the exit trapped underground. The voice of the woman who disappeared last year starts to resonate in the air and the figure of the first victim appears... A horror adventure. Every mistake leads to a bad end. And it's impossible to assume where each choice leads by the variants. The scenarios are too shallow, the reading itself becomes a chore. There are a lot of insult H scenes. It's hard to say what developers were trying to make. The ending lacks any satisfaction except for that it's finally over with. 22. Yuugen Gaisha London Star ~Koi no Double Click~ 有限会社ロンドン☆スター ~恋のだぶるくりっく~ [000324] Ivory Our guy lives with his older sister. Since he doesn't have much to do while going to university, she found him a part time job at her best friend's company. It turns out there are 6 girls in that place, including his sister's best friend, the owner of that H game company(London Star). During two months work, he can chase a girl by helping her, if his personality matches the girl's. His personality is determined by some questions during game start, and affect by some in game choices. His older sister is one like none I have seen before in a H game. She plays the role usually a childhood girl would play, waking him up in the morning with real wrestling moves, especially if it is his turn to cook breakfast. Most unusual is that she is just there for support and can't be chased, unless you count the bad ending comfort part. Period is two months and majority of days there's no events, so pace is not good. There are six heroines and if you totally fail there is a comfort ending with the imouto. Notably there is autoplay feature. In the prologue there are choices that build up hero's personality and the suitable girl is mostly decided by his personality. Girls are grown-up eroge games production specialists and it's refreshing for a galge. 23. Dolls Front -Ningyou-tachi no Senjou- Dolls Front -人形達の戦場- [000330] Zombies Paradigm Twelve countries are fighting with their robotized armies in this world. Hero defeats the queen of one such country and gets a powerful black armor machine and the girl who serves as a key to using that machine. Main character will need to use all his wits and skills to conquer the world. A strategy with lots of insult scenes and not really appealing graphics. 24. EVE Zero EVE ZERO [000330] C's Ware "Eve Zero" is a prequel to the famous detective/mystery adventure Eve Burst Error. You control once again the two main heroes of the series: the witty and womanizing private investigator Kojiroh Amagi, and the beautiful red-haired secret agent Marina Hojo. The events of the game take place shortly before those of "Eve Burst Error". Kojiroh is working at Katsuragi Detective Office together with his girlfriend Yayoi. Dr. Nishina, the head of a genetic research facility, hires Kojiroh to investigate the disappearance of his son Shin. At the same time, Marina receives an assignment from her boss Kono, which involves watching over a representative of an American company. As in all EVE games, the two stories appear unrelated in the beginning and are gradually linked together later in the game. Ever wondered what was Marina's previous assignment, with whom did Kyoko Himuro work before, or what exactly happened to Genzaburo Katsuragi when he was still the chief of Katsuragi Detective Office? Cared to know more about the appealing protagonist, Kojiroh Amagi? "Eve Zero" gives the answers to those questions. Damn, I'm already playing EVE:TFA and it looks like EVE Zero should be played before it since in the last days there are links to events of EVE Zero. Anyway, from what I've seen already in EVE Zero it's definitely a masterpiece. But my full review of it along with video playthrough is pending. I won't get to next year till cover everything in 2000, so "sometime soon". 25. Power Pro Kun Pocket 2 パワプロクンポケット2 [000330] Konami The story moves to Power Pro Kun's professional team "Drill Moggers" unlike school team in the prequel. The stakes arise. This gameboy series does not spark me with enthusiasm. 26. Meitantei Conan: Kigantou Hihou Densetsu 名探偵コナン 奇岩島秘宝伝 [000331] Banpresto In this game you must play as Conan, Sonoko, and Kogoro, as they all obtain clues to solve the crime. Miki and Satomi Togawa from the previous game return. Gameboy detective series is an instant NO. 27. Fern ~Dakara Kimi no Koto~ fern ~だからきみのこと~ [000331] Apple Pie Two weeks till protagonist moves to Hokkaido university. The departure makes hero recognize the existence of his sister-in-law Nagisa once again as he needs a person to take care of the house. His feelings still linger for her. There are a lot of other nice characters around the hero at the university. A lot may happen in two weeks time. There are a lot of days when nothing happens and that only prolongs game unnecessarily. There are a lot of forced events involving Nagisa so it looks painful if you target girl other than Nagisa. But Nagisa concept is also blurred with a lot of other heroines added to the mix. Message speed is adjustable, but there is not skipping function - that kills repeatability. All operations are done with mouse only and there are multiple windows that keep moving. So quite a normal galge, but with really bad systems. 28. Girigiri Date ぎりぎりでぃと [000331] Active Main character has a date appointed with a girl at a hotel on the day she gets of legal age. However, he gets delayed at his part-time job and risks cancelling the date. By strange coincidence all the transport in the city starts to have huge problems. Hero needs to use train, bus, taxi, hitchhiking and just walking to get to his aim. Will he manage to arrive in time? Basically after prologue we get to choose the means of transportation and on the way experience multiple temptations. Contents is simple and each story is short, around an hour. There are seven girls overall. It's not blocked as nukige mostly because synopsis is quite neutral. 29. Niji no Arika 虹のありか [000331] Tea Project Hero graduates from high school at his home town and goes to Tokyo to realize his dream. However, he fails at that and has to return back to his home town. There he meets old acquaintances and discovers places and people he never knew. Scenario is inconsistent and quite short for every heroine. The otaku dreams theme is quite embarrassing. But what actually kills the game is bugs. Two patches are released to fix them, but only the tip of the iceberg is covered. Inability to save, freezes and slow text speed are just few of them. 30. Tenran no Natsu 天藍の夏 [000331] System Rose Hero is living alone in Tokyo and is persuaded to visit his home town by his mother. He will need to take care of parents' ryoukan for a month. He is surprised to find out that there are girls in his hometown waiting for him. There's a short scenario for each of the six girls. One playthrough is about 2 hours. Only three girls icons are shown on the map and the rest three are needed to discover yourself, but difficulty level is relatively low. Atmosphere is light and relaxed. But the number of H events is rather big, so it's a borderline work. 31. Zetsumetsu King -Seikimatsu Inran Kyousoukyoku- 絶滅キング-世紀末淫乱狂想曲- [000331] Jam Main character calls himself Extinct King (Zetsumetsu King) who has the power to destroy all life on Earth. He sets an aim to have sex with seven women in a month time, but alas he does not have the power to control the will of the girls, so he starts with nanpa. It's easy to confuse this game for a nukige, but it's actually a bakage with a lot of parodies. There is a Taito Era visual style everywhere even though the period is nowadays. Game is based on classmate, but the difficulty of the game is very high. There is a concept of time, the use of items, money, favorability rates, dating, presents etc, so it's a very difficult SIM that's not for everyone to crack. BLOCKED 1. Houtou Sennyo ~Amai Shiru no Yuuwaku~ 放蕩仙女 ~甘い汁の誘惑~ [000302] Megami Main character is an ordinary student. He dates a cute girl Nana for over a month, but they aren't even holding hands yet. One day a loli girl appears before him. She claims to be a goddess of love and sacrifice who came to help make his ambitions fulfilled. She passes him a pill saying that it will help make all the girls he likes belong to him. Nukige 2. Memories Natsuiro no Kioku Memories 夏色の記憶 [000303] Otemoto Parents go on a year long overseas business trip while main character stays to take care of his two sisters. And little by little desires of forbidden love awaken. Nukige 3. Seifuku Paradise 制服パラダイス [000303] Hyperspace Main hero has a uniform fetish. His hobby is to cosplay, visit cosplay events and make photos of cute girls for a cosplay specialized journal. It's every cosplayer girl dream to have a feature article in such a journal. And they agree on different conditions set by the main character for such a beneficial publication... Nukige 4. Inu 犬 [000310] D-XX A girl is dragged into the manhole to the sewers. She does not know anymore whether she's dead or alive, asleep or awake... what's the meaning of such life? Nukige 5. Maid Neko-san wa Ikaga Desu ka? ~Kikaijikake no Koi Monogatari~ メイドねこさんはいかがですか?~機械じかけの恋物語~ [000310] Masys One day during college 's summer vacation main character receives a huge baggage sent from his father. Inside is a a humanoid robot Ren with cat ears and a tail. It turns out she is constructed by hero's father and is sent for testing during 40 days. Despite being produced to handle maid duties, Ren has a lot of failures. But hero gets attached to her anyway. Nukige 6. Message ~Todoke Kono Omoi~ Message ~届けこの想い~ [000310] Waffle Main character scheduled to set on a night trip alone, but the information got leaked, and he ended up accompanied by six more boys and girls. They have to seek shelter at a certain mansion in the woods. They are greeted by the maid saying "I've been waiting for you for a long time". Thus their horror night began. Nukige 7. @Setsuzoku @セツゾク [000310] Spice Soft An adult simulation game that simulates surfing internet pornographic sites experience. More than 20 adult girls and 320 photos are presented. Nukige 8. Yoru ni Saku Hana 夜陰ニ咲ク華 [000310] Haoh Main character is rejected by Satoko without explaining the reason. In order to forget about the girl he sets off to an outlying prostitution island that is not listed in travel guides. Nukige 9. Para Para ぱらパラ [000310] Studio B-Room Main character fails during his first experience with childhood friend Ringo. It was Ringo's mother Momoko who helped him during this depressing time. The relationship becomes more and more awkward as physical relations with Momoko continue at the same time that protagonist dates Ringo. Nukige 10. Natural Petit ナチュラル プチ [000322] Fairytale A fandisc with promo materials for Natural 2 game and lots of information on original Natural game: wallpapers, system voice collection, capture hints, heroines library room and staff corner. Fandisc 11. Baby Face Baby Face ~ベビーフェイス~ [000324] Oz Project 1 The hero here is a loser guy (who resembles the infamous Isaku) who flunked the college entry exam for the 3rd year running. He is not the "In" kind of person and does not know what's fashionable or not. His every attempt to search for a female companion ended up with the female party calling him "Disgusting!","Pervert!" etc... Being such a loser, he decided to commit suicide one summer, but he is not satisfied with going without enjoying the ultimate life experience in life, that is "Encounter With The Female Kind!" And he is going to do it the crooked way, by being a tutor to young females, gaining the trust of his students, and finally.... Nukige 12. Grief Nemurenu Omoi Tsutaetakute Grief 眠れぬ想い伝えたくて [000324] AngelHearts A girl is happy to finally able to go to the school of the guy she loves. She moved into school dorm and met her room mate. Next day, she bumps into our guy in her hurry to school. Thus they meet, and our guy can chase her, his classmate/swim team girl or the swim team female captain. The first girl is easy to get and he can even share her if he really want to, thus enabling him to go after her room mate. You get to see some of the first girl's events, which show how much she love our guy. Nukige 13. Kakure Tsuki 隠れ月 [000324] Alice Blue Main heroine Sakuya is an artificial life form created by magic. She awakens in a laboratory and hears that she needs to study for 91 day with the help of assistants, but she needs to choose what she wants to study herself. Otome 14. Orgel ~Kesenai Melody~ オルゴール~消せないメロディー~ [000324] Juice This is a collection of three stories: 1. Square sky『四角い空』 is a story of pure love with a girl who is 5 years younger than hero. 2. Water balloon『水風船』is a story about Stockholm syndrome of a girl confined in a warehouse towards her offender. 3. Tokyo lover『東京恋人』is a nanpa city adventure with an innocent girl Yuka and a fantasy fairy girl Konno. Nukige + Antology 15. Over the Rainbow [000324] Fuuro Main character's elder sisters have huge debts. If hero fails to repay the debts in a year's time, his sisters are going to be deprived of their shops and sold to slavery. Nukige 16. School Days [000324] Face This game has 3 fun stories in a school. In story 1, a guy follow his teacher and learn some interesting lessons. In story 2, a guy help a girl gain confidence and love. Story 3 has a nurse playing with a female student. Antology 17. Inda 3 淫打3 [000328] Hyperspace Typing lessons are mechanical and boring, or that it was before Inda 3. Finally men can make fun out of typing... if they get enough skill. Nukige 18. Elf All Stars Datsui Jan エルフオールスターズ脱衣雀 [000330] Elf This is a strip mahjong game with characters from four Elf games(3 girls from each game) and 10 girls made for this game. You have to defeat each game's male protectors in order to play with that game's girls. Fandisc 19. Hiai 悲愛 [000331] Euphony Production Main character has been dating Yuka for a few years. But one day she just disappears and a few days later sends a letter. It contains compromising photos and confession that she does not want to live anymore. Hero swears to avenge the businessman mentioned in the letter and a few weeks later gets a job at that businessman's mansion. Nukige 20. Keiyaku 契約 [000331] Pochette One day main character wakes up in a studio he has never been before. He starts to participate in production of adult movies as an actor. The production here is illegal, so there aren't any restrictions. Nukige 21. Seido Techou 性奴手帳 [000331] WEAPON Main character has secret desire to dominate over women. There are four different girls and women right before his eyes. What kind of slaves will they make? Nukige 22. Sei Faery Gakuen Joshi Ryou 聖フェアリー学園女子寮 [000331] Gondola This is the elite girl school for higher class society. There are plans to liberalize the school, but upper class led by principal daughter oppose the idea. Main character needs to infiltrate the school, get past the guards and to the top floor where the school principal daughter resides. Nukige
  10. The only masterpiece of February 2000 is Phantom of Inferno and thus it's the VN of the Month. I already made full video walkthrough of the game, but it got wiped with the channel, and I'm not doing it again. 1. Uzumaki ~Denshi Kaiki Hen~ うずまき ~電視怪奇篇~ [000203] Dall A visual novel adaptation of Junji Ito's 1998 horror manga, Uzumaki, for the Bandai Wonderswan. So platform is WonderSwan...ok... 2. Metamorphose ~Fifth Entrance of For Season~ メタモルフォーゼ~Fifth Entrance of For Season~ [000204] Giga Main character is a thief who infiltrates a mansion. There he meets shrine maidens Yukino and Yuu sisters. The sisters are attacked by a demonic woman. Hero manages to protect the sisters with the help of a previously stolen item. However, such magic powers have a hidden secret... Game involves concept of time, so just triggering events at different time may have a different effect. It's needed to avoid danger zones that cause alarms ring. There is also the need to use small animals to enter tight places. Giga has very uneven production results (especially when games made without Team Baldrhead). The scenario here has a distinctive kusoge feeling, and weird gameplay averts even more. 3. Rainy Blue ~6 Gatsu no Ame~ Rainy Blue ~6月の雨~ [000210] R.A.N Software 1 The protagonist and his childhood friend, Ao, both aspired to become artists, but her life was tragically cut short by a car accident. While the protagonist was despairing from the loss of his friend, a small doll that Ao had once given him came to life. The doll, named Aoi, encourages him not to give up on his life and his dreams of art. The protagonist and his childhood friend, Ao, both aspired to become artists, but her life was tragically cut short by a car accident. While the protagonist was despairing from the loss of his friend, a small doll that Ao had once given him came to life. The doll, named Aoi, encourages him not to give up on his life and his dreams of art. First of all, it's a nakige. Secondly, it's from a very good company that brought us Hajimari no Kisetsu and Silver Moon. It's the last game of this company and the one of the biggest by impact. What I like most about this game is that it is not really about girls. Girls are merely catalysts for recovery and that's why girl parts and H-events aren't really important. There is a unique message in all of the three routes and there's also a true route. But I see a tendency of overdramatization. I can't really sympathize to a hero who was on the brink of attempting a suicide. Also although the text is good, the middle of the game is serious and uneventful which makes it boring for consequent playthroughs. If you have a thing for nakige, it might easily be a masterpiece. But I don't, so it was a good try, but no. 4. Web no Naka no Kanojo ~Password ni Himerareta Nazo~ Webの中の彼女 ~パスワードに秘められた謎~ [000210] Serene Main character is a university student. He uses internet just for nanpa, but once got interested in the ruined village sinking into the dam by accident. Strange things start to happen around the hero - first he starts to receive intimidation letters, then his informant suddenly dies... As of now it's only known that it's a suspense adventure. Will update if get the game. 5. 2nd LOVE 2nd LOVE [000212] Force 1 Aizawa Kiyoshi has recently lost his childhood friend Kazuki Hikaru to a traffic accident. Not still quite feeling the reality of the situation, a certain day he awakes to see Hikaru in his room. Only she didn't have the size of a normal person, but was only about 25 cm tall. "Well, I can't return to school like this, so I'll be in your care for a while!" So their strange cohabitation starts... There is a really good English review. 6. Cave Castle Cavalier [000218] Dall Kingdom Iritutus is located underground. Main character gets a mission to clear eight levels of the dungeon, prevent devil resurrection and regain peace for the kingdom. It's an RPG with map exploration. There are 5 endings overall including bad ones. Graphics by 奈留-san is probably the biggest appeal point. The difficulty of dungeon battles is tremendous and each floor takes over an hour, but there is autobattle for easy encounters. There are a lot of H events scattered on the way, but the overall number of CG is small, just 52. There is no voicing. 7. Meitantei Conan: Karakuri Jiin Satsujin Jiken 名探偵コナン からくり寺院殺人事件 [000225] Banpresto Ran and Conan plan to meet Heiji at a cafe, however the train has had problems and he is late. While they are sitting there, a worker named Miki Tosawa accidentally dumps juice onto Conan. Miki then invites them over to her house and tells them that she actually was planning on going to the famous detective Kogoro Mouri for help, because her sister Satomi has disappeared without telling her where she was going. Conan puts together some clues that lead them to the book store where Haibara helps them locate a guidebook to a really old temple where they think the sister has gone. Then, later, joined by Kogoro and Heiji, Conan, Ran, and Miki set off for the temple in search of the missing Satomi. Only for series fans 8. Aoiya Masshigura 葵屋まっしぐら [000225] SofthouseChara After graduating from high school, hero succeeded hot springs inn "Aoiya" that was previously managed by his parents. However, business conditions have deteriorated with the rise of rivals. As a result all of the employees with an exception of childhood friend Yonagawa Kasu have left. He managed to rebuild the inn with financial help of his acquaintance. Will he bounce back and blow new life in Aoiya? It's an ADV with SIM elements. It's still more of an ADV since state of ryoukan depends on text choices rather than management. Difficulty level is low. Atmosphere is calm and relaxing. There's a comedy touch. There are only three heroines and overall volume is not big. Game is not voiced. 9. D+Vine [Luv] [000225] Abogado Powers 1 2 You play as an adventurer named Hyde. He's been dungeon explorer for a short while now. The desire to do so is because within many of these places lay remnants of the "Old World". Upon coming across a town named Arvil, he is told of a nearby cave that no one has yet looted for the monsters that guard it. This doesn't stop Hyde, and he soon stumbles upon something he wasn't expecting within the ancient cave--a woman!? This mystery-girl is going to really complicate things... There are English reviews for this game. 10. Echo [000225] FAIRYTALE HARDCOVER During the earthquake a young man fell under the ground and lost memory as a result. He injured his arms, but was found and taken care of by a girl. The girl only knew that earthquake happened. Together they try to survive and get back to the ground. The last work of Fairy Tale HARDCOVER, experimental division for horror stories. This work lives up to its fame. You need to play the game 14 (!) times to complete it... Each time we meet some girl and by the end of the route hero gets to remember or understand something and new branch opens up. Clearing the game once takes 16 hours... so it's a game of exhaustion. Text speed is slow and non-changeble and skipping is poorly implemented. However, meaningful part is not that big, half of the work can be scrapped without any harm done. H scenes should not be skipped since the psychological enlightenment happens usually at that time and you would not understand the result. Game also featured 3D sound and some moments are transferred to the player only through it. There is only one save slot and saving only allowed at special times which sometimes happen with gaps of couple hours long. And it used to freez pc after several hours of running. So completing this game is one of big challenges and those very few people who managed to get to the final consider it as one of huge achievements. 11. Follow Me Koisuru Kimochi Follow Me 恋する気持ち [000225] Palette When first love comes, it's hard to convey own feelings to the partner. Main character receives an anonymous love letter. There are five girls who could be the sender, so hero begins his investigation. This is the very first work of Palette that we know so well and love a lot. But even though it's the first work of Palette, there are exactly zero Japanese reviews. Why? The game is really simple. Very simple synopsis, quite simple graphics, no voicing. There's not a single selling point and emphasis is made on sentimental feelings. It's a nice first shot, but there's just not much to talk about. 12. Holmes! Decchiage Meitantei Holmes! でっちあげ名探偵 [000225] Janis Yuki Kano is a student who calls herself a descendant of Sherlock Holmes. She tries to solve mysteries that happen at school together with her partner Yuki Matsumoto who she calls Watson. Her method is to use deduction to prove guild of a girl and then force that girl to making love. There are 4 cases in total in the main part. Basically the chapter usually starts with incident occurrence, followed by information collection, suspect accusation and either H event on success or failure if the wrong person is chosen. It looks pretty sick to parody great detective franchises of the time like Kindaichi or detective Conan and present it in such a light-minded form. 13. Moe ~Moegiiro no Machi~ Moe ~萌黄色の町~ [000225] Unison Shift Winter. Hero lives peacefully in his own pace. But with so many girls around him gradually a new feeling is born. I just can't believe my eyes. The same Union Shift that we know for bitterest utsuge series started with something like this. There are eight heroines and there are two endings for each one. One playthrough is one hour. Lack of volume and thus lack of depth is the biggest flaw. 14. Moonlight ~Omoide no Hajimari~ MoonLight ~おもいでのはじまり~ [000225] Clear School that hero attended is going to be closed down. There are only two months left to say proper goodbyes to the classmates. Every hour of this time with the most important people should be cherished. Debut work of Clear, but a high quality one. There are five heroines. The first half is for flagging and the second for dates and endings (there are bad endings in case of poor choices). Difficulty level is quite high. The atmosphere is quite special and a bit dark thanks to the feeling of loss. Text is good and easy to read. All the characters are quite attractive. Imitation of Kanon is felt in the picture, structure and text (game even takes place in winter as well). Also protagonist only transferred to this school the previous semester and it's really difficult to believe that he already has bad feelings about abandoning school. Characters are properly linked around the different routes. So it's a very solid start, but in the end game's a charage and Kanon imitation, although a good one, and thus not a masterpiece. 15. Phantom of Inferno [000225] Nitroplus 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 Phantom of Inferno is a story detailing the life of a 15-year-old Japanese boy who is kidnapped after witnessing the killing of a reporter. After being kidnapped his memories of his past life are erased and is given the choice to join Inferno or die. He makes the only choice he can to join and is given the name Zwei and will study under Ein. She is also known as Phantom since this is the title given to the organization's top assassin. I don't think this work needs introduction. The first game of Nitroplus became a blockbuster and even was imported to the west market in English. It's the best game of early Nitroplus games. I still believe that it lacks depth, but there's so much coolness in this work that it'd be enough for a dozen of action games. But as I read reviews on this game the scores weren't too high and DVD format and its system was to blame. Some had trouble with disappearing subtitles, some with subtitles fonts and some with the password system which sometimes goes without another password for two-three hours straight. So I thought that people should stop reviewing game system and start reviewing its content, so I've made my own video playthrough of the game with both English and Japanese subtitles, all five good endings and a clear structure. I'll try to use this work for study purposes thanks to double subtitles. So here is the link to my video playthrough. 16. Road Love Story ロードラブストーリー [000225] Corett Ryo Uehara was on summer vacations when the elementary school girl living next door rang the doorbell. She explained with tears that before the summer vacations she had a quarrel with boy Yura Yuta and then he changed schools so they could not properly make it up. Hero takes boy's photo and jumps into a bus to begin his search. It's a travel adventure. There's a lot of map movement. Somehow, all those movements are exhausting and asking the same questions about the boy all the time does not make it more interesting. The whole synopsis looks unreal and the original aim of finding a boy very soon gets behind. It's not necessarily a bad game, but it's difficult to find appeal points in it. 17. Senjutsu Youhei Shidan Brave Blade 戦術傭兵師団ブレイブブレイド [000225] To Be 400 hundred years ago the continent was ruled by demon kings, but eventually he was slayed with the help of holy sword Brave Blade. Now hero who is mercenary captain acquires this blade. A girl requests help from a tyrant. Hero sets to investigate and on the way he discovers and frees girls who are possessed by evil dresses "R-Enhance". No remorse for the tyrant! Tactical turn-based strategy with rules reminding some difficult board game. There are 16 chapters with adventure, simulation and free action parts in each. There are permanent companions and mercenaries who appear just for one battle and have to be paid anew. Early part is bland and later on fights take just enormous amount of time. Rules are difficult to grasp and aren't explained so there's a long learning by mistakes. Story is ok, but this breaking armor of girl generals does not let it flow seriously. 18. Tsukiyo no Hitomi wa Kurenai ni 月夜の瞳は紅に [000225] Discovery Masato is a sophomore student in Kaori high school. He confesses to the girl of his interest, but gets rejected. In grief he occasionally breaks the seal of a shrine and releases vampire Kiko. She is hungry for human blood, but Masato sees a cute little girl in her and eagerly gives away blood. Later he notices he can use special abilities. He wanders around the town in search for assistance and new love... During the game Kiko becomes transparent and comes behind the hero. The main character will master the three abilities of Kiko: "Fascination" (creating a good impression on a girl), "people perception" (you see girls icons on a map) and "Future sense" (can hear Kiko's opinion on what's going to happen with each of the choices). Text is very rough and not fun to read. Other than Kiko routes look bland. There is a comedy touch to the story, but it's not remotely enough. First playtime is around 5 hours. 19. Tsukushite Agechau 尽くしてあげちゃう [000225] Trabulance Main character is hooligan who spends school days fighting and now is hospitalized due to a minor incident. A cute girl visits him there. Other girls get jealous and a fierce girl battle for the hero begins. Easygoing and short love comedy. There are 5+1 heroines and playtime is around 3 hours. Game series involves somewhat aggressive girls behavior. Story is quite simple, nothing really stands out, but there's a constant feeling that something is lacking. BLOCKED 1. Nurunuru Shiru Jigoku 2000 ぬるぬる汁地獄2000 [000201] Soft Circle Courreges Slimy series are back! Now with irresistible love for swimwear girls! Nukige 2. Hexa ~Nikuyoku no Hatsukakan~ HEXA ~肉欲の二十日間~ [000202] Societa Daikanyama Main character takes the same train home every day, because there are always same six cute women in the same train. He likes to see how their appearance changes daily. However, his fun is about to end in 20 days with transfer to another town. And he takes the courage and becomes proactive towards them. Nukige 3. Bishoujo Ren'ai Mahjong Series: Karan Koron Gakuen: Pure Love Hen 美少女恋愛麻雀シリーズ 華蘭虎龍学園 ぴゅあらぶ編 [000202] J-Wing 1 Main character wants to find love, and for that he challenges three new girls in mahjong. Girl stories have following titles: "When cherry blossoms dance", "You are through the camera lenses" and "The thought of young age". Card game 4. Iemoto 家元 [000204] Zero Main character inherits a mystery flower arrangement facility that originated 600 years ago. The art of making flower bowls is nurtured there, but women take the place of vases... In a month's time his father is going to die, and main character is expected to express himself well with the new art. Nukige 5. Cherry Works ~Boku ga Imouto o Daita Riyuu~ Cherry Works ~ボクが妹を抱いた理由~ [000210] Guts! A guy went with his step sister to see about joining the art club. What they came upon were the club members having fun. To keep their secret, the club president decided to make the brother/sister's rumored close relationship closer. To do that, he will teach them how to have fun. How well he can do that will have different results. Nukige 6. Hana no Kioku Dai 5 Shou 花の記憶 第5章 [000210] Foster Collection of five short erotic stories. 1. Office lady find satisfaction on a date or right at the workplace. 2. Tour guide finds several different opportunities for sex on a trip 3. Girl conducts a survey through different flats, and some inhabitants get very excited 4. Kendo club girl either gets assaulted at school or gents into gentle relations at home 5. School nurse harasses a girl during health check or enjoys fantasies Antology + Nukige 7. Hidden ~Himerareta Yokubou~ Hidden~秘められた欲望~ [000210] Unicorn-A Main character got a part-time job at the SM bar. Soon he got interested in SM under influence of the mistress Rie. There are three girls for training, each able to become either M or S. Nukige 8. Saiinjutsu 催淫術 [000210] Beenyan Harada is a weak-willed student and virtually under the thumb of Minayo, the beautiful but oddball president of the school's Occult Club. But this situation will change dramatically when the male protagonist starts experimenting with a mysterious pendant he accidentally discovered amidst the old paraphernalia of the Occult Club... Nukige 9. Started Dirge [000213] Guerilla Corps John Swift is a Japanese-English half who lives in London. He encounters Ares boy in the neighborhood and they gradually become close friends. One day Ares family gets shot down by bandits while Ares getting kidnapped and probably also killed afterwards. Many years ago boys reunite, but they are not the same anymore... This episode starts as John receives a warning from Ares. A few days later a woman Jessica appeared before his eyes. Yaoi 10. Luvllatio*Maniax [000217] AnotherRoom Main character is only interested in blowjobs. One day he receives an email from the supervisor of a blowjob specialized adult website "LUVLLATIO". That email changes his life completely. Nukige 11. Iinari いいなり [000218] Zero Main character begins experimenting with Mizuki who he met on a sex friend search website. To what extent a pure innocent girl can be corrupted? Nukige 12. Yuukai Reijou Choukyou 誘拐 令嬢調教 [000218] Gondola Main character confines different types of girls and starts their training. With time they begin to recognize and accept the pleasures of M. Nukige 13. Maze メイズ~迷図~ [000224] Bishop Koichi Hirose is an ordinary salary man. He reunites with his former classmate Risa who works as a customs officer, but also manages an SM club. Koichi suffers a shock upon approaching SM world for the first time, but gradually his dark desires started to awaken. Koichi his several cute co-workers at the office and unconsciously he starts to treat them as his slaves which brings a disaster... Nukige 14. P.S. 3 ~Harem Night~ P.S.3 ~ハーレムナイト~ [000224] Uran Main character is an administrator of the secret web site called "PS" or "The Net". From his student years to his professor days he's been skillfully manipulating women turning them into slaves. Now he's going to train a new group of slaves thus forming his epic harem. Nukige 15. Future Doll 未来人形 [000225] Spiral One morning an android girl bursts into main character's apartment. Hero is a very lucky man - he is chosen out of a million people to test new bio android prototype "Future Doll". This special android type adapts to master's character and can perform all wife duties. The testing period is 30 days, but if it is a success, hero can get hmiself a wife forever. Nukige 16. Genzai ~Innocent Guilt~ 原罪 ~innocent guilt~ [000225] Uran (Studio Kuon) 1930s, a certain European country. Lord Sir John F. Wright is a huge asset owner but has a nice personality. He lives together with his grandson Will F. Wright who is game's main character. Will F. Wright has the same disease as his grandfather and curses his fate for this limited lifespan. Main character hates everything in this world and secretly aims at insulting the girls that his grandfather cares for. Nukige 17. Henai 偏愛 [000225] Vanilla In the darkness of a sleepless nights the events of ten years ago come to mind. That was the time when main character tried to bind his sister-in-law for the first time raising her affection for him. Now hero works as teacher on practice. He did not even dream that working in school would grant him such a wonderful opportunity to practice his bondage skills. Nukige 18. Karei 家隷 [000225] Sorciere Main character wants to protect his company on the verge of bankruptcy. In order to do that he has to follow the will of Takagi who financially supports him. What Takagi wants main character to do is to train three women as obedient slaves. Nukige 19. My Fairink Yousei Byakuya Monogatari Myフェアりんく 妖精白夜物語 [000225] Light Plan One day hero finds a fairy falling unconscious in the forest. He takes her home. Fairy tells her story that she fell in love with a human and now wishes to gain a human form with magic. Hero wishes to cooperate and supply magical powers by providing sexual magic. This way their unusual cohabitation begins. Nukige 20. Shiyouzumi ~Condom~ 使用済 ~CONDOM~ [000225] Guilty All people have "desires" and "dreams". From silly ones, to grand ones. For many people, that dream or desire is sealed deep inside of them. However, they are still there, waiting to be fulfilled. Five people appear, each with dreams and desires. Will they get the chance to fulfill their desires? Nukige 21. Triangle Heart ~Love Love Omochabako~ とらいあんぐるハート ~ラブラブおもちゃ箱~ [000225] Fan-disc for Triangle heart, featuring new short stories, mini-games, accessories etc. Also includes a new character. Fandisk 22. Departures [0002] Ochanomizu Electronic Manuf Starting from tomorrow I shall travel with mercenary Tudus and fulfill my dream of adventures! Doujin. Game is free and flash-based. But it was eventually released with heroines voice and graphics aren't bad at all (backgrounds are photo based though). They go on adventure and meed five different girls. There are seven endings overall. Length is actually substantial, over 10 hours. There aren't good reviews of it
  11. There's a big change since 2000. From now on I'm starting to block visual novels by certain criteria (fandisk, nukige, shounen ai, yaoi, antology, demo, non-Japanese, EVN, otome, doujin) which means I'll still note them at the back of the post, but will only provide a synopsis, an opening song and review links where possible. But there is also a good news - I'll be making reviews and video walkthroughs of at least one route from the games of the month.Gensou no Artemis, Lien ~Owaranai Kimi no Uta~ and Treating 2U are the masterpieces of the month. And VN of the Month January 2000 is Lien ~Owaranai Kimi no Uta~. That's a very solid start of the year. 1. Kurayami Zaka no Ie 暗闇坂の家 [000101] h.m.p Afterwar Tokyo. There is a hill called "dark slope". There is an old house where master is missing for 18 years already. Women in the house still know nothing of that mysterious disappearance. That is the beginning of the story about serial killer. First of all, it's 3D as well as other h.m.p. games. It's a mystery solving game and gameplay is mostly exploring old buildings. I tend to block 3D if it has sexual content and h.m.p. used to be eroge creator, but neither the box, nor reviews mention sexual content presence (there is a scene of bathing in a tube), so should be safe to leave it here. 2. Innocent na Tenshi-tachi INNOCENTな天使たち [000114] For Main character had just entered university when he got hit by a car. He recovers in the hospital and only joins the study from Autumn. School director's daughter gets raped and the whole campus gets into a chaos. Suspicions arise everywhere. Main character gets to assist in the investigation. What awaits hero at the crossroads of his life? Please, please open the door of your heart to these heroines. There are five heroines. All girls have some secrets and troubles of the past. One route takes less than an hour. There are some bad endings in addition to good ones. It looks like a detective story, but detective element is too thin - it's a normal romance game. And it can be enjoyed as one. 3. Rasen Kairou 螺旋回廊 [000114] Age Yuuzi Saeki, is an assistant teacher at a university. His students convince him to buy a computer and he buys an expensive one even though he knows nothing about how to use them. While learning how to operate it, he finds a link to a website called Eden. Visiting there he sees that its about abducting girls, rape and worse... And the site claims that they take personal orders... I know this is a nukige, but this is Age! Same Age that made Muv-luv and what not! So I'm curious here. First of all, there is an intrigue of who actually is the puppeteer - the truth shows up only gradually. Secondly, it's not that much of an erotic work, it lacks eroticism. Thirdly... some claim this game to be the originator of pure devil games ... something that even SEEK games could not achieve. Here there's no training, no evolution, no ultimate good goal... just pure darkness and destruction that's getting deeper and deeper. The strangest thing in all that is that main character is not some student, but a proper professor, so these desires look quite silly on behalf of such man. Age must be real geniuses in everything they are doing. 4. Seishin Hakai Kanketsuhen 精神破壊完結編 [000115] unknown An adventure game that takes place 600 years after the events of the first Seishin Hakai The stage is underground research center. Main character is the inventor. This time we can either prioritize mystery or just chase afte the girls, it works both way. Game is also free and leaves bad aftertaste. 5. Faustus ~Megumareshi Mono~ ファウスタス ~恵まれし者~ [000119] Gipsy An ancient magician had the knowledge to resurrect with a ceremony. That awakening triggered a magical war involving the whole world. Magicians of the old stood up to protect humanity. Nowadays news reporter Merlin discovers the ancient secret of resurrection and awakens Simon the Magus and the vicious circle repeats itself. Will humanity survive? Simon the Magus is actually the real protagonist of the story. The selling point of the game is magic battles. You get a magical grimoir and five different colored sources of mana. Developers promise 300 different magical spells in our repertoire. There's no real tutorial or explanation so it gets quite difficult even for native speaker. Game has trouble installing since it does not recognize partitions over 2gb. Since there's close to zero chance that someone finishes here's the spoilers: magicians are actually aliens from planet of Eden. They depleted mana resources from their star and came to Earth. They actually created atmosphere from lava as well as living creatures and finally mankind. Simon the Magus was the bearer of "festus" title eventually decided to get rid of the mankind and their eternal vices. Such mages as Drakula, Merlin, Pharaoh opposed that decision since not all people were evil. They sealed Simon the Magus, but could not find the concealed by Simon mothership "arc" and their power was fading. But new enemy Noah appeared, so magicians collaborated to oppose him. Phew, at least we're not gonna kill humans in the game. And even that's not the end since afterwards Merlin gets completely insane trying to destroy the world and the mother ship "ark" altogether. Story is as muddy as this. Actually the story is only explained in the end and most of the time there's no idea what's going on. Five bosses are females and that's the main source of H scenes, mostly with tentacles. 6. Onikiri-den 鬼斬伝 [000121] Jupiter Thousands years ago a great demon was defeated. That demon appears again in modern time. Momotaro's reincarnation Momota set off to defeat the evil again. An adventure quiz game with a story featuring familiar characters from old japanese tales. What a weird game. Success on fighting the demons depends on the timed answers to the quizzes... Famous characters like Kaguya Hime don't really add the appeal. Game's quite short as well, some 4 hours length. 7. Gensou no Artemis 幻想のアルテミス [000127] Shoeisha 1 The game takes place in Ikoma Aku Torres Actress School where different girls go to grow their perfomance abilities, and one night when a performing is taking place the owner of the school jump off a roof to the death. The police think that is just a suicide, but the motive is still a mystery, so the people on charge of the school decide to hire a private detective (Kiyouiti Kusakabe) to make an investigation. So when they hire him they decide that he enters the school as a new instructor in the academy. That's when the game begins. Player takes the role of a detective that has to investigate a murder in an actress school, the game at the beginning let the player choose between 5 different girls to help him in his investigation, each of them got a different story and the game will go in a different way depending of that choice, and also the ending. The main part of the game is to solve the case but during the investigation the player will also talk to different people and girls and there is a chance of a possible romance with any of them, so the game is also a dating simulation. Glad to see that Lipstick ADV conception is alive and having an assistant on you side is really the best way to get to know the girl. Quite a quality galge. Good masterpiece call. 8. Forever My Love - Kimi o Wasurenai Forever My Love・君を忘れない [000128] F&C Hero had a dream of studying abroad in an international academy and now his dream comes true. Meet you new acquaintances and use card conversation system for communication. Card conversation system is not intuitive and not really a good idea. Girls are anime-style and too aggressive. No really attractive girls. No skipping allowed. Otherwise it's a dating SIM below the standard level. 9. Hakutou 魄冬~はくとう~ [000128] Zenos Our guy wants to move out of his home town into the big city. Before he can do that, he has to do a five day husband and wife ceremony with his childhood girl on new years day. This ceremony comes from the tragic legend of two sisters, their childhood guy and another nasty guy. Can he successfully complete this event, free some spirits and find love at the same time? The atmosphere of Sengoku is not bad, but the actual "tragedy" is too light. Actions of characters look spontaneous. The structure is looped with the past events, but there's still no satisfactory explanation. There are too many symbols with real persons almost pushed to behind. Multiple choices open up with additional playthroughs. Game lacks excitement and feels unfinished in many ways. 10. Kaseki no Uta 化石の歌 [000128] Age The Protagonist and his sister are brought to a mansion by a catgirl. The mansion lady lets him stay, but he has to work as a doll trainer. He trains created females in virtual worlds. His own world doesn't seem all that real either, with all those maids, the lady and weird mansion owner. Can he regain his lost memory and figure out what's going on? Well such synopsis would be blocked for some unknown company, but we're talking about "Age" here - is it new Nocturnal Illusion? Setting is unusual. Distant future where the whole galaxy is inhabited, but interstellar trade fell into dysfunction and there are a lot of abandoned colonies. Decadent atmosphere prevails. Game period is one week, and we indeed have to raise doll girls. We enter virtal spaces and look for pieces of memory. The atmosphere is good and graphics is very beautiful and there are a lot of well thought details. But... in he end it's just a museum eroge. The amount of text is thin. Unlike ordinary museum eroge, difficulty level of clearing is high and getting to true ending is troublesome. Setting is difficult to grasp, but there does not seem to be any good consistent story here. 11. Larentia ~Netsujou no Miyako~ ラレンティア ~情熱の都~ [000128] Nikukyuu Julius is an aspiring adventurer visiting port city of Genoa in Larentia region. The city is prospering and thus there is a constant shortage of manpower. Julius answers the call to make a name for himself over three years. Training SIM + realtime action battles. It is also possible to hire up to four mercenary heroines participate in battle. Action part is quite well done and there can be up to some 70 people on the screen. But there is literally no main storyline. Just take on missions and develop relations with the mercenary girls. If you ok with that, it's a very entertaining game. 12. Lien ~Owaranai Kimi no Uta~ Lien ~終わらない君の唄~ [000128] Purple 1 2 When I regained consciousness, it seemed I had died. At first, experiencing things as a spirit (like, going through things) was somewhat fun, but I soon got a grip on myself. Well, what to do now. It looks like a wild dream, but it's not as if I feel resentment or pain. I don't feel the necessity to achieve anything either. Even after becoming a ghost, I commute to school as usual. Days pass by nonchalantly, but those days are forever lost to me. Yet, even after having passed away, I'm remaining here. People I interacted with. New memories. A frozen flow of time. A running flow of time. In-between, I am in those maidens' everyday. There's a great English review of this game. 13. O-Hanabatake no Flore お花畑のフローレ [000128] Kuroneko-san Team New title in Magic Witch Parfait universe. The story is about Furetre, Parfait and Lennett who are 11 years old and like growing flowers. Grow over 50 different varieties of flowers with them! Eeew... PASS. Opening is good as usual. 14. Oumagatoki no Kioku 逢魔ヶ刻の記憶 [000128] Black Package Main character heads mystery research club and loves walking around the school exploring various mysteries. It's not an official club, but student council turns a blind eye on it. One day hero gets caught in the middle of ridiculous incident because of exploring... Back at old times Black Package was making decent games instead of nukige. There is both visual novel and gameplay item search parts. H events only start massively since the second half. Scenario-wise it's very fragmentary and messy. It's not explained why all girls love hero already. Hero actions are also very spontaneous - he can start attacking just because of a small reprimand or just because of situation like seeing a crouching girl. 15. Rose or Lose [000128] Ciel Sawaki summoned an angel Rose and a devil Lose by chance. They are about to destroy the world, but agree to set a condition that the world could be saved if Sawaki found a lifetime partner in the remaining 5 months. The world's fate is in your hands! Raising SIM with six girls. Make a schedule for a week and trigger events on maps, common stuff. Synopsis is very stupid, but text is ok. Graphics is as if came from shoujo game. But price is low so it's a good cost efficiency for lovers of such kind of games. At least Ciel dropped its initial nukige style and working towards more neutral games. 16. Ryuuki Denshou 3 竜機伝承3 [000128] KSS Inc. Knight defeated an evil dragon, but his shrine maiden lover also died as a result. Now the devastated lover gathers forces to conquer the world. Hero is an adventurer who is requested to investigate the circumstances of northern fort destruction overnight. I think I only touched first part since I could not find any text information on the second part. As a longstanding tradition SRPG part here is akin to previous parts, very simple and in squares. The hero party can include at least 6 people in it. Story is solid, but I don't feel confident to discuss it. 17. Tenshi no Hina 天使のひな [000128] Bell-Da Hero lost parents, but inherited huge assets at his age of 19 years old. He got lots of attention from all kind of people and withdrew to the villa where he contracted an incurable disease capable of killing in few months. At that time a woman who claimed to be the manager of deceased parents came to the villa. She brought a big egg saying that she was an angel born from the egg and now she would grand hero one wish... Not sure what's with the wish, because girl just gets to live with hero for several days... Quite sad to see Bell-Da falling for nukige as well. It's not just H though, there are some parameters and some planning to do. There's also a clicking game so that noone dies out of boredom, but there's still a good possibility of it. 18. Treating 2U [000128] Blue Gale 1 2 3 Tsutsumi Inosuke is a musician who makes his living by working at a convenience store. But his life changes when he’s taken to a hospital because of a cold and is told to stay at the hospital. There, he meets many people including a small boy, his mother, the nurses, and other people at the hospital… There's an English review for this game. 19. White Angel [000128] light Hero lives along in the house. One day he goes from school with childhood friend Ichigo when his cousin Aya and maid Karen suddenly push into living with him. And feeling the warmth of relations he starts to recover memories sealed in the past... There are six heroines with one playthrough about 2-3 hours. There's a constant feeling that it lacks uniqueness and it's been already before. There is a feature of stories composing in the game and downloading plug-ins via the internet, but it's a bad excuse to disregard the story. 20. White ~Setsunasa no Kakera~ White ~セツナサのカケラ~ [000128] NekoNeko Soft That winter, and those women he met... First of all, character design (especially in CG), composition and structure looks very much alike Kanon, but story-wise game tries to differentiate from Kanon as much as possible. Period is some 18 days. There are five heroines. It's a quality warm galge with a good scenario. But masterpiece level needs something to stand out. BLOCKED 1. Yuuyake -November- 夕焼け - November - [000104] Tactics Main character studues in high school together with four classmates. There are four stories, each with a specific theme: 1. "To the innocent eyes" 「無邪気な瞳に」 2. "Shake feeling" 「揺らぐ想い」 3. "Wipe the wound" 「傷をぬぐうように」 4. "Looking up at the sky" 「空を見上げたら」 Antology 2. Duette 2 Duette II ~デュエット2~ [000109] Stage-nana No info. Fandisk 3. Irainin ~Metamorphose~ 依頼人~メタモルフォーゼ~ [000114] Factor Main character is an elite psychiatrist who works at a famous university hospital. He has a hobby of manipulating patients will with technique and special medicine and recording results on a video. One day he finds his psychiatrist grandfather research results. It's a study of how to manipulate humans freely, both personality, memory and athletic ability. Main character decides to inherit his grandfather's skill and make use of his hobby. Nukige 4. Minto ~Kasuka ni Kaoru Kaze o Kanjite~ みんと ~かすかに香る、風を感じて~ [000114] K'Night! One summer night three naked fairies came to hero's room. They decided to live together with him, but hero did not know where to get his eyes since fairies knew nothing about their femininity, feelings of romance or shame. As fairies and hero learn about each other with every new day, what choices will they make? Nukige 5. Thanksgiving Special サンクスギビングSPECIAL [000114] Excellents 1 The CD has five mini games that come in the form of three Adventure games, Jan-Ken-Pon and a Shooter game. Gameplay of the Adventure games is linear. Antology 6. Aegi no Yakata 2 あえぎの館2 [000120] Aquarius Main character stopped going to school in order to work part-time at a construction site. Money is being spent on apartment, gambling and clothes - what kind of life is that? A suspicious man offers him a job to train a girl in ten days, and main character welcomes the opportunity. Nukige 7. Nozoku 覗 ~のぞく~ [000121] Hyperspace Main character gets acquainted with a cute girl. He asks around about here living place and sees a horny scene upon arrival. He decides to stuff the house with peeping equipment. Nukige 8. Yume Tenshi R 夢・天・使R [000121] Triangle This is a virtual simulation entertainment salon. The number of available characters is less than in prequel, but the variety of situations is greatly improved. Nukige 9. Nightmare [000127] Gin no Ken Kyle reunites with his half brother Lark on a rainy night. Brother feels well, but something is wrong about him. Golden eyes stare at the past, his soul is trapped in dreams. He is a vampire now... Kyle enters the cold heart of Lark to save him as there is still a strong bond between the half-brothers. The nightmare of memories is about to begin... Doujin 10. Akirame あきらめ [000128] 1 Shuji Mikami goes to Hokuyo High School, and he decides to attend the annual college preparation lecture. The truth is, he doesn't need to go, but he has a purpose; he's looking for his beautiful childhood friend Misaki. Shuji and his sex slave Hikaru start acting in order to achieve the goal... Nukige 11. Chijoku Yuugi 恥辱遊戯 [000128] Aquarium In a dimly-lit room there's a lonely nude girl. She is sitting on the floor with her hands tied behind her back. Her background and fate depends on choices. Nukige 12. Dokisuro 2 ドキスロ2 [000128] Melo There's a mysterious new style slot action game club. Main character comes here to test his luck and compete against ten girls. Nukige 13. Inagawa de Ikou!! 猪名川でいこう!! [000128] Leaf 1 An amusement CD collection with characters and stuff from Comic Party and White Album. The game Night Writer is also included with this CD. Night Writer is mainly a typing game featuring Corin. You battle demons from Dr^2 Night Janki by typing words for your attacks. Fandisk. 14. Private Eyes プライベートアイズ [000128] J-Box There are three great girls living in the same building as main character. He does not dare to talk to them out of shyness. But one day Chinese friend brings him a mysterious blue bottle as a souvenir. After drinking it protagonist becomes invisible... Now he has the courage to touch the neighboring girls. And if he does everything right, girls will get aroused. Nukige 15. Twilight Theater トワイライトシアター [000128] Komaya A college student finds a rental shop called Twilight where he gets to borrow a new generation media called a visual disc. The disk contains nine software pieces enclosing all kinds of lustful desires. Nukige 16. Variety Tactics ばらえてぃたくちくす! [000128] Tactics Fandisk containing among other goodies following games: 1. The legend of Initial T (RPG) 2. Undress 2000 (Quiz) 3. Bells sing a song (ADV based on Suzu ga Utau Hi) Fandisk 17. BF [0001] Ritz software BF is a high school-type BL game. You play the main character, Nozomu Kasahara up to Valentine's day. Early in the new school year, he's helped by some upper classmen he didn't know before, and his story becomes entwined with theirs. Being with friends, taking tests, enjoying himself at the school festival... Who he ends up with at the end depends on you. Yaoi
  12. 1990s are over. And to commemorate that I've made a video playlist of all the openings/demo/endings with singing/energetic instrumental from 1990s here I'll be making such playlists for each new year starting with 2000 since each year is going to have over 100 such opening/ending/demo themes. Second Windows era year is behind. It failed to bring such a game that I'd announce Vn of the year 1999 right away. Instead, it brought a number of quality galge and some quirky cryptic games that I personally had a good time unwinding. Let's prolong the chart. VN per year Year Total Listed Blocked 1991 75 40 (53%) 35 (47%) 1992 80 49 (61%) 31 (39%) 1993 121 46 (38%) 75 (62%) 1994 155 61 (39%) 94 (61%) 1995 180 58 (32%) 122 (68%) 1996 183 83 (46%) 100 (54%) 1997 202 91 (45%) 111 (55%) 1998 303 133 (44%) 170 (56%) 1999 441 164 (37%) 277 (63%) Windows years show a rapid increase in number of games, almost 50% total growth overall compared to 1998. In 1999 there's a shift towards blocked games, mostly because of nukige number increase. Let's look at year 1999 highlights: It becomes a habit to issue first press edition with some omake inside and then regular edition. Doujin fan games make an appearance. Notably there is one doujin game for "One" and as many as three doujin games for "Kanon" in 1999. And Comic Party is notable for this movement. There was a short momentum of console games transition to PC with H scenes added (Kiss yori...), but it did not gain much continuation. In 1999 child pornography law came into force in Japan and from that time every single heroine in the games suddenly turned 18 years old. But appearance might suggest otherwise - such heroines started to be called loli. Year 1998 was notable mostly for graphic advances (thus the small number of masterpieces), but it hit the limit and in 1999 there is much more attention to the scenario. Nakige as class did not exist till 1999. But throughout the year it gained a universal spread and multiple magazines were making the list of the best nakige of 1999. Command selection ADV is almost extinct this year. Even Adam:The Doublefactor went for point-and-click instead. To choose the game of the year 1999 let's observe the masterpieces presented: Captain Love Comic party Elemental Arts Green Kanon Kazeoto, Chirin L no Kisetsu: A piece of memories Mamatoto ~a record of war~ Memories Off Refrain Love 2 Silver Jiken Spark! Tokimeki Memorial 2 So, thirteen. A very solid selection. I don't really have a personal favorite here. And there is no such work that I'd say - yes - it' perfect. Taking out cryptic, simulation, rpg, bakage and ero-centered works we basically left only with Captain Love, Kanon, L no Kisetsu, Memories Off, Refrain Love 2 - a bunch of pretty normal galge. And among those Kanon quality level is significantly higher and thus Kanon is the Vn of the Year 1999.
  13. There are surprisingly many masterpieces this month. There are three: Elemental Arts, Green and SPARK! My personal favourtite would of course be Vist, but even I understand that it lacks the masterpiece level. The game of the Month December 1999 is Elemental Arts since I would not like to compliment eroge'ish Green and bakage'ish SPARK! 1. Vist [991202] C's Ware 1 In a rainy night, the cops are investigating a bizarre murder scene. "What he saw?" - wonders the detective. Takuto, the protagonist, is a sickly highschool student with a heart disease. His father is a scientist and researcher who is traveling overseas. Even thought he is alone in home, his neighbor and university student Rin come visit him every day, and every night his father call him and they talk by phone. But one day, his father stops calling and they lost contact. Takuto wonders if something happened to him and contacts the laboratory where his father works. But the staff members dont' know anything. Takuto is worried, until one day a strange girl called Eryu appears in his house with a letter from his father. "I'm sorry ------" - Says the last words of his father. And something who don't look to be human starts to approach the hero, who little by little get caught in the case of the bizarre murders. And seeing the disturbing signs --- a heartbeat began to drift. I've already provided full review in the previous post. But now I'm interested what other reviewers think of the game. №1:Have not understood the end... chapter 5 too fast development... the impressive reunion scene missing... there is no excitement in the ending at all... have to load game if there is a single counterattack. №2:Replay is very painful due to complex system... bloodshed scenes glorious... HCG quite large number... this work is not balanced... unexplained and esoteric development leaves bad aftertaste. №3:Hard to understand story... story is good, but story development is not good... first two chapter sluggish, but next two chapters thrilling.  №4:Totally suspense... repeated playthrough is troublesome... very bad that losing in battle can get bad ending fixed... if only 5th chapter scenario was deeper it would be a masterpiece... it's one of the best masterpieces of suspense genre... why no male voicing (cries)... atmosphere is good... scenario is of high quality... not a work that leaves something after it is over. Wow, I can totally subscribe to every word here. Very strange, but very fascinating and mysterious work. 2. Alive [991203] Witch 1 A winter story. Kihara Yuuji , Sawaki Yuriko and Sakagami Yuzuki. A trio of best friends, two of them recently being a couple and the last blessing and watching over them. A short happiness that suddenly escapes everyone's hands as tragedy strikes and kills one of them. This is a story where the protagonist tries to overcome such a sorrow. The unforgiveable sin that is love. An eternal damnation. An unavoidable and cruel destiny. Unrequited feelings. And, caught in the middle, good and kind people who are in the end but innocent sacrifices. Game actually feels very different from the synopsis. The trio happy school life introduction is very long so it's possible to get bored even at this stage. But the main part after sudden Yuzuki death is quite short and underdeveloped. There are four girls with their routes. But actually only main heroine route and true endings have some impact - the others are totally bland - there just is not enough discussions and expressions. A but shift in quality. That might be actually improved in the "Renewal" release in 2001. Overall it's a game based on atmosphere only. 3. La vie de Chateau ラヴィドシャトゥ La vie dechateau [991203] Artifact Medieval-style heroic fantasy. A young knight apprentice dreams of marrying princess Felicia and to achieve this goal he needs to form connections with a wide range of important or useful women. It's a self-raising SIM. Period is 6 months. We train each day and there are also events to trigger. If you train diligently you see how your rank rises. There are also duels in the game (with husbands, naturally) and it's satisfying to see that your stats actually determine your attack/defense/constitution. But text in the game is very slow and need to press shift for each screen separately. There are also quite many bugs around. 4. Nanairo Daydream ~Nanami Wonderland 2~ なないろ☆デイドリーム ~NA・NA・MIワンダーランド2~ [991203] Archive This time there are private situations from the lives of three sisters : Mikuri, Mizuki, Milk. Same as prequel, just H. Choose a situation and enjoy. 5. POW ~Horyo~ POW ~捕虜~ [991203] FlyingShine Mankind extends its living area to Mars. However, the generation that is born on Mars starts to appeal to autonomy of Mars, and eventually civil war breaks out. Government decides to thread carefully and the situation is frozen for five years. Mars history year 79. Main character receives command from Mars government to capture and interrogate female elite soldiers of the three enemy reconnaissance units ... An SF simulation game. First there's a strategic battle, next there's interrogation SIM. Just when I hoped for a normal SF story... 6. Ren'Ai Kumikyoku 恋愛組曲 [991203] Libido Hero gets into an all-girl school band as a result of the injury of sempai. He is responsible for the keyboard and there is a rhythm minigame introduced to measure his success. Another Libido game... somehow they all look the same to me and keyword here is tasteless. Now you also need to play the keyboard as if it was a piano. Apart of that it's not much different from a galge. There are 8 heroines to capture. Well, it's not that the story changes for each character. Scenario is painful to read without skipping. 7. Spark! SPARK! [991203] Cat's Pro. Protagonist is a normal high school student, has at times he sees strange scenes and gets depressed. One day he meets transfer student Yanan Michiru who calls herself an agent of human world management institution. According to her tale, hero has an ability to see the world where the balance is being broken by a stray angel. They will go to school together and search for an angel. It's a comedy work at school setting. The purpose to find the angel does not really matter in the end and there's just a series of events triggered. The process is more valuable than the result here and it's just exciting to see what happens in the new dream. It may be a bakage, but its strength is not in individual gags, but in the flow they create so that it feels like a melody. Even H-scenes are overflowing with playfulness and humor. That's a very unique atmosphere created and it's worthy to be called a masterpiece. 8. Bishoujo Ren'ai Mahjong Series: Karan Koron Gakuen: Dokidoki Hen 美少女恋愛麻雀シリーズ 華蘭虎龍学園 どきどき編 [991205] J-Wing 1 Player takes role of a young high school student who is trying to find love. And for that he will play different versions of mahjong against three different girls. Card game 9. Moonlight Blue [991207] Studio Til Main character enters the desired university. His education life is very fun, but the apartment he moves into appears to be inhabited by a ghost girl... Doujin 10. Nekomimi Musume Choukyou S 猫耳娘調教 S [991210] Neko no Kessha Teacher entrusts main character to train a cat girl within two weeks. Will protagonist succeed? And what personality will cat girl embrace - nasty one or gentle one? Doujin 11. Baldr Fist BALDRFIST [991210] Team Baldrhead 1 2 Baldr Fist is a branching adventure game with 2D action-shooter elements. I think everyone by now should be familiar with baldr games gameplay - long range weapons for the safety, close range for the excitement. There are 6 heroines total for capture. Scenario has gone downhill compared to Baldr Head and is almost nonexistant. This game should rather be treated as gameplay polish since it reached new heights of enjoyment and fun. 12. Blood Royal [991210] Cherry Soft 1 A perverted pirate sails the seven seas, armed with a torture chamber and his depraved imagination. Nothing is off limits in this bizarre excursion into a world of erotic peril. Two Princesses try to run away from their homelands only to end up in his hands. This is a story about how these two persevere and get through this torture. There's an English review. 13. Elemental Arts エレメンタルアーツ [991210] BAROQUE 1 It's been ten years since the Devil was defeated by five heroes. Peace was maintained under the rule of the heroes. People kept summoning demons and forced them to work and live and terrible conditions. Ren lived in a mountain locket with his parents. Occasionally girl named Lier came from the village to visit them. But one day Ren was attacked by a group of three bounty hunters who were searching for powerful demons and sealing them. Ren was surprised to know he was a demon even though he was brought up as a human. His powers were unsealed by the bounty hunters attack and he set on a journey. At first he was only seeking his family enemies, but observing the humiliating life conditions of demons he eventually begins to oppose the reign of brave heroes. Game is pretty much a sequel of previous BAROQUE game Midgard. Now finally we play for the bad guys... or rather good guys oppressed by other good guys. It's one of the first work to implement 3D topographic elements and it looks awesome. There are 8 magic elements with different skills so it's necessary to pay attention to the elemental stats that equipment brings. You start alone, then gradually party size increases to 7 and after 8th member there's split of parties and all the characters meet together for the final battle in one huge 8-man party. Game story gets somewhat stale by the middle of the game, but overall it's a great rpg, definitely a masterpiece. 14. Film Noir フィルムノワール [991210] Sophia Nowadays video cameras are more popular than 8 mm films and rival video school club gets all the attention. In these circumstances Mayu Natsu is struggling to gather performers and staff in order to shoot his own independent film before he graduates. Game's divided into adventure part where hero finds the staff and simulation part where we shoot the film and this second part is not too serious. Period is 40 days but all the simultaneous flagging can be done in just one week and rest is just killing time. Game was postponed several times and thus feels old by the time of release. Text is also not good. There's not much meaning in the game apart of capturing all 9 girls, but atmosphere is good. 15. Giri Shimai 義理姉妹 [991210] Red Zone Main character is in love from first sight with his sister-in-law who enters the same college. Now the university life full of expectation begins. Game is full of disappointments. Photographic backgrounds, rough designs, several H events just from the start. Gameplay is choosing between like 7 places and watching event if the place is corretly chosen. And of course there's hardly any story at all. 16. Inmetsu ~Yami ni Hisomu Manazashi~ 湮滅~闇に潜む眼差し~ [991210] Zero Main character gets a part-time job to supervise a mountain house after his uncle recommendation. A swimming club gets stationed there. Main character blackmails and insults the girls. Just an insulting nukige. 17. Itazura III 悪戯Ⅲ~いたずらスリー~ [991210] Interheart The purpose is to molest 18 girls while travelling across 6 stations and 12 towns. Now with a new command "take off clothes". All games of the series look alike to me. 18. Koiji 恋路 [991210] Cliff Edge A strategic dating SIM game where player needs to outperform and outsmart the rivals to win the heart of a girl. It's actually a common dating SIM with parameters and occasional events. We can see girls parameters as well so it's clear what each girls likes. There are 8 girls. The rivals is the most important part of the game. You can see their parameters and their next movements with many tricks to apply. It all seems only luck-dependent at times. Love is a tough competition. 19. My Sister ~Sweet Gemini~ 妹☆妹~Sweet Gemini~ [991210] Ripe 1 The game's objective is quite simple. You are a 'brother' and you need to 'take care' of your 'sisters' and 'friends'. There are 5 heroines in total. There is an English review. 20. Seijo Vampire 聖女ヴァンパイア [991210] Pinky Soft Hero is a hunter who captures girl monsters and makes living. The story beings from receiving a request to investigate a village cemetery. The setting and the drawing are the same as in Dragon no Tiara and Genjuuya. It's a dungeon crawler RPG with lots of H events for different types of girl monsters. 21. Tenohira no Yuki てのひらの雪 [991210] Ange At ancient times Wano consisted of three large islands where lots of countries and warlords waged war. The story begins when Sudoku is invaded by Mino, and all the key Sudoku people are been killed and deprived. One of survivors is princess who is taken to Mino country. Main character is princess younger brother who switches places with her to avenge his country by attacking women of the castle. It's probably one of the earliest cases of transvestism. Anyway, as hero meets the four women, he's suddenly not so inclined for revenge already. He can choose the way of love and growing up as a man. 22. Time Surf タイムサーフ [991210] Telluru Hero who is an apprentice of time and space masters with the aim to get a license and learn flying. His master requests to travel to different time spaces and exterminate four wanted female time criminals. Telluru has made 8 games in just 9 months... and that really makes me question the quality. The bulk of the game is some weird gameplay, as always. I chose some German uniform girl to look for and appeared in the year 1943 in Germany... which is the screenshot above. Good job... 23. Sharanra シャランラ ~写乱裸~ [991215] Nekotama Main character Sasayama has recently lost his job due to recession. He gets to see a request for a male AV actor in a job magazine. He's accepted for the job and allowed to choose from five amateur actresses. Basically the actresses are on the screen. The rest is small talk and if nothing too offending is said it's H event. 24. 1-2 Finish! [991215] NenGollo Software Main character attends school, but he is very active during lunch break and after school. Eight female students become his victims. Doujin 25. Pocke-Kano ~Aida Yumi~ ぽけかの〜愛田由美〜 [991216] Datam Polystar 1 The star of this raising sim game is Yumi Aida, a little girl that you meet when she's 11 years old in a park. Later, the player will discover that she's his neighbour and keeps visiting her. For raising her stats, you must pass some minigames that allow you to buy her presents and take her to new places. The three games got different openings, that's admirable. But most of the resources are repeated between the games. Watching over girl from 11 years old to adulthood might be fascination for someone. 26. Pocke-Kano ~Houjouin Shizuka~ ぽけかの〜宝条院静香〜 [991216] Datam Polystar 1 Pocke-Kano - Shizuka Houjouin is a sort of an adventure game with mini games in which the player start the game meeting Shizuka Houjouin, a little girl that he finds in the park and after that she takes him to meet her mother. After that he will continue visiting her and during the game he will more or less appreciated by her depending of the results of the different mini games that the player can play in his PocketStation that will make him earn money to buy Shizuka better presents. One different thing about the game is that you will see her raise from a little girl to a woman (the game last 7 years of the girl's lifetime). Bring up young Shizuka Houjouin in this girl raising sim. The three games got different openings, that's admirable. But most of the resources are repeated between the games. Watching over girl from 11 years old to adulthood might be fascination for someone. 27. Pocke-Kano ~Ueno Fumio~ ぽけかの〜植野史緒〜 [991216] Datam Polystar 1 This is a communication game to raise heroine Fumio Ueno into an ideal woman during seven years period. The three games got different openings, that's admirable. But most of the resources are repeated between the games. Watching over girl from 11 years old to adulthood might be fascination for someone. 28. Angel Snow [991217] C's Ware Yutaka Tendo is a boy who forgot that he is an angel. Yutaka falls in love with a human girl Sakuya. Yutaka decides to confess her by the time of Christmas, but Sakuya seems to like another boy. Should Yutaka preserve his love or let passion break through? Little by little he starts to remember that he is an angel. It gets more and more difficult to come up with answers... This is not a full game, rather an addition to a fandisk. Story is very short. Basically it's either confessing and seeing H event or preserving feelings and getting a different ending. 29. Anxious ~Yuukyuu no Memory~ Anxious ~悠久のメモリー~ [991217] Crime Near future. Technology advances have allowed to create a perfect artificial lover indistinguishable from real women. Main character gets a job to test four such robots every day. He understands those are robots, but can't help having feelings for them. Nukige. 30. Bakusa ~Chained Heart~ 縛鎖 ~Chained heart~ [991217] Zenos Main character suddenly lost his family in an accident and lost the energy to live. At such time a certain lady appears before him requesting to train a girl as slave. It was very surprising to know that the object of training is his classmate he liked for a long time... There are parameters... blah... blah... blah... nukige. 31. Bishoujo Tsuiseki Shoukougun 美少女追跡症候群 [991217] Digital Media Network Main character has a one million yen debt. He's approached by a thug demanding to return the debt before the appointed date. Main character has 10,000 yen oh his hands and the whole town to devise a scheme how to return the debt. It's definitely an adult stalker work, but the horrible polygon interface and gameplay did not let me go far to get how he's going to make money from girls. 32. D ~Sono Keshiki no Mukougawa~ D ~その景色の向こう側~ [991217] Age Main character is riding a "Magic arrow" train. He does not remember why he's here. As he tries to leave the wagon, he discovers a dead man nearby. Every time the wagon moves, the time continuum shifts to either future or past. Hero jumps to the past to stop the murderer and save the train. But in order to get back the future he seeks help of the witch girl. What is this "Magic arrow" train? What's the identity of hero? What's with his memory loss? Oh my, an obscure suspense game of Age? Itadakimasu! Game has only one true ending, but there are about 8 bad endings scattered on the way and the overall number of choices is around the same, so it it's basically a one way story. The flow of the game is confusing since we move through the time like mad and see events from different epochs that are seemingly unrelated to each other. So in the long run it all depends on whether you prefer logical works or esoteric/poetic/atmospheric works. And I definitely prefer logical ones. 33. Ikenie 牲 [991217] Hyperspace The seal in the limestone cave in China got destroyed and devil's light went around the Earth and descended on a mysterious building. Main character is a caretaker of this building. Inside multiple women are locked up awaiting for torture. I see Hyperspace is not going to stop making those shitty nukige. 34. Innai Kansen 2 ~Nariyamanu Nurse Call~ 淫内感染2 ~鳴り止まぬナースコール~ [991217] ZyX 1 A xonix puzzle game is interwoven with omnibus drama about characters of Innai Kansen series. There are 20 scenes that open up with stage clearance. There is an English review. 35. Kurenai no Namida 紅涙 [991217] Studio e.go! 800 years ago, the benevolent guardian of the continent, Empress of Flame had gone mad. Four girls came and used 4 'Red Arcane Stones' to seal her in the 'Jewel of Flame'. Centuries later, Horse Clan, the decadent ruling clan of the time, lost their power to rebellion. Before they were expelled to the wild and became a clan of dreadful highwayman, they took the 'Jewel of Flame'. Now they are looking for the 'Red Arcane Stones'. Fei, a martial art master, just finished 3 months of training that would normally take 10 years, meets a heroine when she is under attack by the Horse Clan. After the Horse Clan are dealt with, she invites protagonist to come and patch the damaged cloths. Fei goes along and is revealed that the heroines are guarding the 'Red Arcane Stones', thus the Horse Clan are coming for them. Being a martial art master, Fei is asked to help the 3 heroines. Chinese-style worldview and story with its appropriate attributes. Story is deliberately depicted in an epic scale manner. There are five traditional chinese magic elements. There are 6 people in party divided into two rows. But actually it's more of a gag comedy with very funny talks. Each of three sisters has unique personality and they bring lots of laughs. Ending is also not serious at all it ends with a gag. Overall the game is really simple, akin to Men at Work series. AVG part takes place in the city and when you get a request you automatically moved on the needed map. Battles are too easy with enemies underpowered. Game length is just 8 hours. Studio e.go still has a long way to go till it creates proper RPG games. 36. Love Love Robokko ~Sono ko, Koutetsu!!~ LOVE LOVE ロボッ娘 ~その子、鋼鉄!!~ [991217] Apple Pie 1 You play as an ordinary salaryman whose father just passed away. He was obsessed with robots, and he has left three of them to play with them as you wish. However, you only have a week of fun until something happens... Will you pursue a mechanical love, or choose one of the three human girls that are interested in you? There is an English review. 37. Machine Maiden Gaiden ~Cynthia~ Machine Maiden外伝 ~シンシア~ [991217] Evolution This game stars the other guy from Machine Maiden. He is a psychologist scouted by a high tech company to train a robot doll. He can make her into his lost sister, a fighting machine or a maid. This game is different from the previous one since this is a choose your story game instead of simulation. Game has a light feeling about it and can be emotional at times. Scenario a bit short. Carnelian was in charge for character designs, so characters are cute beyond redemption. 38. Mugen Ichiya ~Julia~ 夢幻一夜 ~Julia~ [991217] Otemoto Julia is the princess of Makai demon world. She is sent to the human world for two weeks to trample men and absorb their life energy - only this way she can return to her home world. There she encounters a musician Kagaku who she gradually gets attracted to... There are many short scenarios, each time with different men. Basically, this is an otome work, and developers admit that as well. We play as a woman and encounter lots of beautiful and well drawn men. Some are cruel, but other are gentle. Well, at least men aren't depicted here as normal otome bishounen (well... mostly). 39. My Diary ~Kimi ga Boku no Imouto dattara...~ My Diary ~君が僕の妹だったら…~ [991217] Pocket Momo, Rika and Nozomi are friends with each other and they have common affection for Tsuyoshi. However, Tsuyoshi gets in a traffic accident and with time girls' attention shift to main character. Protagonist is actually the older brother of Momo. Even though she understands her feelings can't be fulfilled, she can not tolerate that her brother loved another girl. Last game of Pocket which is relieving. Game has a famous artist, so graphics is probably the only aspect that does not invoke questions. Text is too bad. Even the ending is literally 10 lines long. Imouto is nothing but annoying. There is a map to choose location where someone may or may not show up, but it's impossible to save on this map so it gets pretty stupid. Some choices are poorly implemented and actually get you into a loop. There's zero explanation of why three persons got in love with some Tsuyushi and why they suddenly got in love with protagonist. This work seems to be aimed at imouto fans, but it fails even at that since the other two heroines are much more convincing. 40. Ningyou Aika 人形哀歌 [991217] Give Me Soft Near future. Advances in science allowed to use androids for sex treatment. Hero is owner of black android enterprise that tweaks androids to suit client specific needs, including personality tweaks. New such request arrived today, but noone could think then it was a trap that could claim man's life. As usual, there are zero reviews for nukige such as this, so we won't know about the suspense element of this work. 41. Onna no Ko Doushi ~Girl Playing Game~ 女の子どうし~Girl Playing Game~ [991217] Jam Main character dies in a traffic accident and now can possess bodies of other people, but only for a short time. He decides to infiltrate a girls school that his former girlfriend and sister attend. Setting is crap, but game is even worse. There's a big gameplay part to avoid detectives and such. 42. Paradise Paradox パラダイス パラドックス [991217] Specious Hero is a not successful rocker who suddenly got the ability to turn back time. Now he can insult women and then turn back time so that nothing actually happens in reality. Without knowing, he's got involved into a dimensional crime... Again no reviews and no intention to check if it's just a nukige or a nukige with a quirk. 43. Rensa ~Uragiri no Kusari~ 連鎖 ~裏切りの鎖~ [991217] Selen Chairman of high school established a prostitution organization based on his high school. Both students and teachers that enter the school get in its net. One day chairman orders his son to train three new slaves to eliminate the lack of prostitutes. The son needs to train one and order her to train the next one forming a chain of training. Thus there twelve combinations of training patterns. Nukige. 44. Say Yah! [991217] Authoring Heaven Old man Klaus could not stand up after a night with prostitute Aria. Aria had nothing to do, but to work in his stead. Aria together with reindeer distributes presents to common people who have problems with sex. Nukige. 45. Bishoujo Ren'ai Mahjong Series: Karan Koron Gakuen: Mune Kyun Hen 美少女恋愛麻雀シリーズ 華蘭虎龍学園 むねきゅん編 [991217] J-Wing 1 Second series of mahjong simulation game presents a new set of three heroines to defeat and fall in love with. One story takes at an airport, another one is devoted to cooking, and the last one reminisces about the past days. Card game 46. Ichou no Mau Koro 2 いちょうの舞う頃2 [991218] Types Main character is easily motivated and he takes part in multiple school clubs activities, but his grades aren't really good. The story starts at the point when swimming club competition ends with a strange result and hero is depressed. His friends cheer him up and motivate to prepare passionately for the arts contest in autumn. He admires arts club head Mizuno Yuki and decides to confess his feelings to her after the competition ends. Events happen a year after the prequel, but... there aren't any connections, really. This sequel was trying to sell on the original short fame. This game is very much like the prequel plus the improved H scenes. But at the same time this sequel has some very poor scenario moves like selecting between two simple choices results in whether you gonna be fine or gonna crash and get to hospital. There are four girls, but one character feels totally inappropriate and offensive to the whole story. 47. Michinoku Hitou Koimonogatari Kai みちのく秘湯恋物語 kai [991222] FOG 1 Michinoku Hitou Koi Monogatari Kai is the "sequel" or better said is an updated version to Michinoku Hitou Koi Monogatari that was a mix between a first person adventure game and a hanafuda game that tells the story of a young photographer that travels around the northeast part of Japan playing hanafuda games and taking pictures of the places that he visit. In this "sequel" the game features hints to help the player win in the hanafuda games. During his journeys he will meet different girls and to take pictures of them he will have to defeat them in the hanafuda card games. First game hardly had any story or gaming value, just aesthetic one. Nothing is changed here. 48. Romance wa Tsurugi no Kagayaki II ロマンスは剣の輝きII [991222] Fairytale 1 The story of Keith, a young adventurer who falls one night on Princess Elfarcia's balcony. She has lost her precious pendant - The Silver Rainbow - and, thinking him to be an angel, asks him to bring it back to her. So Keith quests for the pendant to gain the trust of the beautiful princess and encounters many dangers, adventures and women along the way. RPG. Dungeons are huge and complex so majority of the time will be spent there and reported in the town. There are 4 people in the party and there are 8 girls to capture. . But with such frequent battles stats grow really fast and get maxed for each character long before final battle. The scenario is surprisingly solid. The main theme of the game is coexistence with different races and for that game reminds of Canaan. Since it's an RPG - RPG part should be good, but actually balance suffers a lot, dungeons are painful, operating multiple characters is slow. Resolution of the game is quite low and eyes tiredness sums up. Play time is around 20 hours. 49. Shiro no Monogatari 白の物語 [991222] Infinity Yasha is very brutal character. One day he steals some relic and triggers space distortion resulting in the human world. The heroine was dying of a heart disease at this time the the jewel that Yasha dropped healed her completely. He tries to take the jewel back, but the girl gets to die in that case. She manages to persuade him to wait for a week and live together for that time. However, it turns out that jewel is not just a precious item, but a "jewel of bliss" that can fulfill one wish. Wow, what a boring synopsis. And it actually feels the same - like a boring anime for children... well some of the scenes are not for children though. Game is also very short. 50. Stray Sheep ~Samayou Kohitsuji-tachi no Yoru~ Stray Sheep ~彷徨う子羊たちの夜~ [991222] Altacia Main character is a professional seducer who receives requests to corrupt women. This time the target is Roppongi number one hostess Aizawa Fumika who he approaches without checking her background. However a murder happens just in the middle of investigation... It's a work by Altacia known for difficult real-life stories, but this time story is semi-fictional. There's still a good amount of drama and plot twists, but the erotic content is enhanced. It's enough to say that Aizawa turns out to be a torture maniac and main character one day finds himself in a peculiar situation... 51. Viper-GTB ~Rise After~ Viper-GTB ~Rise After~ [991222] Sogna 1 The long awaited sequel to the VIPER-V16 story, VIPER-GTB's "Rise After" chapter takes place almost four years after "Rise". Her family abducted, Saki returns to Anne Mitter's to enlist Akira's help in a daring rescue. In the course of saving them from the domineering aquatic queen Irear, Akira herself is captured. Offering to rescue her are a small band of extra-terrestrials, led by the mysterious Tarma whose true intentions are not revealed until its too late. Trading Karin, Saki, and Seed to Irear in exchange for the strongest woman on Earth, Tarma claims Akira as his newest slave. Fellow champion martial artist Makoto, arriving at Anne Mitter's to avenge a recent defeat at the hands of Akira, becomes embroiled in the plot, soon following Tarma's companion Narsha to the spaceship, where she and the warriors of the underground race lay siege to the craft. The fate of other strong women across the galaxy now rests with Akira and Makoto. There is an English review, but I think I still will make my own. 52. Yakin Byoutou 夜勤病棟 [991222] Mink Hirasaka Ryuuji works as a gynecologist in a small hospital, and at first glance is a simple man. However, underneath his mask and concealed madness is a man who lusts after women to violate their bodies and use them as experiments. One day, he received a request to work part-time as a doctor from St. Juliana Hospital, a prestigious and well-known private hospital. There he encountered his classmate from his days as a medical student, Jinguuji Narumi. Eight years ago, Ryuuji attacked her in a laboratory, performing experiments on her body. Ryuuji, fearing this former incident being made public, receives a surprising request from Narumi. Four nurses of the highest quality for you to experiment with to your heart's content...although suspicious and doubtful of Narumi initally, the animal desire that raged within him once before awakens, and Ryuuji makes his decision... This is the most famous game of Mink, but for me it's just a nukige SIM. 42. Kuriko Ingyaku Hiwa 栗娘淫虐秘話 [991222] Kamikazetou Game depicts animated scenes of insults of two heroines. Doujin Nukige 53. Voice ~Kimi no Kotoba ni Boku o Nosete~ Voice ~君の言葉に僕をのせて~ [991223] TinkerBell Heterographers are people who can manipulate language and create powerful word forms with almost magical effect capable of summoning spirits. This is a school where a lot of heterographers are gathered. There is fighting and a lot of mysterious events happening. Feng Hong transferred to such school in pursuit of his first love. What will these events conclude with? This is the second work of Tinkerbell, the producer of some most hardcore nukige over these last 17 years. The first work was some weird psychology tilt game. The third work is already an eroge and is going to be blocked same as future Tinkerbell games. So this 2nd game is all we've got to try and see what the hell went wrong. What's only clear is that protagonist has some sort of unique power that makes him move the plot. The series of visions that occur aren't spectacular and it feels more like museum exhibition - it's not particularly interesting, but need to bear with all those pieces. Interaction between the students in school is quite interesting, but we can't relate those conversations to the scenario events. Character placement is lazy - there's no clear meaning about any character in the story. Some chracters just happen to appear on the screen and say let's have fun. The skeleton of the scenario is very weak. It's presented in such form that it can not be enjoyed much. There aren't likable characters. So it's either already a nukige or a very cleverly concealed nukige behind all the esoterics. Well, we don't need such games anyway, so farewell, TinkerBell. 54. Eden II [991224] Forester Following the previous work "EDEN" a rescue team was dispatched to the moon base. The rescue team included the following people: Captain Greg Cicero, Flare Shaffer, Karin Shaffer, Hannah Wiese, and Nazi Ashtray. Wandering around the underground labyrinth of the moon's ruins... Will they become new prey? Can you escape from the alien's hunt? Who will survive? There is some story and some charcters ... but game's actually just for 3D H events... and in case of male members for sudden comical death. 55. Tenshi no Oshigoto -Their Wishes Afterward- 天使のお仕事 -Their Wishes Afterward- [991224] APPLE Project Misaka Shiori afterstory. Yuichi and Shiori are cuddling while chewing sweets. Such peaceful everyday collapses again with the arrival of wings girl Tsukimiya Ayu. Where will desires of three people take them? Discussing fandisks? No pls... 56. Kokoro no Tobira 心の扉 [991224] G-Work@mi In Spring main characters moves away from his just married brother and starts living alone. He has to share flat with non-related by blood niece and her best friend. What will relations between three people evolve to? Can young people find the right key to each other's heart? Doujin 57. Hirosue Sougou Byouin 広末総合病院 [991224] Digital Media Network Hospital voyeur simulation adventure. Numerous unusual medical examinations are held every night in a huge hospital. New nurse Ayumi intimate relations with doctor are exposed, so she is blackmailed into all kind of action. Nukige 58. else ~Fuurin no Shoujo~ else ~風鈴の少女~ [991224] T.O.E software In 2029 two thirds of Japan territory are under rule of socialist governments. Independence wars break out everywhere, but love feelings do not change, and many people try to live quiet lives. Main character is a college student who one day manages to save a girl from a chase by black glasses men. Girl's name is "Else", and there is something mechanical about her. From this day young people cohabitation begins. Doujin 59. Conve ~Houkago no Sugoshikata~ CONVE~放課後の過ごし方~ [991224] Ruru Main character establishes a school club with trusted senpai and sincere junior girl to fulfill requests and protect peaceful life. There are several episodes each revealing a challenge that's overcome even despite strict moderation by student council. Doujin comedy 60. PiaONE Toy Box [991224] Vanilla★House The story with One ~Kagayaku Kisetsu e~ characters put into Pia Carrot family restaurant setting. Doujin 60. Kichigai 既知街 [991226] Inu Daiku Parody game of ToHeart. Japan is occupied by China. The dark atmosphere engulfs everything. Main character struggles every day to survive in chaotic world. Doujin 61. Osananajimi 2 幼なじみ 2 [991226] Nirvana Soft Main character has two close female childhood friends. But as relations start to cross intimacy line with one of them, second one notices change in behavior... Doujin 62. Kanoso [991226] Itsumo no Tokoro Slapstick parody of Key's Kanon. You play as 17-year-old Yuuichi Aizawa (木目沢ネ右一). Having trained in this madder-red city and left on a ascetic travel, you return to your hometown to determine who is the strongest... Fandisk. 63. Green ~Akizora No Screen~ GREEN~秋空のスクリーン~ [991229] Jellyfish Movie club is preparing a sophomore student film, you are the director and the players are the other members of the club, all girls, lucky for you. The art teacher is also helping with the movie but there is also an another film project going on, led by your rival who is a bit of an eccentric... There isn't much time until the festival... Game's quite good, but since it's fully animated it has over an hour of full animation scenes which puts it into a definite eroge category in my point of view. Let's try to observe other parts of the game. Game basically is a single road with Makoto route as the only true one and other two heroines choices are inevitably bad endings. What actually made me list this game here is the amateur film that the heroes are shooting. Game is quite long and you see odd scenes here and there, but when all the scenes join in one full amateur film - that's really amazing and film contents are touching indeed. After true end is cleared there's a bonus scenario, but it's not just omake - it's an alternative view on the same game events from the point of view of a transfer student. This game is quite a masterpiece, but the other Jellyfish games are inevitably going to be blocked by me. 64. Kakuyuugou Shoujo Ripple-chan 核融合少女リップルちゃん [991231] Jellyfish Ripple-chan lives in a forest together with her parents. Her mother sends her on an errand across the forest. Many fantastic creatures and traps await her on her way. A bakage about little Red Riding Hood with lots of weird mix of fantasy and science. 65. Ano, Subarashii o Mou Ichido あの、素晴らしい をもう一度 [991231] Mankai Seisakushou "Even without my memories, I won't be scared. As long as you're there to remember for me." So said the girl with 『no future』. If a future is made by repetition, stacking up the days, then indeed a 『future』 she lacked. 『Anterograde amnesia』. Also known as 『repeating disease』, a curse that eats away at your memories and future as they form. "If someone makes a mistake, they correct it. Not just repeat it over and over... No one should be forced into doing that." So said the man with 『no past』. And thus the two set out to recover the 『past』 and 『future』 that they respectively lack. All the while not realizing they've already entered the 『repeating world』... Game was released only for a very old system x68000 in 1999, but we'll look at 2001 pc version, of course. Setting is fantasy-like with magic. It's basically a sound novel, but renewal version has game system that remembers choices and you can easily go to any past choice and play from there. Game actually has loop structure and the same story repeats over and over and over and with each new choice it gets minor changes. So from the second loop you need to remember locations of keywords and juggle them to modify the story. Like in the first loop you run away from monster, in the second loop you get to know the weakness of the monster and in the third loop you can remember that keyword and defeat the monster. Gameplay was fresh and the game gained cult-like following, at part thanks to that free x68000 release. Total length is about 6-7 hours. 66. Choukyou Reijou 調教令嬢 [991231] Soft Circle Courreges A girl is caught and insulted to an exhaustion so that at the end of the road she starts to feel pleasure. The stupid doujin producer is back with new poop. 67. Never Ending Love 네버 엔딩 러브 [991231] Yolim Communications Main character is thrilled about a new transfer student girl Eugene who instantly becomes number one in popularity ratings made by boys. There are also four other girls that make her rivals. Protagonist needs to find true love with the help of modern technology - emails and mobile phones. Probably the first Korean visual novel, it's strongly influenced by Tokimeki Memorial series. 68. Plus+ ~Nae Gieoksok eui Ireum~ PLUS+ ~내 기억속의 이름~ [991231] Wizard Soft Hope that is born after 6 years... The karma which binds that child and I... The name that lingers in my memories... I won't bother with Korean exclusives. 69. Xenoage: Knight of the Rihas 제노에이지 [991231] Game Box 1 Civil wars continue throughout Fantasido continent. The United Kingdom of Refando is the only country where peace is said to exist. Lemuel Dettervolf is the son of the feudal lord reigning over the entire district of Shulenburg, within this kingdom. There remains a horrible secret from the past that only a few people in the entire country are aware of. Without ever divulging this secret, Lemuel has grown to become the foremost swordsman within and without his country. His goal is to restore peace to the continent. Never again will the tragedy that he experienced as a child occur ever again. However, full-scale war breaks out. Lemuel takes up his sword to defend the country he loves. The battle develops with turn-style tactics. You order your party (up to 5 characters) to advance into war. There are over 60 different types of magic and assault tactics to use in this animated game. The battle rages on... A worthy tactical RPG. Combat is a bit clunky since it's impossible to move through allies. There are balance issues since there are only 5 party members and it's easy for enemies to surround them. Mizuki is the only healer for all your five units. Closer to the end balance issues get steep. Story is full of infodumping, and events happen too fast, wars fly over one by one. 70. Sentimental Memorial センチメンタル・メモリアル [99] DK Software Kaihatsushitsu A groundbreaking idea to play Tokimeki Memorial with Sentimental Graffiti characters. Main character is a senior high school student. He will spend this year in the company of six beautiful girls. Doujin 71. Oniichan no おにいちゃんの [99] Echigoya Corporation Main character enjoys a carefree life when his blond sister-in-law Emily shows up. She insists on washing protagonist's back in the bath. But is it possible to conceal desire after that? Doujin 72. To Heart CR [99] OKOJARA-C Choose one of six familiar ToHeart characters and enjoy two game modes. Lovely stand presents a simulation game while Quest mode contains conversations with favorite heroines. Doujin 73. H na Kuni no Alice-chan Hな国のありすちゃん [99] Soft Circle Courreges Alice appears in a strange world with her pants stolen by a suspicious rabbit. She will need to overcome numerous trials before she can get her pants back. Doujin 74. Sessou no Yoru 雪草の夜 [99] Cheap Nothing found 75. Furukizu 古痕 [99] RGB This is a side story based on Ametsukiyama Ogre, character of Leaf's Kizuato. Doujin 76. Natsu o Shizuka ni 夏を静かに [990316] Iron Fitness Club It is a long pale friendship story with a comedy touch and BL entourage that happens during this quiet summer. Doujin 77. Houkago no Yuuutsu 放課後の憂鬱 [99] Echigoya Corporation Main character wants to get rid of bullying. And for that he wants to adhere to even more severe bullying. And to prove his serious intentions he chooses the most beautiful girl at school as his target. Doujin 78. Nightmare Premium [99] Escape Software There is a prestigious private school with long history and in good standing. Students there receive top quality education and are considered to be hope of the nation. Main character is determined to seduce and enslave one of the purest girls there. Doujin 79. Hitomi dake wa Mitsumenai 瞳だけはみつめない [99] Apresto Two female members of the choir fall in love with each other. On a cold rainy night the finally become united. Doujin 80. Heart no Clover [99] Sound Witch This girl looks like me, surprisingly abandoned. Can I love such a girl? Theme of this love novel is "Eternal Promise". Doujin 81. Chikan wa Yamete ちかんはやめて [99] μ R's It is a game to play pranks on a girl who goes by the same train every day. Select the mischief to play, and game will proceed accordingly. Doujin 82. Via Bianco 2 [99] LTT/CANN Multiple-ending situation adventure with additional characters. There are shame play scenes with Rin, as well as scenes with ants! Doujin 83. second anopheles 1 [99] Ochanomizu Electronic Manufacturing When I woke up this morning, I realized that events of the night before were real. There is a note and 300,000 yen on the table. Everything was there as I remember. I knew that there was a girl's request, so I left the office and headed to my hacker friend Goi's house. Goi looked grumpy while sipping morning coffee. I said that I got a new job to search for a person, and I've been paid commission in advance. Free doujin. 84. Himitsu Sentai Burning Bunny 秘密戦隊バーニングバニー [99] Softhouse TODO I am 17-year-old girl Hiromi Satomi and warrior of justice! The Imperial Technical University is plotting intrigues. But I can deal with any incident after changing into battle form. Doujin 85. Aurora Hime Higyaku no Makyou オーロラ姫 被虐の魔峡 [99] Ohimesama Club Princess is kidnapped by pirates. This is a hard and dark insult story about her misadventures. Doujin 86. Prime Sexual プライム・セクシャル [99] N.S.C. Nothing found
  14. It's going to be pretty much my first off-topic post, but I feel the need to inform on the matter why all the links are inaccessible. My free hosting (http://tigrimigri.com/) died on me on November 6th and I've been waiting for it to show up ever since. I can't do monthly overviews without it since I initially fill in data through the wiki. I don't really have any backups save for very early crude version so I felt reluctant searching for a new home. But it's finally the time and I've tried some free services only to find out that I need a paid hosting. First my requirements. I needed Semantic Mediawiki with a bandwith over 5gb. Here is my list of free services with evaluation why they did not work for me. 1) http://www.shoutwiki.com - they provide semantic mediawiki extension only on request, but I sent that request over a week ago and there's still no answer and ticket status directs at 404 error since the very beginning so I guess that's it. 2) http://referata.com/ - it returns error on the very basic create template choice so it looks abandoned for some time 3) https://www.gamepedia.com/ - has Semantic Mediawiki in its extensions but hosts only wikis on one certain game, not other around gaming wikis 4) https://byet.host - is actually the only service that I was able to comfortably test semantic mediawiki after the collapse, but it has quite strict policies and my fresh semantic mediawiki has been banned twice already - for load spikes (I ran shell scripts to upload pages from .csv files faster) and for some 2ch/4ch content (I guess links to vndb.org were considered as that since there is literally nothing else on that wiki). There are tonns of noname other free hosts who actually are byet resellers. They are easily identified by unlimited everything for free, the same signup pattern and nameservers actually looking at byet. 5) https://x10hosting.com/ - can't say much about it, since it says right away at signup that signups from my country are not allowed, unwise to try and violate that. 6) https://www.heliohost.org/ - i tried to register on both available servers and it's it's just unmanagable with very slop operating speed on a fresh installed mediawiki 7) https://viewen.com/ - they look legible, but they demand to like and share them every month on facebook and stay constantly in touch. Upon registration they provide a list of eight (!) segments where you need to give out pretty much all your personal data, vow to worship them as facebook god and some other sections that I did not read up to. Can't stand that much intimacy from a hosting. Their TOS is quite strict as well, so such site as vndb on semantic mediawiki could fall under child porn, scripts abuse and copyright infringement. 8 ) https://aws.amazon.com/ - they refused to accept my card information - guess it's because they are USA-centered. 9) https://www.000webhost.com - they're well known for leaking millions of private data records recently but even without noticing that there are some obvious shortcomings. There's an automated script only for wordpress site, otherwise manual uploading the site and configuring database needed. There's a lot of negative feedback about sudden violating the terms of service notices, so Semantic wiki with its background data update services would be in the vanguard of violation. 10) http://www.host-ed.net/ - company is an old one and there are a lot of issues piled up around it - the most pressing one for me is that PHP version is as low as 5.4 and only quite old mediawiki versions would be able to start here. 11) https://www.freewebhostingarea.com/ - php version is only 5.2.6 and most of pages go into 404 redirects 12) https://www.5gbfree.com/ - site's down for last few days, probably dead. In past I tried it and I remember some severe limitations like inability to have own domain name. 13) https://googiehost.com/ - actually a reliable choice, but I had my first Mediawiki there and once a month mediawiki was just dying with pages loading for 5 minutes/initiating an error. Support ticket improved the situation each time, but after several months of such torture I moved out afrom there. 14) https://www.atspace.com/ - has some real limitations on the MySQL database with just 30mb storage and only 15 tables allowed. That's actually it. All the others are the resellers or/and offer too little disc space (I need at least 300-400mb) or severe limitations on bandwidth/database. So far I've set up with one of the the cheapest possible web hosting (and I'll be making .xml exports of all pages periodically) and I really hope I would not ever need to make a 1$/month web hostings review after this free hostings review.
  15. Foreword: It's a C's Ware story game so I'm in. I have not read reviews prior to playing the game. I followed three different walkthroughs though - and still failed to get even a single happy ending. You can read about my torments below. Title: Vist Developer: C's Ware Date: 1999-12-02 VNDB link:https://vndb.org/v6108 Length: 20 hours. Game type: Map selection ADV. Difficulty: Pretty insane. Some mazes are ridiculously difficult and twice I failed to find a way within an hour and had to precisely follow walkthrough. Another my huge disappointment is that I failed miserably to get any happy ending. So here how it was. I followed walkthrough accurately for the first time aiming for Rin ending. For some reason I got only a normal one no matter how many times I reloaded the last two battles. Then i dug two more walkthroughs and one said that simultaneous capture was possible so I flagged every heroine twice and saved before the final 3rd flagging... and no matter how many times I followed that choice to the end I still got only same normal ending. So my guess is that 1) simultaneous capturing is impossible and it's needed to strictly not flag any other girl 2) you probably need to make sure you win all the battles (it's very unclear in the game whether you actually got hit or made a successful counter-attack) 3) C's Ware turned into complete sadists after very very torturing Kazeoto, Chirin. There are a lot of choices and hundreds of map and items interaction so even with skipping whole playthrough for the heroines ending scene is going to take at least two hours (more like three). And there are EIGHT heroines! There's just one CG for this final scene so it's a very short one. After a full day of replaying trying to get good ending I just got so sick of the game that I don't the will to keep trying. Synopsis: Takuto, the protagonist, is a sickly highschool student with a heart disease. His father is a scientist and researcher who is traveling overseas. Even thought he is alone in home, his neighbor and university student Rin come visit him every day, and every night his father call him and they talk by phone. But one day, his father stops calling and they lost contact. Takuto wonders if something happened to him and contacts the laboratory where his father works. But the staff members dont' know anything. Takuto is worried, until one day a strange girl called Eryu appears in his house with a letter from his father. "I'm sorry ------" - Says the last words of his father. And something who don't look to be human starts to approach the hero, who little by little get caught in the case of the bizarre murders. Structure: There are 5 chapters each containing on average 8 days. Character Design rating: 8/10 Protagonist rating: 8/10 Story rating: 7/10 Game quality: 8/10 Overall rating: 8/10 Rating comments: I'm biased here since watching all the good endings could melt my heart a bit. But overall characters don't look too likable. Out of 8 heroines I liked Reiko the scientist woman the most and she's pretty much a standard office lady. So there aren't really likable characters. Protagonist is too weak at first and in the second half he fails to control himself repeatedly and looses memory of what happened more than once. Can't really say that he's moving the flow of the story. Game looks and feels quite cheap - mostly thanks to character design and only female cast voicing. Don't get me wrong - CG and interactive part are awesome. Game also has a number of very colorful enemies and side-characters... but they are males and thus not voiced. Story was a firm 9 up to the last fifth chapter where it suddenly changed the location and got too cryptic leaving a lot of loose ends behind. Protagonist The transformation from a weakling into superhuman was quite well done. He's beaten bloody for the first half of the game by other hooligan students and is only occasionally saved by girls who happen to be around. What differs him from other students is his high metabolism and ability to stay close to the infection fog without being infected. What I like about him is how he takes the beatings by the hooligans. He hardly says a word and just tolerates everything with the thoughts "If I do as they want the beatings will only get worse". Apart of that he hardly knows and does not have his own will - it might be for the best since it's easy to associate oneself with him. Characters: As I've mentioned there are a lot of cool bad guys in this game. Later game is based on fights, but there is only one capable of fighting heroine.Apart of the bad guys there is one very impressive "Scarred man" - he's basically of the same source as yourself and thus he just terminates his enemies. You hardly manage to fight one beast and then just walk and see rivers of blood and guts left behind that person. He showed up at different moments in the game and was a great guy to look up to. But again, last chapter prepared a hasty resolution for him as well and this trump card was poorly played. Since there are 8 heroines it's supposed to be a gal game? Well, absolutely not. Every girl has three flags and flagging is basically done by the end of 4th chapter. There are no girls in 5th chapter (well, almost), but after the final battle the girl suddenly appears and you see her ending with just one CG and some phrases. It can hardly be called a "route" and especially an "ending". It's a story game. What's nice in the heroines is that three of them are grown-up ladies in their 30's and the other half are of the same or close age to Takuto. So there is a childhood friend, a meganekko, a hooligan girlfriend, a mysterious girl who is sent to you from your father, a half-native african girl, scientific researcher, news reporter and some superstrong mysterious woman. Story: So for the story. The most stunning fact is that first two chapters last for 18 days and literally nothing happens during that time. You just go to school and go to sleep at home, that's it. What's that - a slice of life? Whenever I got slightly bored with it I just rewatched the cool opening and and kept on waiting. Chapter 3 is where girls start to show up and story finally starts to form. By the end of Chapter 4 the story is over and heroine route is finalized. I would actually prefer finishing the story there with maybe one additional fight. But it goes on in some forgotten African country laboratory. But it's actually Chapter 4 that gives us all the answers. Chapter 5 throws genetics, superhuman entity, clones and superficial myths together and only tells us the story of our father (and mother?). There are only couple locations here, development is hasty and there's little meaning in what's going on anymore, then it gets even more confusing and - bam - battles - battles - the end. Battles are done pretty well so you only choose the part of enemy to attack or the defend action for each turn. Enemy may choose to block one of these three parts and counter-attacks if you choose the same body part. Saving helps, but there are also some tricks involving using special items against special enemies. Some enemies attack animations are pictured clearly, but some can't be seen in advance. Some don't have attack animation and they retaliate every round. It's quite ok as it is. So my greatest complaints are to the story and especially this final chapter. Also the first four chapters were quite lively for the most part with frequent mysterious events happening. Chapter 5 has a totally different, decadent atmosphere - grim music, cold pictures and the hero who does not care about his survival, but needs this last chain to break. Ending is the most important part of the game and here it's just wrecked mercilessly which inevitably hurts the evaluation a lot. CG: Character designs are not too exciting, but CG truly are. Somehow HCG are especially beautiful. Sound: Only female voicing. BGM is fine, at times slightly irritating. Themes and symbols: As you might have already guessed, the story does not feel integral. There are a lot of actions and cool scenes, but there is not much talk behind them. And there is no afterthought either. The mind is blank and is helplessly trying to put the pieces together rather than think it over. Overall comments: It's a good C's Ware game and I'm in no way disappointed. The impression reminded me the one after most of Nitro+ earlier games - WTH was that just now? It's not a bad way, but it does not suit C's Ware. Previous games had a satisfying resolution, but here I got only main answers while the fates of the side-characters and even their true nature remained in the dark. A true route would really fit here well. So I'll try to remember Vist and a colorful breathtaking game with a vast amount of beauty and gore.
  16. Foreword: If you do not know of EVE:Burst Error, you better stop here right now and go watch video playthrough of that gorgeous game. EVE the Lost One is a direct sequel to that game and there will naturally be spoilers on the prequel content. That being settled - I did not pay much attention to the Lost One right away and did not review it properly while observing year 1998. Japanese reviews failed even to give an outline of the plot and were generally not too favorable. Only after playing it myself I found out the perfect answer "why" and that will be covered below. Title: EVE: The Lost One Developer: C's Ware Date: 1998-03-12 VNDB link:https://vndb.org/v2708 Length: 21 hour. Game type: Command selection ADV. Difficulty: Easy but command bruteforcing required at times Synopsis: 3 years after EVE:Burst Error. Prisia is the new queen of Eldia but her rule is challenged by radical nationalists headed by archbishop. Marina retired from investigator duty to become newcomers instructor. Kyoko is the newcomer investigator just after severe course of training and her first task is investigating circumstances of death of a young scientist.. Snake is a mysterious figure who is blackmailed to find "memories" of former Eldia king to bring back to life sleeping EVE/Mayako Mido. Somehow everyone hunts for the "memories" and the truth lies in Eldia. Structure: Game takes place from June 2nd to June 6th, then from June 9th to June 10th with an epilogue on June 16th. Character Design rating: 9/10 Protagonist rating: 9/10 Story rating: 10/10 Game quality: 10/10 Overall rating: 10/10 Rating comments: I like it when the game is easy to evaluate. I try to find flaws whenever possible and now just can't find anything. It's not a flaw, but my tiny complaint is that protagonists aren't as fun as Kojiro/Marina pair. Those two were just insanely charismatic. Kyoko compared to Marina is quite a plain investigator young woman and her messy hair really hurt her image. Snake does some very ambiguous action, but overall is not a bad guy - still compared to the endlessly funny Kojiro Snake does not stand a chance. But there is one huge BUT. The japanese reviews are mostly based on the initial Sega Saturn version and game evaluation is average. But Sega Saturn and PC version have one HUGE difference - PC version has Marina route crammed in from June 4th to June 6th. This is a huge 3-hour story that gets all the loose ends together and not only that! Marina investigates together with Kojiro, so we're provided with loads of fun scenes and awesome comments. Marina route flips the table and gets the game from just a good straightforward adventure story category to the perfect sequel and eternal masterpiece one. Protagonist:Kyoko I already tackled on protagonists in rating comments so will elaborate a bit. Kyoko is ok, she is normal. She is a diligent investigator, but she does not mind quality girl-time going shopping and relaxing idly all day long.with a cup of coffee au lait. Her first case investigating the death of a young scientist gradually reveals that he was connected with the former Eldia mad king "memories" that everyone started searching. She's does not have that much sex appeal, so there are much less funny jokes and commentaries on the way compared to Marina in Eve:Burst Error. To the left of her is Yuji, a quiet student with a part-time work. He only wants a quiet life, but reluctantly helps her couple times and gets involved into a big game facing charges in crimes himself. For a good half of the game he gets to accompany Kyoko, so her side of the story gets a social boost and feels good. Protagonist:SNAKE This picture is the best view we get of him during the opening and I would not like to spoiler his identity which remains unknown up up to the middle of the game. The first minutes of his route show us how he places a bomb and blows up clothes boutique in a big trade center. How can this monster be protagonist?! But almost right after that we get to know that the instructions to create a hand-made bomb that were sent to him were deliberately diminished the effect with the listed amount. It was supposed to break one chair at maximum. So SNAKE was contacted via pc by some ADONIS who showed him the recording of him setting the bomb in the trade center and blackmailed him into getting "memories" of the Eldia former mad king. It's still very difficult to sympathize with this character since he continues to take some Characters: This is not a galge and there aren't character routes so there's little point in talking about characters individually. At first sight I thought they were overall less likable than those from Eve:Burst Error - it has very cute Mayako, libririan girl, young Himura, affectionate Yayoi, mysterious prime-minister Lloyd. Here there are less characters, but they are shown in development and gain lots of appeal as story unfolds - bartender student Mina, alcoholic Monica, Rena and her president mother, turned on dolphins Ayano, ever-young Natsumi - they are all a curious bunch. And of course the game shares a good number of common characters like Chief, Himura, Prisia, EVE, crazy ministry supervisor woman. They create a pretty cozy atmosphere. Story: That may be considered a spoiler, but I'm going to draw a very faint structure of the work since I failed to find it in japanese reviews. Game is roughly divided into two storylines. The first half is about finding "memories" and discovering why everyone needs them (there is more than one reason, actually). The second half is three days after first story is over. It's about the sudden spread of biological infection all over the world and the key points here are also Japan and Eldia. Both stories are closely connected and second story relies heavily on the events of the first half. And in PC version there is also Marina story which takes the last two days of the first "memories" story. Marina and Kojiro get to find the real culprit over the caused crimes and even investigate the studies that laid foundation for the events in second story. Without Marina story it would not be really a coherent narration and I can totally understand Japanese reviews based on Saturn version. CG: I've checked all the CG again and - surprisingly enough - there's ain't much to show since most of those 150 CG are for story related events or items rather than for characters to show off. Sound: Everything is voiced except for the acting at the moment protagonist. BGM is very good. Humor: Actually, there's not so bad humor in here not even counting Kojiro funny streak. Humor is event-based and this type of humor I find the best. So here are the three occasions that come to mind. Oh and I did not find not a single Bill Clinton joke here! That's an accomplishment in itself! (Those who played EVE:Burst Error will get what I mean). 1) At some point of the story Kyoko has to hide, but she's greatly disappointing by the fact that her friends drew a beard over the wanted posters. 2) There's a small serious meeting discussing the ADD project and how it gets into effect. Yuji who is not strong into genetics adds the bottom drawing and when he's asked what it means, he answers: "anus". It was very unexpected ease of tensions and that's why it was pretty great. 3) Only the dolphin saw the criminal and it's invented how to transform dolphin thought impulses into an image to the fax (PC-98 game My Eyes! nervously smokes in the back). Now the dolphin lies in the bathtub and here's what we get when he ask him to picture the event he recently seen. Just awesome! Themes and symbols: It's more of a straightforward game that tries to explain everything under the question so that there was no afterthought behind. - One of the strongest motives of the game is that of the sacrifice. Eldia is full of patriots, that's one thing that does not change. - There's a very nice developed theme of siblings separated in the early childhood. Overall comments: It's a surprisingly interesting game series full of vivid characters, animations and it's just a really twisted story with lots of deaths. If command selection gameplay looks troublesome - just watch my video walkthrough of the game. I'm really weak to good game series, so I'm getting to the bottom of it. The next stop is Eve:The Fatal Attraction. a
  17. I don't feel eligible to write a full review since I only listened to the voice parts of the game. And the reason for that is that the game is unhookable by any instruments. No threads are found at all. Still I'm confident enough on the grappled content to write my thoughts of it. First things first: game has very poor systems. 1) Full-screen only. My try to launch it in window-mode with Dxwnd succeeded, but menu top started to fly separately from the main windows and mouse cursor started being distorted in space so full-screen is the only comfortable way to play. 2) There is no skip function. The closest thing to it is CTRL which draws a full wall of text and you need to press CTRL separately for each such wall of text which amounts to thousands of hits of this key. 3) Sound volume is outrageous. Voice is way too low and sounds and bgm way too loud even when voice maxed up and other sounds minimized. I had to pull sound volume to the limit of speakers to hear voices well, but each time BGM stroke there was a shock feeling. BGM only sounds for one minute and calms down so that minute was the most painful time over and over again. Maybe it was different for win98 but no compatibility helps. By the way, installer only launches with win98 compatibility. 4) CG viewer is one of the worst I ever seen. Out of five heroines it shows CG of two first heroines fairly well and there's the beginning of 3rd heroine and there's no way see the rest with game means. That being covered you can probably guess my irritation with the game even though the game was not started yet. But there are some positive sides of the game: 1) Full voiced, including protagonist. 2) Beautiful clean graphics. 3) Good structure - 2 girls available from the start, then consecutively three more girls open up and then there's the true route. 4) Longevity - all six routes take about 40 hours of time to read properly. Let's touch the story a bit. Matsunaga Yoshihiro is a young man given the task of watching over a group of students from Touyou School on their summer break to a beach. One of the students, Morisawa Nao, has had sadness in her heart from her past - something Yoshihiro can relate to, having his own issues arrising during the trip. That's the rough synopsis with the only remark that it's for anime made the next year. Morisawa Nao is the main character only in anime. In the game she's just one of five ordinary heroines. She's one of the two started heroines, so I guess she's chosen for the main part in anime since first two days mostly focus on those two starter heroines in game while the path to the next ones is branched off much further. Morisawa Nao is a much better choice over the other starting heroine Iwasaki Chinatsu since the former one is much more attractive and has the most dramatic story among all the non-true heroines. I don't really feel like covering heroines or even the true route heroine since I like the anime short version much more than those routes. Conclusions. New Elf is different. Old Elf works were challenging and playful. This work is stripped of any playfulness and it's a mere imitation of other successful nakige with true route structure. Heroines routes are vastly meaningless and only true route has some meaning. The locked forced structure makes us play the same story for six times with the branching only done by the middle of it without a good skipping feature. This monotonous flow is extended to excessive 40 hours without any satisfying conclusion. Shizuka is the most bashful heroine, but her route included childhood memories scene of her sitting and covering the head with hands while other children get in a round-play and sing the exact "Kagome" song from Kazeoto, Chirin. I get that it's not C's Ware that invented the song, but it looked just like a shameless plagiarism to me. So one more faint question remains - why the hell this crap of a game is VN of the Month November 1999?! Well, with all the flaws of this work it's the modern type work with nice characters and true route. When I look at other November 1999 VNs there are even more irritation factors like SIM, bakage, hetare protagonist, H-focus, shortness or lack of info. Refrain Blue is the only one that's not defiled by those factors. And it's not that bad of a story, just overextended one and lacking in excitement. This is actually the 2nd case after Interlude (2003) where I liked anime version much more than the game. Interlude changed the plot to clear the mess of a setting and Refrain Blue just gathered the most interesting heroine path together with true route, cut everything else and set the table with a nice one hour long work. If you want to taste Refrain Blue, just watch the anime version, really.
  18. The VN of the Month November 1999 is PARTS. The only really serious work. 1. Bunny na Hip バニーなヒップ [991105] Aquarium The porn bunny company group is going to expand its galaxy chain to the Earth. In order to investigate sexual orientation of the Earthlings, three girls are sent there. Main character is an ordinary unemployed man and he's chosen as a test object for a week. Every day main character needs to decide on the costume and the type of service to receive. There's really nothing but choosing costumes and type of service, just a nukige. 2. Cross Helix [991105] System Rose SDI, a giant global complex, builds a leisure facility for adults with a casino and deploys "dolls" that provide sexual services. At the same time the United Nations start a crackdown on prostitution. A human brain is found in the discarded doll. SDI denies any association and suggests to place a UN branch office in the playtown. Several years later. Main character visits playtown as a UN moral administrator and gets involved in huge conspiracy over braindolls... Game tries its best to be like cyberpunk works. And it really is such work, just without any novelty. The story ends right when the conspiracy over human brain in dolls is revealed. There's an abundance of H events and being done in 3D automatically makes it ugly. The lack of explanation hurts a lot as well. 3. In'yoku ~Youkoso Ingyaku no Hanazono e~ 淫慾 ~ようこそ淫虐の花園へ~ [991105] Benten An office worker Daimokuni Kenichi sees the women president Reiko getting in a taxi. He tracks her down to the SM club "Dorothy" where he enlists as well to see her humiliation. Just a SM nukige here, absolutely nothing to look at. 4. Izayoi ~Hime Miko Senka~ イザヨイ ~姫巫女選歌~ [991105] Force Main character is a young man who lives in the mountains as a hermit. One day two girls lost their way and got to hero's house. They insisted that they did not want to go home, and so they stayed in the mountains. On the night of that day main character felt a strange hypnotic impulse in his body and incredible lust force awakened in him. There's definitely some kind story behind it like mysterious power, supernatural forces etc etc, but it hardly changes the fact that the game remains a total nukige. 5. Nie Real 贄 リアル [991105] Hyperspace An alternative version of Nie with improved animations, voicing and in full color. Really it's the same Nie game. Those releases should be merged. 6. Ribbon 2 [991105] Bonbee! As winter changes autumn there is premonition of new changes and new acquaintances in the air. There are nine heroines and period is one October month. Capture is easy since the maps with the heroines are highlighted with ribbon image. There are some limited choices during conversations with heroines. Protagonist is a lumpy hetare who avoids heroines and in some routes he's just unintelligible. Each route has its own theme and main hero is forces into it. The flow is morning-school trip-lunch-after school-night. There's no real link with the prequel apart of the fact that they're both classic galge. Overall impression is good since routes vary from each other, there's a good atmosphere and there's a strong friendship theme. 7. Wana -Trap- 罠-TRAP [991105] Vision An artificial mental parasite "Gaist" is invented by the government to provide special abilities to humans. However, an incident happened during testing of the most powerful Gaist "Uroboros" ending up with main character infested. Now he can survive only by insulting women. A special unit of twelve women is dispatched to pacify main character. Game has lots of different modes and minigames... all to insult women in the end. The main part is using different items to set up traps on the map and lure girls in. 8. Essence Lost [991106] R.A.N Software One week before graduation from school the hero falls asleep at the part and upon waking up gets a feeling that he lost something. A hunger for love rises in him and he won't waste this week. Period is actually only four real days. Some heroines personify love of the past and some love of today. Hero does not have a personality at all and he changes drastically from one route to another. Game flow is quite usual, as a normal galge. There are devil scenarios as well with dark themes dominating. There are a lot of bugs and flags are just non-identifiable. The events and endings are exactly the same for the heroines, just CG differ. It's quite a short game. 9. Situation 2 しちゅえ~しょん2 [991109] Berserker 1 New volume includes girls of following occupations: swordsman, magical girl, investigator, fighter and bioroid. More ultimate torture items are added. No one will leave without full satisfaction! The second item in the nukige series is not much different. 10. Cosplay Idol Hajimemashita♪ こすぷれアイドルはじめました♪ [991112] Max Q Main character is a freshman at entertainment industry. His boss is worried about the lack of competent idols, so he asks main character to find an idol familiar with cosplay to satisfy any fan needs. Find an idol, dress up as willing and help her relax. A nukige again. 11. Gojuusou 五重奏 [991112] Noctovision St. Orpheus Institute of Music. The quintet aims to participate in a prestigious music festival and conquer it. For that it's important to refine the hearts to produce impressive melodies as well as get musical techniques and knowledge. The participants are young girls with their troubles, conflicts and reasons. They will need to have their anxieties of mind lifted in order to play in unison. Well, it's a SIM, although parameters aren't much emphasized as flags. Schedules on weekdays and free time on weekends. Skipping is difficult to use and one day takes very long, so even one playthrough is painful. Systems are primitive with nothing but save/load. 12. Maid ni Omakase!! メイドにおまかせ!! [991112] Triangle Main character is living alone in a messy room. He wants to live a nice private life in a clean house, but the prices of household agencies are too high. He sees two young maids are being scolded by the administrator and stands up for them. To thank him both girls agree to do the cleaning in his house for a week. If they fail at being maids, they'd return to their native town afterwards. Is it possible to imbue confidence in the girls as maids? Daamn... just clean the room yourself already, retard! It's a slapstick comedy with lots of erotic situations and events. Triangle is known for vivid cute drawing, and graphics here are in fool bloom. 13. Majokko Mariel'n 魔女っ娘マリエルン [991112] Escu:de Main character is a ronin student. If he fails to enter university this year he'll need to inherit his family ramen shop. One day he meet again with his junior high school first love Iori and reunites with her. However, on another day a girl comes down from the sky on a broom and she is followed by another girl. Hero is caught up in a dispute, and turned into a small animal (ferret) by the magic. The first girl escapes and second girl Mariel, remains. Mariel explains the circumstances - he has to live in this form for a while till she finds a way to dispel the magic. There are three heroines - Mariel, former girlfriend and Elma, another good witch. First half is comical, but second part is serous, so the overall balance is good. There are five chapters and there's a shooting game at the end of each chapter. Text is slow to draw and it contributes to monotonous feeling. There are around 10 flags so it's a bit difficult to grasp the right ones. Elma root is the best, but hardest to flag. 14. Nekketsu! ~Saikyou Bukatsu Sengen~ 熱血!~最強部活宣言~ [991112] Passion Shinto martial arts school "Shindo flow" is in pinch since the principal death. Main character and his fiancee Ikumi decide to establish a high school club to revive this techniquue that incorporates many sex moves. It's needed to collect cards to open new techniques and complete with other martial artists. Basically it looks like wrestling with sex moves bakage. 15. Darcrows DARCROWS -ダークロウズ- [991118] Alice Soft 1 Two large countries, Leben and Carnea, had been ruled by the kings who were men of character, and people in these countries had been living peacefully. However, Leben suddenly intruded into Carnea, and the two countries began to war. The even fights had continued for more than six months, but when the king of Carnea died of illness, gradually Leben got the better of Carnea. In these days, a man in a black suit visited Carnea. He had been a vice leader of the Carnea Knights, Claude, who had suddenly disappeared eight years before. His appearance had changed completely, and that made them suspicious. But when he said he had a plan to beat Leben, they gave their ears to him. He said that they would hire experienced mercenary solders, and that the queen and princesses would sell their bodies to earn money. The queen and her daughter accepted his plan, and they began to take his "lessons". There is an English review. 16. Guren 紅蓮 [991118] Zone 1 2 3 The events of the game take place in ancient Japan. Mysterious creatures known as "ghosts" appear in the villages, rampaging and killing innocent people. The general in charge of a military action against those creatures builds a special units called "Guren", which means "crimson lotus". The hero of the game, Lee Rekka (Li Liehuo), is a member of Guren whose task is to find other members (all female) in different villages and to discover the truth behind ghosts' attacks. But the first girl he encounters, the lovely and brave Tsukikage, is abducted by a horribly-looking demon... The game is an animé-style RPG with erotic elements. The player visits villages and their surroundings, fighting randomly appearing monsters in turn-based combat viewed from first-person perspective. Most of the monsters are female, and they disrobe when defeated. Characters don't gain experience from killing monsters, but from training. Training costs money, which is dropped by enemies or can be gained by doing part-time jobs. Unlike in most Japanese RPGs, the player can choose which attribute (strength, maximum HP, etc.) to raise when training. In the villages, it is also possible to interact with the female party members and influence the hero's relationship with them. There are English reviews. 17. Hanashizume no Matsuri 鎮花祭-はなしずめのまつり- [991118] Studio Air Main character comes from a shinto priest family. One day he encounters a strange girl in his dream, and from then on bizarre incidents started to happen around him - first a tremendous blood stain appears on the school building, then a series of girl violence and kidnapping cases start to happen. It's almost the time for an ancient festival held since ancient times to calm the disasters. Something is bound to happen. There are 8 good endings and much more bad endings. First half of the story is the same for all the girls. There are many inconsistencies in the scenario and some hints mentioned in the first half of the game are totally ignored in the second half. There are both comic scenes and dark scenes. Story leaves quite a good occult feeling, but the mediocre text and rough drawing don't let enjoy the game to the fullest. 18. Hoshi no Pierce 星のピアス [991119] Actress 2100 A.D. Main character studies in the space university on the Earth and comes to Mars' residential dome to prepare for the final exam. He is assigned to a group of the best students to help each other as the exam focuses on the importance of communication. How will this month pass in a company of beautiful girl student fellows? Every movement takes one hour from 12 hours in each day. There are some obligatory classes so just chasing girls is a no go. There's a distinct minigame for each heroine. Quite an ordinary work that's set in uncommon setting. Oh, and unlike first two works of "Actress" H-content is quite weak - it's a pure love game. 19. Lovemation ラブメーション [991119] I’s9 Hero recently graduated. He had a job offer waiting, but it was cancelled. He looks through job vacancies magazine and applies for an animation production company since the anime he watched in the past was quite fun. However anime production turns out to be a very severe exhausting process with running over eccentric weirdos all the days and having to rush everyone day and night and constantly being on the verge of deadline. However, there are also people of unique personality here. Whenever he relaxes after work there all kind of situations possible, even serious love development. Will animation be completed? Can you get the girl you like? Everything depends on you during these two months. Every morning hero goes to a company, receives instructions from seniors and decides the action for that day. The story begins from the state when the original production is almost finished, but there's a a lot of room for animation and production improvement. Girls can be pursued at any time in the story development, but neglecting the job can lead to poor results. There aren't any reviews on the game. 20. Tina wa Seirei Tsukai ティナは精霊使い [991119] Pinpai Rahel is a professional swordsman. He takes a job to hunt bandits since it's well paid and takes a female companion with him. He has to cooperate with the female group of bandit hunters "Arabian Knights". Setting is arabic-liketo world. There are five heroines. Operation is mouse only. It's a very simple RPG - no parameters, no items, no money, no random encounters. There are from 3 to 5 people in the party in battles, but final battle gets the number to 11. Story is quite fascinating. H element is above average. 21. Twinkle Revue トゥインクルレビュー [991119] Fairytale 1 You play the role of a active manager of a production company. One day your boss orders you to go out and find the "star of tomorrow." So you go to a talent development institution called Twinkle Actress School. Your job is to sneak into there undercover and find potential candidates. The only person there who knows your true identity is your ex-trainee Sanae who is now the dorm director. Besides her, there are 5 girls that catch your attention: Nozomi who is Sanae's niece, Mayu who is the sister of a really famous star, Hiziri whose voice can make her a famous singer, Shizuya who has a great potential to be a beautiful model, and Mamiko who is talented in voice acting. You will stay for 3 weeks, and during your stay you will take lessons with girls and communicate with them and get as much data as possible so you can report to your boss. There is an English review. 22. Wagamama Calamity わがままカラミティ [991119] Rune The goddess Karamichi spread chaos over the continent until buddhists from magical kingdom sealed her powers. With the destruction of that kingdom the competition over the Stone of Magic and thus continent hegemony has begun. Glenn gets hired by one of the sides and he leads his employer to the victory. Tactical strategy. There is a hexagone map with units to move by turns. There is a card minigame during the battles. There are seven countries overall, so six to compete with. Difficulty is easy and length is short. H element is above average due to spoils of war in conquered land. 23. Innocent [991125] Draconium 2078, Mega Tokyo City. The Metropolitan Police Department established a secret department for investigation of special crimes consisting of five android women. Androids are instructed to use woman body to get information that's usually not accessible by police. Main character is a detective who has his best friend charged with serial murders crime and awaiting death penalty in a week. With the cooperation of androids hero began investigating identity of the real criminal. It looked like a cyberpunk story... but actually it's not really about the story. Every day we set girls paroling one about 20 routes in Tokyo and with some luck patrolling ends with H event and some new information discovered. Something different might happen after 7 successful days, but it's not worth my time. 24. Tantei Jinguuji Saburou: Tomoshibi ga Kienu Ma ni 探偵 神宮寺三郎 灯火が消えぬ間に [991125] Data East Corporation 1 2 An injured young man suddenly takes refuge at the detective agency. Investigation of two cases becomes complex as they are gradually woven together. There's an English review of the game. 25. Tokimeki Memorial 2 ときめきメモリアル2 [991125] Konami 1 2 3 4 Tokimeki Memorial 2 takes the basic story of the first game where you are playing a male student through his 3 years of high school but this time when you first play you start out as a kid who then later moves away. There are many English reviews. 26. True Love Story: Fan Disk トゥルー・ラブストーリー・ファンディスク [991125] ASCII Corporation In this fandisc, the protagonist has two little sisters who are twins. The player must choose the correct topics of conversation so he can win the heart of one (or even both!) of the twins. A fandisk... no ty. 27. Bousou! Justice 暴走!じゃすてぃす [991126] Outlaw A secret evil organization started to send combatants to a certain high school to make uproar. Main character together with some girls have formed "friends of justice" circle to fight that organization. The synopsis is actually even more bizarre, but all those crazy bakage are really difficult to understand. Anyway, it's kind of SIM and RPG mix which makes things even worse. There aren't Japanese reviews, so at least I'm not alone to skip all that mess altogether. 28. Folk Song フォークソング [991126] Arkham Products This is a story of three girls and three boys that attend the high school in a rural town. This is no place for emotions, but empathy will open hearts of these three pairs to each other. Game has a good atmosphere, mostly thanks to the artist Koike Sadaji who did ~The world is drawing to an W/end~ of Abogado Powers just lately. And same as that work there's a lot of charm and uniqueness in this work, but the lack of volume strikes it all out. Full length is just a few hours. Otherwise it's a harmonious, calming and touching story with an atmosphere as if from Miyazaki works. 29. Futari ふたり [991126] Uran A girl appears before the hero who just proposed to his fiance. She has come from the future as a volunteer in time travel experiment. Time machine gets damaged in the process cutting the way back to future. he time machine got wrecked and the girl lost his way to return to the future. Will the hero successfully marry his fiance or get interested in time traveler? Yet another work of Uran - 3rd one in two months already. It's obvious that there are two heroines here. Game is mostly a comedy with many deformed drawings. Engine is written on Visual basic and has no options. Text is not good, but tempo is great and length is sufficient, around 7 hours. 30. H Kenkyuukai H研究会 [991126] May-Be Soft Main character entered secret high school "H Research Group" as the first male member. Three girls & female teachers are eager to set multiple experiments regarding the object of study on daily basis. May-Be Soft is a very stable company... it keeps making the same shitty nukige with the same drawing over and over with very few details changed. 31. Kijin Soushi 鬼神草紙 [991126] Jade Kazuya Hyodo in Tokyo learns that his father is gruesomely killed. Without much confidence in police he starts looking for the killer himself. Kiyoshi Saki in Kyoto finally gets a permission from the boss to investigate a serious case - he is set to follow the series of bizarre murders. Two distant incidents get linked in one deadly dance. There are a lot of choices and wrong choices lead to numerous bad endings. Demons and esoteric rituals are the the main theme. The viewpoint between the characters changes forcibly. Story lacks depth. Voice acting is especially bad. 32. Large PonPon ら~じPonPon [991126] 0verflow 1 Our hero's girlfriend, Rurika, suddenly informs him that she is being transferred to Paris. However, after only a few months, she gives up her job and comes home; she is pregnant. Following an extremely hot argument, she leaves him without telling him where she is going. Our hero goes looking for her and learns that she has checked into an obstetrics ward. Here at the hospital, he accidentally runs into Yukari, an old girlfriend from school. He also starts up a hot relationship with a married woman named Momoka, who is staying in the next hospital room. His girlfriend really starts to get jealous of his other playmates. Will he fulfill his obligations to Rurika, or will he keep going after hot, new babes? A baka nukige where you can customize girls features to your desires. 33. Majokko Silk 魔女っ娘シルク [991126] Trabulance "Majokko Silk" is the story of Silk, a sexy witch from another dimension. One day, a witch named Silk suddenly visits Takashi Sakuragi's house...She's from another world! She has a beautiful face, gorgeous blonde hair, and a very attractive body with intriguing clothes. Takashi is astonished by her beauty, but it's only the beginning of his extra-ordinary life... Synopsis Scenario is worse than that of Majokko Mariel'n, but at least Silk route is ok. The routes of the other girls are too plain since everyone already in love with MC except for Silk. Genre is best described as light erotic comedy. 34. Nagaremono no Komoriuta 漂泊者の子守歌 [991126] Dennou Club Main character Joan leads a troupe of traveling performers. After sudden death of previous leader things have gone downhill, so now hero needs to refine skills of each troupe member to make as much money as possible. As you might have guessed, it's a training SIM. During daytime we teach to perform, during nighttime it's different kind of training. By filling specific request of customers it's possible to gain much more money. 35. Omochazuma おもちゃ妻 [991126] h.m.p Please ... do not stop! ! The innocent virgin wife turns into a sexual slave. No matter how much bullying continues, Saya remains loyal. Is she a nymphomaniac or there is a line that can not be crossed? Game's obscure, but luckily there are two Japanese reviews still available. Firs of all, it's a 3D polygon mess. At the beginning of the game main character is a president of the company, but also an impotent. By secret training sessions in the basement they try to overcome their problems. Saya is too shy to even kiss or touch at the start as well. And as usual, training saves the world. The end. 36. Outline アウトライン [991126] PetitX As a part of a "railway club" activity main character together with girl club members go on a photography trip. At the train a ghost of his elder sister appears before him. What will this trip be - a photo tour or a ghost hunt? It's a light sentimental story, but with a suspense touch. Since it's mostly a story driven game, not every character is paid enough attention - still two girls are quite well drawn. The are four routes overall. It's quite a decent charage with a quirk, but not of masterpiece level. 37. Parts PARTS ─パーツ─ [991126] Squadra D Main character Takahiro visits his home town during the spring break. By his father's recommendation he decides to take care of two girls at a religious organization's facility. Maki has a bright personality and Nami hardly talks at all. Hero will need to learn the private mystery behind girls lives. So this is a nakige. Story is touching and hard to read for an inexperienced reader. It could easily be another Kana, but ended up as an obscure gem. 38. Refrain Blue リフレインブルー [991126] Elf 1 Matsunaga Yoshihiro is a young man given the task of watching over a group of students from Touyou School on their summer break to a beach. One of the students, Morisawa Nao, has had sadness in her heart from her past - something Yoshihiro can relate to, having his own issues arising during the trip. Elf returned late for the party. I made a review myself. 39. Ryouki no Ori -Dai 3 Shou- 猟奇の檻 -第3章- [991126] Penguin Works In one local office of Mirai TV a few problems occurred over several weeks. The female news casters expression is too sexy and nasty during evening news. However the ratings skyrocketed with male viewers looking forward to continuation. Other media filed complaints and a serious investigation was launched. Hero is hired as a newcomer to soften the tension. What is the purpose of the crime?Who is the culprit? Only you can solve it .... Wow, the return of bizarre cage series after a big pause. Map choice ADV. Compared to previous two titles the colors and the atmosphere got darker as the killings continue. System is inherited from previous parts, but time limit sections are much less demanding. Two mistaken answers are needed for a bad ending spawn and there aren't many bad endings. Difficulty level is high. There are six heroines and they are cute. H content level is the highest in the series. 40. Shibatte Mitai no! 縛ってみたいの! [991126] Espresso Main character is into SM stuff, but his girlfriend is totally alienated by it. The goal is to work at part-time jobs and buy books and accessories with the money earned. With the right approach girlfriend will also evaluate his efforts. First half of the game is like a normal SIM, but from the second half turns into a hardcore SM game and stays this way. 41. Soukoku no Nocturne 蒼刻ノ夜想曲 [991126] PL+US Modern Tokyo. Hero attends music university and meets a girl who can neither talk nor remember anything on a street. He calls her Rumi and takes her home. One day vampire Sheri the Nosferatu appears before the hero, but she is driven off by female hunter Aisha. Rumi is linked to those two people and gets involved into conflict between them. Finally a story work. There are three heroines and Rumi is not seen as a main heroine since she is weak compared to her counterparts and has to rely one someone. Well there is True Ending only for Rumi. 42. Spell ~Maid no Sasayaki~ Spell ~メイドの囁き~ [991126] Serene One day a maid dressed girl suddenly falls down from the sky to hero's apartment! Her name is El. She is a magical girl who came from the land of maids. She is selected to participate in "Princess Selection Society" tournament as a princess candidate. For these few weeks she will serve main character to prepare for the challenge. I hardly care for yet another cohabitation with a maid, even with a magical maid from the land of maids... 43. Tennin Kyoushi 転任教師 [991126] Red Zone Koinuma Hitomi is new female teacher just transferred to the school. This is a school for delinquents, and she will have to establish her authority not only by words, but by weapons such as whip as well. Red Zone disappeared for two and a half years since Akiko Hard release. But this work is absolutely in Akiko spirit. Same clickable only map, same only girls voicing, same teacher heroine. This time the fetish is SM Queen and our teacher eagerly accepts this role. 44. Yaka no Shitone 夜華の褥 [991126] Spiral Early Showa period. The epoch of castles is gone, but memory is alive. In one of such castles there is now a SM club. Only girls with the huge debts are sold there. Main heroine is one such girl. There's no real story, just woman view on the prostitution. For me it's just a nukige. 45. Rescue Disk レスキューディスク [991126] B-STAFF Volume one is a story of a couple attacked during a date. What does the boy unable to protect his lover feel? What will the girl reply? Can she ever forgive him? Volume two is a story about dangerous relationship between teachers and students. What's beyond that? Happiness? Unhappiness? Ruin? Ancient doujin removed from dlsite 46. Prime Night ~Joshi Ana Hakusho~ プライムナイト ~女子アナ白書~ [991127] Telluru JBS channel popular caster Satoko Kondo is pursued by stalker lately. Pictures are sent to her office and home. She hires a detective who happens to be main character, but opponent cleverly escapes the traps. At the same time a female colleague of Satoko tries to seduce the detective. Can hero avoid the trap himself or is it possible to play the cards right to approach mystery revelation? It's actually not that easy to find a non-HCG, so I guess the detective played his cards right... with all the women he met multiple times. Can't really take a Telluru game seriously after so many half-baked failures. 47. Dorei Shimai Kyoukan 奴隷姉妹 兇姦 [9911] Soft Circle Courreges All three works of slave series together! Pretty girls and sisters are in trouble! The horror of pc-98 era is back. New doujin poop without any story or even a decent enough CG to put up. 48. Purupuru Magic ぷるぷるまじっく [9911] Usagi Club Falling blocks undressing puzzle game with short dialogues before the battles. It's hardly can be called a visual novel.
  19. Since there are so many reviews of it, there's no need in full review, so I'm just explaining my choice for this game to be the game of the month October 1999. The game is painful with a lot of text, characters, interaction with the scenery, puzzles and seemingly unrelated cases. Up to the middle of it I really struggled through painfully. Game is about five cases of a heinous crime unit 1. But what's cool about it is that it's not about finding and catching the culprit. Those are just stories that have a beginning and some resolution, mostly sad resolution, actually - pretty much failing the case. Case 1 is about a swat team being massacred by some legendary criminal Kamui and eventually finding this Kamui as a totally emotionless shell of a human. Case 2 suddenly shifts the focus to some homeless children who live in the shelters - one of the boys is lost and we discover the story about his disappearance. Case 3 is about two syndicates rivalry and kidnapping of one syndicate's director. Case 4 is about illegal surveillance and streaming of private moments of life of a pop idol. Case 5 returns us to the mystery behind Kamui and all the cases finally get connected into one satisfying resolution. The gist of the story is presented in a fairytale told by one of characters and since it has great importance and great charm I'm giving the direct dialogue: - You know, recently... some people say fantasy is like brainwashing. Giving kids sweet dreams for the purpose of controlling them. - When you put it that way, that sounds right. - Originally they were pretty messed up stories. - Like "messed up" how? - Realistic stories, without all the happy stuff. - Well, that sure sucks. - That's why they got turned into happier stories. - Is that all? - No. Here's where it starts. So anyways, when I was a kid, there was this fairytale I heard. It's an old folktale from my hometown, but... - Hm. - Once upon a time, there was a princess. A beautiful princess. A terrible giant serpent fell in love with her. The serpent ruled the land ... no, he had taken over the land. - He invaded it? - Yeah. The serpent turned the king into stone. The greedy serpent wanted the princess... So he took her away... - Pretty standard shit. Go on, go on. - Then came a band of heroes. To rescue the princess they ventured to the huge castle. - Well of course. I'd do the same thing. - The heroes combined their powers and fought the serpent. And then... - What happened? - They defeated it. - Fuck yeah!!! - Everything was fine and good. - Is that the end? - Well, mostly... - What the fuck? That's just a normal-ass fairytale. That sucked. - You liked it, right? - No, that's no good. There's no twist. - It's not over yet. - What? - Think of the story I just told you. It's been tweaked to make it nice. The realistic parts have been obfuscated. - Well then what the hell happens? - The princess was dead... - What the fuck?! What do you mean? - She was killed by the serpent. - Man, FUCK that serpent! The fuck kind of story is that? - And one more thing... There is no serpent. - No? Why not...? That stuff comes up in stories all the time. - Of course there isn't. There's no such thing as a "giant serpent" - Well. yeah... - It wasn't a serpent, but a human. The heroes were people, too. Humans killed another human, for revenge. - That's just a crime... - Yeah... Fairytales are crimes. The unrealistic fantasy that happens in real life is crime. Rereading this dialog after finishing the game actually bears a lot of sense, it's the shortened version of the game's theme and meaning. The game does not really tell much directly and there's still the need to think up the rest of it, just like in this dialogue. Let's get to the bad points. It's long (over 15 hours), slow-paced, low on events. It does not have voicing. It's mostly in sepia tone. Art is of specific and quite shy style. It's quite hard to guess who's talking since you just get the sentences appearing in one window one by one. It has a lot of interactivity. There's one hundred-questions spree with only 10 seconds for each answer and questions are mostly on history-sciences-media topics. Interface and controls are confusing. Dialogues are dodgy and make no sense. Characters treat each other poorly, trade in homophobic and sexist slurs. There are some puzzles. Game can be repetitive - at one case you need to search 80 separate and identical rooms in order to find five items. Now to the good ones. Game is great because it has cool charismatic characters each with distinguishing personality. Characters-like it reminds me the Unit from Ghost in the Shell the most. The atmosphere is quite like that as well. Heroes smoke, curse like hell and talk in a cryptic way. The dialogues are just awesome with constant verbal abuse towards each other. But as for the story twists and mystery it resembles Metal Gear Solid series the most, as for me. What makes a masterpiece for me is being memorable, no matter how many suffering it brings in the process - just need to treat them as trials. And there's no need to get tortured - there are a lot of great video let's plays of it without the commentaries. But in the end we get a mature, rich in details story that leaves much for the afterthought and lots of precious memories to cherish.
  20. The game of the October 1999 is Silver Jiken. I wanted to write in couple sentences why, but I failed at that miserably and I'd better post a non-structured review of it in order not to overburden this post. 1. Akuryou Gakuen Reiko 2 ~Himejima Tennyo Densetsu~ 悪霊学園レイコ・2 ~比目島天女伝説~ [991001] Trush Reiko Ashura is a girl born from psychic parents. For a long time Reiko has been using those powers to solve supernatural cases. The assignment given to Reiko this time is to infiltrate a private high school in a fishing village where there has been a streak of student disappearances denied by the school administration, but confirmed by the parents. This high school has a depressing atmosphere since it was build to isolate delinquents. Secret group meetings are held there at night... Poor Reiko, this is actually the third game devoted to the same psychic girl and her ambiguous erotic adventures. Creators don't even bother defend the novelty of their product just claiming that here there's a longer story and further deepening of inherited mystery. But really ... trying to sell pretty much the same story for the third time... 2. Days Innocent [991001] Inspire Mutsuki and Kaede are girl cousins who were very close at childhood friends but have not met for almost 10 years because Kaede illness and transfer. Now Kaede joins other girls in the study and her heart flies to tender their wounds. Somehow I feel that this game should stay in the list despite quite a big number of H yuri scenes. It's a game of special atmosphere. There is no main character and the story is told from 3rd person perspective. Well, there isn't a story, but rather a collection of event-stories. Map is show and time goes in real time and from time to time character icons show up and there's an even upon clicking. There are five girls. The main line is how weak and lonely Kaede joins the study with other girls and gets supportive with their problems. It's more of a nakige than a yuri work and can be immersive. One playthrough is about 4 hours. 3. Dokidoki Slot Panic ドキドキスロットパニック [991001] Melo Main character is a university student who is bored with his life. One day he sees an announcement of pachinko tournament with a nice sum of money as main prize. He reads the book with winning strategies and heads to the place of tournament. There are still 3 days before the competition, but cute girls willing to complete have already gathered at the place. It's a stripping pachinko without real story behind it. There are 5 pachinko automates to roll. 4. Gekkou 月光 [991001] Uran Hiroshi and Yukiko were going out at school. After graduation Hiroshi went on to university in Tokyo and found a new girlfriend. They meet again in seven years at alumni gathering can't get enough of each other. However Yukiko gets leukemia and gradually weakens day by day. The game was quite famous in Japan as some critics put it as the nakige of the year 1999 shamelessly pushing Kanon and Kana out. So first chapter is about junior school, second chapter is about new love Izumi and third chapter about Yukiko illness. It's a love triangle and medical nakige mix. I don't appreciate nakige, but medical sickness ones are the worst in my opinion. And only this third sickness story is voiced - that's cheap. There are choices, but they are totally ignored and story just goes in linear manner and it goes to quite crazy level - you may refuse to go to the meeting place with Izumi and you may refuse to date her, but game still would associate you as lovers. Hero is just an indecisive failure. It's probably another work that people either love or hate since evaluations vary from kusoge to kamige. 5. School Quest ~Heroine~ スクール・クエスト ~ヒロイン~ [991001] Hyperspace Let's fall in love with three heroines at school and around the town. School - part-time job and lots of schedule management. Raise the three parameters - money, strength, experience - and go on a date. Girls have two parameters - experience and the level they like you. Moving around town is as if came down from RPGmaker, totally ugly and by squares. There's no story besides making it with the girl, but since it's a SIM, it should stay. 6. Taiken Kokuhaku ~Kiite Hoshii no~ 体験告白 ~聞いて欲しいの~ [991001] Seal Staff Main character is an editor of magazine "S-teen" for young girls. Originally he collected confessions and summarized them to present for readers, but eventually decided to publish interviews entirely, because girls and confessions situations are so bright and unique. Ended up being a normal nukige very soon. 7. Tsumi to Batsu 罪と罰 [991001] Saga Planets A shocking sight witnessed by young elite judge Matsuoka Masayoshi .... It was a sacred court cellar and a girl was insulted in it. From this day his life went mad. Strange cases passed by mysterious man and sometimes even innocent girls awaiting insulting punishment. A nukige through and through. 8. Silver Jiken シルバー事件 [991007] 1 2 3 4 5 1999 - the "24 Wards". A string of mysterious serial killings plagues the city. The detectives of the 24 Wards Heinous Crimes Unit have their eyes on one man: Kamui Uehara, legendary serial killer and assassin of a number of government officials 20 years prior in the now-famous "Silver Case". However, nobody knows who - or what - Kamui really is. Has he really returned? Who is this infamous serial killer? Game is localized and has dozens of reviews. 9. Zoku Mikagura Shoujo Tanteidan ~Kanketsuhen~ 続・御神楽少女探偵団~完結編~ [991007] Human Club Zoku Mikagura Shoujo Tanteidan - Kanketsuhen is the sequel that finishes the story of Mikagura Shoujo Tanteidan. The game features some action sequences in which the player has to press a directional button or an action button to pass it and advance in the game, if the player fails he will have to repeat the action sequence again. The only new feature is mentioned in the synopsis. There quite a lot of interesting and fun cases here as well, but the impact is much smaller than that of the prequel. So if you like Taisho era atmospheric detective stories, nothing should stop you from playing it. Opening is pretty much the same as that of the prequel, just some eyes changed. 10. Doura 瞳裸 [991008] Cross Net Our guy got kicked out of the alchemist guild for trying to make life. Now that he has successfully made a girl, he wants to use her for revenge. To do that, he wants to get her into the emperor's harem. He needs backing from 3 people, who he will make items for. His girl is the perfect test subject for those items. Does he want love or fame? Another weird SIM that I'm not inclined to get familiar with. 11. Hagane no Oni ~Kidou Hohei vs Onna Ninja Gundan~ 鋼の鬼 ~機動歩兵VS女忍者軍団~ [991008] Studio Neko Punch A monarch died in a certain country of the Far East, and the young heir "Kikuyo Chiyo" took the seat. However, his uncle drafted a female ninja corps to assassinate Kikuyo. The Freedom Association dispatched a special robotic unit secretly to prevent the assassination. Over 50 ninja attacked the cemetery where assassination was decided, but Kikuyo was a decoy and a huge metal robot appeared before their sight instead. How will latest robotic unit fight against female ninja corps that make use of numerous secret techniques? Just wow. Clearly a bakage, but a memorable one since ninja wear swimsuits, bikini and in some cases just garterbelts. Most of choices relate to the way of fighting. But after the fight is one someone will need to interrogate the commander and noone would do it better than the hero of the battle. 12. Niji-iro Season Sarigenaku 虹色シーズン さりげなく [991008] Peach This is the world of sword and magic "Paiona". Three races occupy it. There is "sword and magic school" in Sao Paolo, the central city of Paonaa. It is a prestigious school where freshmen are only accepted once in three years. At this school "Red Moon Battle" is held every three years when the red moons rise. The winners are recognized as wizards. Four girls participate in the contest to become real witches. It's something like Sotsugyou ~Graduation~ but in fantasy world. Main hero is actually the teacher that's entrusted with teaching these four heroines. It's a very loose scenario with sudden H events and demon group appearing by the end just to be defeated instantly. The game is actually short and takes one hour to finish. Graphics is the only selling point of the game. 13. Sekai ga Kimi ni Yume Miteru 世界が君に夢みてる [991008] Studio Trips Main character has been recently fired. A strange rabbit ears girl appears before him and invites him to return to school days. At school he needs to use a lot of different cute talking items to make girls happier. It's really very difficult to understand what's going on here. Lots of chaotic talks, all those talking items show up one by one. And eventually it falls into H same chaotically. System is very poor and game holds somehow only on cute character design. 14. Silent Duel [991008] Scramble House Jinba high school is a prestigious school where political and business elite children study. A small passenger ship "Silent" is a place for a student party. Hero is preparing the party in the course of his part-time job. The next morning after the party a female teacher is discovered abused and killed. The crew hurried towards the ground, but other incidents happen one by one involving girls assaults. Hero is requested to help the investigation by the teachers. You move around the boat, get testimonies and investigate. One topic of conversation takes 10 minutes and time is limited. The theme of the work is "fight to protect" and not only against the criminals but also from self. There are five heroines. Graphics is ok and there's a solid feeling from the game, but it has specific content. 15. The Ren'ai Simulation ~Natsuiro Celebration~ THE 恋愛シュミレーション~夏色セレブレーション~ [991008] HuneX 1 You're a high school student enyoing summer with your best friend Kimi. One day of August, she receives a call from her father, telling her to go home in 21 days. You then start enjoying those last days together... There are 10 heroines. And you create them yourself... there are tools for it. Apart of that there are parameters and lots of actions to fill the schedule. So it's a very basic level SIM with ability to create own event situations. 16. Zero Jikan e... ゼロ時間へ・・・ [991008] Easy Mode A gigantic meteorite will fall on the Earth in 3 days destroying it forever. At this time one amateur astronomer's photo of the comet tail initiated a series of full-scale riots and mayhem. How will you live three last days in such a world? Another end of the world story. Command selection ADV, but creator tried to make it as user-friendly and speedy as possible. The is some gunpowder in some of heroines stories, but they are too short to have an impact. There are some 20 endings. Well, there is some unique atmosphere of lawless ruined Tokyo, so might be to someone's taste. 17. Furiman Bibou Hen 振まん 美貌編 [991013] Hyperspace Mahjong erotic game available in both battle mode and story mode where girls need to be defeated consequently. Game features screaming voices of girls. Every story mode does not strike me as visual novel, to be hones. 18. Genma Senki Lexion 幻魔戦記レクシオン [991014] Loze There used to be a fight between the king and the devil. That fight that split the sky and broke the ground, lasted 300 years. And there was a hero who tried to reconciliate the two rulers. He got both arms torn off, but the rules were so ashamed of themselves that they made peace and sent him their daughters as wives. Present time. Main character Akira inherited the power of that hero. On his 19th birthday that power awakened and he found himself in a bed with an angel girl and a devil girl. He's the only one who can withstand an invasion of monsters. Game's more of a visual novel than an RPG. You need to select location and trigger some scene, sometimes some monster shows up. There are three main heroines - the new brides and the sister he lives with. 19. Sta★Gra -Star Graduation- スタ★グラ -Star Graduation- [991014] Active 2027. Aliens came to the Earth and for a year a group of them will study as international students for a year. They aren't much different from humans apart of some features like wings and tails - and they have special abilities. Main hero is student council chairman and he needs to help them socialize. Another SIM. There is a set of parameters like curiosity, intelligence, physical strength. There are five heroines. Hero needs to organize his schedule for each week. On weekends the only option is to rest or to go on a part-time job. There are a lot of fixed events like sports tournaments or national holidays, so it gets repetitive on consequential playthroughs. Basically we only need to raise specific parameter so specific value and one of girls will automatically take the bait. Since heroines are aliens, they follow some archetype - cat, maid, angel, raccoon, fish. Otherwise nothing out of ordinary. 20. Hand Maid ハンドメイド [991015] Telluru Main character returns to a previous work in a Western-style mansion after a long absence. He recieves a challenge from his master's friend to train the best maid out of a usual woman. He takes up the challenge. There are three girls to train. The maid grand prix is held three times, so it's needed to win it three times in a row... Just a usual maid SIM. 21. Kasumi Yuugi かすみ遊戯 [991015] Purple 1 With the advancing technology, man is able to create realistic man-made humanoids. One variation of such is the virtual brothels, one of which is called Karma. Such places are so expensive that spending one night there costs a month's salary. You as the player of this game, luckily got a freebie guest pass to this virtual brothels. There you meet an overly cute robot called Kasumi, and she is who you will spend your night life with. However, your guest pass can only last for ten visits... Will you be able to stay with Kasumi forever? There's a good English review on the game. 22. Limit 168 [991015] Sun West 1 You have arrived on a mysterious island with no memories. Searching for something that helps you remember, you meet a group of lonely girls... There's an English review of this game. 23. Natsumatsuri 夏祭 [991015] Diskdream In summer main character decides to return to his native town. A nostalgic view, a comfortable air, a faint sound of river calm his mind. At the summer festival he meets his old acquaintance, and their memories start to shine anew. Can't understand nostalgic works, probably because I can't associate myself with the main character. So summer festival lasts for 3 days, and there are actually many women to meet during that time. Each character has several endings with the total number of endings being 16. Of course, it's not usually explained why all the women fall for main character. And 3 days is not nearly enough to develop a relationship, but who cares. 24. Omoide no Photograph 想い出のフォトグラフ [991015] Xuse Yuichiro Ino is a photographer who does not sell well. This time he has to take a job of photographer assistant to get the views of Kyoto. He rides the Shinkansen and gets to Kyoto where he meets four beautiful girls. ADV with mini-games. Taking pictures is also organized as a minigame. There's no text skip and message speed is not adjustable, so it's a very painful game. Second half is actually about how the hero gets involved in a murder, but the story is sloppy. Period is only three days so development is forced. Enjoy Kyoto views and the girls, quite average game. 25. Refrain Dream リフレイン・ドリーム [991015] Mu The main character is a graduating high school student. On Christmas Eve he confesses his feelings to his childhood friend. She passes him the ring saying that she will come to him when he remembers. In a dream a mysterious girl comes to him saying that he should get the paired ring in order to fulfill his hopes. Paired ring is divided into many pieces and scattered around the world and some pieces are hidden in the world of books. You can gain access to the world of each book by buying the needed book at the antique shop. Different girls need different books. You start with the ability to read three books overnight and that will increase with time. If you choose wrong books, you may fail to meet the girl. There are 8 heroines. So it's a SIM with multiple girls and endings. 26. Yarasero ~Fujiwara Saori no Baai~ 犯らせろ ~藤原沙織の場合~ [991015] Noise Main character can't take his eyes from Saori Fujiwara. He wants to make shameful pictures of her and then blackmail her into a relationship. Basically first it's making photos and with enough of embarrassing photos it's possible to force either true love or SM relationship. Nothing but 3D nukige here. 27. Daraku ~Kindan no Sound Novel~ 堕楽~禁断のサウンドノベル~ [991016] RATI Shinji is a second-grader who attends a private school since his best friend Satoshi attends it. Shinji can only gain sexual excitement in situations of insulting women, so he's always unhappy and unsatisfied. One day Satoshi tells him about a secret place where Shinji can freely do to women anything he desires... Very simple blainless nukige, just choose and scene and here you go. 28. Pocket Love ~if~ ポケットラブ ~if~ [991021] KID An alternative version of Pocket love with two new characters, money concept and new unique events introduced. The main change that there are semi-erotic events introduced, like kissing and massage. The period is longer - since Christmas to White Day. There are 6 heroines overall. 29. Fifth Fifth ~フィフス~ [991022] Rune A mage found a magical girl and decided to raise her. He trains her in Earth, Water, Fire and Air magic with some help. She has the potential to become an angel, demon, or even human. How his treats her will determine what she becomes. Yet another training SIM. Now the loli version. Actually it's much closer to ADV this time. In ten days there's a devil/angel branch and after 25 days game's over. There are a lot of events scattered around. The amount of text is small. There is no voicing. 30. %% ~Fuuin no Otome~ %% ~封印の乙女~ [991022] Infinity In the past a warlock put a curse on Haruma high school, and students became lazy and spent days in a corrupt manner. The school guardian Aoi sealed the warlock and returned peace to the high school. 50 years from that time the seal got weakened and the warlock broke free. However, he lacks the power and starts to use maiden girls to renew powers. Only main character can revive Aoi, but he also can't allow warlock full resurrection. To prevent that he must seal maiden girls with the power of sex. I can't stop surprising why inventing such elaborate settings for nukige. I guess it's because it's bakage as well. There are quite a lot of gags and the spirit of craziness governs here. By the way it's not explained anywhere why the title is double percentage. The main theme of the game is underwear fetish. 31. Harem Racer ~Koi no Regulation Matta Nashi~ ハーレムレーサー ~恋のレギュレーション待ったなし!~ [991022] Jam Hero is a racer of a Forumla 1 team. He needs to train every day before the races, but at leisure time he can also pursue love. A very ordinary SIM. Fill the daily schedule, plan events of weekends. Some girls are from your team, but most are just random girls to drag after. 32. Mizuiro no Chizu みずいろの地図 [991022] Janis Hero is a police officer. At his workplace he meets a variety of girls. Most of them have a mystery aura around them. He wants to protect them and to know more about them, so he leans to them... We're a cop on patrol and need to choose various spots on the map. There are a lot of girls and each girl has both good ending and bad endings. The period is short and the volume is small. 33. Promise Promise ~プロミス~ [991022] Cherry Soft A girl suddenly appears before the main character reminding him of the youth promise to marry her. Whether he accepts those feelings or gets drown in a whirlpool of temptations, is up to him. Cherry Soft is famous for its graphics. However, there is zero scenario. Just H. 34. Renegade Renegade レニゲード [991022] Uran Rail has a faint feeling for his childhood friend Tina. Tina gets mysterious power and is chosen as chief of the temple because of it. From that day Rail feels that there's impenetrable wall between them. One day Rail meets a woman Luana who is a messenger from the temple and who requests to cooperate to protect Tina against the new king who desires to eradicate the rival in the temple. Rail gathers a team to oppose the king. Game has no reviews and only after trying it I understood why. No skip. Speed is non-adjustable. Font of previous lines gets blurred all the time. Despite the synopsis there are no RPG elements here. There are a lot of choices, each of 2-3 lines. Battle is shown only to pick which girl to help. So it's an eroge with quite pleasant fantasy story, but horrible system with no options is a huge drawback. 35. Tsugunai ツグナヒ [991022] Blue Gale Main character lives with her sister Nana after their parents died in an accident. One day Nana got insulted by a group of rich men. Hero becomes a lecturer at a girls school where children of abusers study. Main character invites such girls to a remote villa for supplementary classes to have his revenge. Just an insult nukige. 36. Yakouchuu II ~Satsujin Kouro~ 夜光虫II〜殺人航路〜 [991022] Athena Main character is invited to the voyage on a luxury liner Dynasty. A huge explosion happens and the ship sinks. Hero is drifted on his lifeboat to a mysterious abandoned ship Pandora where he unwillingly has to land. The theme this time is murder. The structure is the same - after seeing the best ending of the story, the next story opens up. A worthy horror sound novel sequel. 37. Yuuin no Toriko ~Main no Utage yori~ 憂淫の虜~魔淫の宴より~ [991022] Black Package Try Takahiro Fujisawa is a not noticeable young man who secretly insults and tortures women. He has always been successful and avoided sentence. He is appointed by his uncle as an insurance doctor to a girls school. This is an ideal hunting ground for him. Ok, I should probably stop commenting obvious nukige already. 38. My Toy ~Ojou-sama no Choukyou Nikki~ マイトイ~お嬢様の調教日誌~ [991028] H・WORKS Main character is training girls to fit specific requests. His goal is not just produce a mindless doll, but to save individuality and feeling of shame. He considers it art. Yet another insulting training SIM. 39. Prismaticallization プリズマティカリゼーション [991028] Arc System Works 1 2 Prismaticallization is a dating sim, whose hero is a highschool senior named Shoji. He finds a strange object when he's invited to a summer resort by his classmate Akemi. The object causes him to repeat a day, but seems slightly different. The same day repeats over and over, but there are some decisions that you can make which affect the next day like the decision whether to keep or leave an item - somewhat like in YU-NO. It's more of an experimental work, but it has much charm about it. Several mysteries remain unsolved. Very few things are explained and players lack information all the time. 40. Revive... ~Sosei~ REVIVE... ~蘇生~ [991028] Data East Corporation 1 The protagonist of the game, a high-school student, finds himself and other characters (mostly female high school students) trapped in a marine research facility. Exploring the abandoned building, the hero discovers the research staff died under mysterious circumstances. Was this a murder committed by a human being, or some sort of an unknown evil force? The hero does not have much time to think, since whatever took the lives of the scientists also threatens to murder them... System is akin to prequel Doukoku Soshite with navigation on an isometric map with traps, puzzles and timed sequences. It's definitely much more difficult and fancy than the prequel. There's not much of the story and gameplay does not have fresh feeling anymore, so overall impression is worse than that of the prequel. 41. Harlem Beat: You're the One ハーレム ビート you're the one [991028] KonamiCorporation 1 Visual novel adaptation of the hit basketball manga. The player becomes the team's manager and engages in conversation with its players while also managing their plays. Otomege/Boys Love SIM 42. Angoru Moa ~Daiyogen no Ketsumatsu~ あんごるモア ~大予言の結末~ [991029] Authoring Heaven Hero was walking when he remembered not locking the door. When he came back, a girl was getting food from his fridge. She turned out to be Angolmois the Great King of Fear from the Great Prophecy! As he soon got to know, whenever girl got disappointed, large scale natural disasters started to happen, so he decided to keep the girl at home till she's taken away. He now has to live with her, make her happy and pray for long awaited pickup team to take Angolmois away. We get to save the Earth again! And again by making love... There are much more girls than just Angolmois, but at this point the game is already beyond redemption. 43. Devote [991029] 13cm Suddenly after school main character is called to the class with four girls. The girls asked to make love to them. At first main character thought it was a joke, but that was a serious request. And so began their after-classes experiences. Game turns into a nukige pretty much instantly. Whatever girl gets all the events depleted first, receives an ending. 44. Heart ni Hi o Tsukete... ハートに火をつけて… [991029] Fairytale A beautiful female fighter Ayaka Shimada appeared like a comet in the female fighting sports world and got a nickname "Fighting Goddess". She had a legendary trainer whom she owned her success. Two years later she finally stepped down from the pedestal. New stars show up with the feeling "I want to be as strong as Ayaka!" and it's coach job to fulfill those dreams. This game is quite ero-centered so I struggled a lot whether block it or not. Training is simplified and battles are fightings are done through cards. But there are quite many H-events in each of the six heroines routes. It's closer to the romance game than a raising SIM, to be honest. 45. Kaiun Sentai Miko Sanranger 開運戦隊 巫女サンレンジャー [991029] Aqua House 1 "Seifuku Meister" is an organization secretly stealing uniforms (seifuku) from all over the world. In fact, one of the top executives of the organization, Captain An-an, is forcefully taking uniforms from girls right this moment. How does one get the girls naked in the first place? The answer is simple: just do them. The dark plot of "Seifuku Meister" is nearly accomplished. The only uniform left is the shrine maiden uniform. One day, they receive information that there will be a "shrine maiden festival" held soon. On the very day of the festival, Captain An-an and his followers triumphantly attack the site. However, they're confronted by a group of mysterious but cute girls: The Miko-san Rangers! Captain An-an and his crew fail to accomplish their mission. Captain An-an comes up with new plan: Get the legendary shrine maiden uniform from one of the Miko-san Rangers! Now, the erotic battle between Captain An-an and the Miko-san Rangers begins... Just WTF... stupid nukige. 46. Koufuku no Katachi こうふくのカタチ [991029] E.G.O. The main hero discovers a strange long rabbit ears girl who got hurt in an accident. The girl does not understand human language, but is of cheerful personality. As their cohabitation begins, it gets known that the girl is the last descendant of the tribe that can make any wish come true. At nights main character starts to travel to some fantasy world filled with lots of exotic races. Cat ears, glasses, maids, wings, sickly sister - game goes for all kinds of fetishes it can come up with. 47. Magical Treasure ~Kanojo wa Maid 2~ マジカル★トレジャー ~彼女はメイド2~ [991029] Bell-Da Our guy became lord of a remote town inorder to find a cure for his childhood girl, a princess cursed into sleep at age 16 by a black dragon. He heard there are fairies around that town that can help him find a cure. This is a Simulation, Role Playing and Adventure game. Monday to Friday is Simluation part, where he manage his town and train himself. Saturday is the Role Playing part, where he go out with one of his fairy maids to explore and find items. Sunday, the Adventure part, he can take one of his fairies for a date or go meet other girls. Also on Sunday, he can mix and use his items collected on Saturday for fun. Main SIM genre got oversaturated... so let's do the same, but throw some RPG mix altogether and it will be ok! Not. 48. Maina ~Haja no Ketsumyaku~ 舞菜 ~破邪の血脈~ [991029] Kappadou Yoichiro comes from an old religious family, but he's unaware of his roots even though he has a potential. His parents worry about the decline of the clan and they decide to marry him on a talented spiritualist Mai even though he already has a fiance Yuko. The demon is aware of Yoichiro potential and he tempts Yoichiro through his classmate Taeko. Game is quite dense with H events and story does not really hold much. Even upon choosing an option leading to bad end you can go on from last decision. 49. Mochimono Kensa 持ち物検査 [991029] Zero Main character is a teacher in a strict girls school. It's forbidden to bring many items to the school. The pretext of thorough belongings inspections is often used here to insult girls. And if something forbidden is found - like a candy - a severe punishment ensues. Just a nukige. Usually we choose scenario and then are offered interactive choices. 50. Partner ~Sekai de Ichiban Taisetsu na Hito~ Partner ~世界でいちばんたいせつなひと~ [991029] Shape Shifter Main character is a teacher who gets to know one day that he is very popular among girls. Erika is anxious to astonish him with culinary skills. Natsuki keeps her grades up and involves teacher in serious talks about future career. Sakaki is an artist who feels joy after being praised by the teacher. This work marked the start of Tony legend as an artist. Apart of that game consists of two parts - in first one we choose a girl and set flags. And in the second part we're in relationship with the girl and - depending on the choices - can enter devil mode. 51. Psycho Rhythm [991029] Vision Soft Five scientists died in the explosion upon conducting an experiment. Among them were Samba Hiroshi's parents. He lost parents at the age of 12 and was taken in by the neighboring Imino family. He lost memory and only faintly remembers being in the laboratory just before the tragedy happened. After graduation we started working as assistant detective in the Imino family and the first job is Left Eye case. Over 60 victims were found with their left eye gouged. Imino family head found the clues to it and was killed while investigating abandoned port warehouse. Samba is set to reveal the conspiracy behind this case and secret ESP's organization that manipulates unknown power with unknown purpose. Game's based on a very weird engine. The battles in the game are done in turn-based mode with several parameters to take care of - stamina, soul and E.S.P. Each card has attack points, defense points. Upon some condition E.S.P. skills are allowed to use during the attack. As for plot... it's very trashy... I hope the chosen CG alone tells well to what extent. 52. Pure Mind ~Prelude to Harlemblade~ [991029] Giga 1 You play the role of Rian, who lost his memory and was taken care of by a mercenary called Will since 3 years ago. Since then Rian joined Will's mercenary group to work and got pretty popular, especially among girls. Now, Will orders Rian to help stop the war between 2 foreign countries, and through this journey Rian will gradually recover his memory. After Will gives you the task, you have the freedom to choose 1 of the 3 main heroines by finding them in your town. Later, a knight (female) who is one of the 2 warring countries will join you. There's an English review of this Giga game. 53. Yume Nikki ~Tooi Sora no Shita de~ yume nikki ~遠い空の下で~ [991029] Pride Main character gets a part-time job to tutor the daughter of a famous fashion designer. But his employer dies and arrangement is cancelled. However, he's approached by the second wife of the deceased man asking to insult and train deceased man's daughter in order to sell her to a wealthy house. It goes contrary to main character's ethics, but when he sees the innocent smile and gentle manners of the girl, he already knows the answer: "I'd like to insult a girl like this ..." The synopsis does not leave a slightest hope for a decent game - it's another insult nukige. 54. Yume no Tamakura 夢の手枕 [991029] DNA A collection of three stories: Spring love 「春よkoi?」 Ultra-happy wife 「超・おさな妻」 Strongest woman wife in history 「史上最強のおしかけ女房」 Can't stand multiple story antologies.
  21. Foreword: It's a C's Ware game and these guys have not let me down even once. Unlike Re-Leaf which has quite a clear synopsis and multiple endings, this work is much more mysterious. I thought I'd get just another rural slice of life with some side mystery, but what I got was an ancestor of Cross†Channel with a global anomaly and looped story. Title: Kazeoto, Chirin (I'd translate it as "Sound of bells in the wind") Developer: C's Ware Date: 1999-09-10 VNDB link:https://vndb.org/v4332 Length: That's tricky. Some 5 hours for first playthrough, plus some 4 hours more to get other routes to the end. It actually took me more that 15 hours due to a complicated walkthrough and confusion of the true routes. Game type: Global mystery rural story. Difficulty: Medium when you get how it's organized. For me it was very high since even choosing locations in wrong order can lead to falling out of heroine route. Synopsis: Satoshi, the protagonist, and his best friend, are both college students who came back to their old town to spend their summer vacation. But residents suddenly start to disappear without any reason. The most optimistic versions are that people are being spirited away or aliens abduct humans or that an ogre comes down from the mountain or that yakuza sell people into slavery because of debts. Hero does not care till the closest people to him start disappearing as well. Structure: Game takes place for 8 days from July 31st to August 8th when the Obon festival is held. Character Design rating: 8/10 Protagonist rating: 7/10 Story rating: 9/10 Game quality: 8/10 Overall rating: 8/10 Rating comments: It's a good game with great atmosphere, main idea and nice events. But heroines aren't charming enough. Out of six heroines I liked only Ageha, because she's a diligent student, hard-working keeper of a boarding house, loving older sister of Kanako and tsundere-ish at the beginning and very reasonable later on. Protagonist is a university student, but he's quite passive and he does not care about disappearings till his friends get missing, so it's a minus for him. Game quality is high, but I had to undergo through a lot of repetitiveness since heroines don't have their own routes and the difference is mainly just in several choices. If you watch my video walkthrough, you won't see that repetitiveness since it's cut there, so I hope you get to like this game even better. Protagonist: Satoshi-san is your ordinary megane university student. As he admits himself, he just goes with the flow and never really gives attention to studies. When Ageha asks him to help with the university summer homework on maths, Satoshi says he's in humanitarian division and that he "avoided" math entrance exams to the university somehow. And he has amnesia and is trapped in the eternal loop of 8 days, so he has all kinds of memory flashes all the time which does not help to concentrate on something. To the left is Satoshi and to the right is his brother Bozo (such is name when he's called in game) which i ended up calling Boshi and synopsis writer on VNDB called him Takeshi. Bozo is more of a playful type. He's fast to know the news and always eager to help. Characters: I wanted to talk about heroines in bulk, but there's no good joint CG, so let's run through them separately. First of all, there are no separate character roots. Secondly, there are no romantic feelings at all here - all H events happen on August 6 out of desperation of two last people in the world. Six main heroines routs are paired by two: sisters Ageha+Kanako, sisters Satomi+Shihori, nurse Midori+patient Ayane. It's difficult to call even those branched routes separate ones since the flow is the same aside from several events and the people who get to disappear first. Ageha is a diligent university student, keeper of a boarding house and a kind sister to Kanako. She's depicted as an angry comic person in the beginning of the story since Satoshi has not payed for the stay for quite a long time, but she gets to be the most attractive character for me - responsible, intelligent, kind. Kanako is a school student, but she runs the soba dining hall almost by herself. She's cheerful and childlish. Ayane is the most mysterious person since unless we follow her route we get to see her just once occasionally. She visits the local doctor since she's having pains, but the doctor claims that those are psychological ones after the death of her husband. She's the oldest of characters and she has a complex about here age - she even calls herself obaasan. Well, but she's the most experienced one and she's actually quite a nymphomaniac. Midori is the nurse in the local hospital. Since she's the most typical character, the writer really tried to pull her out of her role giving her lots of very nice events (in the sunset etc) outside of her working clothes, in casual - at those times she's cheerful and likes to set pranks. Satomi is Satoshi's cousin. She's always together with Shihori and they have the coolest CG together. Again, the writer tried to give her traits discerning from her sister. So Satomi is cheerful, creative, and workaholic, but she's quite irrational. Shihori is Satoshi's cousin. The more rational of the two, but she hates cooking and working - more of a city girl. Together with sister they came for several days to rest and see their cousins and their theme is to get out of the town as soon as politeness allows. Hibiki is the joker of the game. She only appears on sunset before the end of the day to say some cryptic stuff about the time, the universe etc. Her route is the true route that opens up after clearing all the six heroines. A lot of questions are getting answered in it, so any additional information would be a spoiler. Story: Satoshi and Bozo don't have real plans. They just wander around the town that's very ordinary rural town without any discerning feature. There's an Inn, a Soba shob, a souvenir shop, a marketplace, a river bank, a bridge, a clinic, a shrine, a bus stop, a small square with a bronze statue and that's it. Then their cousin sisters arrive and they get a full-scale investigation of the time once more. Here and there there is information that some people get missing, but it's usually neglected as people might just go to hot springs or somewhere. Then their important person disappears (who - depends on route) and start searching around. Eventually everyone disappears but Satoshi and one girl by the day of the Bon festival and after visiting this spirit festival the world resets. That's the loop that keeps on repeating. Composition-wise Cross†Channel is better since the hero works towards getting out of the loop by trying to remember things or writing them down in the diary. Here Satoshi is the same each time - first he's pulled in some merry adventures and then he's on the brink of despair. Through next five routes it's monotonous gameplay since very few events change and there's a lot of movement on the map, so skipping is not fast. Hibiki route that comes with everyone cleared finally puts some dots and breaks the loop without any active actions from Satoshi side. Thus Cross†Channel wins by all the parameters - the charm of characters, the humor, the protagonist, but it is a perfect 10 by my standards, but it came four very saturated years later and had some predecessors - including this work - to fix its flaws. CG: Well, I loved its CG. Heroines are gorgeous there. Best to see for yourself. HCG: What I appreciated was that every heroine got only one H-event (with some exceptions) - in the end of her branch. Those events are short and involve mostly talking in the beginning and in the end so it's the best type. Sound: Full voicing except for Satoshi protagonist. Just as in Chiruhana the tunes in the first half of the game are absurdly merry, some sound like parade ones. And C's Ware still can't get sound volumes even since both BGM and Voice for different occasions differ a lot. Themes and Symbols: 1) Unfortunately there's nothing deep in the main theme of the game - that's just remembering the truth about his deceased mother and thus breaking the loop. Well, there is some cool twist in it, but I won't spoiler. 2) What's much cooler is the mystic atmosphere that's created. There are sounds of bells heard all of a sudden in this town - some say it's the air, some invent more fancy explanations like plazma. And at some point it gets clear that each time the bell rings a person disappears and then it gets scary. This goes very well wit the Obon festival theme - the most pagan and spiritual festival celebrated. There a lot of impact in spirits roundelay. And when your heroine gets sucked it in it's horrifying. 3) There is a bridge in the town. When Satoshi asks what's on the other side of it - noone can answer. Well, that's weird, but we get to forget about if till the situation with the disappearings gets critical. There's a great scene when Satoshi and Bozo set off through the bridge... and the bridge ends and beyond it there is nothingness. Just insane. What's happening? Is this world not real? AM I ALIVE? That's just a wonderful mindscrew. 4) But the deepest theme is quite unnoticeable. It's when doctor says that he wants this damned rural town to disappear with all of the inhabitants. This hate grew strengthened in him each day. He wanted to break free of it, but was forced by his parents to return after studying. He even had a girlfriend in Tokyo and they had to divorce because he needed to return to this dump. And this is scary, because it's a social reality. Japanese society in some places remains quite archaic. Oldest son has to inherit the house and even the profession of the father and devote his life to whatever miserable life his father had. Well, in case of this game it was not the Doctor who was the source of the disapperings and notes it himself - at first only outsiders and tourists started to disappear and if it was in his power the whole basis of the town should have rot with its core inhabitants. Overall comments: This game is very good. It has very nice characters, great global mystery and unique strong atmosphere. It's not an S-class work like Eve:Burst Error, but this little cursed game is definitely a masterpiece for me, something that has an ability create memories.
  22. For me the best VN of September 1999 is Kazeoto, Chirin. There's such well known game as Memories Off as well, but a I place a good midscrew over a good slice of life in most of cases. 1. Love Lesson ラブレッスン [990902] Melody When our guy ask a girl to be his steady, he found out that she loves someone else. While drunk from depression, he made a mess of helping his new neighbor. It turned out that his new neighbor is his new homeroom teacher. What fun, now he can chase after his teacher or the girl that rejected him. There is one pure love and an one insult route. The romantic route is quite thorough, but the picture quality is rough. 2. Tomoyo Venture Episode1 知世べんちゃー Episode1 [990902] Atelier Kurimami Main character comes to Chi-chan's house to play. It all starts with laughing and cuddling, but can take young people far. Doujin H-tilt crap 3. Escape ~Akizora no Roof Garden~ エスケープ ~秋空のルーフガーデン~ [990903] Telluru October, before the school festival. Main character painfully recovers from his lover's death. At school rooftop he decides to move on and pay attention to school girls. Genre is sentimental novel. Basically it's chasing school girls at the pauses between lessons and at free time. Guess just sentiments and rooftop is not enough for auditory already - game got zero reviews. 4. Fushidara Fu・shi・da・ra [990903] Mink Our girl is one of those people who can't even think of H stuff. When she start to have exciting thoughts about her boyfriend(our guy), she has to seek counselling. What she got were some tapes and a bottle of perfume. While watching the tapes and inhaling a drop or two of that perfume, she has fun dreams with her boyfriend, guided by one of her friends. After a few sessions, she just might gain enough experience to live a happy life with our guy. There are three girls apart of main heroine. Most of H events are happening only on the tape. But the reality H events are interactive touch ones. Length is insufficient. 5. L L-エル- [990903] TopCat The story takes place in the two weeks right after the protagonist graduates from university. There's nothing to add to the synopsis. The guy studied so hard that he never seen the city he was studying at and only after graduation went breaking bad. There are eight characters overall. Capturing one heroine takes some hour while not accustomed to the system and some 20 minutes afterwards, so there is a feeling that the content is thin. 6. Be-reave Primary Be-reave Primary [990910] Unison Shift 1 A collection of short unrelated H-AVG stories, each drawn by different artists. You start out with 3 stories to choose from. More stories may be unlocked as you complete the stories first available to you. Though the length of each story is pretty short, there are many crossroads to be made that do have an impact on the flow of the story, unlocking various events and scenes and perhaps even multiple endings. There is more to each story than meets the eye. After you complete each story, a green bar will show how much of that story you have covered, giving you an indicator of something you may have missed. There is an English review. 7. Be-reave Secondary Be-reave Secondary [990910] Unison Shift There are four mini games in this part. In Blueeyes/graymaN, a guy got his wish of seeing a girl he met long ago, but might have some trouble keeping her. In Sora, a terminally ill guy might get saved by someone who love him. In Instant Spir, a guy can help out some special people. In Gyu, with two magical girl's help, a girl can't go wrong, or can she? Again, there are extra endings if you played all four mini games, but you might need to get the bug fix file to see them. The structure is the same as first game, so can generally refer to that game review. 8. Five Card ファイブカード [990910] Cross Net Main character is a new teacher in a private high school. There are five girls that stand out among the class and rival for teacher's attention. Will new teacher be able to do a good job in such circumstances. What is the mysterious prostitution organization dwelling in the shadows of the school? All the choices have two variants with one variant usually being H-scene and game over and the second moving forward, so basically it's a one-road scenario. Graphics are really cute and form the main appeal point. But in the end it's just a nukige, that's why there is a hentai anime of it as well. 9. Inda 2 淫打2 [990910] Hyperspace The second bullet in erotic keyboard lessons with strengthened erotic aspect. This time successes and failures are not only accompanied by voice, but by animation as well. Native English speakers read English sentences, so it's a good way to brush up English skills. Animation during typing is poor with several paranoid pieces cycled. Text drawing is too slow and can't be adjusted. Content is really low quality, even in H sequences. 10. Kairai no Hazukashime o Kimi ni 傀儡の辱めを君に [990910] Fuuro Hero is given the power to manipulate girls after meeting girl Sarah. It's not a complete control power, so needs to be mastered on daily basis. Multiple branch scenario. There are other girls but Sarah as well. But do you really expect an interesting story from the game that has "humiliation puppet" in the title? 11. Kazeoto, Chirin かぜおと、ちりん [990910] C's Ware 1 Satoshi, the protagonist, and Takashi his best friend, are both college students who came back to their old town to spend their summer vacation. In their village, Satoshi came back to his small house that is now an inn since his mother died. But there was some event going on there. "People will disappear" - a strange woman says to him. Residents suddenly start to disappear without any reason. The most optimistics came with the opinion that many people are being spirited away. And no one can avoid that. The hero decide to look into the matter. "Do not try to solve this case without us" - said his friend Takashi to the half-hearted hero. I've actually already written a full review of this work 12. Megami no Haka 女神の破瓜 [990910] Speed Goddess of Salvation is spreading chaos, devastation, conspiracy, rebellion in the fantasy world and it's not clear whether it's for destruction or creation. Carmine controlled by the spirit of the goddess is looking for a shrine maiden holding "the beads of gods". The player takes role of an inquisition officer who aims to eradicate the rebellion spreading around the country and to suppress those who receive the trust of the heretic Goddess of Salvation. Game's is noticeable for a heavy dark fantasy atmosphere. There's quite a lot of infodumping. In the first half main character moves the story but later on he just moves with the flow. There is no good ending. It may be quite close to being an eroge, but it's impossible to know since the game's is very rare. 13. Smile for Me [990910] [K]rimzon Fake Main character suddenly becomes an adventurer. But he does not know any magic or how to use a sword. But there are so many pretty girls around to drag about - he needs to try his best! There are 8 girls with different personalities and strategies. Game is mostly about collecting items and that triggers new events. 14. Sweet Palace [990910] Zero Hero got a job as summer hotel manager. The staff and guests will keep him busy! We need to choose locations and meet girls/trigger events. Graphics are rough. It's all packed with H events through and through. 15. Tokyo Nyoshuu Shuukanjo 東京女囚収監所 [990910] M' Main character is a man of great wealth and power. His new quirk is taking prisoners and training them as slaves. There are five prisoners to train. Depending on the means of training there are different endings. 16. V.G. Max [990910] Giga 1 A game in which the V.G. waitresses are rendered as super deformed (chibi) style characters. Includes the original six V.G. contestants, as well as Satomi Yajima from Advanced V.G., Tamao Mitsurugi from Advanced V.G. 2, Yumiko Watanuki from V.G. II and new character Masako Houjouin. It's the franchise that comes from the pre-windows era and it's at least the third title in the V.G. fighting series (not visual novel fighting, but real fighting fighting), but it must the first one with substantial ADV part. It's the first such mix with very active fighting action gameplay. There are H insult scenes present. V.G. MAX is said to be of better quality than the predecessors and holding a new interesting character, but overall a very average passable game. 17. Zetsubou ~Aoi Kajitsu no Sanka~ 絶望 ~青い果実の散花~ [990910] Studio Mebius 1 A guy got killed because of what he did. Since he still wants more, he is back as a ghost to get some. His servant(ghosts too) found him a place and a brain dead guy that he can take control to get more girls. As for how many more, how about 28 girls total, plus some side shows. This time, he can even take over a girl's life or do whatever he likes. There is an English review. 18. Tokyo Mermaid TOKYO魔迷奴 [990911] Ryuujinsha Tokyo survived a massive earthquake, and the ruins of it turned into an illegal zone. Langhao and her sister Mika, a cosplay masochistic young lady, encounter a mysterious cat girl creature. The three people start to travel together and notice the shadow of a mysterious organization. Nonstop erotic survival battle develops in Tokyo set into ruins. What is the true identity of a cat girl? And what is the conspiracy behind the mysterious organization? So you think game's crazy already? The reality is even more severe. Add to that the fact that it's possible to save only at the end of each chapter, poor graphics and very poor voicing. There's no thing as description in the game - only dialogues and often even in form of manga strips to add action. The story is crazy by itself. 19. Kimi no Kimochi, Boku no Kokoro 君の気持ち、僕のこころ [990914] Takara Main hero is a high school student adept in sorcery. He's got the power to possess other people & even animals bodies. You don't really possess others as you can't control them - you just peep from their eyes. There are three main heroines, but you can haunt pretty much anyone at any time, so it's very tiresome to try out all the combinations and see if it works. There was no manual released at that time so it was a game of guesses. Difficulty is skyhigh because of that. There are also some technical questions like a very long load time. Heroines aren't attractive enough and it's not clear what's the target auditory of the game. 20. Eve Haze ~Biyaku no Ou-sama~ eve haze~媚薬の王様~ [990917] Brownie A plague fell upon a village killing most of inhabitants including both pharmacists. Only the son of pharmacists Diano survived. He found an old book about aphrodisiacs and started his study. At the same time something strange happened to monsters of this country... Hero needs to prepare recipes to solve individual troubles or make monster bosses surrender. The main part of the game is collecting different herbs on a map and brewing potions which does not make it much different from Little Witch series. What's different here is card battles with the monster bosses. 21. Joousama to Oyobi! 女王様とお呼び! [990917] Side-B Main character is a devil king. He has lots of servants from different races. One day he is brought a noble human girl. The devil king is going to make her a queen. For that she must undergo a thorough training. A training SIM with fantasy entourage as the only prominent feature. There aren't any reviews to peek at end content around. 22. Paradise ee [990917] Hyperspace Main character is a member of resort club and is sent to a remote island called paradise ee. There are four angels working here as guides during day time and giving private service during night time. Game itself ends in less than an hour. Picture is rough and backgrounds are very extorted. 23. Saikidou ~Shiawase na Ashita no Mukaekata~ 彩季憧 ~幸せな明日の迎え方~ [990917] iMAGE CLUB Main character lives alone and prepares for entrance exams to the university. One day he dies by accident. Just before his death he regrets about not having fun during school years, and a miracle happens - he gets resurrected from the second year in high school. This time he's going to have a happy school time! You need to choose a club to attend. Each club corresponds to one girl, each having an ending. Drawing is rough and rendered real time photos are mostly used as backgrounds. 24. With You Toybox うぃずゆーTOYBOX [990917] 1 2 This is a side-item to With You with lots of wallpaper and mini games inside. Mini-games include: W-Sisters CD Player Naori no Hyper Udon Manami-chan no NekoNeko Panic EBC News Scramble Special Edition Mini Adventure/Side Stories Fortune Telling Manami's Stereo Haneru! Keiji Gotouda - The Worst 3 Days in the History of S.P.S MoeMoeNoeNoe Quiz The Legendary Archangels - Card Survivor There is an English review. 25. Court no Naka no Tenshi-tachi コートの中の天使達 [990921] Pinpai Two sisters manage to get our guy out of his depression of pass glories to train his team of girl volleyball. In mode 1, he has no choice but to use the girls for revenge against the volleyball league. But in mode 2, if he can complete mode 1, he can find a girl to love. Basically it's a raising SIM training several people at the same time for three months. Best use walkthrough since consequences of choices aren't evident in the short run but may already doom your team without your knowing. 26. BOYS BE... 2nd Season [990922] Kodansha 1 Based on the second manga under the BOYS BE... name. 2nd season of some SIM 27. Little Witch Reinette ~Swan no Namida Rhapsody~ リトル・ウィッチ レネット 〜スワンの涙ラプソディ〜 [990923] It starts with a magical competition mentioned in original Little Witch Parfait. Now from Reinette point of view. It's been just five months since releasing the original. So, did you even wanted to be a magical girl and create wondrous recipes? Well, I did not. 28. Maboroshi Tsukiyo まぼろし月夜 [990923] The player takes the role of Takashi Tanaka who one summer night meets a ghost of a girl in the park, and this ghost starts living with him in his apartment. The ghost can enter other people's bodies too... Usual trigger events on the map system. The period is two months. The appeal point of the game is the background of the ghost heroine. She died in Taisho era and is a typical Yamato Nadeshiko. There's a huge culture gap that's the scene for many jokes. There are a lot of colorful characters who are interested in this ghost for various reasons. You can easily shift to one of them, but you need to exorcise Ayame spirit for that, then it's an ordinary galge. But if you pursue Ayame, there's more of the story and as many as two endings prepared. 29. Toriaezu Air Plants! とりあえず えあぷらんちゅ! [990923] Air Plants Fan disk contains short stories on games Dearest Vampire and Fluorite ~Hotaruishi~, demo versions of both games as well as CG, deskop accessory, minigame, music tracks, staff and new works information. Since it's a fandisc, gg. 30. Album no Naka no Hohoemi アルバムの中の微笑み [990924] Curecube 1 You as male main character returns to japan after completing your Europe ART studies. As a rich man's son you were allowed to travel around to seek education around the globe. Now that you have completed your quest its time to return to japan... and marry Satsuki, your preset bride to be. There is a problem, you have got a maid that's been following you most of your life. She likes you. After arriving in Japan, you soon became the art teacher of an all girls school. Now 3 more girls join the wagon and they all want a piece of you alright. Who would you chose? There is an English review of this work. 31. Berries ~Kagayaku Kisetsu ga Owaru Mae ni...~ Berries ~輝く季節が終わる前に…~ [990924] Pocket Summer. Yuusuke Sugihara runs with a father a family restaurant "BERRIES". One day Yuusuke wakes up and finds a letter on the desk saying that his father went surfing and that Yuusuke should be store manager in his absence. What kind of memories will he gather by the autumn? Pocket tried to get into the pocket of gamers and put such high price for this usual setting game - 9,000 yen - that there is still not a single proper review of the game. What's known is that the game has terrible systems, but quite normal content. Still, it' feels more like a doujinshi in a box rather than a professional work. 32. Costume こすちゅ~む [990924] Optim One day hero helps a strange looking girl. He allows her to change clothes at this home, but as soon as Sarah rose hands to change clothes she was covered in a whirlpool of white light appearing in a nurse suit. Thus, a strange cohabiting with Sarah began. But Sarah's younger sister Kira came to pick her up and made a fuss about it. A cosplay nukige. 33. EA Mind [990924] LiLiM Near future. Private Maritime Academy is governed by students and its head is student council which consist only of women. All the male students study in oppression there. Main character deliberately transfers to this school in order to set male dominance there. Frankly speaking, only first part is about domination since in the second part he chooses one of girls' paths. You move around the map and trigger events and fights. Fighting is led till you embarrass opponent enough winning in hit/block game for five rounds. There are five girls to capture. Atmosphere is light and there are enough funny moments. Game period is 10 days and play time is around 5 hoursg. 34. Entrance ENTRANCE [990924] TinkerBell Tomoya Kamijo returns to his hometown after 12 years. He has no clear aim and during university course "Learning ways to create a future" he learns his due course. There are four heroines. All the characters are linked to the psychology department and this game was supposed to be as close to reality as possible, it's written in a manner of a book. That's all that's known and I bet the price of 8,800 yen has played an important role in that. Pretty soon Tinkerbell will drop all those psychology movements and will only be making hardcore eroge. 35. Guardian [990924] Aaru Our guy woke up in a dungeon without his memory. What will you have him do? Live life unknown, or go to town and find out who he is? This may sound like a role playing game, but it is a pick your choice adventure game with 90 different endings. Oh well this kind of games again. 90 endings and stories are ultra short (some 5 minutes) and follow some typical pattern. It's enough to entertain, but not for everyone. 36. Kaiki! Drill Otoko no Kyoufu 怪奇!ドリル男の恐怖 [990924] Tetratech 1 2 3 4 Three schoolgirls are wandering in the forest, looking for the pension, where they planned to spend the night. However they are stumbling upon a seemingly empty mansion in the middle of the forest instead. Since the sun is about to go down and it's raining anyway, they decide to spend the night there. However, the Drill Man appears soon after and tries to hunt them down. Will they be able to find out the secret of the mansion? Will they make it out alive? Or will they be captured and kept as playthings for the mysterious inhabitants of the mansion? Game is localized and has English reviews. 37. LOE ~Legend of Enomoto~ [990924] Aaru Our guy received an invitation to enter a contest to win a very rich man's inheritance. The contest consist of quizs and games. Other contestants will compete with him. He can either do it alone or with someone's help. Forget about the story here. There is more to the synopsis in here, but the story does not lead anywhere. It's puzzles + H events and since it's reported that the quantity of H-events is ordinary, I'll leave it be for now. 38. Mania na Onna 2 まにあなおんな2 [990924] Foster 1 The game is set in modern Tokyo, and is divided on chapters. On the first chapter, you are a college girl and in 5 days you find out why your boyfriend is cheating on you. On the way you pick up a lot of new characters and at the end of that if done right you will have sex with your boyfriend. On each chapter, the protagonist is different but all the characters know each other. There is an English review. 39. Rapture [990924] Gondola You start on a floating island, grappling pillars and pushing buttons till the bottom of the cave turns to grass. After that you get to know that your girlfriend is cheating on you. You're going through her memories to get to the bottom of it. It's almost as if the developers had been playing LSD Dream Emulator making this weird 3D maze with tons of pre-rendered horrible 3D H videos. 40. Snow White ~The Veil of My Heart~ [990924] Eden A small town between the sea and the mountains. The last school year passes by and main hero has time before Christmas to settle his feelings. Hero suffered from consequences of his parents divorce and only partly recovered from that by the last year of school. There are 8 girls. There's a month of time. Both pure love and devil mode are available for the girls. 41. Tenshi no Wana 天使の罠 [990924] MBS Truth Main character was leading a normal school life till an angel visited him depriving him of virginity. After that things start to change around him - men and women start masturbating and having sex everywhere. Nothing to see here, just MBS Truth keeps making weird nukige with enormous speed. 42. Tousatsu Mania Act 1 TV Kyoku 盗撮マニア ACT1・テレビ局 [990924] Waffle I want to see... even if I commit a crime... I want to know more about this child ... her real face that can't be seen on TV... I want to make private photos of her and to take her belongings... This is a story of one young man who stepped on an evil path of voyeur. Nothing good can come out of a game titled "Voyeur mania". The purpose of the game is walk around TV station without being caught by guards, set surveillance equipment and hide in waiting. 43. Waru Gaiden ~Akumu no Rush Hour~ 悪っ外伝 ~悪夢のラッシュアワー~ [990924] Interheart 1 The legendary mischief master Honda is released from prison. He thinks of finishing with molesting, but he sees a seducing dancer and goes breaking bad. At the same time the railway company hires two new girl staff memebers - morality countermeasures expert Shinomiya and national idol Hayakawa. Can they pose a challenge to Honda? An improved version of Waru!! ~Itazura~ with two new characters. There's even an English review. 44. Yuuhei 幽閉 [990924] Deep Zone 1 "I will teach you a way to sneak into Women's Dormitory." One day, such flier get into main character's house. The phone number on it belongs to a girl who lives in the same dormitory. For 30,000 yen she tells all the secrets of this building. As it turns out, hero was chosen not by chance - the fate of all dormitory women greatly depends on his behavior. I'm very disappointed with previous D'z works and this one is just a nukige as well. 45. Blow ~Michita Tsuki, Kaketa Tsuki~ Blow ~満ちた月、欠けた月~ [990930] Rock Climber Main character is a normal high school student. During the preparation week for the culture festival a series of rapes happens right at the school campus. Who is the culprit? What are his motives? Can you get to the truth? Basically hero investigates the victim girls, befriends them and can find love with one of them. One of such "good" endings finishes with cannibalism. There's also the True ending. A heavy work of very bad aftertaste, mostly because of how realistic it is. 46. Hushaby Baby [990930] Alice Soft 1 In this game you had a girlfriend who died in a train accident about a month ago. One day, when you are going back to your home, you found her waiting at the door! The story starts from there and last for several days as you accompany her through the last days before the 49th day after she died... There is an English review. 47. Memories Off メモリーズオフ [990930] KID 1 2 3 4 5 6 It's a surprisingly bittersweet tale about a guy named Tomoya Mikami who actually was dating the girl of his dreams, Ayaka Hizuki, for a long time...only to have her die tragically a good while before the game starts. The game even begins with Tomoya having a flashback about Ayaka whilst walking to the train station to get to school. On the train, as usual, is Yue Imasaka - a close friend of Tomoya and Ayaka who pretty much grew up with them. The gist of the story is that Tomoya feels that he's spent enough time grieving over the loss of Ayaka and is ready to try his hand at love again and hopefully find another wonderful girl to make beautiful memories with. Game has English reviews.
  23. There's not much to talk about this month. Tsui no Sora and L no Kisetsu: A piece of memories are the masterpieces of August 1999. My heart is totally with Tsui no Sora. 1. Baito e Ikou! バイトへ行こう! [990805] Bags 1 You as main character, gets a winter vacation that you will not forget. Living somewhere on the world, with your parents on vacation, a period of around 2 weeks of solitude is given to you. During this time you will be able to roam around your area and meet new girls. Game has an English review. 2. Kindaichi Shounen no Jikenbo 3: Seiryuu Densetsu Satsujin Jiken 金田一少年の事件簿 3:青龍伝説殺人事件 [990805] Digital Frontier In this case Kindaichi & Mijuki go to an island and they are in the Seiryu Hotel and when they are in the reception a murdered happened in the elevator, Kindaichi & Mijuri helped police inspector Kenmochi solving the case. The game featured 4 different cases in the Seiryu Hotel. The third case of our boy detective. After reading that my attention got completely lost. 3. Kita e. Photo Memories 北へ。Photo Memories [990805] Hudson Soft This fandisc includes additional content and a sequel story. This story has you returning to Hokkaido in the summer following your special kiss from the White Illumination festival. There are actually eight separate adventures, one for each girl. You start off by selecting the character with whom you'd like to share your upcoming exploits, and when you arrive back at the Hokkaido airport, she greets you. You travel off through Hokkaido, with the girl conversing with you and showing you around. As you travel, you can surprise the girl by taking a picture of her with the snap of a button, and this picture can be saved to the VMU and viewed later in a photo album. Say no to fandisks. 4. L no Kisetsu: A piece of memories Lの季節 A piece of memories [990805] Tonkin House Main character works for school newspaper. One morning a student falls unconscious and after that the number of victims of the strange illness increases. The newspaper staff decide to start own investigation and find out what causes the illness. Despite the synopsis it's a fantasy or rather both fantasy and reality since there are two plot lines with different heroes that move separately in each world, but are heavily connected. Somewhat like in Guity Exodus. Difficulty degree is not high, but to reach the best ending it's important to keep affection level of characters high and for that to use proper lines. There are four main heroines and some sub-heroinies. There are questions to those sub-heroines routes, but main heroines routs are great. There are multiple endings and first playthrough is going to be a bad end, just accept it. There's a lot of animation and just an awesome opening. So it's a high quality galge with a good plot - that alone makes it a masterpiece since most of its competitors settle with ordinary plots and focus only on relations. 5. Pinocchia no Miru Yume ピノッチアのみる夢 [990805] Takara You can choose between a male and female protagonist, and play as a doll/puppet maker who's about to starve to death on Chirstmas Eve due to the inability to make a "pinocchia", a doll that looks and acts like a real human being (but isn't truly alive), and make enough money to feed yourself. As you slip into unconsciousness, you plead to any higher being that's listening to grant you a pinocchia, willing to give your life in exchange.... and wake up the next morning, with a "new-born" pinocchia in your hands. A raising SIM. Gender is decided at the age of 5 and one of three personality types is determined at the age of 14. Romancing only allowed in the very end if you raise her/him good. There are 12 different endings (6 for each gender, good/bad for each personality). There are some mind-blowing fantasy events and some minigames to diffuse the raising process. 6. Maria 2: Jutai Kokuchi no Nazo マリア2 受胎告知の謎 [990805] Break 1 The protagonist of the story is Maria Kunitomo, a rookie journalist working for Sakura TV station. One day she follows an interview with a renowned biologist, Dr. Amon, which captures her interest. Later that evening the news report that Dr. Amon has been killed in his laboratory, and his assistant, Jun Kageyama, whom Maria have met during the interview, is the prime suspect. While on a search for the truth behind Amon's murder, she stumbles on a conspiracy of a huge proportions. It has been two years since the events in Maria: Kimitachi ga Umareta Wake, and while the setting is the same as well as some recurring characters, the stories are anything but connected. The gameplay is similar to its predecessor, using text-only during dialogue with characters while emphasizing key scenes with voice-acting and pre-rendered CG videos. Aside from direct dialogues in a visual novel style, Maria can use her computer and check emails to gather information. The game features three different endings available during first playthrough, after which the save game can be used to start new game which will open additional scenario routes and unlock two more attainable endings. Theme is heavier this time, but it becomes a loose combination of mini-games with disappointing text. 7. BMP: Go Go West! BMP・GO GO WEST! [990806] Telluru A country of women supremacy. Takanobu Takami, a high priest monk, went on a journey with a precious scripture that is supposed to contain the secret how to return the power to men. Main heroine who used to be a man in the past, stumbles upon this monk and agrees to accompany him. But the rumor of the threat from the scripture spreads out and travelers are being hunted by aggressive women. Card battle system is not intuitive and based on roulette, so did not get through it. As characters get lower on hp, they lose clothes. 8. Dawn Slave 2 ~Aka no Setsuna Shiro no Toki~ DAWN*SLAVE2 ~紅の刹那・純白の刻~ [990806] Ume Soft Our guy's foster father brought him a mother and daughter team to train. He has to make them into fit toys. In his house are also two maids. If he can successfully train the mother and daughter in three months, he might also be able to find a girl to love. Another training SIM. Russian aristocracy and 1930s years in Manchuria should probably be the appeal points here. 9. Jelly Jelly ~ゼリー~ [990806] Image Craft Main character is a student council president at school. One day there is an accident with a girl student suddenly collapsing. Jelly jumped out of her claiming that alien invader "Parasitic Rave" started to plant eggs in the girls' dorm for breeding. Main character is chosen to rescue mankind and stand up to the challenge. Settings of nukige are getting more and more weird. But in the end it's just transparent main character in the dorm. This time graphics are cute and there's a lot of animations used both for H events and eye/mouth moves. 10. Kanojo no Kimochi 彼女のキモチ [990806] Wedding Cake Main character is a high school student who is good at basketball and who has a girlfriend. But as graduation approaches he gets fatigued of his girlfriend. Older memories call him and he is going to pay a visit to his other acquaintances. There are three heroines. Hero is difficult to sympathize with. Events are depicted very unrealistically. 11. Maid to Maze ~Anata no Soba ni~ メイドトゥメイズ~あなたのそばに~ [990806] Gesakuza This country is full of dungeons. Main character is a prince how is suddenly announced that in a year he will need to inherit this kingdom. In order to gain public support he sets off to exploring a dungeon, but appears to be too weak for the task. In order not to look weak he asks a maid who is superior to warriors to accompany him on this task as a bride candidate. There is a raising SIM part and rpg part with battles and so on. 12. The Hokenshitsu THE保健室 [990806] Logg In this story, you play as a girl named Mariko. Her best friend is Moe, the one with the large breasts in the picture. Moe has anemia, so Mariko ends up taking her to the infirmary pretty often. Mariko also has a boyfriend, Kenji, who starts to develop feelings for Moe. Mariko decides to get revenge on them. How? Kinky S&M Antics. How else? At least all the heroines are voiced. 13. Wangan Dream 湾岸DREAM [990806] Dreams It's such a nice feeling to cut the wind at full speed. A new youth challenge for the title of fastest racer begins now! It's actually the second game to try to merge racing and eroge. And I'm not good at racing. 14. Yuujo Gakuen 遊女学園 [990806] Aqua House Hero is going to become a priest. Once he breaks a statue of a "God" and the spirit of a girl appears from it. She asks to catch the spirit that dwells in the school building in exchange for lots of earthly pleasures. Nukige with not so appealing drawing, especially for standing sprites. 15. Furiman Nie Hen 振まん贄編 [990807] Hyperspace During predecessor rule a riot occurred, and most of the disciples went elsewhere. Main character is the most experienced person among the remaining ones. He takes control and continues study and practices with new vigor. Game is ridiculously rare and most probably ridiculously shitty. 16. Hajimete no Otsukai ~First Adventure of Little Witch~ はじめてのおつかい ~first adventure of little witch~ [990807] Force Main character is a black cat Georges who lives with a witch in the forest house. One day master brought a little human girl Apple. 100 years passed and master decided that Apple should see the world. The cat was sent with her to bodyguard and counsel her. And so they set off. Cat can not talk to the girl so he uses cries and gestures, but he's perfectly understood. There are five stories that take the period of another 10 years. In one of them prince is met and helped so in a sense it might be called a romance story with the prince. Total length is only about two hours. Story lacks integrity since we just wondering around and then it's the end. The feature of this game is that H-events are seen from a point of view of woman. 17. Kaleidoscope ~Mangekyou~ カレイドスコープ ~万華鏡~ [990807] Ange Shogo decided to spend university summer vacations doing a part-time job. He gets a job in Kodoin family mansion where a doll-like girl with emotions closed to the world lives. Shogo manages to gradually return here to senses and gets involved into a plot to claim family's heritage. At the same time Shogo's girlfriend visits the same mansion as tutor. How will Shogo settle all that? Multiple endings story (without bad ones). Gameplay is fully decisions driven. And it looks quite stupid that according to the decision events start to happen instantly without any context built up. There is a decadent atmosphere of madness inside the mansion and some disturbing events are happening there. 18. English 淫グリッシュ [990813] Hyperspace There are about 1500 conversations prepared and recorded. Answer fast and correctly - and you'll both brush up your English skills and get to watch naked beautiful girls. Pretty much the same style as Inda series, just quiz instead of typing. Game quality is low and system is very poor and non-customizable. 19. Justice Slave ~Hoshi to Nare!! Akusoshiki~ ジャスティス・スレイブ ~星となれ!!悪組織~ [990813] JAST Co., Ltd. Nishikawa is an apostle of an evil organization. He goes to the pyramids to collect three mysterious keys and conquer the world with their help. Nishikawa gets wounded and his body gets possessed by mental parasite Raul. Together they insult the saint guardian girls who block their way! Game's a bakage and it's synopsis is really complex. But the contents is rather simple - insult one by one lots of saint guardian girls. It's sad to see the last game of Jast this way 20. Kyouki 2 狂気 2 [990813] Gondola Mikoshima Reika is a former actress and now a detective assistant. Together with a partner they tail a requested person, but get in a storm, and the car gets stuck. And then they witness a strange house and a family in it worshiping the devil. There's a reason this series is called madness, after all. Game is full of multiple bad endings, but the good ending solving all the mysteries is single. The 3D graphics is still horrible, and only still images of it used. 21. Magical Kanan - Magical Fantasy Box まじかるカナン MAGICAL FANTASY BOX [990813] Terios Among other goodies game includes a quiz and a story mini-game with timed choices "The exciting time bomb". Fandisc 22. Sakanaya-san さかな屋さん [990813] Mayugeya It's not shameful. It's beautiful. Little Natsuki-chan entrusts herself fully to the will of the master. Doujn crap 23. Silence ~Namida o Fuite~ Silence~涙をふいて~ [990815] Circle Mebius Brother and sister escape their abuser and try to recover from the dark past. They support each other and live a happy life. But eventually a crisis happens in the life of brother... A free doujin game with forced development 24. Duette Duette~デュエット~ [990815] Stage-nana A doujin game based on Key's "Kanon", with Sayuri Kurata as main character. Can use the original game's BGM if its disc is played at the same time. Could not care less for doujin. 25. Itsuka, Kasanariau Ashita e いつか、重なりあう未来へ [990826] Sony Music Entertainment 1 The 'Vector Rider Series', launched simultaneously, "Shirou Hen" with the male protagonist and "Sayuri Hen" with the female protagonist. A self-raising style simulation game depicting the main characters first year after entering the military academy. The system and game balance is a little hard, however the world building is very detailed and the story has many serious developments. Shirou Hen has gal game and shounen-ai elements. Sayuri Hen has otome and shoujo-ai elements. Can't get the appeal of raising SIMs. 26. M.E.M. ~Yogosareta Junketsu~ M.E.M. ~汚された純潔~ [990826] Ail Inside a private hospital, a scientist is transforming females into sex slaves. A training SIM... again. And from well known perverts Ail. Story is pretty much non-existent here. 27. Boku wa Kohitsuji?! 僕は子羊?! [990827] May-Be Soft Saint Emanuel Academy is a missionary-based dormitory system high school with the motto "Love for all things". However, it has one dark tradition. Once a year a "carnival festival" is held there. Seven new students are selected as targets and have to do anything the teachers desire. Main character is selected as the last of the seven people. Without knowing that he confesses to his classmate. It depends on the player's choice whether main character has to go through the trap or find love with the classmate in two weeks time. May-Be Soft has been true to itself and presented yet another nukige. First HCG appears just seconds from the start. 28. In'ei ~Frame no Naka no Tenshi~ 淫影 ~フレームの中の天使~ [990827] Penguin Works Main character is an up-standing photographer who takes up a job to provide a photo session for a lingerie shop. The three models are all cute girls, and there is also an astonishing shop owner. The sales of a new lingerie shop depend on how much girl charm you can draw with the photos. A nukige with SIM elements in form of items usage. 29. Maid Gakuen Kyousoukyoku メイド学園狂騒局 [990827] Ralf Main character suddenly got a part-time job of personnel manager of four lovely candidates to maids. The goal is to train them into fabulous maids and win the "All Japan Maid Championship" in two months time. More raising SIMs. At least this time no fancy synopsis. 30. Mujintou Monogatari XXX 無人島物語XXX [990827] Pinpai Hero has worked in a laboratory on a solitary island for a long time learning how to overcome harsh weather conditions and emergency situations. However, encounter with a woman changes his peaceful life. Everything he believed true turned out to be false due to his memory remodeling. Hero decides to escape the laboratory and regain the true self. Oh, I already said farewell to the series, but there's another part. So... unlike all the previous games it starts not on an island ... but in the huge two-store laboratory. So you don't even make it to the island from such a huge laboratory. The feature of the game is the time that's always ticking. There are only 30 days given to escape the laboratory. So I see this game as yet another experiment that went in a different direction than main games of the series. 31. Reijou Caster Mariko 隷嬢キャスター真璃子 [990827] Guilty Akira Riko is a beautiful newscaster. However, GUIL-TV station is a nest for a huge underground prostitution organization. Its directors feel the need to increase sex appeal of newscasters and that's why they use casters as sex slaves. Game is even more hardcore than the hentai anime made after it. 32. Tatakae! Princess たたかえ!プリンセス [990827] Triangle Hero is a boy who likes inventing just as his genius parents who live abroad. One day a mysterious capsule with a girl inside it falls from the sky. She is a princess of some star in the Universe. In her royal family there's a habit of practice as a servant on other stars, but she failed the first attempt and came to train to the Earth where invasion level was low. Still doubtful, hero allows her to stay with him in the mansion and he's got no complaints with her cooking and cleaning. She even starts to visit the same school as his cousin. Then one day a shady figure shows up at the mansion... Play time is around 5 hours. The number of episodes is 5. The system and the flow is totally the same as the earlier two works of Triangle - Angel and Cowboy babe. H element is quite high, but it's a gag bakage comedy first of all. 33. Tsui no Sora 終ノ空 [990827] KeroQ 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 Our guy got waked up by his childhood girl for school. Once they got to their classroom, they found out that a girl classmate jumped from their school roof yesterday. Soon, people started talking about end of the world on day 20th. Some even went crazy, lead by one guy. You get to see the events first through our guy's eyes, then his childhood girl's and two more people. There are full reviews including mine. 34. Violet Plan ~Kansei no Reijo~ Violet Plan ~陥穽の隷女~ [990827] Rave Satomi works as a lecturer in a law school. She has a girlfriend among the students. Kazuki offers himself as a partner to Satomi, but is rejected, and his pride suffers greatly. Kazuki lays out numerous traps to insult and shame Satomi. After success, he delivers the same scheme for other girls. That plan gets a name "Violet plan". SM insulting visual novel. The purpose is to set traps to various girls and enslave them. There are 8 endings altogether. A really plain nukige. 35. WAM xxxnovel-wetandmessy.com [990827] Flying Shine There are four scenarios linked my the same theme of soaked clothes. New scenario only opens up after previous one is completed. It's possible to change perspective between characters, but those perspectives often vary only slightly. 36. X Change 2 [990827] Crowd 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Take on the role of Takuya Aihara, the unlucky chemistry student at Miyanomori High School, who has a tendency to get caught in bizarre chemistry accidents that cause him many problems. When a strange chemical turned him into a girl last year, he had a bizarre string of experiences as he learned "how the other gender lived." Now, one year later, he is enjoying his high school life with Asuka, his steady girlfriend. But unhappy days are around the corner, as chemistry club member Chisato uses him as a guinea pig for a new experiment, which changes him into a girl once again! As a girl, he will find himself much more popular than before, but with practically everyone around him (both male and female) yearning to have sex with him. Meet the old familiar faces, as well as many new characters and erotic plot lines. The shy boy Kouji, whose virginity Takuya took last year on the roof of the school, bides his time waiting for his chance. Then there's Mr. Sano, the teacher known for his interest in his female students, and he's got his eyes set on Takuya. What will he do when he encounters Maiko-chan, a girl whose confusion about men has led her to prefer girls? What about the shy Megumi, who confesses that she's in love with Takuya's male self? And while all this is going on, Takuya's trying to keep his tenuous relationship with Asuka intact, which isn't easy, to say the least. The biggest danger is that the changes to his body will become permanent if he doesn't change back soon -- but how can he find a way to become a man again? There are many English reviews. 37. Gal Get You!! ぎゃるゲッチュウ!! [990830] Fancy Main character is the captain of 13 units of "Yakuinba" that are in human trafficking business for three months before Christmas. Get cheaper insult tools and train gals in high quality slaves, making lots of profit. Basically it's about training girls 6 days out of 7 every week for 3 months. Parameters are dependent on location and means of training. Gross. Free version is SFW while paid one is NSFW. 38. Ningyou no Kizuato 人形の傷跡 [9908] Child Dream 1 It is the end of the year in December. Asumi has lost complete contact with her elder sister who goes to a graduate school in Tokyo. Worried for her sister's safety, Asumi travels alone to Tokyo to find her– but no trace of her could be found. Her sister wasn't in the laboratory where she had been assigned to, nor at her apartment. Asumi is at loss as for what to do… What has happened to her sister…? Asumi is determined to find out. What she doesn't know, however, is that she is in imminent danger… and there are frightening facts awaiting her. Game is localized and has English reviews.
  24. Of course Kimi ga Itsetsu is much better known as 2011 title. And 1999 version and 2011 are actually very different in that 1999 involves a lot of map movement and has different characters and routes structure while 2011 one is kind of brushed to the contemporary standards. There's a nice article on the changes. But I just follow VNDB whether it has versions smashed together like this one or separated like YU-NO or Ruriiro no Yuki or Ryouki no Ori, so I won't be returning to Kimi ga Itsetsu.
  25. Wow, there's a mortal combat between such titans as Team Baldrhead, Alice Soft and Studio e.go this month. Well, Men at Work is the first RPG offspring of Studio e.go and it's just too simplistic to compete yet. Baldrhead is also the first part in the series and suffers from some technical problems and short duration. Mamatoto ~a record of war~ on the other hand is quite a polished RPG that even has English patch and it is the VN of the Month July 1999. 1. Gakuen Hyouryuu Senki 学園漂流戦記 [990701] Alice Soft April 2005. Main character is a high school student on a voyage trip with a lot of his girl classmates. He's been in love with his classmate Suzuki Kaori for a long time and now is a perfect opportunity to finally confess. But after an incident Main character wakes up alone at a beach shore. What will he do now? Game's a small addition to the main package of Alice CD. There's horrible command selection part and interaction with some items.... well... I did not care to make it through that. 2. Maid no Susume メイドのススメ [990701] Alice Soft Hero is a nobility heir. He lives in a mansion with three maids. An important exam is approaching. Maids will assist him in preparation for the exam. Another cheap addition to Alice CD. After a short introduction there's lots and lots of quizzes. Of course I never went through any of them. 3. Mamatoto ~A Record of War~ ママトト ~a record of war~ [990701] Alice Soft 1 You (Nanasu) are the prince of Mamatoto. You go out and conquer other nations in order to conquer the world. There is stability/stalemate, so none of the nations can actually take over the world because if they start a war with another country, a third one might have an advantage. Mamatoto is different it has zero territory to worry about. The problem is, it doesn't have much of a population either. So you don't really have an army, thus for many years, Mamatoto, the moving fortress, has been hiding in the monster lands. You, Nanasu, who has studied magic really hard has recently invented magic to create these magical soldiers. These soldiers are made via cards which you can obtain via battles. So the more battles you fight, the more cards you collect, and the more troops you have in reserve. So now, Mamatoto, the fastest moving fortress in the world, started its move to conquer the world. Mamatoto's goal isn't to get territory - it's to take out governments. Game's localized - there's an English and a Polish review. 4. Inagawa Junji: Kyoufu no Yashiki 稲川淳二 恐怖の屋敷 [990701] Billiken Soft Inagawa Junji - Kyoufu no Yashiki is a horror adventure game that stars japanese actor Inagawa Junji (contemporary master storyteller of Japanese ghost tales). Game begins when player enters a haunted mansion. As soon as he arrives, he finds a TV where Inagawa Junji appears and introduced different ghosts stories. Horror sound novels have its fans, but I'm not included. 5. Baldrhead ~Busou Kin'yuu Gaiden~ BALDRHEAD~武装金融外伝~ [990702] Team Baldrhead 1 2 3 4 5 It's the future where the technology is being over-used and at the same time conflicts between countries and religion occur which causes a loss in theory and technology. The world is now in corrupted towns with ruins of ancient technology everywhere. The story takes place in future Japan,and the hero of the game is an ex-mercenary called Bloody Baldy who earns his living by being an armament banker... Baldrhead is a linear adventure game with 2D action-shooter elements. There is an English review of this game. 6. Ballerina ~Haitoku no Kurumi Wari Ningyou~ バレリーナ ~背徳のくるみ割り人形~ [990702] Zero Main heroine is a ballet trainer. She gives lessons to several girls, but her lessons tend to become to intimate. What a trashy nukige. There are some 6-7 girls to harass. 7. Hyper Broken ~Tamashii no Chikara~ Hyper Broken ~魂のチカラ~ [990702] Escu:de The protagonist thinks that he is the strongest fighter around his school, until he got totally trashed by a new rival. If that wasn't bad enough, his sister got murdered and he was left for dead in his burning house. He got saved and found out that he has the potential to become the strongest person on earth. Will his girlfriend and other friends be able to keep him from the revenge-driven dark side of his power? Poor Escu:de - it started with a very plain romance work and now fills the shoes of another visual novel fighting. What differs it from Crazy Knuckle 2 is very high production values and engaging and moderately difficult battles. Hero is very colorful and is voiced which creates a very solid atmosphere. Game uses songs very efficiently at crucial moments. Considered the limitations of the genre Escu:de managed to produced a paragon visual novel fighting. 8. Dokidoki Summer Lesson ~Kyoukasho wa Oshiete Kurenai~ どきどきサマーレッスン ~教科書は教えてくれないっ~ [990707] Megami It's summer break, our guy is bored. He decided to find work as a tutor, his way of meeting girls and get paid for it. His student turned out to be his neighbor's sister. What will he teach her? And will he go after one sister or both, you decide. There are only two heroines, so it's more serious than an average eroge. Text is surprisingly good. No wonder game got a full voice re-release 4 years later. H scenes are quite dark no the other hand. So game's almost as nice as Off Memories series, but much more tilt towards H. 9. Be With! [990708] Jewel Hero has not had his hair cut for three years due to fear of having ears cut off. When his sister finally managed to cut his hair, girls in the school started to look at him with interest. What kind of future will he choose? Game is quite short, but it's fully voiced (apart of protagonist) and quite funny. There are five heroines and they are strong willed and quite nicely outlined. Through several choices you choose a girl/several girls and there's an ending. Graphics is quite unusual. But the most disappointment is in the systems. There aren't options at all and BGM is deafening with all those beats. BGM is like 10 times louder than voices so it's quite difficult to discern phrases while it trumpets. 10. 7 Days Girl [990709] Pocket Hero knew girl Hime when he was a child. She had a soft old-fashioned character. Now he meets her in Tokyo and she's totally different. It turns out that Hime suffers from personality disorder and each day of week she's a different person - seven in total. Hero asks gets a permission to look after Hime for a month to try to heal the distortion. Can he change Hime in just 4 weeks of living together? All that is left to the hero. Well, the personality that gets the most favorability wins. The conditions for the True End are very strict. Game systems is bad in the way that the speed is very slow. A well balanced work with a fresh concept. 11. Koi no Sweet Tart wa Ikaga? 恋のスイートタルトはいかが? [990709] Love Gun There is a coffee shop "Gerbera" on the bank of a beautiful lake in Tokyo. Cute girls are serving as waitresses and establishment is famous for its homemade cakes. Hero is a university student who works here part-time as a waiter. This summer will be most entertaining! The biggest difference of this game from other cafe games is that the number of characters is very small - just four heroines. At least it allows to build up a lot of unique events and advancements for each heroine. Branching starts right after welcome party and even dialogues change with increased favorability. Yayoi is the main heroine and she has the longest route of all. There is a good and a bad ending for each heroine as well as a lonely ending. 12. Kurumi-chan A-so-bo くるみちゃん あ・そ・ぼ [990709] Studio Neko Punch Main character has just entered a university. He finally fled from his parents house and started to live on his own in a boarding house. There he met another inhabitant Kurumi-chan. They started to spend a lot of time together on a daily basis and soon became good friends... but is being just friends enough? Game's some kind of SIM and I feel week in my tummy when I see such a huge number of all kinds of windows. 13. Labrum ~Yasashii Kizu~ Labrum ~優しい傷~ [990709] Tetratech Hero is attacked by unknown person and is put into a hospital with a mortal wound. His childhood friend Mina saves his life by turning him into a vampire.He has to drink women's blood to live. At day time he is a student and advances relations with his classmates. At night time he insults heroines and sucks their blood. He needs to keep the balance for 30 days and develop a sincere links with some girl. Well, that's weird. Pure love and very nasty H with the same girls daily just does not make much sense to me. I only see that game's just for those weird H scenes. We need to move to some spot and if there's the heroine - make some choice, so gameplay is not really good as well. 14. Sorceress Empire ~Teiritsu Mahouin~ ソーサレス・エンパイア ~帝立魔法院~ [990709] Blue Bell The era when magic declines gradually and is about to be replaced by science and technology. But there are still "demon" race monsters living on the outskirts of the empire and organizing skirmishes at border guards. Hero is a battle magician responsible for three failure students. They have personal conditions that prevent them from learning normally. You have a year to train them into excellent witches. There's a good dozen of parameters to track. As girls grow, they can summon a powerful monster that can participate in battles. Difficulty is easy and it's ok to train all three girls simultaneously. Despite the emphasized personal drama of each girl, the training method is almost identical, the difference is only in ADV sequences. It's a very good attempt to revitalize boring raising SIMs. 15. Towa no Yakata 永遠の館 [990709] For 19th century. Main character studies at a university abroad, but now for the first returns home for spring vacation. There he stumbles at his mother's diary saying among other things about a mysterious man "There is no way I can keep doing this ..." Scenario is single road and once it's finished, a new one opens up and so on. H events are mostly of dark nature. Basically all the mysteries are known for the start, so it's not really good as a suspense story. 16. Sei Inma ~Ijimete Inku-chan~ 聖☆淫魔 ~いじめてインクちゃん~ [990714] Desire Takahiro is a novice teacher. A demon suddenly appears before him saying that she's half angel and half demon and she does not qualify to enter either faction because of that. The strange cohabitation and rigorous training begins. Will she grow into an angel or a demon? A raising SIM. Both angle and demon ways are possible. Game's strange that it does not have time limit. Otherwise a normal training SIM with parameters and play time around 3 hours. 17. Dearest Vampire [990715] Air Plants Our guy is 1/8 vampire. His grandfather asked him to take care of a dead friend's family, which include four sisters and one brother. So now, in the first two months, he can chase after those four sisters, his maid, childhood girl, rival's sister or another vampire. The chasing is easy since he can check a location to see who is there before going, one advantage of a vampire I guess. In the later two months, he has to find a way to tell the girl he loves that he is a vampire and has to go through some obstacles to win her. Game play is not good as it follows the same pattern: Good morning → Map move → Event → Date management screen → repeat from the next day . The whole game period of four months is divided into the first half (until harvest festival dance) and the second half which is actually division into general route and choosing a heroine and heroine routes. There are also mini-games. Clear is difficult since there is a random element in events generation and in order to capture a girl the whole chain of events must be triggered. The work is centered around love obstacles - hero has an evident race difference and girls have their own themed obstacles. There are six main heroines and two sub-heroines. 18. Lilienthal リリエンタール [990715] Dollhouse The city of the Valley of Dragons... Lilienthal. The stories of three protagonists start here. Brad is a boy who lives with his pet animal Lulu in a secluded castle. Chris is a male student of a medieval university who is sexually harassed by the girls around him. Claris is a daughter of the king and is in search of medicine to cure the king. You can start with either protagonist story, but it soon turns into moving North/South/Eash/West and exploring the town in every story. There are several commands of interaction with the world and there seem to be items as well. Should I even say that I had no patience to go any further? 19. Girl Doll Toy 2 ~Shisha~ Girl Doll Toy 2 ~使者~ [990716] Uran For five years since the events of the prequel Erica has been living peacefully with Satoru. Satoru left the laboratory shortly after creating Erica. Following his notes the laboratory was able to create Erica Version 2, but the result was poor and director proceeded to illegal means. Meteor shower was launched to mount Fuji and at the same time Erica started to suffer from brain disorder. What caused the illness? Will Satoru be able to find the cure? Well, there are zero reviews for this game, but it's basically the third game in the franchise with totally the same heroine, so I guess everyone got tired of it by the third game. The suggested mystery is not appealing at all to check it out. 20. Heisa Byoutou no Megami-tachi ~Goddess of Close Ward~ 閉鎖病棟の女神たち ~Goddess of Close Ward~ [990716] Archive Our guy wakes up in a hospital without remembering anything. It seems he fell from a pedestrian overpass to the street. He is now in a hospital ward with 3 nurses and a female doctor. Can he remember his past and does he even want to? It's a very confusing scenario. The theme is madness. There are many memory pieces flashes, but it does not get into integral story. Even in the ending there is no impact. The degree of H is medium. 21. Mahjong Mokushiroku Digital Novel まあじゃん黙視録デジタルノベル [990716] West Gate Main character continues to live peacefully. But new threat arises. "Black shadow" company claims to be rightful successors of power. Once again protagonist rises to protect justice and freedom of common folk. There is not much information on the game... because noone really cares for this exciting mahjong adventure. 22. Amnesia no Hanataba o ~Parallel Story~ アムネジアの花束を ~PARALLEL STORY~ [990717] Red star A secret is hidden in the holy barrier. A devastating epic nightmare is caused by a devil curse. This is the third part of the series of an evil spiritual disaster after Dawn The True Night and Cladlius' Beak. Dark wizard Nike is searching for traces of magic between the three cities. On his way he will need to confront a holy knight and meet a mysterious girl who lost her memory. Game's totally obscure and comes from a virtually unknown developer. Moreover, previous two parts of the series are even more obscure. So, I stumbled upon a maze in my first 5 minutes of gameplay and just stopped there since could neither turn back, nor pass through it in another 5 minutes. 23. Enema 2 えねま2 [990722] Manbou Goya Ema is a student council president, nominated by former student council and her very close friend president Seira. Main heroine Shibuki together other council members Ema and and Kimidori sets to explore the old school building to uncover the school ghost legend. There girls fall down through the rotten floor and appear in a room with unusual drawings. There they have strange visions and develop new experiences as a result. The next day an angel appears before Shibuki. The angel claims that the world is in huge danger - sex demon starts to possess humans. In order to prevent possession the belly should be cleaned from all the poop. And that task is mounted on the shoulders of Shibuki. It's just Yuri+Enema. Really weird stuff, but character design and CG aren't bad. 24. Bagubee ばぐべー [990723] Zenos Choose among 10 girls with different difficulty degree ranging form A to E. Clearing a falling bricks stage opens up CG. This is NOT a visual novel. It has zero text apart of description of each girl blood type etc. Genre is puzzle/quiz. 25. Chooita ~Subarashiki Chounouryoku Jinsei~ ちょ~イタ ~素晴らしき超能力人生~ [990723] 1 The story is about a guy that had an accident and from that got x ray vision. After having this supernatural power, unusual events start occuring. There is an English review. 26. Deep [990723] Selen Main hero is a bartender on a luxurious liner. He drugs girls with beverages and takes them to his torture chamber. Doujin poop. 27. Doll ~Denshou no Chikara~ Doll ~伝承の力~ [990723] Forester Princess Fiona, who is trying to take back the throne, visits the church ruined by a secret strategy. There she was met by the betrayal of her own men and falls into a dilemma. Fiona is ready to die. However, a man who travels by the Noel accidentally kills all the knights in a blink of the eye. Fiona who see's this requests his help to reclaim her castle with various rewards. Although, Noel replies, "I am not interested and I got everything I wanted ..." Even though it was a faint, Noel becomes interested when Fiona revels the tradition of the royal family. It is said in an underground labyrinth of the castle sleeps "the power of tradition", that can make any wish come true. With this information in tow Noel asks Fiona, "Do you believe such a stupid story? ... ... interesting, I will lend you my power." First part is full of movie cuts and is quite intriguing to watch and occasionally interact with some objects. But the second gameplay part is horrible and short. Players were really unsatisfied with the small amount of erotic scenes which is a ripoff for the huge price of 9600 yen. 28. Drive Me Crazy!! ~The School of Pain~ ドライブ・ミー・クレイジー!! ~The School of Pain~ [990723] PIL Main character is a delinquent who is sent to a SM school by the father of his fiancée. With his bully personality he is using beautiful girls as teaching materials there and letting students act casually towards them ... SM game where actions are decided by roulette. There are 3 levels of sadistic lessons to get to graduation exam. 29. Floreal ~Suki Suki Daisuki~ フロレアール ~すきすきだいすき~ [990723] 13cm Jean Rotard is a lighthouse guard. He lives with a maid girl Merne for many years now. But Merne heart would spreads fracture by fracture with each day - should she involve Jean to heal her heart wound? Story is written by a different author than the previous game, so they actually have next to nothing in common. First part of the game lacks excitement and the second part suddenly becomes SF and totally chaotic. The charm of the characters is not fully utilized. 30. Heroine [990723] Cherry Soft Our guy transferred to a new school. He is just in time to save the school theater club from being canceled. He gets to pick his heroine out of 3 girls for their next play. He also has to set schedule for set building, customs making, and practicing. Well, no matter, he still has time to chase the 5 club girls and 2 others. We need to pass preliminary theatrical competition and then participate in the main event and for that need the right choices. Parameters and schedule are still here, so there's a lot of work to do. Three obligatory parameters must reach 100% by the contest or it's game over. The story is orthodox and very thin. There are a lot of events to try and fix that. There is a huge number of choices - each between three lines - even on the most trivial matters, so clearing is difficult. 31. Kimi ga Ita Kisetsu ~Primary~ 君がいた季節 ~Primary~ [990723] Age 1 2 3 Masaki has 4 childhood friends – Yayoi, Michiru, Marika and Akira who are all sisters, they let him stay in one of their family’s apartments since he doesn’t live with his family. Masaki’s hobby is photography and one day, he meets a famous photographer who lets Masaki become his apprentice. Time passes, and Masaki also gets a girlfriend too and life couldn’t be any happier for him. However, one day he is asked to go to America to work in the huge photography business over there but he thinks that having a long distance relationship would be incredibly hard. He now has a life-changing decision to make – does he follow his dream or does he stay with the person who he loves most in this world? There is an English review of this game. 32. Kyoukan ~Eien no Inochi o Motome~ 兇館~永遠の命を求め~ [990723] Infinity In order to gain eternal life a young man made contract with a woman spirit to insult and train four girls in just 7 days time. True ending if commit all four girls in 7 days, if fail there is a bad ending. There are also several normal endings. Short nukige SIM. 33. Utagoe 淫声 ~うたごえ~ [990723] Apple Pie Main character is a president of an idol studio. Now he needs to choose one of the girls to debut as an idol. Soon the whole world will know about her! Half of the game is actually H lessons for the idol girl, so it's kind of a baka nukige, but... with singing... and often singing while... doing H and with mouth full. Really nice eleven songs and good voicing. This is one of those games that gave a strong push to the voicing of visual novels. 34. Utsusemi うつせみ ~空蝉~ [990723] Black Package Our guy trains with a famous author. As a test for him, he is sent to gather info from a performance group, with the author's daughter tagging alone. There seem to be rumors about how this group gets their donations. If he can chase one girl per chapter, he will find out what this all has to do with a big fire 18 years ago. Taisho era. The flow is like this: first movement → lunch break (information exchange with the teacher) → second movement → evening automatic event → night. There are many H scenes with different characters, but romance relations are only possible with one heroine which is set right from the first chapter. One playthrough is less than 10 hours and all the mysteries are only poured in the last chapter that lasts about 30 minutes. There are multiple endings, including a bad one. But generally it's a one-way road with couple opportunities for mistakes. There is no distinguishing feature to call it a masterpiece, but overall a very solid work with beautiful CG centered on Tasho era. 35. Nise Taxi 偽タクシー [990727] Vision Main character runs a fake taxi that is specially equipped to insult the passengers. Nukige, and since it's from Vision it's with animations. 36. Find Love EX ~Mind Blowing~ Find Love EX ~マインドブローイング~ [990730] Lyceen Ninosaki Kanosuke is a private detective in Tokyo. One day he gets a request from the hospital to find the missing nurse Ai. Now the number of missing women has increased. One of the accidentally found girls in semi-naked state told about being kidnapped by a stalker. As the investigation proceeds, the existence of a huge criminal organization becomes evident. Find Love was quite a notable title thanks to console versions, so now's the time to reap that success on a rape/insult nukige. It hardly has anything to do with original Find Love apart of title and somewhat same looking girls. 37. Gen'ei Choukyou Club 2 幻影調教倶楽部2 [990730] J-Box Main character is an upcoming musician. He is asked to produce a song for a Japanese opera "Neo Imagine". But his beautiful partner suddenly dies, and main character looses the will not just to create, but to live. He got drowned into alcohol and drugs causing an incident in SM club. His friend advised him to join a secret club "Love & Peace" where it might be possible to share new experiences and find a true partner. Why... why this horrible game even got a continuation? 38. Gen'ei Gaiden: Shinkinkan 幻影外伝 親近感 [990730] Omni-sha "Love & Peace" secret SM club for people with abnormal sexuality. Hero dives in the world sensual pleasures. However, he's not satisfied with the action... This time it's a SIM. The synopsis and the release date is the same with the Gen'ei Choukyou Club 2 are the same and this title is nowhere to be found, so it's all very confusing. 38. Hakanai Omoi ~Anemone~ 儚想 ~あねもね~ [990730] Pearl Soft The city where the old and the new live together. Hero lost parents early and last year his grandmother also died. Since then he moved to distant relatives. Occasionally a mysterious memory of a girl crosses his head and the level of confusion gradually rises... Play time is around 8 hours. Everyday scenes are substitute by the need to say something funny and those pseudo fun sequences last for a very long time, just to eat up players time. Then it gets only more confusing and ends with a fluke. Characters are totally unmemorable. Protagonist is one big hetare with amnesia. Even in the end he can't decide anything ... "because all the friends are precious to me". And it's a linear game with choices only for additional CG, so you can't decide on anything. A surprisingly tiresome story without any appeal points. 39. Men at Work! メンアットワーク! [990730] Studio e.go! 1 2 The game takes place in a Middle-Age western European town. At the daytime it is a very active and joyous town. However at night it's another story. After sun sets, monsters will lurk all around town which raises concern about the safety of the townspeople. As a result the town has set up a guild of hunters who go around at night and kill these monsters. Most of these hunters are doing so for money, and they rarely reveal their true identity to anyone. The player takes on the role of Wil, who in daytime is a geeky part-time history teacher, but at night is a strong hunter. There's an English and a Russian review. 40. Triangle Heart 2 ~Sazanami Joshiryou~ とらいあんぐるハート2 ~さざなみ女子寮~ [990730] Janis Makihara Kosuke works as a substitute janitor of woman dormitory, “Sazanami So”, while the regular janitor, who is his aunt, travels abroad. The contract term is almost over, but he has one thing worried about. Among the member of the dormitory, only Jinnai Mio doesn’t open out to him and doesn’t try to eat his dishes. Then, he makes the former janitor’s favorite dish to let her eat. Moege. There is map movement to trigger events. Characters are cute and atmosphere is relaxed. But there are 12 heroines and the number of CG for each is small. Period is one year and intervals between the events are quite large. Play time is some 5 hours for first time and about 2 hours with skip for the next ones. The impact is less than the previous work. Nothing really stands out and such games are soon to be forgotten. 41. Graduation ~ Sotsugyou グラデュエーション~卒業 [990731] Joinac Corporation Graduation...for all of us it's something we experience once and from which we go to a new path in life. It marks a turning point in life, from which our lives will set out on a new moment. It's also at the same time the point where we break up with people who are important in our lives. Somewhere in Tokyo, at Seiran Academy is our hero, second year student Shuntaro Hidaka. He's anticipating his upcoming graduation next year. Will Shuntaro confess his feelings of love? I've no comments for doujin Yaoi.
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