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  1. i know it is too old query but i am writing in case someone else might get help from this. --------------Fix---------------------------------------------- what worked for me was disabling vnr's built in hook. --------------Fix----------------------------------------------- people who didn't enable that in setting should ignore this.
  2. can someone lend me a hand? i installed sanseido daijirin dictionary and specified it's location and then i enabled it in translation but i don't know to use it. i am kinda new to vnr dictionary stuff.
  3. Did anybody got solution of automatically detecting nvidia geforce overlay, it's damn irritating to end first nvidia share process then run the game.
  4. I tried removing automatically detect running game. it still creates shortcut but i can tick or untick the options normally it doesn't interfere with anything else. Edit: After a day problem begin again removing automatically detect running game didn't do anything.
  5. I forgot my aniclan password isn't there a way to reset it?
  6. can someone tell me how to solve this: i have linked two threads with ithvnr but they don't have gap between them.
  7. hey can anyone tell me how to get in sally's route?
  8. https://mega.nz/#!oxJVTCab!M-eoRfE63e3Zz2daDkotA4GQjuyUDA8A1KbH2PffTrg
  9. Tried everything from this forrum to fix 1 fps bug please help. It was running perfectly but after somedays this bug appeared.
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