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VN of the Month June 2024



How bad can it get, really?
1Josou Yuribatake 女装百合畑 [240610] No~Strike
Ayanohara Academy is a secret garden where affluent trap heiresses form sisterly bonds and many pseudo yuri romances flourish.
Despite cross-dressing being a venerated practice at the school, the main character Iori, a trap from an unaffluent background, has trouble fitting in since she doesn't like to cross-dressing and refuses to do so.
In trying to stay true to her own style, Iori attempts to quit cross-dressing all together, but her efforts are quickly opposed by Mikage, the rigidly austere and stunningly beautiful student council president.
Her strict expectations for student conduct meant Iori's refusal to cross-dress was nothing short of a heinous act of rebellion.
As the days go by, eventually their dude-butante drama transcends bara and blossoms into a full-on yuri love affair! For them it would become a forbidden love in more ways than one!
Trap doujin, but with translation 
2. IWAKURA ARIA 岩倉アリア [240627] MAGES.
Iwakura Aria is a brand-new original visual novel from MAGES. It is a dramatic suspense title that depicts the love-and-hate pattern of human relationships and the strong bonds between women. It is a suspenseful human drama set in Japan during a period of rapid economic growth. The rich story, which follows the complex and sometimes contradictory emotions of each character, and the turbulent developments brought about by their emotions, invites players back to “that summer” of 1966.
Console exclusive
3. Cthulhu Mythos ADV: Juka ni Shizumu Shima Cthulhu Mythos ADV 呪禍に沈む島  [240628] Gotcha Gotcha Games
Located in the Seto Inland Sea, there lies an island steeped in urban legend. It is said that those who embark on the '88 Temple Pilgrimage' there will encounter the monk Kukai, who grants wishes. However, our protagonist, upon visiting the island, falls victim to a curse, facing mortal peril. Can they thwart the resurrection of the malevolent deity sealed on the island and break the curse?
Game is localized, but is more like a doujin and only 3 hours long 
4. Hanagane Kanade * Gram - Chapter:3 Hoshiizumi Kotona 花鐘カナデ*グラム Chapter:3 星泉コトナ  [240628] NanaWind
Somewhere in Minato Ward, located in the bay area of Tokyo.
It's New Year's Eve. Kotona plans to make Seika Festival the most exciting in its history before they graduate. A mysterious black card with revelations about the Twilight club arrives and shocks Kotona and other club members. However, Kanade gets even more assured to make their graduation a blast.

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Well, June 2024 is pretty bad so much I consider BL VN as VN of the Month lol. Anyway, out of four listed releases, only Trap Yuri Garden that has clear story so it's quite fitting to consider it as VN of the Month despite it's being BL VN. I'll try to comment on the releases below.

Hanagane Kanade Gram - Actually this could be fitting for VN of the Month, although it's already too late seeing it's serial VN focusing on one heroine in each chapter with it already in Episode 3. I don't really know if the story is continuous or not like Nine series even though VNDB listed each part as sequels, although from what I see apparently the story is more leaning toward pure slice of life despite the premise offer some mystery with the heroines have superpower based on Minor Arcana (Wand, cup, pentacle, and sword).

Iwakura Aria - The VN from Mages with currently is released in Switch only, although looking on how they operate we may have it on PC later. The graphic is as unique as Fata Morgana, and looks like it's GL story with some tragedy and dark element. There's also plan to release this in English later, and for now there's no release estimation for English version announced yet.

Yuri Trap Garden - Once again I call this as VN of the Month even though it's BL VN, and the reason is simply because it has clear story. The premise is about Iori who enter all boy school with the rule all students must crossdress, and Iori is obviously vehemently against this by dressing as boy. Seeing one student rebel against the rule, the student council president Mikage decided to expel Iori while insulting him, leaving Iori with no choice besides took a lady lesson in order to be fit in the school. After one week lesson, Iori show some good result so much Mikage become awestruck and thus become the main heroine, errr... hero. Looking from the companies past pattern by releasing more than one VNs with the same setting, I expect they'll release more VNs to be focused on the other characters beside Mikage.

That's all for what I can comment on June 2024 releases.

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