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    The protagonist is supposedly a genius at something, but the moment the heroine routes begin, his abilities seem to disappear (Most of the Ensemble games for the last seven years, Tsuki ni Yorisou, Otome no Sahou 2). This convention is a plague on charage in general, since there is a tendency to want to weaken the protagonist's individuality in the heroine routes to fit the heroines' needs. This is an effort to reduce potential for conflict, but it also makes the game less interesting and/or disappointing.
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    Yeah, that kinda caught me by surprise too!
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    Yesterday I gushed about heartwarming piano scene, and then, just after that the twist hits me like a ton of bricks... I really hadn't expected that development.
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    Nazi VN Idea

    Going to agree with Clephas here generally, but I'll add my two cents. When it comes to any work of fiction that focuses on a particular time period/setting, they tend to be best when they are really well researched. If you focus the story less on being a dating sim and more on the mystery of German/Nazi research, not only would it be potentially more interesting. But it could mitigate some political backlash. Specifically if you avoid any sort of moralizing of Nazi characters, and display careful and meticulous research into the horrors of their research (might want to look into this guy as well as his associates a bit), you could avoid most pitfalls in public opinion and still tell an interesting story.
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    Nazi VN Idea

    Mmm... I'm going to be clear that the idea behind this has me a bit skeptical. I'm going to state my reasons below. 1. The Nazis didn't make exceptions for 'useful' Jewish people. During the war, while individuals might shelter or help a Jewish individual escape from the pogrom, you didn't see them being spared from the camps or execution in the open. 2. People who get involved in the kind of dogma you see here don't change their minds easily. A three hour VN wouldn't provide a 'feels real' experience for a Nazi party member from that era changing their colors, no matter how you worked it. Even more so with people in positions of authority, since the party of the era selected loyalists for positions of any sort of influence, and people who showed any sign of wavering didn't make it up through the ranks. This is even more so with women, since women in positions of influence (rare to the extreme) were usually 'mothers of the Aryan Race'. 3. This is a reinforcement of 2, in that it needs to be stated that logical arguments do not change the minds of dogmatists. 4. Timing. This is really, really bad timing. With what is going on right now, Nazi-related fiction is radioactive. It doesn't matter how you handle it, it will backfire against you. Edit: To clarify, I'm not trying to be a jerk about this. I'm merely warning you that this is likely to be the reaction from people who really think about your game's concept. My advice is to eliminate the romantic elements completely or cut out one of the heroines.
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