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  1. I see.. Since you seem like a professional at this, why don't you give it a shot? You seem to know Japanese if me and my translator are making translation errors. It doesn't hurt a bit to reveal.
  2. If you notice any translation error(s) within this new video, feel free to point it out and tell us... Sakurasou No Pet Na Kanojo - Shiina's Bath Accident | Event Scene ども。。。
  3. I received a message similar to yours too, but more of in a rude way. Deep down, I don't think it's really a project our group might continue to work on I guess. But then again. If you are viewing that video, which was uploaded between March and October, then those were pretty poor translations. Most of us were well aware of that. If it's very recent, like a few weeks ago. Chances are... This project is at it's final point, and possibly abandoned like many other translation projects I've came across earlier. We will just simply remove any traces of work on this project. (If that's wh
  4. Why thank you! ^^ I just finished a script event that involves Shiina and Sorata in a Public Bath. I'm pretty sure some fans might like it I'm probably going to try and upload the translated video tomorrow, but I might kill some expected time for translations.
  5. Aight! I want to give some confirmations since I have some time to spare! (and a constant dropping internet connection..) Translations will soon reach a good hefty 25% by Thursday! (Friday for those who live 12 hours ahead of PST time) In-Game Achievements/Event Routes *Spoilers* Finally, we got some new members ranging from Translators to Translation Checkers! We still hope our Scheduled date for December 21 is still in line for now! ^^ -FuryTomic
  6. Saenai was actually one I wanted to translate since I got the game in Japan back in June. It was marked first since I decided to go ahead and attempt on translating. A different group in August wished to work on it but they are working on Nisekoi and I think To Love Ru. I got in contact with one of the guys, and he was willing to help out. Just that he wants to finish Nisekoi first and then will contact me to work on Saenai. Saenai should have been marked, "On Hold." I'll check again on the site. EDIT; Ah i see what you mean. The side project should be updated with the staff part no
  7. Though the original group was disbanded, the new team at "Eternal Nyaboron" will take over the project in the future, since both the image editor and original director of the team are currently founders of the new translation team. You can view our future projects here: http://eternalnyaboronofficial.weebly.com/other-projects.html -FuryTomic
  8. I really really, hate to announce this, and wish this never happened, but as of February 8, 2016, this project is now in serious trouble. We are now limited to ONLY 1 translator, which is just me. I would love to keep it running but I am busy as heck to the point that I am busy with schoolwork, and upcoming tests, such as Japanese, English (Literature), Science, Engineering, Math etc. Time is limited on my end, but I still try to get some time in to translate, including having gameplay being published online. Time goes by very fast to the point that I lose track if we have actually made p
  9. Today, I will bring some important Bad News to share with you guys... - As of today, January 23, 2016, I can confirm now that there is no way to get Sakurasou No Pet Na Kanojo to run on the PS Vita as their new firmware update patched the homebrew exploit. If you still own a PSP, or have a PSP Emulator (PC), it looks like the only option is to use either one of those 2 supported once we roll out our patch in the future. - My recorder that I use to showcase the game translations has been giving off more distorted video scenes. I'm not sure if its within the firmware or my cables
  10. Let's also start 2016 with Part 9! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oFk6Jr7xt50
  11. I applaud you for starting a project that XSeed Games didn't decide on doing. I assume parts of the translation will be taken from "The Anime Man?" Anyways, Good Luck to you!
  12. あけましておめでとうございます! みんあさんはおげんきですか。 Translation: Happy New Year! Is everyone doing good? I hope everyone is in fact, is doing good this year! Because we, Eteranal Nyaboron, have a goal set to accomplish for 2016, which is to finish translating the entire game and create a patch for people to play! Although it will be a long and tough journey to reach our goal, we would like everyone to please help support us on the road to translating Sakurasou No Pet Na Kanojo! Also in the meantime, we would like to announce that we have some new additional staff members who will be finalizing the
  13. Merry (late) Christmas from Eternal Nyaboron Team! We have 2 gifts to give and share with everyone today! ^^ 1.) We have a special translation video up on YouTube that somewhat arrived a little late to some mistranslations and my current health condition... (in which i'm recovering..) And our 2nd gift is... Some Digital CG Photos of Sakurasou No Pet Na Kanojo Visual Novel! 4 photos featuring Misaki, Shiina, Rita, Aoyama, Sorata, and Otoha! Christmas Gifts (Available Until December 23rd, 2016 10:00 PST) Happy Holidays Everyone! -FuryTomic, and the Eternal Nyaboron Team
  14. watch the anime first, as far as I know, this is more of the same basically, its a supplement to the anime and not like in other cases where its an adaptation Alrighty, thanks ^^ i'll read the Vn whenever it comes out translated I think you mean, Play The Anime is basically the main storyline, which contains the juicy content and necessary information the Visual Novel is essentially a non-canon alternative that follows the similar storyline. But anyways, the last translation video of 2015 made by me is now up. I hope 2016 is the year the project will be done by! (So we can either start on
  15. Hello there! some good (and bad) news just came. Here's the good news: -one folder is now completely done with translating! -part 7 is now on YouTube: -new translator coming in Bad News: -one translator is leaving due to having a busy year coming up -the one folder only got us to about 18-19% completion of scripts. -I myself will not be translating for a while until further notice Like I mentioned a few times before, If you know Japanese, and like to help us out, please do so by enlisting on our website! -FuryTomic
  16. Gotta ask, I heard that we should be happy that the anime ended where it ended and that the actual continuation is really bad for... reasons. Is this also the case here? (Didn't see this post) The anime ended off at a good point, at least better than the Light Novel. Major Spoilers! (Proceed reading if you wish to know) Comparing that with the anime ending, it ended off at a good point where it doesn't need a season 2. An OVA or 2 would be nice, like one where Sorata and Aoyama have "closer relationships" and maybe some Shiina and Sorata "closer relationships." A second OVA could talk more
  17. Well hello there December! Time for a quick update: If you haven't seen already, the First Post (basically the Game Translation Description) has been updated since September. More changes have arrived to the website, and a special surprise awaits in 2 weeks (No sadly its not the release day of the patch, since it's still being worked on.) Just wait and see until then For now, we need the following staff members: Translators Translator Checkers (or Checkers in general.) Please apply here if you are interested in one of these fields mentioned above: http://eternalnyaboronofficial.weebly.com/
  18. Don't worry. You aren't the only one who realized they came out with a game It certainly was a great anime. And most of the fans of Sakurasou No Pet Na Kanojo are still not aware of a game version.
  19. Quick Notice: Our weebly website has encountered some weird glitches just a few moments ago. If you notice something odd, please report it to me. And here's Part 6! (I'm aiming for Part 7 to be finished by Next Saturday.)
  20. Well the results are in. (Happy Holidays to those in the US and certain other countries!) Our Sakurasou logo displayed will be Sakurasou Logo 2. (Note this has been tweaked and edited a little, but this is our logo.) In other Updates: The 6th Part/Walkthrough of Sakurasou will be uploaded in a few hours. Be sure to check it out here on my channel! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCT4plw_ZcvD7XsJhJ2JWAKg The entire files of the scripts are now familiarized, and the files names, (like 1113) is the date, 11/13. So files ending number with, "1100" to "1114" are finished. In total, it goes up to
  21. you can vote for that :3 gonna take in the results by next week latest.
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