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  1. I am not really sure if this is the right place, but I will give it a shot. I was always a bit disgruntled by the lack of decent translation of this song, so I decided I could try and make one of my own, with the help of the translations that did not seem right with me. Sources: http://www.lyrical-nonsense.com/lyrics/sayuri/sore-wa-chiisana-hikari-no-you-na/#page=English So, here goes: I was the only one, Who was at your side, In both past and future, Seeing your sadness and happiness, All of it. I believed that growing up, Meant becoming kinder, But I am still the same as my childhood self. I want to protect you, Even if it means facing darkness, That awaits me in the future, In this city, where everyone but us, Was blinded by the snow of complacence. You are like a scar, Carved deep into my chest, This song that has always brought smile to your face, I shall reclaim it. Clocks in every room, Are all a little bit off, We're always Like misaligned cogs, whose words never meet. Pretending to be a hero, You cried all alone, But before I could brush your cheeks, You have fallen away from my reach. This world of false dreams, That seeks to crush you, In claws wrought of dark prayers, This hand extended to save you, Grows twisted and cold. For my own sake, I try to struggle, towards a faint ray of light, Please show me the way, to the future in your song. I want to believe, There is a kind and safe place, That will protect you. That place, Being devoured by sadness, Is a bad dream, covered by pure white snow. You are like small fire in my heart, Shining brightly through the scar on my chest. Please smile... Your song has awakened me, Like a beam of light, Shining through the gaps, Of darkness of this world. I was the only one Who stood by your side.... END This is my first time doing this, so dont be afraid to pummel me with critique. After all, that can only help me to improve. Thanks to: Chronopolis (script errors correction)
  2. I raise the glass of my finest soda in the name of your fellow soldiers, who sacrificed themselves in the line of duty. Keep fighting, you can do it. Pick yourself off the ground and pay them tenfold.
  3. Is this anything like GW2? I suppose I could give this a try in the meanwhile of my wait for black desert EU release...
  4. Dude, if there is angry looking guy standing there ready with a giant fuckhueg buster sword rip off, then there is a good chance he is going to behave like Cloud. I mean seriously, this isn't the first time there is an angsty-looking teen character MC with a bfs on the spot-light, and they are all the same. I mean seriously, why the giant sword? One of the perks of first VC game was that besides ragnite, apparel, and the powers of valkyrur, the game had fairly realistic setting. But yeah scratch that let us add giant swords, and lots of swords in general...and yeah lasers, and blame it on ragnite...Hell, lets make it as stupid looking as possible, so maybe, just maybe, we can use it as an excuse for the fans to not bother us for another game in the series. Compared to VC1 artstyle, this looks so incredibly dumb and alienating...I feel like this is a giant middle finger to all the fans that liked VC1. I can almost hear: ¨You liked VC1? There you go, have a FF rip off with VC brand shlapped on top, and stop bothering us the fuck out¨
  5. In what manner? Welkin was a calm and collected well meaning individual who cared about the well being of his team, as opposed to being angsty teen kid with a huge sword who deosn't care about anyone. Alicia? I mean yeah, it is obvious she has hots for Welkin from start, but considering he doesn't kick up a fuss when she unrightfully arrests him, actually helps her fight off imperial recon team despite having no obligation to do so, on top of being an university graduate? Dude that is not really that unrealistic. Also, how many baker girls do you see running around the battlefield being badass on top? Besides, it is not like she has completely no personality, and gives welkin crap on more than one occasion. I cant really think about anything that makes her generic. Largo? Again how? Being big gruffed old war veteran? I mean seriously, what exactly is generic about Largo, let alone Rosie, a spunky racist redhead bar singer, I mean, yeah there there are plenty of those running around soldiering in militia in other titles. I would almost agree about Isara, except that she has a twist to her, being of different race than the rest of her family. The only ones I can agree to being generic to certain degree are Faldio (suave lady killer), then again, he has a fairly unexpected twist to him later in the story, Selvaria (overly loyal female minion in love with big bad, although due to her circumstances, that is fairly understandable) and the fact that Maximilian (overly arrogant upstart whose ego leads to his demise) and Gregor (although from what I have read, the game only shown the very worst of him to us). Then again, large majority of the main characters in this game have certain something to set them apart for the generic trope flag carriers.
  6. Then again, DLsite caters to practically every niche and fetish possible and impossible.
  7. Some say there is no such thing as sanity, only knowledge and willingness to advance
  8. Now now, there is balance to everything. There is nothing wrong with little insanity now and then.
  9. Yes, it is the very definition of lazy. Bare minimum is not the answer in this enterprise, it is ether go big, or go home, and Japanese developers of entertainment media, regardless of genre now find themselves getting banged in the butt for their lack of devotion. I really wish this didn't have to happen, but in the same manner as our earth culls those both weak and unwilling and unable to evolve, so does entertainment enterprise market. In the end, this is really just natural evolution at play, but the difference being, users like us will get the most soiled end of the shit stick regardless of who and what causes the downfall.
  10. Well, I say it is more important to actually HAVE dreams than acting upon them.
  11. Japanese entertainment business? Learning? Improving? Those sentences...they...uh, you know...they do not go very well together. I mean, take a look at what happened to Dynasty warriors series and most of their PC releases. When they are finally willing to take risks, they usually fail to deliver the effort necessary, which leads to making excuses why their releases, be it games anime or VN's are not getting good sales such as piracy, when in fact mostly their laziness and lack of presentation, along with their mentality that I can only comprehend as hatred towards west, are at play for their failures. I mean, I am enthusiastic about Japanese technological advancements and their achievements and integrity as nation, but the heads of their entertainment enterprises are among some of the most despicable people I can think of, not that it is any different in west mind you, but heck, at least we try sometimes.
  12. I do not find moe that bad of a genre itself, but VN business is absolute disaster lately for people like who prefer intelligent reads (and yes that includes even eroge) to moe. You said pretty much all there is to it, well done.
  13. Damn, yeah, that ending broke even me, and the bad ending is even worse.
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