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  1. There are very good western VNs with a western settings: Life is Strange, The Walking Dead, Heavy Rain, Until Dawn, etc.
  2. Majikoi Translation Discussion

    Well there it is. 4 fucking years waiting and a lot of work put into it to see it finished ,but totally worth it. Now look forward to Majikoi S in 2019 xD.
  3. Majikoi Translation Discussion

    You can insert the text of Majikoi S into a prepared majikoi file for the unpack, and after the recompile, manually insert the text into the majikoi S original file. It's easy enough because the text in the .bin begin and end similarly. I haven't fully tested it yet but there shouldn't be problems.
  4. Majikoi Translation Discussion

    Shouldn't be so difficult. I tested some days ago and i think i can extract the text of S like in Majikoi, so instead of the translator creating a .txt with the text, he can directly translate this files.
  5. Majikoi Translation Discussion

    Don't panic people. We are going really fast with the patching. And if necessary we can make the patching at the same time that Ouraibaa make the QC.
  6. Majikoi Translation Discussion

    Seeing that you read this but not the messages, i tell you here xD: Please send me another translation, i have finished Shouichi route and i have time this weekend to work in another.
  7. Majikoi Translation Discussion

    Doesn't look like there are problems with text size. And the line breaks doesn't look too difficult, the program read and insert letter by letter so after for example 20 characters of a line i told the program to introduce a line jump and it should work without problem. Anyway i still don't know what the translation team want to do, but i think the default result that the program at present do is ok, it overflows a little by the right margin but doesn't look too bad.
  8. Majikoi Translation Discussion

    For example in the translation file there is this: I don't know why, but I'm starting to feel uneasy. August 16th (Sun.) Miyako: Moro’s not here today, huh. but in the script.txt file there is this: SEG 1995 NULL 1 何やら不穏な空気があった。 -------------------------- I don't know why, but I'm starting to feel uneasy. SEG 1996 NULL 1 @vJ00030070「今日はモロいないね」 --------------------------------- @vJ00030070"Miyako: Moro’s not here today, huh." There is no room for "August 16th (Sun.)" because it's not a line of the text of this file, so you have to find it manually and delete it.
  9. Majikoi Translation Discussion

    Edit: Coming: when it's ready
  10. Majikoi Translation Discussion

    Rejoice people, it works!. it still need some tunning, like changing the names and positioning correctly the text, but the most difficult work is already done.
  11. Majikoi Translation Discussion

    edit: don't sent it. i already find one in internet.
  12. Majikoi Translation Discussion

    fuck xD. although it was expected jaja. Can you please send me a save with the point in what enters in the route?.