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  1. https://seiya-saiga.com/game/minatosoft/majikoi_a3.html I found this but if someone can translate it... Thanks
  2. Yes, I usually play only VNs, I'm not good at other games :') so, in conclusion, I decided to go for an i5 with 8gb ram and maybe, if I save money, an i7 with a good graphics card... But, and i9 is imporssible for me hehe. By the way, thanks for your answers
  3. Is true, I thought about having a core i5 or i7 because in my i3 they are not running well, maybe is because of the ram (4gb). But like you said, is about the graphics card, but the VNs I play are very basic, nothing like Nekopara or something like that.
  4. I tried that! but my pc is dying, this is why I have to change it D:
  5. Yep, visual novels are not that demanding, thanks for your answers
  6. Hi! I would like to know which one (Core i5 or Core i7) is better for playing visual novels. I know core i7 is better but I don't have enough money, so, the real question is, Core i5 is good for playing visual novels? Thanks!
  7. Thanks to everyone! and fujoshis rules!!!
  8. Hallo, wie geht's dir? ok, enough of german, I can't speak it xD I started to play VN a few years ago and I found out that I love them, my favourite of all times is Da Capo 2 followed by Canvas 2 (I only beat one heroine but I love it) Currently I am playing Grisaia no Kajitsu, Dramatical Murder and Koi to senkyo to chocolate. My favourites girls are Yume Asakura, Anzu Yukimura, Fujinami Tomoko and Mayucchi from Majikoi, I'm so in lesbian with them xD I like anime and manga too, my favourites are Gintama, Onani Master Kurosawa (Is like my bible), Shinsekai Yori and Eyeshield 21. I think is all for today folks, sorry if I wrote something wrong, I'm latin so my english is not great jeje. Farewell!
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