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  1. Isn't that Asuna.... I thought you hated Sword Art Online
  2. Confession: Nosebleed has never replied to me with words (•∋•).
  3. 9/10 I like the color and pattern, but I don't want to give a perfect score.
  4. I thought everyone was Nosebleed. I mean, he's been accused of being Tay.
  5. Tumblr's otherkin community would be SO offended by this.
  6. I'd probably see you, think I was dreaming, and go back to sleep. Then I'd wake up regretting that I completely ignored a bishoujo.
  7. My click-bait of the year has been immortalized.
  8. (who is by the way Barack Obama) Shit anime taste confirmed.
  9. I don't normally watch that stuff...
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