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  1. Trinoline Release

    I've only just started reading and got into Yuuri's route I believe. So far I like Trinoline a whole lot. I just have 2 things I can't quite seem to come to terms with. One of them is rly minor though. Apart from those really minor compaints I'm really happy with it so far and I'll post again once I finish the VN. ^^
  2. Alright i can rest easy then thx guys ^^
  3. So its not an actual virus then? Honestly just looking for confirmation tbh. I'm just kinda scared to fk up my PC since I've never had any issues with other games' SiglusEngine b4.
  4. So I recently wanted to play Hoshi Ori Yume Mirai and Avira seems to block SiglusEngine, identifying some kinda "HEUR/APC" virus. I don't believe this is an actual virus, but I wanted to ask you guys if you've encountered something similar in the past, just in case. Thx in advance ^^
  5. While i certainly haven't played that many VNs I can see where you're coming from. However, there have been numerous titles that gave me stuff to think about and question (Clannad, Rewrite, Little Busters (yes, I'm a dirty Key fanboy), Grisaia, Stein's;Gate, IroSeka, KonoSora, ...) and numerous titles that were just fun to play all around without being philosophical at all (most light-hearted H-games out there). I rly like VNs and will always look for something new to read if it interests me. Whether the genre has changed or corrupted me I'll leave to you, but I don't regret having started to read VNs.
  6. Hey guys, I recently started out Evenicle 2 and I've had a blast so far. I kinda got stuck on QD's 2nd room (beginning of chapter 3) tho, cuz you have to beat 5 robot-like enemies in a certain order (or at least i think so) but nothing I've tried worked so far. I'd appreciate a hint if anyone has already cleared this challenge. ^^ Thx in advance
  7. What snacks do you like to eat while reading a VN?

    Mostly water and bananas. Bananas and apples are great snacks for in between. ^^ Also like chips but ur hands will inevitably get sticky no matter how hard u try to keep them clean so i don't rly eat those while reading.
  8. Emotionless Heroine?

    The only titles that comes to mind right now would be Yosuga no Sora (Sora) and Koiken Otome (Touko). Sora is kinda semi-emotionless but Touko should fit your tastes... Yosuga no Sora is kind of a slice of life VN (beware wincest, though xD). Koiken Otome is one of those superpower, highschool, romance VNs. Both were good VNs, though (, at least in my opinion). Now that i think about it, I didn't read many VNs containing these kinds of characters... If you don't like either of them, I suggest you look up the type of character on VNDB or other sites. Maybe you get lucky and find something you wanna play.
  9. Mashiro Iro Symphony Crash

    There was a patch? o.O Thanks, I'll try that!
  10. I recently started playing Mashiro Iro Symphony, but somehow, whenever I play, the game always just closes itself after about 5 min. Everything else seems to work just fine. Any idea what could be the cause? Thx in advance~
  11. Rewrite: Boring, Lazy, Mediocre

    Thing is, Kotarou wasn't meant to be "OP". Heck, he didn't even learn to fight properly (except for the small teaching period at Chihaya's). He is still just a Highschool-student with superhuman athletic abilities. His "Aurora" wasn't meant to be used for real fighting as well (except for the greatsword- and wolf-transformation in the respective routes). While art is important, it isn't everything. For me, as stated before, the music was one of the most important factors in Rewrite. Some of the tracks stayed in my memory up until this day. Also, Rewrite does contain romance, but romance isn't the main topic in Rewrite's story. I'm quite a sucker for the romance genre, but, oddly enough, I didn't feel like any more romance between Kotarou and the chosen heroine was necessary for the main plot. But then again, that's just my opinion.
  12. Rewrite: Boring, Lazy, Mediocre

    Welp... I didn't plan to outright do this on my first day in the forums, but hey: I just HAD to reply to this topic. Rewrite was legitimately the first VN I've ever read. I really wasn't that used to reading fluent, english text yet and I also wasn't used to the general concept of VN at all. Oddly enough, I finished Rewrite within less than a month, completing all routes (except the hidden, bonus route). In hindsight I had the time of my life. I often hear people talk about Rewrite's common route being way too long. And I might have to agree, because many people make valid points on this argument. HOWEVER, It didn't feel that way to me at all when reading Rewrite for the first time. I laughed at the hilarious comedy, all the stupid stuff Kotarou does with the occult club and other characters. Nothing they did was completely meaningless to the plot, because these "useless" scenes were meant to deepen the relationship between multiple characters as well as give you a chance to get to really like them. In short: It gave life to the main heroines. While I have to admit that other VN have better art, I don't think the same goes for the music. I can't count the times I at least teared up when hearing "Koibumi"/"To you who never lies" even years later. Proof, that the story really touched me (; I will always remember you Shizuru ). While I definitely can't agree with your opinion, I can accept that you find Rewrite lacking in some departments (I will refrain from mentioning the "Days"-series at this point) as the common route can feel to long and some routes have parts that can be considered as illogical. It still stays a really good VN for me though, because I am willing to overlook potential faults the game has as Rewrite has many aspects, that were executed brilliantly. (Rewrite being the reason I even got into the VN-scene.) Lastly, PLEASE NOTE, that this is just my opinion about Rewrite and wasn't intended to offend anyone. If you have anything you'd like to say about the VN, I'll be glad to listen. It's always a good thing to get to know other's opinions on a title you like.
  13. Heya, everyone~

    No need to be an otaku to like Japanese-related content. xD Xillia/Xillia2 are PS3 games. As for Berseria... Afaik the current relaease date is somewhere early 2017. And there's nothing wrong with Symphonia. Personally, I liked Symphonia way more than Zestiria (,but both are in no way bad games).
  14. Heya, everyone~

    Thx for all the kind replies, guys. :3 I think I'll have a great time here. If i could I'd force you to play Xillia/Xillia2, ToX2 being my favorite "Tales of..." game. It may be the darkest game story-wise, but it also had the most touching story, in my opinion. But then again I guess you've already played a few "Tales of..." games xD
  15. Heya, everyone~

    Hey there Fuwa-community! I am Youssef (most ppl irl call me Yoshi), currently living in germany. I'm still a student and not quite a VN-veteran yet, but I'm working on it. I've read about 30 VN at this point (favorites being "Rewrite, Little Busters!, the 3 Grisaia-games and Aiyoku no Eustia) and watched quite a bit of anime (favorites being Guilty Crown, Charlotte and Angel Beats!) as well. I enjoy JRPGs like the "Tales of..."-series and most anime-related content in general. I'd be happy to talk about anything of the above, share my opinion and get to know your opinion(s) on the topic (as there's barely anyone I can talk to about those topics ). Ahh and I also play League, if... well I doubt it matters here at all. xD But anyways, enough about me and since I can't seem to find any other solutions, let's end this with one of the most cliche phrases I know of: I really hope to get along with you all!