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  1. If you are asking for VNs where some characters are involved in a play, then Katahane. The whole Shirohane chapter is based on character preparing for a play, and some parts of it are shown at the very end of the game. While the play doesn't follow them completely, the actual events the play is based on are shown in Kurohane chapter... which, incidentally, also involves characters preparing for a play, but I don't think much of it is really shown.

  2. 1 hour ago, alpacaman said:

    I'm soo surprised Miyuki is comfortably leading the poll considering picking Aoi is basically an admission that

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    you didn't take anything away from the game in terms of the message the game tries really hard to beat into you. "Being an asshole to get all the CGs makes you a bad person, so be more responsible" the game screams at me as it wants me to choose between the girl with close to no personality to speak of who gets her power from you being an asshole getting all the CGs and the one who got fucked over by me being an asshole to get all the CGs.

    I wonder if the finale of Totono is some kind of super eloborate additional meta-layer that I just don't get, constantly talking about how important it is to think about the consequences of your actions even within fiction, just to then degrade your decisions to mere narration (thus taking away all your means to influence the action) and in the end giving you a choice where there is only one correct answer based on the moral of the game, yet you get a (kind of) happy ending no matter which girl you pick.



    I mean, there are definitely some people who may prefer Aoi for various reasons. Some people may prefer her looks, some may like her personality... though the game kind of shows that she doesn't even have a real personality, but, well... And, actually, considering that the game didn't even give us the chance to choose Aoi in the very beginning, as her route was locked before Miyuki's, I think, as far as I understand the message of the game, it does make sense to give the players a chance to choose her, considering that a lot of them would only complete Miyuki's route not because they actually like her as a character, but only because they want to, you know, complete the game for the sake of completing the game, and that's basically what the game is trying to discourage us from doing.

    Actually, is Aoi's ending even that happy? I decided not to check it out for obvious reasons, but I've seen some spoilers that said that she still disappears or something.


    37 minutes ago, [Hun]Lepto said:
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    The only thing I surely didn't really like is how the game is literally screaming at you for why you picked Aoi in the second route when you DON'T even have the choice to pick her in the first one. How can I be the one faulty when not even given the freedom of choice?



    Well, it doesn't really try to blame us for picking Aoi, but for picking Aoi after we already got Miyuki's ending. Still, I do kind of wish if we got a chance to complete Aoi's route first (and probably get to the same result somehow). Come to think of it, DDLC


    probably did this a bit more consistently.



  3. I'm not sure, but I don't think I managed to make this VN work on Windows 10 even using the Japanese locale. Also, it requires some outdated video codecs, or the OP won't play.

    6 hours ago, Silvz said:

    I know there is a way to emulate a different locale without having to change it - how can I do that?

    I think some people use Applocale or something like that, but it doesn't always work. I usually just prefer to change the setting on my PC, and change them back if for some weird reason I need to change them back.

    PS. Oh and the VN most likely isn't very good, just for the record.

  4. Well, Boku Girl starts as your typical fanservice genderswap manga, but the later half doesn't really have much fanservice at all, and turns into more "understanding yourself" kind of manga. Though, I guess, it's pretty standard for more modern gender benders.

    If we count LNs (though there's a manga adaptation too), there's a recent license by Seven Seas, The Saint's Magic Power is Omnipotent. The general premise sounds like some kind of generic isekai story. Two girls get summoned to another world, one of them is named a saint, while the other is basically left to her own devices, while in reality is actually the second girl who is the saint. The whole thing actually gets resolved pretty quickly, and what I personally like about this series is that it doesn't try to make the other party look ridiculously evil, like many other novels like that do.

    Can't really think about anything else, though I may remember something else if I think about it.

  5. 3 hours ago, Mr Poltroon said:

    As of episode 5, I am actually of the opinion that the anime is better.

    I see. Well, I can totally see that happening. This does feel like a type of story that would work better in the anime format. On the other hand, I think I will still check out the LN, at least the first volume. Maybe after this season ends, actually. I think I want to focus on VNs for now.

    Anyway, here's my update for season for now:

    Bakarina. Caught up with episode 7. Well, for now it's basically the same thing. It's hilarious, incredibly light story. It might get a bit boring and repetitive in the long run, but it's good for now.

    Bookworm. Basically, if you liked the first season, you will probably like this one. Comparing it to the LN, it's basically the best they could do with that story and limited budget. The LN is still a lot better though. This is the type of story that is good because of how detailed it is, and an anime will always have to cut a lot of details due to time-constraints. Actually, it looks like they are going a lot slower than I expected: it looks like this season will only adapt the first half of the Temple arc, that is, only volumes 4 and 5. I wonder if they will make another season. But well, considering that now they are only at WN chapter 100 out of approximately 800, I definitely don't expect this anime to ever reach the proper end. :makina:

    8th son. I only decided to watch the first 5 minutes to let it convince me that it is not a generic isekai, but I'm pretty sure that it is exactly what it is.

    Sing "Yesterday" for me. I doubt I'll continue watching it past the first episode, but it's good. I guess, it works if you want to watch something about more "adult" characters. Not really my type of story though.

    I also started to watch In/Spectre. I was convinced that it was an anime from this season, but it looks like it actually already finished. Well, I don't want to make another post just for that so I'll still mention it here. Anyway, the first episode looks pretty interesting! I like the MC couple and interested to see where it goes.

  6. 1 hour ago, Seraphim88 said:

    Done with chapter 2 of Higurashi! I was a bit disappointed by

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    the twin switcheroo plot twist, since it's been done to death in both movies and games over the years. As soon as you learned that Mion had an identical twin, I immediately figured that at some point, one of them would pretend to be the other. Honestly though, I was actually thinking they might spice it up by pulling a double twist by, rather than just Mion pretending to be Shion over the phone, making it turn out to actually be Shion pretending to be Mion. I was kinda expecting some big reveal in the torture dungeon at the end, along the lines of "Shion" in the cell having Mion's demon tattoo. Shion's attitude was shifting a lot from scene to scene, so I figured she was hiding her real personality most of the time and would use that to her advantage in one way or another, but it never happened. Maybe it will in one of the other chapters. I guess I'll find out soon enough!

    Other than that, I'd say this chapter was better and more exciting than the first one, and I'm looking forward to reading chapter 3 next weekend!

    Well... Let's say that I'm curious to see what you will think about the answer arcs. :)

  7. 13 minutes ago, Freestyle80 said:

    Just curious before I dive in, how long does this exactly take to finish? The walkthrough published is bloody huge ( http://www.otakulair.com/english-visual-novel-walkthroughs/you-and-me-and-her-a-love-story-walkthrough-nitroplus-jast-usa/ ) so is it like a 30 hour game?

    The game isn't very long. Probably took me about 15 hours, and I'm a pretty slow reader.

    Though in this particular case it's better not to use a walkthrough. There is a really good reason for that, and I'm not going to spoil it.

  8. 24 minutes ago, bakauchuujin said:

    Have looked at how the average vote of Totono has changed on vndb and roughly right before it released in english officially it was about 7.5 while it has now grown to about 7.9.

    Yeah, I noticed that. Which is kind of strange, considering that usually the opposite happens. Well, I guess it's true that some people vote on untranslated VNs after only looking at cgs. :makina:

  9. On 5/12/2020 at 12:31 AM, Dreamysyu said:
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    Speaking of NTR, I'm actually not so sure that it was that necessary, but whatever.


    So, I found an older (spoiler-filled) review on vndb forums that kind of explained it. And, you know, it actually makes the game even better. Looks like I didn't completely understand what the whole meaning of Aoi's route was.

    You know, I think this actually would be a pretty good game to watch in let's plays, but I doubt youtube would allow it. :makina:

  10. Incidentally, I also decided to return to When They Cry series for a bit.

    Looks like some kind soul decided to go and make a VN adaptation of the Confessions chapter from Umineko manga. (Are we allowed to discuss something like that of this forum? I don't know, I'll delete this post if it's considered problematic.) The truth is, though I pretty much knew the content of this chapter, I never actually went and read the manga, so the story was new for me. As for how my impressions go, as it turns out, I managed to completely forget how great Umineko soundtrack is. Also, Umineko was always the best because of how amazing its cast was, and this chapter focuses on probably the most interesting and developed character from the cast, so it was interesting to see what they went through. On the other hand, well, there was a very good reason why this chapter wasn't included in the original VN, and I kind of feel like the very existence of it kind of contradicts what the last episode of Umineko was trying to convey. On the other hand, this chapter makes makes the story feel more complete, so I don't know, I have mixed feelings about it.

    By the way, I was thinking about finally going back to Rose Guns Days, which I really should've finished years ago, but does anybody know if the download version is still available somewhere? Mangagamer don't have it anymore, and, as far as I can tell, neither do popular Japanese sites.

  11. 16 minutes ago, Jardic47 said:

    This is why I don't watch the anime based on a VN a lot. I just avoid them unless it is recommended to do so. In my case, it's like the .hack series where watching the show was recommended when playing the games.

    I know, but, well, back then I wasn't really so into VNs yet, so quite often I preferred to watch anime adaptations instead if they were available. I don't do that anymore. I think, Higurashi is one of the reasons why.

  12. Oh, well this feeling is pretty familiar to me. While I'm usually a pretty slow reader, it only took me something like a week to finish the main bulk of the story (episodes 2-6), though I had to slow down after that for irl reasons. Sadly, it's already been 6 years since I finished Umineko, I never really manged to find another similarly addicting VN. I guess, the closest thing to me was Muv-Luv Alternative, but I can't really say if you're also going to like it, since it's pretty different. And, actually, I wouldn't recommend picking up something so drastically different right away, it's usually better to let yourself cool down a bit after reading something so grand.

    You know, I think I'm also going to recommend Higurashi, since the new translation for the main arcs just recently finished. It wasn't really as captivating as Umineko for me, but it's something like its spiritual predecessor, and overall, it's still a pretty good mystery and horror VN, though its written a lot more like a proper story and doesn't go into the meta territory. Actually, I personally read Higurashi pretty soon after Umineko, and I had already seen the anime for it, but I still ended up enjoying it, especially since the anime adaptation, as it turned out, skipped a lot of important details (though reading chapters 1 and 2 was pretty boring, as they didn't have that many changes, but in chapter 3 the anime skipped the entire epilogue). Also, the anime completely messed up foreshadowing for a certain important twist in chapter 7, so they even had to include a completely new arc just for that.

  13. 13 minutes ago, Seraphim88 said:

    I thought I'd finally get around to reading Air now that my workload is much lighter, but I'm having some trouble with my saves. To be specific, they keep disappearing randomly when I start the game. It doesn't happen every time (for example, it worked fine both yesterday and the day before that), but now they're gone again and it's getting more and more annoying (and time-consuming) having to skip through the game to find the point where I left off in my previous session.
    The saves are still in the SAVEDATA folder, but the load screen in the game is completely empty.
    Any idea what causes this and how I can fix it? I've tried running in compatibility mode and as administrator, but it doesn't seem to make a difference.

    I'd probably just run it in a windows XP virtual machine. Trying to run older games on newer systems is a nightmare.

    I doubt that's the case if the files still appear, but maybe you should check that none of the game files are set to read-only. Also, maybe reinstalling the game and putting it on a different drive will help?

  14. 38 minutes ago, nihilloligasan said:

    so i got the game, unfortunately i can't install: "the application was unable to start 0xc00007b". tried a number of things such as restarting, running as admin, running in all available compatibility modes, updating, reinstalling and updating directx (including 9c), scanning the disk (no errors), installing aio package, installing all versions of microsoft visual c++, reinstalling the net framework. still doesn't work. i might be fucked at this point, but i'll keep trying.

    That's strange. That seems like a pretty obvious solution, but have you tried to redownload the file? Maybe it got corrupted somehow.

  15. 42 minutes ago, Mr Poltroon said:

    I have every intention of watching some of the anime when I have time, so I'll get back to you on that.

    Here's an answer in spoilers, so I can force you to try and not click it:

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    There are hints that Sophia might have some sort of connection with the friend.


    Actually, wait.


    Sophia is the white-haired girl, right? She actually appeared in episode 3. I thought you were talking about the heroine. But, well, it's still pretty close.


  16. 29 minutes ago, Mr Poltroon said:

    Here's an answer in spoilers, so I can force you to try and not click it:

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    There are hints that Sophia might have some sort of connection with the friend.


    I see. The truth is, she hasn't even appeared in the story in the 3 episodes that I watched, but a certain scene from the opening made me suspicious. Also, I guess this web-novel I've been following actually is a total ripoff of Bakarina. :leecher:

    Also, I don't particularly care about minor spoilers for this one.

  17. @Mr Poltroon I see. I personally thought the pacing in the anime was a bit to fast for my liking, but, if I think about it, I've read some LNs with very similar stories, and, even if funny at first, the tend to get boring pretty quickly. So, I think I'll just stick with the anime for now, and after I catch up with this season, I'll think about picking up the LN from the very beginning, if I'm still in the mood, and after that I'll just continue with what I like more.

    Also, let me guess, is the protagonist from the otome game


    going to be the reincarnation of Bakarina's friend from the previous life?


  18. 7 minutes ago, Trickay said:

    So after a good long spell of hiding under a rock I tried DDLC, which felt like a completely shallow rip off of MYTH. However, I did quite enjoy the mind f**k.

    Hmm, are they actually similar? I remember trying Myth some time ago, but it felt a bit too weird even for my tastes. :vanilla:

  19. So, it's the middle of the season, and I finally decided to start catching up with the seasonal anime. Started with the first three episodes of My Next Life as a Villainess (also known as Bakarina anime). You know, I take back everything what I said previously, the anime is hilarious! I was suspicious since I generally don't really like dumb characters, but in this particular case it just kind of works. It actually feels more like a sweet parody on the otome villainess isekai genre, though I guess it was one of the earlier ones, so maybe some of tropes actually originate from it.

    Now I don't know if I should pick up the LN or just continue with the anime...

  20. 6 minutes ago, Seraphim88 said:
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    Haven't tried it myself, but from what I understand, rejecting Aoi by immediately throwing her out of the house without any explanation leads you back to Miyuki's route. (Which would also prove that what Miyuki says during the baseball bat scene, about Shinichi fucking Aoi despite her unfaithfulness being the trigger for Miyuki going berserk, is actually true.)



    I see. Come to think of it, after Miyuki learned that Shinichi and Aoi had sex for the first time, she did say something that she was willing to forgive him (or the player, I'm not sure) if it was the only time, which implies that there was an option to do that. But yeah, you're right, that particular choice didn't really feel like it would lead to him forgiving her. I mean, listening to both sides is a natural thing to do in that situation. And I think I still thought that there was a possibility that it was all somehow set up by Miyuki.