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    fun2novel got a reaction from Infernoplex in Exodus Guilty エクソダスギルティー [Abel]   
    The fact that they gave 'samples' of all three stories before starting the 'present' chapter did not bother me. I think it was the right thing to do present->past->future chapters in that respective order. But I have to disagree about the story. The entire story was bad. Kano, may his soul rest in peace, had great ideas but a lot of time the execution was not up to par. The 'present' chapter had boring characters, the protag was insufferable, the story just went no where and felt pointless. The 'past' chapter was even worse, it's as basic as a final fantasy plot can get. The idea is interesting, the protag is determined to go against the gods. Great idea but really, it's like a 5 year old wrote it, it's a typical boring story about the 4 elements of earth, wind, fire, water. I was bored enough that I decided to drop the 'future' chapter in the middle.
    This is not a well done story. Excellent idea and a great premise, but not well executed story.
    Edit: Like I said it had some interesting ideas. For example, in the non dvd version like the playstation and the dreamcast ones, you had to jump between different times to gain clues for puzzles in another time. The gameplay was pretty much lost in the dvd version.
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    fun2novel reacted to Clephas in November's releases so far   
    My advice is not to try to match my output... to be blunt, I'm seriously pushing the edges of my own limits just to keep going.  Cherry pick your favorite genres and ignore everything else. 
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    fun2novel reacted to littleshogun in Hanachirasu   
    As for Muramasa, apparently the writer was the same as Hanachirasu. From VNDB, I'd like to think that the writer was learned their lesson from Hanachirashu and apply the lesson in Muramasa, so much that the average score between those two at VNDB were very contrast (7.11 for Hanachirasu and 9.02 for Muramasa). Although I would like to say that to find out if Muramasa was really good as people said or perhaps overrated and plain horrible, well it's up to you to find out I suppose whenever it is. Regardless of that, good review there.
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    fun2novel reacted to littleshogun in Libra of the vampire- Review   
    Nice review there Calendula, and I think I could said that it was the best entertaining review that I'd ever read up to now. Look forward to your next kamimoege review thing later.
    PS - To both @Asonn and @fun2novel, here's an article that might help you two to understand the review. Although the score was genuine though, and therefore I would said that it's the best to not question that.
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    fun2novel got a reaction from Dergonu in Advice for those Playing VNs for a second time   
    I was just kidding of course. I like his books too.
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    fun2novel reacted to Dergonu in Advice for those Playing VNs for a second time   
    But I have read several of his books 3-4 times, and they never get old to me
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    fun2novel got a reaction from Kawasumi in 2016: VN of the Year Candidates so far   
    What, no love for Interview with Kaziklu Bey? I'm sad.
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    fun2novel got a reaction from Chronopolis in My Random VN Schedule For July   
    My requests:
    Mission of Murder
    No Reality
    Abandoner - The Severed Dreams
    Lost Child
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    fun2novel reacted to Clephas in Rehash of vital points for those who played Hachimyoujin   
    Guha... I'm feeling even worse now.  I've been playing more of Bansenjin, but I am actually starting to actively hate the cast of this game now... Masada is a master of turning predictable turns of events into satisfying results, but this one is a bit too depressing in all the wrong ways, if only because I was already tired of the core cast when I finished the game.  I'm reminded of times when an author made a sequel for a book that didn't need a sequel and it fell flat...
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    fun2novel reacted to Bolverk in Yeaw I got myself a blog!   
    Your thoughts shall be shouted here. And I will listen~~ :3
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