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Anime of the Year 2018-II Spring - Wotaku ni Koi wa Muzukashii



Enjoyed Wotaku ni Koi wa Muzukashii more than expected. Other works of note are Golden Kamuy and Ginga Eiyuu Densetsu: Die Neue These - Kaikou .
1. Boku no Hero Academia 3rd Season My Hero Academia Season 3 僕のヒーローアカデミア  [Bones] (Finished 1/25)
Tags: Shounen School, Super Power Action
As summer arrives for the students at UA Academy, each of these superheroes-in-training puts in their best efforts to become renowned heroes. They head off to a forest training camp run by UA's pro heroes, where the students face one another in battle and go through dangerous tests, improving their abilities and pushing past their limits. However, their school trip is suddenly turned upside down when the League of Villains arrives, invading the camp with a mission to capture one of the students.
Boku no Hero Academia 3rd Season follows Izuku "Deku" Midoriya, an ambitious student training to achieve his dream of becoming a hero similar to his role model—All Might. Being one of the students caught up amidst the chaos of the villain attack, Deku must take a stand with his classmates and fight for their survival.
Overall Rating: 6/10
2. Tokyo Ghoul:re 東京喰種トーキョーグール:re  [Pierrot] (Finished 1/12)
Tags: Seinen Gore, Psychological Action, Fantasy, Horror
Two years have passed since the CCG's raid on Anteiku. Although the atmosphere in Tokyo has changed drastically due to the increased influence of the CCG, ghouls continue to pose a problem as they have begun taking caution, especially the terrorist organization Aogiri Tree, who acknowledge the CCG's growing threat to their existence.
The creation of a special team, known as the Quinx Squad, may provide the CCG with the push they need to exterminate Tokyo's unwanted residents. As humans who have undergone surgery in order to make use of the special abilities of ghouls, they participate in operations to eradicate the dangerous creatures. The leader of this group, Haise Sasaki, is a half-ghoul, half-human who has been trained by famed special class investigator, Kishou Arima. However, there's more to this young man than meets the eye, as unknown memories claw at his mind, slowly reminding him of the person he used to be.
Overall Rating: 6/10
3. Wotaku ni Koi wa Muzukashii Wotakoi: Love is Hard for Otaku ヲタクに恋は難しい [A-1 Pictures] (Finished 11/11)
Tags: Adult Cast, Otaku Culture, Workplace Romance
Having slept through all four of her alarms, the energetic Narumi Momose finds herself running late for her first day of work at a new office. As she races to catch her train, she makes a promise to herself that none of her coworkers will find out about her dark secret: that she is an otaku and a fujoshi. Her plan goes instantly awry, though, when she runs into Hirotaka Nifuji, an old friend from middle school. Although she tries to keep her secret by inviting him out for drinks after work, her cover is blown when he casually asks her whether or not she will be attending the upcoming Summer Comiket. Luckily for her, the only witnesses—Hanako Koyanagi and Tarou Kabakura—are otaku as well.
Later that night, the pair go out for drinks so that they can catch up after all the years apart. After Narumi complains about her previous boyfriend breaking up with her because he refused to date a fujoshi, Hirotaka suggests that she try dating a fellow otaku, specifically himself. He makes a solemn promise to always be there for her, to support her, and to help her farm for rare drops in Monster Hunter. Blown away by the proposal, Narumi agrees immediately. Thus the two otaku start dating, and their adorably awkward romance begins.
Surprisingly enjoyable anime about otaku fit in the society, and on a comparable level to Genshiken.  
Overall Rating: 8/10
4. Steins;Gate 0  [White Fox] (Finished 3/23)
Tags: Time Travel Drama, Sci-Fi, Suspense
The eccentric, self-proclaimed mad scientist Rintarou Okabe has become a shell of his former self. Depressed and traumatized after failing to rescue his friend Makise Kurisu, he has decided to forsake his mad scientist alter ego and live as an ordinary college student. Surrounded by friends who know little of his time travel experiences, Okabe spends his days trying to forget the horrors of his adventures alone.
While working as a receptionist at a college technology forum, Okabe meets the short, spunky Maho Hiyajo, who later turns out to be the interpreter at the forum's presentation, conducted by Professor Alexis Leskinen. In front of a stunned crowd, Alexis and Maho unveil Amadeus—a revolutionary AI capable of storing a person's memories and creating a perfect simulation of that person complete with their personality and quirks. Meeting with Maho and Alexis after the presentation, Okabe learns that the two were Kurisu's colleagues in university, and that they have simulated her in Amadeus. Hired by Alexis to research the simulation's behavior, Okabe is given the chance to interact with the shadow of a long-lost dear friend. Dangerously tangled in the past, Okabe must face the harsh reality and carefully maneuver around the disastrous consequences that come with disturbing the natural flow of time.
It feels like a typical fandisc - lots of flashbacks and useless interactions with all kinds of characters, very little in the story department. It's painful to watch after original series for me.  
Overall Rating: 6/10
5. Shokugeki no Souma: San no Sara - Tootsuki Ressha-hen Food Wars! The Third Plate: Totsuki Train Arc 食戟のソーマ 餐ノ皿 遠月列車篇 [J.C.Staff] (Finished 12/12)
Tags: Shounen School Gourmet, Ecchi
A dark age of cooking befalls Tootsuki Culinary Academy. With the Elite Ten's devastating coup d'état, Azami Nakiri is now the director of the prestigious school. Students must now conform to Azami's ideology of "true gourmet food" and are forbidden to express creativity, or else face expulsion.
However, Souma Yukihira and the members of the Polar Star Dormitory refuse to accept these changes. Aided by other rebellious first-years, including the tenth seat, Erina Nakiri, Souma and his allies band together to fight off supporters of Azami's regime. But corrupt instructors and the menacing Central organization stand in their way, and so they must work together, harder than ever before, to survive every underhanded plot designed to banish them from the school.
Overall Rating: 6/10
6. Sword Art Online Alternative: Gun Gale Online ソードアート・オンライン オルタナティブ ガンゲイル・オンライン  [Studio 3Hz] (Finished 12/12)
Tags: Military, Video Game Action
Clad in desert pink and the size of a mere child, the infamous "Pink Devil" mercilessly hunts down other players in the firearm-centered world of the virtual reality game Gun Gale Online. But in real life, this feared player killer is not quite who anyone would expect.
A shy university student in Tokyo, Karen Kohiruimaki stands in stark contrast to her in-game avatar—in fact, she happens to stand above everyone else too, much to her dismay. Towering above all the people around her, Karen's insecurities over her height reach the point where she turns to the virtual world for an escape. Starting game after game in hopes of manifesting as a cute, short character, she finally obtains her ideal self in the world of Gun Gale Online. Overjoyed by her new persona, she pours her time into the game as LLENN, garnering her reputation as the legendary player killer.
However, when one of LLENN's targets gets the best of her, she ends up meeting Pitohui, a skilled yet eccentric woman. Quickly becoming friends with Karen, Pitohui insists that LLENN participates in Squad Jam, a battle royale that pits teams against one another, fighting until only one remains. Thrust into the heated competition, LLENN must fight with all her wit and will if she hopes to shoot her way to the top.
Overall Rating: 6/10
7. Hinamatsuri (TV) Hinamatsuri ヒナまつり [feel.] (Finished 3/12)
Tags: Seinen Childcare, Organized Crime Comedy, Supernatural
While reveling in the successful clinching of a prized vase for his collection, Yoshifumi Nitta, a yakuza member, is rudely interrupted when a large, peculiar capsule suddenly materializes and falls on his head. He opens the capsule to reveal a young, blue-haired girl, who doesn't divulge anything about herself but her name—Hina—and the fact that she possesses immense powers. As if things couldn't get any worse, she loses control and unleashes an explosion if her powers remain unused. Faced with no other choice, Nitta finds himself becoming her caregiver.
To let her use her powers freely, Nitta asks Hina to help out with a construction deal, which goes smoothly. But while this is happening, a rival yakuza group covertly attacks his boss. To Nitta's shock, his colleagues later pin the blame on him! Tasked with attacking the rival group in retaliation, Nitta steels himself and arrives at their hideout. But suddenly, Hina unexpectedly steps in and helps him wipe out the entire group. As it turns out, Hina might just become a valuable asset to Nitta and his yakuza business, provided she does not use her powers on him first! And so the strange life of this unusual duo begins.
I don't get the fuss over this anime. It has not gone far from Urusei Yatsura. It has no story, no good humor, and it's even inconsistent in whatever it does. Really amateurish.  
Overall Rating: 5/10
8. Megalo Box メガロボクス [TMS Entertainment] (Finished 2/13)
Tags: Adult Cast, Combat Sports Sci-Fi, Sports
"To be quiet and do as you're told, that's the cowardly choice." These are the words of Junk Dog, an underground fighter of Megalo Box, an evolution of boxing that utilizes mechanical limbs known as Gear to enhance the speed and power of its users. Despite the young man's brimming potential as a boxer, the illegal nature of his participation forces him to make a living off of throwing matches as dictated by his boss Gansaku Nanbu. However, this all changes when the Megalo Box champion Yuuri enters his shabby ring under the guise of just another challenger. Taken out in a single round, Junk Dog is left with a challenge: "If you're serious about fighting me again, then fight your way up to me and my ring."
Filled with overwhelming excitement and backed by the criminal syndicate responsible for his thrown matches, Junk Dog enters Megalonia: a world-spanning tournament that will decide the strongest Megalo Boxer of them all. Having no name of his own, he takes on the moniker of "Joe" as he begins his climb from the very bottom of the ranked list of fighters. With only three months left to qualify, Joe must face off against opponents the likes of which he has never fought in order to meet the challenge of his rival.
Seems to be an altered and modernized remake of Ashita no Joe. Mechanized arms are hardly justified as the power of punches was never insufficient in the series. Megalo Box has become more straightforward and action packed, but also unrealistic and somewhat artificial. But I'm not into boxing to really care.  
Overall Rating: 6/10
9. High School DxD Hero ハイスクールDxD HERO  [Passione] (Finished 1/12)
Tags: Harem, Mythology, School Action, Comedy, Fantasy, Romance, Ecchi
After rescuing his master, Rias Gremory, from the Dimensional Gap, Red Dragon Emperor and aspiring Harem King Issei Hyoudou can finally return to his high school activities alongside fellow members of the Occult Research Club: Yuuto Kiba, Asia Argento, Xenovia Quarta, and Irina Shidou. The group soon embarks on a school trip to Kyoto.
While peacefully visiting a temple thanks to Rias' spell, an attacking group of local youkai breaks the calm atmosphere. Once the altercation ends, the club learns that the mythical nine-tailed fox that protected the city was abducted and that someone has framed them for the act. Issei and his friends will now have to fight to protect the city and save their school trip from a planned disaster!
In the meantime, Rias, who had to stay in Tokyo with Akeno Himejima and Koneko Toujou, grows increasingly restless to have left the perverted Issei alone with the other girls of the Occult Research Club. Beyond this vague anxiety, what is the exact nature of the feelings Rias has been struggling with for the past few months?
Overall Rating: 6/10
10. Golden Kamuy ゴールデンカムイ [Geno Studio] (Finished 12/12)
Tags: Seinen Adult Cast, Historical, Military Action, Adventure
In early 1900s Hokkaido after the Russo-Japanese war, Saichi Sugimoto tirelessly pans for gold. Nicknamed "Sugimoto the Immortal" for his death-defying acts in battle, the ex-soldier seeks fortune in order to fulfill a promise made to his best friend before he was killed in action: to support his family, especially his widow who needs treatment overseas for her deteriorating eyesight. One day, a drunken companion tells Sugimoto the tale of a man who murdered a group of Ainu and stole a fortune in gold. Before his arrest by the police, he hid the gold somewhere in Hokkaido. The only clue to its location is the coded map he tattooed on the bodies of his cellmates in exchange for a share of the treasure, should they manage to escape and find it.
Sugimoto does not think much of the tale until he discovers the drunken man's corpse bearing the same tattoos described in the story. But before he can collect his thoughts, a grizzly bear—the cause of the man's demise—approaches Sugimoto, intent on finishing her meal. He is saved by a young Ainu girl named Asirpa, whose father happened to be one of the murdered Ainu. With Asirpa's hunting skills and Sugimoto's survival instincts, the pair agree to join forces and find the hidden treasure—one to get back what was rightfully her people's, and the other to fulfill his friend's dying wish.
First season was great and promising. But plot advanced very little in the following seasons and there's still no ending to be seen, so can't rate it too high till it's over.  
Overall Rating: 7/10
11. 3D Kanojo: Real Girl Real Girl 3D彼女 リアルガール [Hoods Entertainment] (Finished 12/12)
Tags: Shoujo Otaku Culture, School Romance
For Hikari Tsutsui, life within the two-dimensional realm is much simpler. Socially inept and awkward, he immerses himself in video games and anime, only to be relentlessly ridiculed and ostracized by his classmates. Sharing his misery is Yuuto Itou, his only friend, who wears cat ears and is equally obsessed with the world of games.
After being forced to clean the pool as punishment for arriving late, Tsutsui meets Iroha Igarashi, but he attempts to steer clear of her, as her notoriety precedes her. Brazenly blunt, loathed by female classmates, and infamous for messing around with boys, Tsutsui believes that getting involved with her would cause nothing but problems.
3D Kanojo: Real Girl is a story revolving around these two outcasts—a boy full of emotions he has never experienced before, struggling to lay them bare, and a girl who strives to break him out of his shell.
Another nice romance. Both MC attending school makes it a bit unserious, and everything about love triangle looks seriously artificial. Episode four was when I lost any remaining hope of it being a minor masterpiece now as story went seriously astray and watching it became more of a chore than enjoyment. But I also remember finishing this first season before, so it should be fine to watch, especially if there's nothing better to compare to.  
Overall Rating: 6/10
12. Tada-kun wa Koi wo Shinai Tada Never Falls in Love 多田くんは恋をしない [Doga Kobo] (Finished 3/13)
Tags: School, Visual Arts Comedy, Romance
Love has never really been a concern for Mitsuyoshi Tada, and as the aspiring photographer enters his second year of high school, it truthfully couldn't be further from his mind. However, things just might change after he meets a bright and bubbly foreigner named Teresa Wagner while he was taking pictures of a cherry blossom tree. Nevertheless, after she asks him to photograph her, the two soon separate... only to meet each other again twice more that same day! Finding Teresa just as she is caught in a sudden downpour, Tada invites her to his family's coffee shop to dry off. There, she explains that she was separated from her traveling companion, a no-nonsense redhead named Alexandra ''Alec'' Magritte. When Alec reunites with Teresa shortly after, they say their goodbyes, expecting to part ways for good—but the two unexpectedly show up as transfer students in his class the next day.
Teresa and Alec quickly get used to their lives at Koinohoshi High School and decide to join Tada in the photography club, along with his narcissistic friend Kaoru Ijuuin, the idol-obsessed Hajime Sugimoto, serious class rep Hinako Hasegawa, and the dog-like Kentarou Yamashita. With these two peculiar additions to his equally eccentric group of friends, Tada's second year of high school is about to get even livelier, and he might need to start rethinking his approach to love.
It's romance comedy ... that lacks in both these departments. What remains is just photo club and café routine which is still ok, but it's totally different genre.  
Overall Rating: 6/10
13. Devils Line Devils' Line デビルズライン [Platinum Vision] (Finished 2/12)
Tags: Seinen Adult Cast, Vampire Action, Drama, Romance, Supernatural
Vampires walk among society, existing as part of its underbelly. They do not require blood to survive, but extreme emotions can immensely increase their bloodlust, turning them into uncontrollable monsters. Tsukasa Taira, a 22-year-old university student, learns of the existence of vampires when her longtime friend reveals himself to be one of them after a tense confrontation with Yuuki Anzai—a human and vampire hybrid.
Her friend is arrested, and Tsukasa soon finds herself drawn to Anzai, who reluctantly reciprocates her feelings. However, this unconventional romance may prove too difficult to maintain, as Anzai struggles to contain the part of him that wishes to devour Tsukasa.
It basically cries of wanting to be Tokyo Ghoul, but ends up being worse.  
Overall Rating: 6/10
14. Persona 5 the Animation TVアニメ「ペルソナ5」 [CloverWorks] (Finished 1/26)
Tags: School, Super Power Action, Supernatural
Ren Amamiya, a new transfer student at Shujin Academy, is sent to Tokyo to live with his family friend Sojiro Sakura after wrongly being put on probation for defending a woman from sexual assault. While on the way to attend his first day at his new school, Ren notices a strange app has appeared on his phone, transferring him to a world known as the Metaverse, which contains people's "shadows": distorted depictions of their true selves. In the Metaverse, he awakens his Persona, a power from deep within that gives him the strength to fight the shadows. With the help of similarly troubled students, he forms the Phantom Thieves of Hearts, attempting to save people from their sinful desires by "taking their heart," making evildoers regret their actions and turn over a new leaf. The group's reputation continues to grow explosively, bringing along fame both positive and negative.
However, during the peak of their popularity, Ren gets captured and taken into custody. Here, he wakes up to a harsh interrogation, but this is cut short by the arrival of Sae Niijima—a prosecutor seeking answers. Just how will she react to his story, and what will become of the Phantom Thieves?
Have not played played or liked any Persona games, and only watched playthrough of Persona 4 for common knowledge. Only finishing anime about the 5th for the same reason. And story is even worse than 4th. Same gathering of party one by one by dealing with their heart sicknesses, but protagonist seems to be younger. All that phantom thief theme instead of TV wonderland is hardly better. Characters are same one-dimensional and predictable. It feels less childish only because deliberate fanservice introduction. Gameplay and character progression must be absolutely astonishing to come to terms with all this mess. Can't call it even decent.  
Overall Rating: 5/10
15. Mahou Shoujo Site Magical Girl Site 魔法少女サイト [production doA] (Finished 12/12)
Tags: Gore, Mahou Shoujo, Psychological Action, Drama, Horror, Supernatural 
Every day, Aya Asagiri thinks about killing herself. She is bullied relentlessly at school, and at home, her older brother Kaname physically abuses her to relieve the academic stress put on him by their father.
One night, as she lies awake wishing for death, a mysterious website called Magical Girl Site appears on her laptop, promising to give her magical powers. At first, she dismisses it as a creepy prank, but when she finds a magical gun in her shoe locker the next day, she doesn't know what to believe. Deciding to take it with her, she soon runs into her bullies once again. But this time, desperate for anything to save her, she uses the gun—and her assailants are transported to a nearby railroad crossing, where they are run over.
Aya's conscience is unable to handle the fact that she murdered two of her classmates with magic, and she desperately tries to understand the situation. However, when she finds herself in trouble again, she is saved by Tsuyuno Yatsumura, a classmate who can use magic to stop time. This duo has a lot to do: not only do they have to fight alongside and against other magical girls, but they also need to uncover the truth behind the website and the apocalyptic event known as "The Tempest" that is soon to occur.
All these Dark majou shoujo compete about who makes the most miserable and violent setting. There's definitely no shortage of maniacs in this anime, and it may even find its niche, but I don't enjoy all this misery and crying with tilt into horror and despair.  
Overall Rating: 6/10
16. Kakuriyo no Yadomeshi かくりよの宿飯 [Gonzo] (Finished 1/26)
Tags: Josei Adult Cast, Isekai, Mythology Drama, Fantasy, Gourmet, Romance
Abandoned as a child by her mother, Aoi Tsubaki has always had the ability to see "ayakashi"—spirits from the Hidden Realm. Shirou Tsubaki, her grandfather who shared the same ability, took her under his wing and taught her how to live with the ayakashi in peace. When her grandfather abruptly passes away, the independent Aoi must continue her college career, armed with only her knowledge in cooking as a means of protection against the human-eating spirits. In hopes that the ayakashi will not turn to her or other unknowing humans as a tasty meal, she takes it upon herself to feed the hungry creatures that cross her path.
After giving a mysterious ayakashi her lunch, Aoi is transported to the Hidden Realm, where the ayakashi reveals himself to be an ogre-god known as Oodanna, the "Master Innkeeper." There, she learns that she was used as collateral for her grandfather's debt of one hundred million yen, and that she must pay the price for her grandfather's careless decision by marrying Oodanna. Aoi valiantly refuses and decides to settle things on her own terms: she will pay off the debt herself by opening an eatery at Oodanna's inn.
Kakuriyo no Yadomeshi follows the journey of Aoi as she proceeds to change and touch the lives of the ayakashi through the one weapon she has against them—her delicious cooking.
The best way to block otome I found is by blocking reverse harem genre, but it does not cover all. Otome with gourmet theme is nothing that I care about.  
Overall Rating: 5/10
17. Comic Girls こみっくがーるず [Nexus] (Finished 2/12)
Tags: CGDCT, Otaku Culture Slice of Life
Kaoruko "Chaos" Moeta is a young manga artist who is down on her luck. She wants to draw manga about high school girls, but her storyboards are bland, her art uninspired, and her premises weak. Her concerned, exasperated editor comes up with an idea: push Chaos to be more social. So, by her recommendation, Chaos moves into a dormitory for female manga artists. She soon meets the other residents: Tsubasa Katsuki, a shounen manga artist; Ruki Irokawa, who draws erotic manga popular with women; and Koyume Koizuka, a shoujo artist who, like Chaos, has yet to be serialized. Quickly striking up a friendship with these girls, Chaos finds new inspiration for her manga and continues to grow her creativity.
Comic Girls is a showcase of the daily lives of these manga artists. Will Chaos finally be able to make her debut and become serialized? None of the girls know, but they will all do their best to help each other become the best artists they can be.
I require seriousness in otaku works or godly cuteness comparable to K-On in SOL CGDCT. Sadly, found no such thing in here. And since there's no definitive comedy, hardly anything to enjoy here. Heroine who shows most of emotions by crying only irritates.  
Overall Rating: 6/10
18. Uma Musume: Pretty Derby ウマ娘 プリティーダービー [P.A. Works] (Finished 2/13)
Tags: Anthropomorphic Sports
Famous racehorses that have left behind worthy legacies, unique as they can be, are reincarnated as horse girls in a parallel world. In this life, they start their journey anew as they continue to race and perhaps relive the success they once lived through.
Aspiring to become the best racehorse in Japan, a horse girl named Special Week moves to Tokyo to enroll in the Tracen Academy—an institution that nurtures horse girls like her to become better racers. There, Special Week witnesses the sophisticated running style of Silence Suzuka and is inspired to become a racer like her. Shortly after, Special Week finds herself recruited into Silence Suzuka's team, Spica. From there, she begins her path to the top—one lap at a time.
If centaur's life was a spokon, it would be something like this. And I don't like both.  
Overall Rating: 5/10
19. Piano no Mori (TV) ピアノの森 [Gaina] (Finished 1/12)
Tags: Seinen Music, School Drama
A tranquil tale about two boys from very different upbringings. On one hand you have Kai, born as the son of a prostitute, who's been playing the abandoned piano in the forest near his home ever since he was young. And on the other you have Syuhei, practically breast-fed by the piano as the son of a family of prestigious pianists. Yet it is their common bond with the piano that eventually intertwines their paths in life.
I prefer shorter formats for such stories. Was a great movie, but just don't want to watch the same story again. And very little seems to have changed.  
Overall Rating: 6/10
20. Full Metal Panic! Invisible Victory フルメタル・パニック! [Xebec] (Finished 1/12)
Tags: Mecha, Military Action 
The boisterous student Kaname Chidori and soldier Sousuke Sagara are enjoying a blissful high school life. However, their peaceful days are disrupted by the threatening terrorist organization Amalgam. Leonard Testarossa, a member of the organization who possesses "Whispered," seeks to procure Kaname and her knowledge.
Kaname and Sousuke's battle against Amalgam starts right in their own neighborhood, which eventually takes them on a hunt around the world. From the exotic lands of Laos to the barren Mexican coast, Sousuke must gather intelligence to bring down Amalgam. Meanwhile, Kaname's abilities grow, but so does her frustration as her resolve withers. Caught up in an intense game of hide and seek, as well as strategic plots, the pair try to connect and push beyond their own limits.
It's the franchise that even KyoAni could not save. And Xebec is my least favorite anime studio, no wonder there's no sequel afterwards.  
Overall Rating: 6/10
21. Ginga Eiyuu Densetsu: Die Neue These - Kaikou Legend of the Galactic Heroes: Die Neue These 銀河英雄伝説 Die Neue These 邂逅 [Production I.G] (Finished 12/12)
Tags: Adult Cast, Military, Space Drama, Sci-Fi 
For over a century and a half, two interstellar states have wrested for control of the Milky Way. The Galactic Empire, an absolute monarchy ruled by Kaiser Friedrich IV and an entrenched nobility, seeks to suppress the rebels daring to oppose the inviolable crown. The Free Planets Alliance, a representative democracy led by a corrupt High Council, degenerates as its elected leaders⁠ use war and conflict as a way to win popular support.
But this long-standing stalemate between the Empire and the Alliance ends with the rise of two opposing military geniuses. Reinhard von Lohengramm, a minor noble and High Admiral of the Empire through his strategic brilliance and his sister's position as the favored concubine of the Kaiser, dreams of conquering the galaxy and uniting mankind under his iron fist. Meanwhile, Yang Wen-li of the Alliance, an avid historian and reluctant commodore hailed as the Hero of El Facil, uses his tactical prowess to navigate around his leaders' incompetence—and to carve the path to lasting peace. As the war rages on, Reinhard and Yang each strive for their ideals and to secure their place among the stars as the leaders of a new era of galactic heroes.
I should give it a minor masterpiece just because of the fact it catches the most interesting arc much better than original, and afterwards original stagnated, in my opinion. Good starting point.  
Overall Rating: 7/10
22. Mahou Shoujo Ore 魔法少女 俺 [Pierrot Plus] (Finished 1/12)
Tags: Magical Sex Shift, Mahou Shoujo Comedy, Fantasy
Saki Uno is an average 15-year-old girl with a side hustle as a member of the exceptionally unpopular idol duo Magical Twins. Despite this, she absolutely loves the time she spends with her best friend Sakuyo Mikage as she strives to become closer with her childhood crush, Sakuyo's brother Mohiro. Her peaceful life, however, unravels when she finds a yakuza-looking thug trying to enter her house. Forced to invite him inside, Saki learns that her mother used to be a demon fighting Magical Girl, and that her brutish guest is actually a mascot named Kokoro-chan looking to recruit a replacement. Dumbfounded and skeptical, Saki is hesitant accept the request until Kokoro-chan reveals that Mohiro is a target of some cute, squirrel-tailed demons.
Rushing to his side, Saki's overwhelming desire to save Mohiro activates her Love Power, and a daring confession awakens her as a Magical Girl. However, because her body is not suitable for combat, Saki's transformation turns her into a muscle-bound man clad in a pretty dress. Now, as a fully-fledged Magical Girl, Saki must team up with Sakuyo to protect the love of her life from the fluffy, demonic menaces that run rampant in her world.
Again, this totally looks like reverse harem to me, and I don't even want to finish first episode to the end.  
Overall Rating: 5/10
23. Hisone to Maso-tan Dragon Pilot: Hisone and Masotan ひそねとまそたん [Bones] (Finished 6/12)
Tags: Military Award Winning, Comedy, Drama, Fantasy
Seeking to find purpose in her life, Hisone Amakasu enlists in the Japan Air Self-Defense Force (JASDF) and is stationed at Gifu Airbase. During a visit to a part of the base she did not know existed, she stumbles upon the JASDF's largest secret: the Organic Transformed Flyer (OTF), a dragon that has the ability to camouflage itself as an aircraft. After being swallowed up and spit out by the OTF, her commanding officers inform her that this encounter means that she has been chosen to be the next in a long line of Dragon Pilots.
Together with her fellow pilot cadets and "Maso-tan," her own OTF, Hisone must overcome her insecurities in order to discover her true potential as a Dragon Pilot and unravel the secrets behind the OTFs.
Netflix original. It tries to be original and unusual anime about riding mecha.... I mean dragon. But it becomes just a small story about friendship, rivalry and sexual harassment of lolies. In the process it stops being anime and turns into Western cartoon. At the same time it becomes genuinely... uninteresting. There should be some interesting story in the center, but here it's concept in the center, some interactions on top of it, and that's it. It does not give anything... even emotions.  
Overall Rating: 6/10
24. Caligula (TV) Caligula カリギュラ [Satelight ] (Finished 12/12)
Tags: Action, Sci-Fi 
What is happiness? Ever the fan of psychology, questions such as this are ones that high school student Ritsu Shikishima likes to ponder as he spends his peaceful days with his friends. His perfect world, however, begins to unravel when he hears a strange voice obscured by static, pleading for help. This voice belongs to μ, a beloved pop idol, whose singing begins to have an adverse effect on the world. Before Ritsu's very eyes, the faces of his friends and family become distorted by glitches as the sound of μ's voice transforms them into Digiheads: berserk monsters bent on the extermination of all those who begin to awaken to the true nature of their existence.
Realizing that he is trapped in a virtual world created by μ called Mobius, Ritsu must now gather everyone else who has managed to realize the truth before they are all eliminated. Together, they will use their newfound powers and weapons granted by their emotions—known as the Catharsis Effect—to fight off the mysterious group known as The Ostinato Musicians as they struggle to escape.
Dropped this anime before without knowing it was based on a game. Some time later dropped the game. And now finishing anime just to know the story. And it's just variation of Persona, so depends on whether you liked that.  
Overall Rating: 6/10
25. Captain Tsubasa (2018) キャプテン翼 [David Production] (Finished 1/52)
Tags: Shounen Team Sports
Captain Tsubasa is the passionate story of an elementary school student whose thoughts and dreams revolve almost entirely around the love of soccer. 11-year-old Tsubasa Oozora started playing football at a very young age, and while it was mostly just a recreational sport for his friends, for him, it developed into something of an obsession.
In order to pursue his dream to the best of his elementary school abilities, Tsubasa moves with his mother to Nankatsu city, which is well-known for its excellent elementary school soccer teams. But although he was easily the best in his old town, Nankatsu has a lot more competition, and he will need all of his skill and talent in order to stand out from this new crowd.
He encounters not only rivals, but also new friends like the pretty girl Sanae Nakazawa and the talented goalkeeper, Genzo Wakabayashi, who shares the same passion as Tsubasa, and will prove to be a treasured friend in helping him push towards his dreams. Representing Japan in the FIFA World Cup is Tsubasa’s ultimate dream, but it will take a lot more than talent to reach it.
Overall Rating: 5/10
26. Dorei-ku The Animation 奴隷区 The Animation [TNK, Zero-G] (Finished 3/12)
Tags: Adult Cast, High Stakes Game, Psychological Drama, Suspense
Eager to know why her best friend’s boyfriend dumped her for a man, the headstrong Eiya Arakawa suggests a meeting with them. Gathered together at a café, Yuuga Oota agrees to answer Eiya’s questions only if she can correctly ascertain the relationship of a couple sitting across from them, which she does on her first attempt. Amazed by her astounding intellect and intuition, he invites her to a private meeting where he introduces her to the concept of Slave Control Method, or SCM, a retainer-like device that has the ability to turn people into slaves.
When two SCM users enter a duel, the devices exert a powerful influence on their brains. Once the duel is over, the SCM amplifies the loser’s sense of obligation and forces them to bend to the will of the winner. Wanting desperately to test his own abilities, Yuuga asks Eiya to act as his insurance in the event that he himself becomes a slave. Granted access to 10 million yen, Eiya’s job is to convince Yuuga’s would-be master to free him from his servitude. Though hesitant at first, Yuuga’s words resonate with her personal yearning for something more from her life, and she agrees to his request. However, when a mysterious organization begins rapidly accruing slaves, Eiya becomes entangled in a game far more dangerous than she ever could have imagined.
Another Kaiji imitation with slavery focus on loss and pseudo mind games. Genre enthusiasts will appreciate, but nothing has beaten Kaiji yet when it comes to gambling.  
Overall Rating: 6/10
27. Saredo Tsumibito wa Ryuu to Odoru Dances with the Dragons されど罪人は竜と踊る [Seven Arcs Pictures] (Finished 3/12)
Tags: Action, Drama, Fantasy, Sci-Fi 
It is a world replete with dragons and Jushiki sorcerers. Jushiki is a devastatingly powerful formula that can alter the laws of physics, capable of creating enormous TNT explosives or poisonous gas through plasma and nuclear fusion. A down-on-his-luck sorcerer named Gayus joins forces with the beautiful but cruel Jushiki practitioner, Gigina, as bounty hunters pursuing dragons. Then one day, they are presented with an odd request: to serve as security guards for a grand festival put on by Mouldeen, the ruler of their kingdom. It is then that a mysterious serial killing of Jushiki sorcerers begins.
Dumped it before for being super bland and dull. Something happens and keeps going on in artificial way, but nothing is done for viewers to actually to care. With failed worldbuilding, characters and story no interest is left.  
Overall Rating: 5/10
28. Gegege no Kitarou (2018) GeGeGe no Kitaro ゲゲゲの鬼太郎 (2018) [Toei Animation] (Finished 1/97)
Tags: Shounen Mythology Comedy, Horror, Supernatural
Nearly twenty years into the 21st century, people have forgotten the existence of youkai. When a number of unexplainable phenomena plague adults of the human world with confusion and chaos, thirteen-year-old Mana writes a letter to the Youkai Post in search of answers, only to be greeted by Gegege no Kitarou...
Overall Rating: 5/10
29. Lost Song   [LIDENFILMS] (Finished 1/12)
Tags: Drama, Fantasy 
Lost Song tells the stories of the cheerful Rin and the reserved Finis, two songstresses who are capable of performing magical songs. Rin grew up in a remote village with her family and was taught to keep her power secret, while Finis lives and performs in the royal palace.
Rin's happy and peaceful life is shattered after she saves an injured knight named Henry Leobort with her song of healing. She was seen by soldiers who proceeded to attack her village in hopes of capturing her. With nowhere else to go, she and her inventor brother Al begin a journey to the capital.
 inis finds herself falling in love with Henry and, knowing that the greedy and spiteful Prince Lood ernstein IV desires her, must hide their relationship. She wants to help people with her songs, but with war on the horizon, she worries that Lood will order her to cast her magic in the battlefield. Only time will tell how her destiny and Rin's will intersect, as the two of them struggle to find their paths.
Naïve fairytale-like shoujo about singing, so every minute of it feels nauseating to me.  
Overall Rating: 5/10
30. Lupin III: Part 5 Lupin the Third Part 5 ルパン三世 PART5 [Telecom Animation Film] (Finished 1/24)
Tags: Seinen Adult Cast Action, Adventure, Comedy, Mystery
Genius thief Arsene Lupin III—along with the usual crew of Goemon Ishikawa XIII, Fujiko Mine, and Daisuke Jigen—finds himself in modern-day France, where he encounters both new and old adversaries, with Inspector Kouichi Zenigata still hot on his trail. As they steal from darker, more ss nister entities, they will also have to find a way to deal with the newest technology in their escapades, uas well as face the ghosts of their pasts. However, this time, Lupin's choices begin to catch up with him as his pursuers use every tool at their disposal to take him down once and for all.
Overall Rating: 6/10
31. Juushinki Pandora Last Hope 重神機パンドーラ [Satelight] (Finished 7/26)
Tags: Mecha Sci-Fi
The series is set in a near-future world where the boundary between human being and AI is vague. A rapid biological evolution, similar to "Cambrian Explosion," is caused by one incident. This incident turns into the genesis of a new jostle for supremacy, and the influence of the evolution goes beyond biological framework and spreads to various kinds of materials and technologies. The era of massive evolution involving diverse existences, such as human, machines, and biotechnologies, is coming. Characters fight an existential war in such a world.
Can't say action mecha is impressive here, but it switches for very bland SOL which lasts forever due to 26 episode format. It sure does not captivate or intrigue.
Overall Rating: 6/10
32. Last Period: Owarinaki Rasen no Monogatari Last Period: The Journey to the End of the Despair ラストピリオド -終わりなき螺旋の物語- [J.C.Staff] (Finished 3/12)
Tags: Action, Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy 
"Period" is how magic users called who beat "Spiral"—monsters that were summoned from isolation. Due to the rise of these beings, 14-year-old apprentice Period Haru, who is a part of the Eighth Arc-end Division, is called to break the cycle and cast himself into the endless battle. However, a mysterious thievery occurred and sank the division into bankruptcy, forcing Haru and his other comrades have to leave their headquarters. To rebuild a branch, they have to overcome quest after quest.
It's unserious and mostly about fooling around. The parody part is ok, but comedy is typical unfunny silly type.  
Overall Rating: 6/10
33. Rokuhou-dou Yotsuiro Biyori Yotsuiro Biyori 鹿楓堂よついろ日和 [Zexcs] (Finished 1/12)
Tags: Seinen Adult Cast, Iyashikei, Workplace Gourmet, Slice of Life
Kyousui "Sui" Tougoku inherits a traditional Japanese-style cafe called Rokuhoudou from his grandfather, which he manages alongside Gregorio "Gure" Valentino, Tokitaka Nagae, and Tsubaki Nakao. Their hospitality par excellence undoubtedly turns any one-time visitor into a regular. Having gone through their own share of trials and tribulations, the staff at this modest cafe do their best to serve their customers—whether it be through tea, sweets, or even helping with the various troubles one may have.
Although most days pass pleasantly, the small world of Sui and his friends takes an unexpected path when their reputation as a cafe flourishes overnight.
Reverse harem not marked properly.  
Overall Rating: 5/10
34. Amanchu! Advance あまんちゅ!~あどばんす~ [J.C.Staff] (Finished 1/12)
Tags: Shounen Iyashikei, School Slice of Life
Second season of Amanchu!.
Overall Rating: 5/10
35. Lostorage Conflated WIXOSS  [J.C.Staff] (Finished 1/12)
Tags: High Stakes Game, Psychological, Strategy Game Suspense
Tensions from the Selector battles have seemingly vanished, and the remaining participants have quickly put the entire ordeal behind them. However, Kiyoi Mizushima feels that the conflict has yet to end. Despite Kou Satomi's defeat, his supporters are already attempting to revive his plans in the background.
It does not take long for Mizushima's suspicions to be confirmed true. Not only does the Selector battle system reemerge, but also a new mechanic has been implemented. Players receive a special key card that will unlock with gold coins, releasing a hidden power. Aware of the formidable foes that lie ahead, Mizushima begins to seek out skilled allies in her endeavor to finally break the cycle of darkness.
Overall Rating: 5/10
36. Gundam Build Divers ガンダムビルドダイバーズ [Sunrise] (Finished 1/25)
Tags: Mecha Action, Sci-Fi 
Gunpla Battle Nexus Online (GBN) is a new network game that lets people enjoy a variety of missions using Gunpla in a virtual cyberspace dimension. Middle-school students Riku Mikami and Yukio Hidaka recruit their classmate Momoka Yashiro and dive together into this vast world. Becoming "Divers," or inhabitants of GBN, they meet a mysterious girl named Sarah who has an amazing sensitivity to Gunpla. They begin playing alongside her, but...
There are many other famous Divers, starting with Kyoya Kujo, the champion whom Riku admires. Multiple Divers can join to form a team called a "force." Meanwhile, the game is disrupted by Mass-Divers who use unofficial tools called break decals. Through many encounters and experiences, Riku and his friends will build not only Gunpla, but their own adventures as well!
Overall Rating: 5/10
37. Hoozuki no Reitetsu 2nd Season: Sono Ni Hozuki's Coolheadedness 2: Part 2 鬼灯の冷徹 第弐期その弐 [Studio Deen] (Finished 1/13)
Tags: Seinen Mythology Comedy, Fantasy
The second cour of Hoozuki no Reitetsu season 2.
Overall Rating: 6/10
38. Uchuu Senkan Tiramisù Space Battleship Tiramisu 宇宙戦艦ティラミス [Gonzo] (Finished 1/13)
Tags: Mecha, Space Comedy, Sci-Fi
Subaru Ichinose loves his cockpit as, to him, it's like being in his mother's womb. Whenever he struggles to converse with his fellow pilots, his cockpit is the one place he can be alone. As the ace pilot aboard the Tiramisu, Earth Union's most important battleship, it is his job to defend Mother Earth from the threats that emerge from humanity's extended dominion spreading throughout the vast reaches of the universe.
Armed with his personal mecha Durandal, Subaru must fend off encroaching foreign colonies as he struggles to protect his personal sanctuary from rogue fried pork skewers, suffocating backwards shirts, and unsolicited redecorations. In the year Space Age 0156, the fate of humanity rests entirely in his hands.
Has super weird boys love humor and vibes.  
Overall Rating: 5/10
39. Butlers: Chitose Momotose Monogatari Butlers~千年百年物語~ [SILVER LINK.] (Finished 1/12)
Tags: School, Time Travel Drama, Supernatural
Butlers: They are guardians that hold a thousand-year history and a certain fate. Jay lived in peace with his little sister Tenna and a fellow Butler named Hayakawa. However, those peaceful days came to a sudden end. Tenna was swallowed up into the void and Jay was sent a hundred years into the future. Jay finds there is now an academy called Koyomi Academy standing in the place where his mansion once stood. Jay took up the name Jinguji Koma and became the student council president of the school as he looks for clues about the past. Jay will eventually find out the truth behind this world.
First episode had enough boys love references, so a skip.  
Overall Rating: 5/10
40. Cutie Honey Universe  [Production Reed] (Finished 1/12)
Tags: Shounen Action, Comedy, Romance, Sci-Fi, Ecchi 
The forces of evil are on the rise. When the evil mastermind Sister Jill transforms one of her girls into the bestial Breast Claw and sends her minions out on a mission involving the group Panther Claw and a jewelry store heist, Honey Kisaragi departs from her Catholic girls' school to confront the threat as Cutie Honey. But that's exactly what Sister Jill wants, as she desires Honey's Airborne Element Fixing Device, which allows her to transform into Honey's seven different forms. Meanwhile, Sister Jill is also on the scene in disguise as Inspector Genet, trying to worm her way into Honey's confidence from a different angle.
Overall Rating: 5/10
41. Aikatsu Friends! アイカツフレンズ! [Bandai Namco Pictures] (Finished 1/50)
Tags: Idols (Female), Music, School Slice of Life
Nori Kamitsuki has recently moved to the Gunma prefecture from Chiba, following after Otoya Todoroki, a former friend who moved there in elementary school. While on the way there, he receives an ominous text message from Todoroki telling him to turn back and that once someone enters Gunma, they never return.
Ignoring the message, As Kamitsuki goes about his school life and makes new friends. These people make it their mission to prove any negative stereotypes surrounding Gunma wrong and show Kamitsuki all the ways Gunma is different from the rest of Japan—from its local foods and landmarks, the changes to its daily school life, and even the attitude of the people who live there. Gunma is widely regarded as the least popular prefecture in Japan, but they clearly don't know Gunma yet!
Remake/Series sequel.  
Overall Rating: 5/10
42. Souten no Ken: Regenesis Fist of the Blue Sky: Regenesis 蒼天の拳 REGENESIS [Polygon Pictures] (Finished 1/12)
Tags: Seinen Historical, Martial Arts Action
Long before Kenshiro said, "You're already dead," a different Kenshiro walked the violent streets of hanghai. The city is in constant crisis as two mafia families battle one another for supremacy. In the crossfire, a little girl named Erika is orphaned and soon taken under the wing of martial artist Liu Fei-Yan. Sorrow seems to follow the girl, as every time Fei-Yan attempts to hand her off, her new guardians end up dead. Fei-Yan decides to bring the girl to a man named Guise but instead crosses paths with powerful Kenshiro Kasumi.
Overall Rating: 5/10
43. Wakaokami wa Shougakusei! Okko's Inn 若おかみは小学生! [Madhouse, DLE] (Finished 1/24)
Tags: Comedy, Slice of Life, Supernatural 
12-year-old Oriko Seki, who lost her parents in a car accident, ended up living in her grandmother's Onsen Ryokan "Haru no Ya." With the ghost "Uribou" cohabitating with her and all the other odds, she ended up training to be a young female innkeeper. At first, she didn't like the training, but gradually felt her admiration for her title and began to train seriously. Thus, the growth of the young warrior Oriko begins.
Basically, degraded in everything alternative to Hana Saku Iroha, and with weird tilt into ghosts.  
Overall Rating: 5/10
44. Kiratto Pri☆chan キラッとプリ☆チャン [Tatsunoko Production, Dongwoo A&E] (Finished 1/51)
Tags: Idols (Female), Music Slice of Life
First-year middle school girls Mirai Momoyama and Emo Moegi are two aspiring idols who decide to use the "Pri☆Chan System," a system used by famous people and companies to broadcast content. Like many girls starting their own channels and uploading content, the pair decide to become their own producers, starting their own channel in an attempt to become Pri☆Chan idols.
All the light idol mahou shoujo that last for the whole year and contain obligatory advertisement of something girly look similar to me. I just don't care enough. 
Overall Rating: 6/10
45. Baki バキ [TMS Entertainment] (Finished 2/26)
Tags: Shounen Combat Sports, Gore
After emerging victorious from a brutal underground tournament, Baki Hanma continues on his path to defeat his father, Yuujirou, the strongest man in the world. However, he gets no time to rest when the tournament runner, Tokugawa Mitsunari, visits him at school. He reveals to Baki that five incredibly dangerous death row inmates from around the world—all skilled in martial arts—have simultaneously escaped confinement and are heading to Tokyo, each wishing to finally know the taste of defeat. Tokugawa warns that, due to his well-known strength, Baki is bound to encounter them sooner or later, and he will not be their only target.
Adapting the first saga of the second manga series, Baki centers on the all-out war between the esteemed martial artists of Japan and those of the dark underground world.
Mostly for Hokuto no Ken fans.  
Overall Rating: 5/10
46. Aggressive Retsuko (ONA) Aggretsuko (ONA) アグレッシブ烈子 [Fanworks] (Finished 10/10)
Tags: Anthropomorphic, Workplace Comedy 
Some offices have stereotypical dynamics: the chauvinistic pig of a boss who never does any real work; the employees whose goal is to suck up to the boss; the ones whose lives seem perfect; and the individuals who have all the actual work pushed onto them. Retsuko the red panda is in the last group, as she stays late most nights to make up the work her coworkers are too lazy to do themselves.
Her relief from the stress of her everyday life comes in the form of singing death metal at a local karaoke club. Night after night, Retsuko channels her grief into a microphone and considers the place to be her own personal sanctuary. But as she moves further away from her comfort zone and the ideas people have of her, she discovers that letting others into her world of death metal may not be such a bad thing.
This show from Netflix feels like some Adult Swim series. I'm not a big fan of those. Still, a decent one and with some realistic workplace problems.  
Overall Rating: 6/10
47. Cike Wu Liuqi Scissor Seven 刺客伍六七 [Sharefun Studio, AHA Entertainment] (Finished 10/10)
Tags: Martial Arts, Super Power Action, Comedy, Drama, Mystery, Romance
To the casual eye, the amnesiac bounty hunter Wu Liuqi looks quite intimidating. With his deadly telekinetic scissor techniques and his ability to seamlessly transform into anything, one would not expect his modest demeanor. In fact, Wu is quite terrible at his job. Often times the freelancer can be found botching an assassination or targeting the wrong person. While his failures could be due to his subpar skills, it usually boils down to him being a normal kid, with a heart unsuited for his line of work.
Accompanied by his feathered friend Dai Bo, Wu is on a simple quest to regain his memories. Although his inconspicuous day job as a hairdresser and his after-hours occupation are simply a means for him to repay debt, his various ventures seem to intertwine with his pursuit to recover his lost past.
Another Netflix show. And this one has lots of absurd and nonsense, so liked it even less.  
Overall Rating: 5/10
48. Shiyan Pin Jiating Frankenstein Family 实验品家庭 -クリーチャーズ・ファミリー・デイズ- [Big Firebird Culture] (Finished 5/12)
Tags: Sci-Fi, Slice of Life
Tanis, a child genius, is the youngest son of two mad scientists. His family has spent their lives withdrawn from normal society living on an isolated island, where the couple conducts experiments on Tanis' siblings that result in them gaining abnormal abilities. However, this activity is put to a stop when they are caught and arrested.
Tanis is brought by government officials to a more populated island, alongside his four siblings: Snow, a dog-human hybrid; Ashise, a plant-human hybrid; Aisley, a spider-human hybrid; and Suishi, a mind-reader. Being the only one who has not been genetically modified, Tanis takes on the responsibility of adapting his siblings to society, all while trying to conceal their' distinctive characteristics.
Weird and bland SOL with monster girls. Live action that takes a quarter of the episode is plain horrible.  
Overall Rating: 5/10
49. Isekai Izakaya: Koto Aitheria no Izakaya Nobu Isekai Izakaya: Japanese Food From Another World 異世界居酒屋~古都アイテーリアの居酒屋のぶ~ [Sunrise] (Finished 1/24)
Tags: Adult Cast, Isekai, Workplace Fantasy, Gourmet
Experienced head chef Nobuyuki Yazawa and friendly waitress Shinobu Senke run a traditional Japanese izakaya called Nobu—a bar known for serving a tasty array of food and drink. Welcoming any and all customers, the pair strive to showcase Nobu's exclusive menu and provide the best possible experience.
However, despite its ordinary appearance, the establishment opens to the heart of Aitheria, a city from a parallel universe. As news of the restaurant's exquisite dishes spreads throughout the lands, Aitherian citizens from various social backgrounds travel to Nobu in search of new and delicious cuisine, bringing with them an empty stomach and riveting stories to tell.
I find it absolutely as expected - tasteless cliche about food impressions.
Overall Rating: 5/10
50. Tu Bian Ying Xiong Leaf To Be Heroine 凸变英雄 LEAF [LAN Studio] (Finished 2/12)
Tags: Super Power Comedy
Following the first season's gag action theme, the second season titled To Be Heroine features an original story and a new set of characters.
You is about to leave home when she suddenly enters an incredible world. Appearing in front of her is an eight-year-old naked boy, and before she could even grasp the situation, she's attacked by assassins from a mafia group who were chasing the young boy. What was even more unrealistic for You was hat wthe leader of this mafia was another assassin's attack.
Who are those naked kids, why did her shoe turn into a warrior and above all, what kind of world did eight-year-old boy come from? Just like the first one, he's also almost naked! While trying to escape from the attackers, You loses one of her shoes and by a strange kind of magic, her shoe turned into a warrior who was able to save her by blocking the You enter?
Should have stopped after first episode. Unbelievably irritating random nonsense that makes my head ache.  
Overall Rating: 5/10
51. Wo de Ni Tian Shen Qi My Holy Weapon 我的逆天神器 [Haoliners Animation League, Pb dimation Co. Ltd.] (Finished 16/16)i
Tags: Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy, Romance, Supernatural
One day, while being attacked, Chang Tian unintentionally invokes an artifact called Xiao Bai that protects him from a terrible fate. After this, he finds himself on a battlefield, where he will fight alongside several other people like him, able to invoke artifacts...
Mediocre Chinese battle royale that has surprisingly little action which is mostly pushed to the beginning and end. But at least it has no silliness of early amateurish Chinese anime.  
Overall Rating: 6/10
52. Huan Jie Wang Eudemon Quest 幻界王 [Tencent Animation & Comics] (Finished 3/20)
Tags: Action, Adventure, Fantasy 
In the world where most of the humans of the Eudemon continent have power of Eudemon (spiritual power), the protagonist is born without spiritual power, his dream is to be the next king of Eudemon. But without having any spiritual power can you fulfill your dream? On a day before the Tian Wu exam, he crosses a spy from the Mo Wu side that was defeated in the great war of 10 years ago. This girl infiltrates the forces of Tian Wu and thus the protagonist was involved in the middle of the fight between the forces Tian Wu and Mo Wu.
I wonder why there's no comedy tag as it's silly Chinese antics all over again which prevent from taking it seriously to any degree.  
Overall Rating: 5/10
53. Bai Ye Ling Long Whited Nighttime 白夜玲珑 [Seven Stone Entertainment] (Finished 1/25)
Tags: School Romance
Ling Long is a normal girl. She just wants to get through her day without any problems, but makes a mess out of it again. Why? It's because her online friend has suddenly stopped contacting her. As time went on, she became more and more agitated. Her normal life has began to change...
It's Chinese, shoujo with overreactions, iyashikey and even reverse harem - everything I dislike.  
Overall Rating: 5/10
54. Wo Shi Jiang Xiaobai (2018) I'm Joybo OVA 我是江小白 世界上的另一个我 [2:10 AM Animation] (Finished 1/1)
Tags: Love Polygon Drama, Romance, Slice of Life
Jiang Xiaobai has regained his memories, and Tong Li cannot bring herself to face him. Separately, they confront the truths left unsaid for 10 years—about the band September, to which Jiang Xiaobai and Mu Xiyu dedicated their youth; about the love triangle between Jiang Xiaobai, Mu Xiyu, and Tong Li; and about the painful circumstances that brought the trio together and ultimately led to the terrible tragedy that occurred on the day Tong Li left for America. At the end of it all, can Jiang Xiaobai and Tong Li accept the past and face the future together?
Had to include OVA of the anime that I rated as masterpiece. Series is not complete without this finale.  
Overall Rating: 6/10
55. Dou Hun Wei Zhi Xuan Yue Qiyuan Spirit Guardians 斗魂卫之玄月奇缘 [Yi Chen Animation] (Finished 1/12)
Tags: Adventure, Fantasy 
In ancient times, spiritual holiness that tried to destroy humanity was caused by the soul on Xuan Huang’s Sword. Today, the human desire to develop without limits, plundering resources, destroying the environment, pierced through Xuan Huang’s sword. The rise of spiritual people will be their own dark power on the eve of Luosha teaching. Zhang Shan accidentally involved in the dispute. With soul power, he wants to save the danger of Moon Shang Devil.
Full CGI, but at least not wuxia, so can take a peek. And it becomes just poor superpowers action with horrible protagonist and lots of various spiritual references.  
Overall Rating: 5/10
56. Meng Ta: Xue Mi Cheng Dream Tower 梦塔 - 雪谜城 [-] (Finished 3/13)
Tags: Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Mystery, Supernatural
MC is chosen by dream messenger from the dream world to become a dream warrior.
CGI is of high quality, but immature protagonist and rather slow mystery-centered narration don't let me enjoy it or want to proceed.  
Overall Rating: 6/10
57. Moshi Juexing: Ruqin 末世觉醒之入侵 [Oriental Creative Color] (Finished 3/13)
Tags: Mecha, Military Action, Sci-Fi
A brutal battle for survival between humans, zombies and artificial intelligence in the future society.
Not translated, and I wish it was since CGI is good and action is watchable. Not much sense watching it as it is, so maybe when it gets translation.  
Overall Rating: 6/10
58. Asagao to Kase-san. Kase-san and Morning Glories あさがおと加瀬さん。 [Zexcs] (Finished 1/1)
Tags: Shoujo School Girls Love
Yui Yamada, a high school girl with a fondness for plants and gardening, starts dating Tomoka Kase, the ace of her school's track team. Yui is shy, girly, and has never been in a relationship. On the other hand, Tomoka is vivacious, tomboyish, and popular among her friends. Despite being different in so many ways, they try to understand and support each other while experiencing the rush of exhilaration that accompanies the magic of first love.
Asagao to Kase-san is a heartwarming tale of two girls dealing with their ever-increasing feelings for each other along with other concerns that plague the hearts of maidens in love.
Serious girls love leaves me indifferent.  
Overall Rating: 6/10
59. Liz to Aoi Tori Liz and the Blue Bird リズと青い鳥 [Kyoto Animation] (Finished 1/1)
Tags: Music, Performing Arts, School Award Winning, Drama
Liz's days of solitude come to an end when she meets a blue bird in the form of a young girl. Although their relationship blossoms, Liz must make a heart-wrenching decision in order to truly realize her love for Blue Bird.
High school seniors and close friends Mizore Yoroizuka and Nozomi Kasaki are tasked to play the lead instruments in the third movement of Liz and the Blue Bird, a concert band piece inspired by this fairy tale. The introverted and reserved Mizore plays the oboe, representing the kind and gentle Liz. Meanwhile, the radiant and popular Nozomi plays the flute, portraying the cheerful and energetic Blue Bird.
However, as they rehearse, the distance between Mizore and Nozomi seems to grow. Their disjointed duet disappoints the band, and with graduation on the horizon, uncertainty about the future spurs complicated emotions. With little time to improve as their performance draws near, they desperately attempt to connect with their respective characters. But when Mizore and Nozomi consider the story from a brand-new perspective, will the girls find the strength to face harsh realities?
A spin-off film adaptation of the Hibike Euphonium! series, Liz to Aoi Tori dances between the parallels of a charming fairy tale, a moving musical piece, and a delicate high school friendship.
It's very slow, and I did not like Hibike Euphonium to begin with 
Overall Rating: 6/10
60. Ninja Batman Batman Ninja ニンジャバットマン [Kamikaze Douga] (Finished 1/1)
Tags: Martial Arts, Samurai, Time Travel Action
At Arkham Asylum, Batman clashes with Gorilla Grodd while trying to destroy Grodd's newest invention: the Quake Engine. Amidst the chaos, the engine activates, and the entire asylum suddenly vanishes into thin air—Batman along with it. Once the dust settles, Batman finds himself standing in the middle of an unfamiliar road. He soon realizes that he is no longer in Gotham City—but instead in Feudal Japan!
The amazement quickly fades as samurai descend upon him, seeking to take his life. Later on, Batman's investigation leads him to discover that the one responsible for the kill order is none other than his archnemesis, the Joker. Following an encounter with Catwoman, he learns that the asylum's criminals had teleported there two years earlier—each ruling over a piece of Japan with Joker being the dominant warlord.
In order to return home, Batman must reactivate the Quake Engine, situated in the remnants of the asylum, now known as Arkham Castle. However, there is one problem: aside from his gadget belt, the arsenal that was once at his fingertips is all but gone. Ninja Batman follows the Dark Knight as he traverses a strange new environment, facing off against familiar foes in a bid to return to Gotham in one piece.
I've seen Japanese ninja turtles. This is worse and done not even in stable style.  
Overall Rating: 5/10
61. Godzilla 2: Kessen Kidou Zoushoku Toshi Godzilla: City on the Edge of Battle GODZILLA 決戦機動増殖都市 [Polygon Pictures] (Finished 1/1)
Tags: Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi 
By the advent of the 21st century, much of humanity was dead, having been trampled over by a new master, Godzilla. A select few among mankind took to the stars in a spacefaring vessel called the Aratrum in search of "the promised land," the planet Tau-e that could sustain human life. But the migration plan fails, and the remnants of the human race decide to return to Earth. But the distortions in space-time and the distance traveled means that mankind is returning to a completely changed Earth some 20,000 years later. The returnees, led by hero Haruo, prepare to take the fight to Godzilla based on a strategy that has been 20 years in the making. Carried out with the help of two alien species, the Exif and the Bilusaludo, the humans succeed in defeating Godzilla in a costly battle to the death.
But the victory is short-lived. Rising from the depths of the planet is a new breed of monster, dubbed "Godzilla Earth." Evolving for 20,000 years, the creature stands 300 meters high, weighs over 100,000 tons and wields such overwhelmingly destructive power that Haruo and company have no choice but to run for their lives.
Coming to Haruo's rescue, however, is Miana, a member of an aboriginal tribe called the Houtua. They are the first humanoid people the returnees have encountered. Could they descend from humans? "Our tribal god was destroyed by Godzilla. All that we have left are these eggs. Anyone who has tried to fight or resist him has been drowned in fire," the tribespeople say to Haruo, who responds with: "This is our last hope of recovering our home."
Meanwhile, Bilusaludo commander, Galu-gu is elated to discover that the Houtua tribe's arrowheads are made of a nanometal or a self-sustaining metal. It had been developed in the 21st century as an "anti-Godzilla" killer weapon deployed at their decisive battle fought at the foot of Mt. Fuji, but had been destroyed before it could be activated in the form of a "Mecha-Godzilla." The nanometal was its base substance, and proof that the manufacturing plant can still be used.
Even less action compared to prequel, so they needed to introduce new characters and their drama. Rather boring.  
Overall Rating: 6/10
62. Crayon Shin-chan Movie 26: Bakumori! Kung Fu Boys - Ramen Tairan 映画クレヨンしんちゃん 爆盛!カンフーボーイズ ~拉麺大乱~ [Shin-Ei Animation] (Finished 1/1)
Tags: Seinen Comedy
Shin-chan is all set to challenge Kung Fu in the Chinatown of Kasukabe city, known as "Aiya Town." hinnosuke and Kasukabe Defence Group are going to put up a totally no-stunt Kung Fu challenge on tthe stage.
Average, as every conspiracy themed Shin-chan movie.  
Overall Rating: 6/10
63. Nu ta SHe [-] (Finished 1/1)
Tags: Avant Garde, Fantasy 
In a totalitarian and male chauvinist world, a female high-heeled shoe named Mulan Hua rebels against the baby shoe factory to protect her baby girl from being transformed into a male shoe. To raise her daughter, she later has to disguise herself as a male sturdy shoe and works day and night in a capitalist cigarette factory. The story is not only about a mother’s sacrifice and a feminist’s revenge, but also has a political undertone of the intoxication of power.
It's not anime. Super weird avant garde plasticine craze.
Overall Rating: 5/10

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Recommended Comments

Seeing Uma Musume on the list remind me that I need to watch it from the first season, so I'll comment on it later. Anyway, let's see what I can comment in regard of Spring 2018 anime here.

Shokugeki no Souma Train Arc - The writer is clearly started to run out of the idea on the cooking school who keep expelling the students, so he decided to being out the bad guy in order to make the plot more interesting (And obviously allowing the series run longer). That said, it's still not the most desperate writing the writer pull yet.

Aikatsu Friends - Speaking of allowing the series run longer, Bandai decided to try shake the Aikatsu formula by making the idol perform as duet (Or Friend System as the series mention) in order to gain the interest. Unfortunately, unlike the past series it only has 76 episodes, so it's clear Aikatsu franchise popularity has being waned since 2018, which make Friends as the last animated Aikatsu before Bandai decided to make On Parade with that series is the mix of animation and live action.

Izakaya Nobu - Obviously the closest comparison would be Isekai Restaurant, only that it deal with the izakaya (Japanese bar) who somehow ended up in another world without magic (Said world is more like the parallel world with no magic like us). Also unlike Isekai Restaurant, the main focus is on Japanese food which is justified seeing that the Nobu is specialized in Japanese food (And izakaya food usually is Japanese food that was served with the beer).

Gun Gale Online - The side story of SAO, although unlike the main series the MC is not the template of generic isekai MC Kirito, but instead it's a tall woman who want to play as cute girl in MMO. Obviously, said woman decided to play the game when she know she can play as short character, and from there the female keep proving that her short avatar is not going to stop her to being capable in the battlefield.

Magical Girl Site - Another magical girl deconstruction show with the trend is started from Madoka, although unlike usual magical girl show they didn't have transform but instead they only got the superpower. That said, it more than make up with the setting has the female MC need to deal with the rotten situation that she experienced, especially from her older brother. Also it should be mentioned there'll be a lot of scary moment, so yeah it goes without saying the show won't be lighthearted magical girl series.

Gundam Build Driver - Just going to mention that I never follow Gundam closely until Witch from Mercury later, so obviously I didn't watch Build Driver.

Steins Gate 0 - It's very obvious that 0 is one of MAGES setup to milking Steins Gate, although at least it's not as forced as Robotic Notes DaSH. The story itself is depict on how Okabe keep fumbling in the middle of his search for the true ending in Steins Gate, and so we'll going to see on how Okabe desperately navigate what happen if the player didn't follow the walkthrough to get the true ending. By the way while I did say it very clearly milking the franchise, I must say that I like Suzuha and Daru relationship in here. Also it's normal if you call 0 as fandisc, because MAGES actually just adapt the side stories into the game itself.

Persona 5 - Being very popular game, obviously Persona 5 got the anime, although it seems to not quite well received. In any case, at least it seems the story is quite faithful even though the fans didn't like the animation. Oh yes, conveniently Atlus just released Persona 3 Reload, which is the remake of Persona 3 with Persona 5 gameplay.

That's all for what I can comment in regard of Spring 2018 anime here.

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