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Anime of the Year 2017-IV Fall - Juuni Taisen



There's a scattering of minor masterpieces : Blend S , Inuyashiki , 3-gatsu no Lion 2nd Season , Juuni Taisen and Wo Shi Jiang Xiaobai with Juuni Taisen probably leaving the biggest impact on me.
1. Black Clover ブラッククローバー  [Pierrot] (Finished 5/170)
Tags: Shounen Action, Comedy, Fantasy 
Asta and Yuno were abandoned at the same church on the same day. Raised together as children, they came to know of the "Wizard King"—a title given to the strongest mage in the kingdom—and promised that they would compete against each other for the position of the next Wizard King. However, as they grew up, the stark difference between them became evident. While Yuno is able to wield magic with amazing power and control, Asta cannot use magic at all and desperately tries to awaken his powers by training physically.
When they reach the age of 15, Yuno is bestowed a spectacular Grimoire with a four-leaf clover, while Asta receives nothing. However, soon after, Yuno is attacked by a person named Lebuty, whose main purpose is to obtain Yuno's Grimoire. Asta tries to fight Lebuty, but he is outmatched. Though without hope and on the brink of defeat, he finds the strength to continue when he hears Yuno's voice. Unleashing his inner emotions in a rage, Asta receives a five-leaf clover Grimoire, a "Black Clover" giving him enough power to defeat Lebuty. A few days later, the two friends head out into the world, both seeking the same goal—to become the Wizard King!
I only tried to restart it once when mixed it up with Hai to Gensou no Grimgar - that's how lowly I evaluate Black Clover. A good shounen, but that's it, and I'm not a fan of shounens as a genre.  
Overall Rating: 6/10
2. Shokugeki no Souma: San no Sara Food Wars! The Third Plate 食戟のソーマ 餐ノ皿 [J.C.Staff] (Finished 12/12)
Tags: Shounen School Gourmet, Ecchi
The Moon Festival is Tootsuki Academy's annual gourmet gala, where students compete against each other to earn the most profit through selling their cuisine of choice. But for Souma Yukihira, it is also his first opportunity to challenge the Elite Ten, the supreme council that rules over the academy.
However, this is only the beginning of Souma's war against the Elite Ten; a nefarious plot is underway that will provide Souma with the challenge he desires but will also shake the very foundations of Tootsuki Academy itself.
Overall Rating: 6/10
3. Mahoutsukai no Yome The Ancient Magus' Bride 魔法使いの嫁 [Wit Studio] (Finished 4/24)
Tags: Shounen Mythology Drama, Fantasy, Romance
Chise Hatori, a 15-year-old Japanese girl, was sold for five million pounds at an auction to a tall masked gentleman. Abandoned at a young age and ridiculed by her peers for her unconventional behavior, she was ready to give herself to any buyer if it meant having a place to go home to. In chains and on her way to an unknown fate, she hears whispers from robed men along her path, gossiping and complaining that such a buyer got his hands on a rare Sleigh Beggy.
Ignoring the murmurs, the mysterious man leads the girl to a study, where he reveals himself to be Elias Ainsworth—a magus. After a brief confrontation and a bit of teleportation magic, the two open their eyes to Elias' picturesque cottage in rural England. Greeted by fairies and surrounded by weird and wonderful beings upon her arrival, these events mark the beginning of Chise's story as the apprentice and supposed bride of the ancient magus.
In what universe is this called shounen? It's a seriously boring shoujo through and through. Better than OVA, but still a torment. It might have some story unwind eventually, but after first four episodes it still has not and it's still typical girl investigating the unusual world in awe and her super wise instructor being patronizing. Guess it's all about the looks and the unusual world.  
Overall Rating: 6/10
4. Blend S BLEND-S ブレンド・S [A-1 Pictures] (Finished 12/12)
Tags: Otaku Culture, Romantic Subtext, Workplace Comedy
Wishing to be independent, 16-year-old Maika Sakuranomiya is desperate to nail down a part-time job so that she can afford to study abroad. Unfortunately, her applications are constantly rejected due to the menacing look she unintentionally makes whenever she smiles, despite her otherwise cheerful disposition.
After yet another failed interview, she chances upon Café Stile, a coffee shop where the servers interact with the customers while roleplaying distinctive characteristics. The Italian store manager, Dino, becomes infatuated with Maika's cuteness at first sight, and offers her a job as a waitress with a sadistic nature. Coupled with her inherent clumsiness, she successfully manages to serve a pair of masochistic customers in accordance with her new, ruthless persona. Alongside Kaho Hinata as the tsundere and Mafuyu Hoshikawa as the younger sister, Maika decides to make the most out of her unique quirk and cements her position in the cafe with merciless cruelty!
Feels like Wagnaria, but with more variation. It has good enough humor and characters, so can't deny it a masterpiece, but can't rate it too high as after a few years I completely forgot the title and the fact that I watched it.  
Overall Rating: 7/10
5. Inuyashiki Inuyashiki: Last Hero いぬやしき [MAPPA] (Finished 11/11)
Tags: Seinen Gore, Psychological Action, Drama, Sci-Fi
Ichirou Inuyashiki is a 58-year-old family man who is going through a difficult time in his life. Though his frequent back problems are painful, nothing hurts quite as much as the indifference and distaste that his wife and children have for him. Despite this, Ichirou still manages to find solace in Hanako, an abandoned Shiba Inu that he adopts into his home. However, his life takes a turn for the worse when a follow-up physical examination reveals that Ichirou has stomach cancer and only three months to live; though he tries to be strong, his family's disinterest causes an emotional breakdown. Running off into a nearby field, Ichirou embraces his dog and weeps—until he notices a strange figure standing before him.
Suddenly, a bright light appears and Ichirou is enveloped by smoke and dust. When he comes to, he discovers something is amiss—he has been reborn as a mechanized weapon wearing the skin of his former self. Though initially shocked, the compassionate Ichirou immediately uses his newfound powers to save a life, an act of kindness that fills him with happiness and newfound hope.
However, the origins of these strange powers remain unclear. Who was the mysterious figure at the site of the explosion, and are they as kind as Ichirou when it comes to using this dangerous gift?
Not sure I really enjoyed it, but it's a memorable thought provoking story. I see it as Death Note imitation that is done with skill as expected from Gantz author.  
Overall Rating: 7/10
6. Net-juu no Susume Recovery of an MMO Junkie ネト充のススメ [Signal.MD] (Finished 10/10)
Tags: Adult Cast, Video Game Comedy, Romance
For the first time since graduating high school, 30-year-old Moriko Morioka is unemployed—and she couldn't be happier. Having quit her long-standing job of over 11 years, Moriko quickly turns to online games to pass her now-plentiful free time, reinventing herself as the handsome and dashing male hero "Hayashi" in the MMO Fruits de Mer. With the pesky societal obligations of the real world out of the way, she blissfully dives headfirst into the realm of the game, where she promptly meets the kind and adorable healer Lily. Befriending each other almost instantly, the two become inseparable just as Moriko herself becomes more and more engrossed in her new "life" as Hayashi. Eventually, Moriko adopts the reclusive lifestyle in its entirety, venturing out from the safety of her apartment only when absolutely necessary.
Meanwhile, unbeknownst to Moriko, a timid 28-year-old corporate worker named Yuuta Sakurai has also logged onto Fruits de Mer from the other side of town. Coincidentally bumping into each other at the convenience store one night, both write off their meeting as no more than just another awkward encounter with a stranger—however, fate has more in store for them than they think.
MMO is a great theme for anime, but this one just sucks. First of all, the very notion of mmo junkie requiring rehabilitation, next, vigorous advertisement of lootboxes, and finally, harassment over discovering private information. So many red flags and the result is just clumsy pseudo-romance without good characters or story. Lots of cringe for absolutely nothing.  
Overall Rating: 5/10
7. Houseki no Kuni Land of the Lustrous 宝石の国 [Orange] (Finished 12/12)
Tags: Seinen Anthropomorphic Action, Drama, Fantasy, Mystery
In the mysterious future, crystalline organisms called Gems inhabit a world that has been destroyed by six meteors. Each Gem is assigned a role in order to fight against the Lunarians, a species who attacks them in order to shatter their bodies and use them as decorations.
Phosphophyllite, also known as Phos, is a young and fragile Gem who dreams of helping their friends in the war effort. Instead, they are told to compile an encyclopedia because of their delicate condition. After begrudgingly embarking on this task, Phos meets Cinnabar, an intelligent gem who has been relegated to patrolling the isolated island at night because of the corrosive poison their body creates. After seeing how unhappy Cinnabar is, Phos decides to find a role that both of the rejected Gems can enjoy. Houseki no Kuni follows Phos' efforts to be useful and protect their fellow Gems.
Full CGI. Welcome to the top rated anime on MAL this season! And that pisses me off... Only finished it so I could rant about it more. What people in reviews like about it? Beautiful animation! Even though it's way worse compared to latest Appleseed, Biohazard or Final Fantasy movies. Great characters and interactions! That's pretty stupid, because characters don't even have names, they are called by different stones names. Story is crumbling, because of a big number of such protagonists who get swapped all the time and because it's of reactive character when some creatures attack and someone somehow defends. It's not bad, but nothing special at all.  
Overall Rating: 5/10
8. Kekkai Sensen & Beyond Blood Blockade Battlefront & Beyond  [Bones] (Finished 1/12)
Tags: Shounen Super Power, Vampire Action, Fantasy
Three years ago, a gateway between Earth and the Beyond opened in New York City, trapping extradimensional creatures and humans alike in an impermeable bubble. After the city's restoration, monsters, magic, and madness are common findings in the area now known as Hellsalem's Lot. Leonardo Watch, a young photographer who unwillingly obtained the "All-seeing Eyes of the Gods" in exchange for his sister's eyesight, came to this paranormal city to find answers to the mysterious power that he possesses. He later finds his life drastically changed when he joins Libra, a secret organization of people with supernatural abilities dedicated to maintaining order in the everyday chaos of Hellsalem's Lot.
However, this is only the beginning of Leonardo's unexpected journey ahead. Regardless of the constant threat of otherworldly enemies, he is determined to uncover the secrets of his power and find a way to restore his sister's eyesight. Kekkai Sensen & Beyond follows Leonardo as he sets off on more crazy adventures with his comrades, fighting to ensure peace and order.
Overall Rating: 6/10
9. 3-gatsu no Lion 2nd Season March Comes In Like a Lion 2nd Season 3月のライオン 第2シリーズ [Shaft] (Finished 22/22)
Tags: Seinen Childcare, Strategy Game Drama
Now in his second year of high school, Rei Kiriyama continues pushing through his struggles in the professional shogi world as well as his personal life. Surrounded by vibrant personalities at the shogi hall, the school club, and in the local community, his solitary shell slowly begins to crack. Among them are the three Kawamoto sisters—Akari, Hinata, and Momo—who forge an affectionate and familial bond with Rei. Through these ties, he realizes that everyone is burdened by their own emotional hardships and begins learning how to rely on others while supporting them in return.
Nonetheless, the life of a professional is not easy. Between tournaments, championships, and title matches, the pressure mounts as Rei advances through the ranks and encounters incredibly skilled opponents. As he manages his relationships with those who have grown close to him, the shogi player continues to search for the reason he plays the game that defines his career.
Overall Rating: 7/10
10. Shoujo Shuumatsu Ryokou Girls' Last Tour 少女終末旅行 [White Fox] (Finished 3/12)
Tags: CGDCT, Iyashikei, Survival Adventure, Mystery, Sci-Fi, Slice of Life
Amid the desolate remains of a once-thriving city, only the rumbling of a motorbike breaks the cold winter silence. Its riders, Chito and Yuuri, are the last survivors in the war-torn city. Scavenging old military sites for food and parts, the two girls explore the wastelands and speculate about the old world to pass the time. Chito and Yuuri each occasionally struggle with the looming solitude, but when they have each other, sharing the weight of being two of the last humans becomes a bit more bearable. Between Yuuri's clumsy excitement and Chito's calm composure, their dark days get a little brighter with shooting practice, new books, and snowball fights on the frozen battlefield.
Among a scenery of barren landscapes and deserted buildings, Shoujo Shuumatsu Ryokou tells the uplifting tale of two girls and their quest to find hope in a bleak and dying world.
I remember trying and dropping this series, because it's just another Kino no Tabi variation. And dialogues are main entertainment here. It's of slow pace, and exploration is rather boring.  
Overall Rating: 6/10
11. Imouto sae Ireba Ii. A Sister's All You Need 妹さえいればいい。 [SILVER LINK.] (Finished 3/12)
Tags: Adult Cast Comedy, Romance, Ecchi 
Itsuki Hashima is a light novelist obsessed with little sisters, strictly focusing on them when he writes his stories. Despite his personality, he is surrounded by a tight circle of friends: Nayuta Kani, a genius yet perverted novelist who is in love with him; Haruto Fuwa, a fellow male author whose work has seen considerable success; Miyako Shirakawa, a good friend that he met in college; and Chihiro, his perfect younger step-brother who takes care of the housework and cooking.
Together, they play strange games, go on spontaneous journeys, crack silly jokes, and celebrate each other's successes. However, each individual must also deal with their own issues, whether it is struggling to meet a deadline or coming to terms with traumatic events buried in their past.
It seems to aim for OreImo or Eromanga Sensei, but it fails due to being too plain and unfunny. Characters are ok, but don't see any other good points here.  
Overall Rating: 6/10
12. Just Because!  [PINE JAM] (Finished 3/12)
Tags: Love Polygon, School Drama, Romance
As another school year begins drawing to a close, the third-year high school students move steadily toward the next milestone of their lives: graduation. Among them are Mio Natsume, a girl burdened with lingering feelings; Hazuki Morikawa, a member of the concert band but distant from the others; and Haruto Souma, an athlete obsessed with baseball. Meanwhile, second-year student Ena Komiya seeks to revive the photography club to its former glory, refusing to let the organization be disbanded. Though this group lacks a strong connection with one another, their lives suddenly cross paths with the arrival of a third-year transfer student.
While a transfer so close to graduation is unusual for most, it is business as usual for Eita Izumi. Due to his father's work, he has never been able to stay in one place for very long. But as luck would have it, their most recent relocation has returned Eita to his hometown for his final semester of high school. For better or worse, it also sparks the rekindling of old relationships left behind in the past.
With graduation already causing its own share of anxieties, Eita's sudden arrival brings these students' carefree days to an abrupt end. Long-forgotten memories, deeply buried emotions, and inspiring new passions—everything is brought to light in their bittersweet final semester.
I prefer dorama for realistic SOL.  
Overall Rating: 6/10
13. Juuni Taisen Juni Taisen: Zodiac War 十二大戦 [Graphinica] (Finished 12/12)
Tags: Gore, Survival Action
Every 12 years, mercenaries who possess the highest caliber of brute strength, cunning wit, and deadly precision gather to participate in the Zodiac Tournament. Each warrior bears the name and attributes of one of the 12 animals of the Chinese zodiac. With their pride and lives on the line, they engage in vicious combat until only the victor remains.
The 12th Zodiac Tournament begins in a desolate city, devoid of any evidence of the half million people who recently lived there. To raise the stakes, each warrior ingests a poisonous gem, thus setting a time limit on the tournament—and on their life. With one wish for the victor up for grabs, the Zodiac Warriors start their cutthroat battle for survival.
A great example of fresh approach to battle royale.  
Overall Rating: 7/10
14. Boku no Kanojo ga Majimesugiru Sho-bitch na Ken My Girlfriend is Shobitch 僕の彼女がマジメ過ぎるしょびっちな件 [Diomedéa, Studio Blanc.] (Finished 2/10)
Tags: Harem, School Comedy, Romance, Ecchi
Haruka Shinozaki has been interested in the class representative, Akiho Kousaka, since his first year in high school. She is attractive, good at sports, and is an all-around model student. Since they are in the same class this year, Shinozaki decides to confess his feelings—and, to his shock, Kousaka agrees to be his girlfriend!
However, he finds that Kousaka is a bit stranger than he first thought: this seemingly perfect girl has never been in a relationship. But even though she is inexperienced, she vows to please Shinozaki in every way she can... such as learning multiple sex positions or his fetishes. Shinozaki tries to assure her that her studies into such subjects aren't necessary, but Kousaka devotes herself to making him happy in more ways than one.
Harems evolve bit by bit, but this representative is still being pretty messy and useless just not fun.  
Overall Rating: 6/10
15. Himouto! Umaru-chan R 干物妹!うまるちゃんR [Doga Kobo] (Finished 1/12)
Tags: Otaku Culture, School Comedy
Umaru Doma is a model student who has a hidden side: when she gets home each day, she puts on her hamster hoodie and turns into a sluggish otaku fond of junk food. As Umaru continues these daily antics, the friendship between her and her classmates—Nana Ebina, Kirie Motoba, and Sylphinford Tachibana—deepens, and more and more interesting events begin to unfold.
Of course, these events give rise to numerous questions. What did Nana ask of Umaru's brother Taihei? Who is the mysterious girl with the diamond hairpin? And most important of all: why does this girl seem to know Umaru? These questions and more will be answered in Himouto! Umaru-chan R!
Overall Rating: 6/10
16. Ousama Game The Animation King's Game 王様ゲーム The Animation [Seven] (Finished 12/12)
Tags: Gore, High Stakes Game, School, Survival Drama, Horror, Mystery, Supernatural
It can be rough transferring to a new school—even more so if you don't want to make any friends, like Nobuaki Kanazawa. But the reason for his antisocial behavior soon becomes clear when his class receives a text from someone called "The King." Included are instructions for the "King's Game," and all class members must participate. Those who refuse to play, quit halfway, or don't follow an order in the allotted time of 24 hours will receive a deadly punishment.
Having played the game before and watched as those around him died, Nobuaki tries to warn his clueless classmates. Unfortunately, they only believe him after the King's Game claims its first casualties. Stuck in a horrific situation with no chance of escape, Nobuaki has a choice: put his own survival above those around him, or do what he couldn't before and save his classmates.
It's development of concept presented in The Lost Village anime, so a very niche story.  
Overall Rating: 6/10
17. Kujira no Kora wa Sajou ni Utau Children of the Whales クジラの子らは砂上に歌う [J.C.Staff] (Finished 12/12)
Tags: Shoujo Drama, Fantasy, Mystery, Sci-Fi
In a world covered by an endless sea of sand, there sails an island known as the Mud Whale. In its interior lies an ancient town, where the majority of its inhabitants are said to be "Marked," a double-edged trait that grants them supernatural abilities at the cost of an untimely death. Chakuro is the village archivist; young and curious, he spends his time documenting the discovery of newfound islands. But each one is like the rest—abandoned save for the remnants of those who lived there long ago.
For the first time in six months, another island crosses the horizon, so Chakuro and his friends join the scouting group. During the expedition, they find vestiges of an archaic civilization. And inside one of its crumbling remains, Chakuro discovers a girl who will change his destiny and the world inside the Mud Whale as he knows it.
Mystery , fantasy, characters ... everything is half-baked here and thus disappointing as it had potential.  
Overall Rating: 6/10
18. Itsudatte Bokura no Koi wa 10 cm Datta. Our love has always been 10 centimeters apart. いつだって僕らの恋は10センチだった。 [Lay-duce] (Finished 6/6)
Tags: School, Visual Arts Drama, Romance
Miou Aida and Haruki Serizawa might seem like polar opposites to those around them, but as the two third-years prepare to end their high school experience, they couldn't have been closer. While Miou is a shy and reserved member of the school art club that prefers to stay out of the limelight, Haruki is the boisterous and confident ace of the movie club, already winning awards for his directing prowess. However, after a previous chance encounter during their school entrance ceremony, they quickly become friends despite their stark differences in personality. But although their closeness might be growing, they've never become anything more than just that, much to the bewilderment of their friends.
As their time in high school draws to a close, Miou and Haruki, along with their friends in the art and movie clubs, have just one year left to face their hidden feelings and the daunting task of deciding their future careers. The two might always be only an arm's reach away, but as Haruki chases his dream of becoming a professional movie director and Miou struggles with choosing a path for herself, they'll learn just how hard it is to get past those last 10 centimeters.
Pretty banal school romance, but quality can be called above average.  
Overall Rating: 6/10
19. UQ Holder! Mahou Sensei Negima! 2 UQ Holder! UQ HOLDER! ~魔法先生ネギま!2~ [J.C.Staff] (Finished 1/12)
Tags: Shounen Action, Fantasy, Sci-Fi
Touta Konoe is an ordinary boy raised in a small rural town. His mundane life suddenly changes when his mentor, Yukihime, reveals herself to be a vampire; after saving Touta from a mortal wound, she causes him to become immortal as well.
Already yearning to explore the world, young Touta finally puts his dream to ascend to the top of Amanomihashira—a tower that leads to outer space—into realization. Along the way, he finds a secret society filled with immortals just like him called "UQ Holders." Gaining new comrades and mentorship along the way, Touta embarks on his own unique, magical adventure.
Overall Rating: 6/10
20. Kino no Tabi: The Beautiful World - The Animated Series Kino's Journey -the Beautiful World- the Animated Series キノの旅 -the Beautiful World- the Animated Series [Lerche] (Finished 1/12)
Tags: Adventure, Drama, Fantasy 
When 15-year-old Kino is feeling weighed down by heavy thoughts, one thing always manages to cheer her up: traveling. Nothing fills her heart with joy like exploring the beautiful, wonderful world around her and the fascinating ways people find to live. However, Kino is not as helpless as her cute appearance and courteous demeanor suggest. Armed with "Cannon" and "Woodsman," her trusted handguns, Kino isn't afraid to kill anyone who would dare to get in her way. Always by her side is her best friend and loyal companion Hermes, a sentient motorcycle, who supports Kino through the sorrows and hardships of their journey. Together, they travel the vast countryside with the shared goal of always moving forward, and a single rule: never stay in one country for more than three days.
As Kino and Hermes encounter new people and learn the rules of their civilizations, they grow and find out more about their own values and virtues. But as Kino slowly discovers the world around her, she also finds herself facing dangers that linger within the vast unknown.
Overall Rating: 6/10
21. Gintama.: Porori-hen Gintama.: Slip Arc 銀魂。ポロリ編 [Bandai Namco Pictures] (Finished 13/13)
Tags: Shounen Gag Humor, Historical, Parody, Samurai Action, Comedy, Sci-Fi
Following the grim events of Iga, Kokujou Island, Rakuyou, and multiple fruitless confrontations with the Tenshouin Naraku and Tendoshuu, Gintama.: Porori-hen takes its viewers on a trip down memory lane to when Yorozuya were mostly doing what they did best—odd jobs. The great space hunter Umibouzu has returned to Edo and is livid when he finds out that his daughter Kagura has a boyfriend. He blames Gintoki for being an incompetent guardian, but has the time finally come for him to let go of his daughter?
Back with shameless parodies, risqué humor, and lively camaraderie, Gintoki, Kagura, and Shinpachi are faced with unforeseen situations that manage to be both hilarious and emotionally stirring.
Overall Rating: 6/10
22. Konohana Kitan このはな綺譚 [Lerche] (Finished 4/12)
Tags: Seinen Anthropomorphic, CGDCT, Iyashikei, Mythology, Workplace Fantasy, Girls Love, Slice of Life
In a bustling village of spirits, Yuzu, a cheerful fox girl, starts her first job as an attendant at the traditional hot springs inn Konohanatei. Though Yuzu has no experience working at such a high-class establishment, Kiri, the affable and reliable head attendant, immediately puts her to work learning the basics.
While Yuzu's eagerness initially proves to be more of a hindrance than a blessing, her playful nature brings a unique charm to the inn, as both customers and her fellow workers quickly warm up to her clumsy yet well-meaning mistakes. Under the guidance of the other foxes—the rigid Satsuki, the carefree Natsume, the critical Ren, and the quiet Sakura—Yuzu steadily learns the trade of an inn attendant while learning to love the magical world surrounding her.
Konohana Kitan presents the heartwarming tale of a simple fox girl forging bonds with others and finding a home amidst the mysterious, beautiful world of spirits.
Folklore world SOL akin to Life of Centaur girl, but with inn as a stage. Not great.  
Overall Rating: 5/10
23. Dies Irae  [A.C.G.T.] (Finished 11/11)
Tags: Military, Super Power Action
Ren Fujii is a normal student who just had a fistfight with his former best friend, leading him to break off their friendship. But with the help of his childhood friend, Kasumi Ayase, and upperclassman, Rea Himuro, he's gradually returning to his normal school life.
Then a series of brutal murders in which the victims are decapitated begins to strike their city. Strangely, at the same time, Ren starts to have terrifying nightmares of being beheaded by a guillotine. But these are just a prelude to the painful and terrifying battles to come.
Have not watched continuation, so without proper ending there can't be strong impression yet. So far it's a mixed bag.  
Overall Rating: 6/10
24. Love Live! Sunshine!! 2nd Season Love Live! Sunshine!! Season 2 ラブライブ!サンシャイン!! 第2期 [Sunrise] (Finished 1/13)
Tags: Idols (Female), Music, School Slice of Life
Having decided to walk down a path separate from their inspirations as idols, the girls of Aqours are more determined than ever to shine brilliantly as school idols. With their previous performance marginally increasing the number of prospective students for their endangered school, they look to carry the momentum of their small step forward into the school's upcoming open house and the next Love Live competition. Hoping to use these events to bring more attention to their school, the nine girls look to give their best performances yet.
Unfortunately, these small steps forward are not enough to convince Mari Ohara's father from changing his plans. Undeterred by Mari's pleas for reconsideration, the decision to close down the school is made official, putting an end to Uranohoshi Girls' High School's student recruitment, including the open house. Though all hope seems to be lost, the school idols refuse to give up. Faced with impossible odds, Aqours sings, dances, and shines in the hopes of bringing about a miracle.
Overall Rating: 5/10
25. Evil or Live  [Haoliners Animation League] (Finished 12/12)
Tags: Gore, Psychological, School, Survival Horror
Severe internet addiction has become an epidemic infecting the nation's youth, ultimately resulting in their extreme dependence on the world wide web. Those who are too far gone are enrolled at Elite Reeducation Academy in order to help them grow into successful adults. Hibiki is one such teenager who awakens in the facility unaware of how he came to be there. He learns from the head instructor that he was knocked out and brought to the school at his mother's behest, concerned with how belligerent her son was becoming as a result of his internet addiction.
Stuck in a place more akin to a prison than an academy, and with no escape from the abuses of the instructors, Hibiki decides to end his life by jumping from the roof. But as fate would have it, he meets a mysterious man named Shin who promises to give his life meaning...
Did not expect Prison School imitations to start popping up so soon. It looses in comparison big time though. Plus it's pretty negative, so not really enjoyable.  
Overall Rating: 6/10
26. Animegataris Anime-Gataris アニメガタリズ [WAO World] (Finished 4/12)
Tags: Otaku Culture, Parody, School Comedy
After dreaming about an anime she used to watch as a child, Minoa Asagaya could not forget a particularly memorable scene. However, despite her best efforts, she cannot recall the name of the show. Due to this, Minoa asks for help from her fellow classmates at Sakaneko High School. Her conversation is overheard by Arisu Kamiigusa, the most popular and wealthy girl in class who is also a hardcore otaku. Yet even with her vast knowledge, Arisu does not recognize the show.
After discovering that there isn't an anime club at their school, Minoa and Arisu create the Anime Research Club, as they may obtain the answer to Minoa's mystery if they gather people who share the same interest. Thus, Minoa is exposed to a bizarre new world—the world of anime!
Rather mediocre series about anime club. Without great characters, good humor or Genshiken-like realism it's lackluster in everything.  
Overall Rating: 6/10
27. Garo: Vanishing Line GARO -VANISHING LINE- 牙狼〈GARO〉-VANISHING LINE- [MAPPA] (Finished 1/24)
Tags: Mythology Action, Fantasy, Supernatural
Corruption looms over the prosperous Russell City, where manifestations of negative emotions called Horrors cause chaos and mayhem. The Makai Order is the last bastion of hope against these unholy creatures. Using several small businesses as fronts, they deploy powerful Makai Knights and magical Makai Alchemists to combat the Horror threat.
Within this secretive order, the highest rank of Golden Knight has been bestowed upon a large, powerful man named Sword, granting him use of the Garo armor and blade. He alone knows of a plot that threatens the entire Makai Order, with his only hint being the phrase “El Dorado." While fighting a Horror, he encounters Sophia "Sophie" Hennis, a teenage girl whose brother's disappearance years ago is also linked to the same phrase. The two agree to work together to uncover the truth behind "El Dorado" and the disappearance of Sophie's brother.
Overall Rating: 6/10
28. Osomatsu-san 2nd Season Mr. Osomatsu 2 おそ松さん 第2期 [Pierrot] (Finished 1/25)
Tags: Gag Humor, Parody Comedy
Second season of Osomatsu-san.
Overall Rating: 6/10
29. Hoozuki no Reitetsu 2nd Season Hozuki's Coolheadedness 2 鬼灯の冷徹 第弐期 [Studio Deen] (Finished 1/13)
Tags: Seinen Mythology Comedy, Fantasy
Just as in this life, the afterlife needs a calm troubleshooter to deal with the bureaucratic headaches that come from keeping things in order. Enter Hozuki: a cool and collected demon who’s badly in need of a vacation.
Overall Rating: 6/10
30. Urahara  [Shirogumi, EMT Squared] (Finished 8/12)
Tags: Mahou Shoujo, Psychological Comedy, Fantasy, Sci-Fi
Three high school girls are putting together a limited-time shop called "PARK" in Japan's Harajuku. One day, aliens come to Earth with the intent to steal the famed district's culture. At the same time, a mysterious girl appears. The three girls band together to defeat the alien threat and protect their beloved Harajuku.
Mahou shoujo, but with smaller girls and rather mild with main theme being friendship, although whirling around complexes and past to make it "psychological". It tries to be creative, but ends up being ordinary.  
Overall Rating: 5/10
31. Two Car つうかあ [SILVER LINK.] (Finished 1/12)
Tags: Racing 
Two Car follows high schoolers Yuri Miyata and Megumi Meguro as they battle six other rival pairs in the sport of motorcycle sidecar racing.
Racing goes without me.  
Overall Rating: 5/10
32. Wake Up, Girls! Shin Shou Wake Up, Girls! New Chapter Wake Up, Girls!新章 [Millepensee] (Finished 12/12)
Tags: Idols (Female), Music Drama
"Wake Up, Girls!" is the story of growth and friendship of seven girls living in Sendai, Miyagi who form the idol group "Wake Up, Girls! (WUG)" and work together to become top idols.
Operating under a small production company in Sendai known as "Green Leaves Entertainment," WUG overcame countless obstacles to beat national idol group "I-1 club" at the Idol Festival and win the event. They had suddenly become top idols... but with an idol recession going on, things weren't so easy. The days of steady and honest idol work continued for the girls.
Meanwhile, Sendai-based middle school trio Hayashi Ayumi, Morishima Otome, and Atsugi Itsuka have developed an increasing desire to become idols...
Overall Rating: 6/10
33. Dynamic Chord  [Pierrot, Pierrot Plus] (Finished 3/12)
Tags: Music 
Dynamic Chord is a record company and music agency representing the hottest artists right now with, in particular, four of the country's most popular bands.
They are rêve parfait with its own unique world view and progressive sound, Liar-S, an emo rock band, KYOSO, a group of highly-polished performers, and apple-polisher, which fuses dance with rock and roll. Against the backdrop of Japan's four seasons, comes a realistically depicted documentary movie about the encounters, breakups and trajectory of these 16 band members as they vie for musical preeminence.
Just a bore with bishounen band and some boys love motives.  
Overall Rating: 4/10
34. Infini-T Force Infini-T Force (インフィニティ フォース)  [Tatsunoko Production] (Finished 4/12)
Tags: Super Power Action, Sci-Fi
Emi is a seventeen-year-old girl living in Shibuya. Her father is always away with work and she's grown listless. Suddenly, a twist of fate involving a certain magical item changes everything. A mysterious pencil, of all things, is linked to the appearance of heroes from another world! Could this be the start to the excitement she's so desperately craving, or is there something more?
Full CGI. Compilation of old superheroes can hardly mean an interesting plot. And by fourth episode it has indeed been a waste of time.  
Overall Rating: 5/10
35. ClassicaLoid 2nd Season ClassicaLoid 2 クラシカロイド 第2シリーズ [Sunrise] (Finished 1/25)
Tags: Anthropomorphic, Music Comedy
Second season of ClassicaLoid.
Overall Rating: 6/10
36. Time Bokan: Gyakushuu no San Akunin Time Bokan: The Villains Strike Back タイムボカン 逆襲の三悪人 [Tatsunoko Production] (Finished 1/24)
Tags: Historical, Mecha Adventure, Comedy
Bimajo, Tsubuyakky, and Suzukky work at the History Paradise Company, which publishes text books in the 24th century, and they're also the evil trio, Akudama, that gets in the way of JKK's investigation of history!
After their last battle in history with JKK officers Tokio and Calen, they were on a long yet short time off (unpaid, of course), when they finally received a new assignment from their mysterious boss.
The assignment... was to collect the mystical Dynamonds from famous people throughout history. Akudama starts hopping through time, as they're ordered, and try to get the Dynamonds from the various famous historical figures.
The evil trio's revenge mission through time was about to start once again!!
Overall Rating: 5/10
37. Shining Star 샤이닝스타 [Maro Studio] (Finished 1/52)
Tags: Idols (Female), Music 
At the prestigious Shining Star School, every girl dreams of becoming the best idol, called "Muse". Nara, an ordinary girl, decides to attend the school in order to fulfill her dream.
Typical wannabe idol school shoujo with vocaloid.  
Overall Rating: 5/10
38. Yi Ren Zhi Xia 2 Hitori no Shita - The Outcast 2 一人之下2 [Haoliners Animation League] (Finished 1/24)
Tags: Super Power Action, Supernatural
Chou Soran must participate in the Raten Taishou to uncover his grandfather's secrets and the key to Fou Houhou's past. Though Houhou trains Soran, will that be enough to defeat powerful enemies who all seem out to get him while they struggle for power and victory in the tournament?
Overall Rating: 6/10
39. Escha Chron エスカクロン [Lerche] (Finished 2/2)
Tags: CGDCT, Music Sci-Fi, Slice of Life
The story follows the two titular girls Escha and Chron, whose contrasting personalities are like the sun and moon. The two girls are from Terminal, a future post-apocalyptic world that's empty and monochrome. The two girls cross worlds and arrive in the present day, which they call Transit. As Escha and Chron experience the light (scenery) and sound (music) of the real world, the future world of Terminal gradually changes into a more vivid world.
Too short to matter. OK SOL that ends abruptly and fails to tell any story.  
Overall Rating: 6/10
40. Wo Shi Jiang Xiaobai I'm Joybo 我是江小白 [2:10 AM Animation] (Finished 12/12)
Tags: Drama, Romance, Slice of Life 
Ten years ago, Jiang Xiaobai lost all his memories due to a traumatic event he no longer remembers. Now working as a trainee in Editorial Office No.2 of Wen Zheng Magazine, a literary periodical based in Chongqing, he is excited to begin a new chapter of his life: in two days, he finishes his probationary period and officially starts his job as an editor. He gives no thought to his recurring dream of a girl whose face can never clearly see.
That evening, one of Jiang Xiaobai's seniors passes him the task of rushing to the airport to escort the idiosyncratic rising author Tong Li, who has returned from America to launch her first serialized novel in Chinese. As punishment for this senior reneging on his own duties, Jiang Xiaobai replaces him as Tong Li's new editor. Though they get off to a rough start, Tong Li soon recognizes Jiang Xiaobai as someone precious from her high school days. Before they know it, the wheels of fate are set in motion, as Jiang Xiaobai slowly uncovers clues about a long-forgotten girl from his past.
Full CGI. Time skip drama with a bit of mystery. Non-CGI or dorama would be much more welcome, but I'd better highlight story in this shape as minor masterpiece rather than advocate for skipping it entirely as just decent.   
Overall Rating: 7/10
41. Shen Qi Huan Qi Tan The Legend of Ancient Soul 神契幻奇谭 [Mili Pictures] (Finished 2/24)
Tags: School Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Mystery, Supernatural
Years ago, the gods fought against each other before being sealed away. However their artifacts remained in the souls of the HuaXia clan as part of a contract and hope that someday in the future, they will awaken once more using those artifacts.
Full CGI. Half-length episodes. It begins very amateurish as bad guys chase a girl and protagonist with superpowers saves her. And it's even stylized as if it was a fighting game. Weird and unappealing. Second episode feels like World Conquest Zvezda Plot as there's a whole company of characters with superpowers. Same underwhelming.  
Overall Rating: 5/10
42. CMFU Xueyuan: Shenshi Ji Jijian CMFU学院:绅士击击剑  [Foch Films] (Finished 0/24)
Tags: Combat Sports, School Romance, Sports
The recruitment of new students in various clubs of CMFU Academy is in full swing. Freshman Minnie has joined the CMFU Fencing Club because of her fascination with "Three Musketeers". The swordsman contest is coming soon, and the president Chu Zhuoran intends to conduct an internal trial in the fencing club to select contestants for the swordsman contest. Minnie was excluded because of her zero foundation, but she didn't get discouraged and approached the president Chu Zhuoran to ask for fair participation in the selection. In desperation, Chu Zhuoran decided to give Minnie a week to personally train her. The Fencing Club of the Yunzong Academy in the same city also came here, not only to find out the strength of the newly recruited female swordsmen of CMFU, but Lian Kai, the president of the Fencing Club of the Yunzong Academy, had a holiday with A Qiao, a member of the CMFU Fencing Club. This series shows how the CMFU Academy Fencing Club prepares for the swordsman competition and Minnie's growth as a zero-base fencer, conveys the charm of campus sports, encourages more audiences to learn about fencing and love the sport of fencing.
Not found.  
Overall Rating: 0/10
43. Qiang Shen Ji 枪神记 [Mokai Technology] (Finished 1/12)
Tags: Action, Sci-Fi 
With the advent of advanced super-era technology came the Gene Lock, a revolutionary technique that greatly enhances a person's speed, power, and senses. Those who successfully unlock their genetic potential are known as "agents," with the most skilled among them earning the title of "gun gods." Factions fought fiercely to establish academies for training these agents and controlling gene locks through experimentation and the influence of extraterrestrial beings. This led to a global conflict until the mysterious race disappeared, leaving behind agents and their abilities.
Today, the only remnants of these past struggles are the two surviving organizations: "Deep Sea" and "Dead Snake." Both agencies have relocated to the seabed and underground and have agreed to a truce. However, conflict still lurks beneath the surface of tranquility.
Our story begins when Lin Xiaoshuai, a master martial artist, stumbles upon the Deep Sea Special Academy. He and his comrades will embark on a journey to unlock their genetic locks, master combat, and firearms, and become agents, possibly even gun gods.
The anime is divided into four chapters: The Secret Service Academy, The Special Agent World, The Secret History of Blood Race, and Deep Sea Falling.
Full CGI. Partially translated. Another straightforward fighting action series with antics in places of comedy.  
Overall Rating: 5/10
44. LayereD Stories Zero LayereD Stories 0 レイヤードストーリーズ ゼロ [-] (Finished 1/9)
Tags: Video Game Sci-Fi
In Shibuya, Tokyo in 2037, LayereD is a platform that uses mixed reality technology to create visualizations of the Internet in the real world. By using special devices, people can have various augmented-reality experiences. Users are able to bring things they imagine into the real world, allowing for a wide variety of self-expression. However, the system does not provide people the freedom it was supposed to, and people actually live in an oppressive society. In the Varna Counter system, harmful creations are eliminated in order to make LayereD "completely clean and healthy." Because users monitor each other to maintain regulations, society becomes rigid and constrained.
Not translated. Full CGI. Mobile game advertisement around colorful duels.  
Overall Rating: 5/10
45. Godzilla 1: Kaijuu Wakusei Godzilla: Planet of the Monsters GODZILLA -怪獣惑星- [Polygon Pictures] (Finished 1/1)
Tags: Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi 
Twenty thousand years after the fall of humanity, Earth succumbed to legions of ravenous creatures who now freely roam the planet. Far away in the depths of space, the last surviving members of humanity float aimlessly in the same ship they escaped Earth with so many years ago. With the spacecraft running dangerously low on resources, the survivors' leading council must decide on their path forward: should they continue to gamble on finding another Earth-like planet to inhabit, or take to heart an anonymous essay theorizing what may be the only weakness of the "Godzilla," who forced the last remnants of humanity off their home world?
The author of the controversial essay is Haruo Sakaki, a man who witnessed the death of his parents to Godzilla at a young age, which has led him to harbor an obsessive hatred for the monster. Now, he spearheads the operation aimed at reclaiming humanity's birthright from the king of monsters and slaying him once and for all. But, alongside humanity, Earth has undergone drastic change since their departure; Godzilla and its numerous spawns may pale in comparison to the darkness lurking within the hearts of this close-knit community of survivors.
Full CGI. My first thought was that graphics and plot are very much like Sidonia no Kishi, and both works happen to be from the same studio. Just decent mecha VS deadly monsters action with a lot of introductory talk as supposed for start of the trilogy, Can't treat kaijuu seriously as it still looks sort of silly, but I'll try next movie just for the lulz.  
Overall Rating: 6/10
46. Zhongkui Chuanqi: Sui Han Sanyou Judge Zhongkui 钟馗传奇之岁寒三友 [-] (Finished 1/1)
Tags: Mythology Adventure, Fantasy
Legend of Zhongkui as he exorcises ghosts with two friends. 
Not translated. It's so drenched in Chinese folklore that it becomes repulsive for me. It's done in Disney manner and probably targets kids primarily.  
Overall Rating: 5/10


Recommended Comments

Inuyashiki- Honestly, I loved this anime, despite how weird it was having an old man as the main character.  Good watch for an out there sci-fi series.

Juuni Taisen- Battle Royale full of people with weird talents and abilities.  I never managed to invest in the characters, so my opinion of it isn't high.

Dies Irae- ... a perfect example of failure in translating a great visual novel into an anime.  The first episode is an example of what not to do (such as disrupt the measured revelations that made the game interesting by revealing the most important stuff at the beginning).  Because it wasn't intended to be a long series, the developments are rushed, the presentation is weird, and the characters are somewhat off.

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Dies Irae - It was crowdfunded to have it available in the first place, so the limited number of episodes is quite understandable despite that Dies Irae has the same length that could rivaled Fate/Stay Night (Obviously not every fans would willing to shell the money to rival Ufotable budget), which of course lead up to the pacing problem. Anyway, let's just say that its format is not really fit in the first place for the anime even with Masada joining the anime production, especially with the very lengthy prose.

Animegatari  - I only know that one of the episode has Precure parody, and even then I only knew about it thanks to my favorite Precure reviewer post the blogpost about the parody. That aside, it's not like I'm interested to check the anime even with the parody in the first place anyway, especially back in 2018.

UQ Holder - I only know the author made some continuation story from Negima, so in a way we can say it's the Stealth Sequel from Negima which the author end in rushed way.

Blend S - Has very memetic opening back when it was aired. Also I think the uniform design is neat and good to know I'm not alone on this, because Yuzusoft designer think so with them based Cafe Stella uniform color scheme on this (No purple waitress uniform in Cafe Stella though). Those two aside, it's CGDCT with the main female is the nice girl who have sadistic face, and it has three significant male casts which is rarity in Manga Time Kirara manga.

Two Car - It's supposed to be 10th anniversary series for Silver Link, but from what I can see the staffs may have not be able to combine the idea they have. So obviously with them still not find the compromise while keep bickering until the deadline, the staffs decided to just combine whatever idea they have and thus we have Two Car. I mentioned this because it has premise two main female have a fight over their male trainer who absent for most of the series, and the series goes on with two bickering female have episode with their rival. So yeah, the staffs is more or less can't decided their target, whether it's to GL fans or love triangle fans, doubly so with the male trainer himself is not the MC nor we do know how his two students can be attracted to him. Mismanagement on demographic target aside, it's about a motorcycle sidecar racing with one act as the driver and one act as navigator.

That's all for what I can write in regard of Fall 2017 anime.

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39 minutes ago, littleshogun said:


UQ Holder - I only know the author made some continuation story from Negima, so in a way we can say it's the Stealth Sequel from Negima which the author end in rushed way.


Basically, UQ Holder is a sequel focusing on the after-effects of the manga-only chapters that led to the end of the original series.  The most important remaining character from the original is Evangeline.  It is a more action-focused and darker-natured series than the original Negima.  

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