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  1. Upload the scripts somewhere and I'll give it a try for you.
  2. You won't have to wait much longer.
  3. Still working on it, my man. Progress has been slow but it's getting there. 100/364
  4. Current progress is 54/364 edited scripts. No update on the 3-4 untranslated scripts as of yet.
  5. I took my patch down. It was brought to my attention that loading breaks the game and that there's also files that aren't translated. Alconix's patch seems to work fine in regards to the loading, but some files are still untranslated.
  6. Editing is when you take the translated text and edit it to either make it flow more naturally or fix errors.
  7. Every single script besides the ones in the folder titled "Edited Complete Documents" need editing. Are you still planning on continuing this or not? I'd rather not waste my time working on this when someone else is working on it too.
  8. Hold up, are you saying you're almost done with the editing in just 2 days? Are you sure you're editing the right scripts?